14 October 2012


I took another week off as my Achilles still wasn't right. Went for an easy 5k yesterday and did not get a reaction so will attempt a very steady progression. Managed a few laps in the pool after my run, a sure sign that Summer is coming if a pansy like me can get in the pool!
This last week has been huge in the cycling world and I am fascinated about the details and have enjoyed reading story after story. I was a Lance fan up to about 2008, but back then I only watched the sport on TV and had no idea about the pervasiveness of drugs in the culture other than the news when cheats failed tests. My opinion was swayed by Liggett and Sherwin, and they hardly ever discussed the matter. About 2008 I was reading Pete Magills former blog Younger legs for older runners where he implicated a number of drug cheats  including Lance. I commented 'say it ain't so' and Pete confirmed the suspicion surrounding LA. I bought the books Lance to Landis /Rough Ride/Breaking the chain and started to read the stories on Cycling News. It made me wonder just how many Track guys doped , there was always the suspicion about Spanish guys like Cacho and certain Italians and of course Bauman from Germany (who did get caught).
It has been a massive vindication for the likes Bassons who was pilloried by the whole Peleton for NOT taking drugs ! And for Simeoni for speaking out, for Betsy Andreu for telling the truth and for Kimmage and Walsh for leading the crusade in journalism.
The fallout seems to be ongoing and any former Postal rider who says they are 'shocked' by the revelations need to be investigated and banned if implicated for continuing the lie. I'm all for truth and reconciliation and accept those who hold up their hands be dealt with more leniently than those who continue to lie. It was good to see Matty White come clean but sad that he had to be outed first.
Let's hope this time the UCI actually does something about it rather than continue down the current path. Drug testing needs to be taken out of their hands.

01 October 2012


We got back from Bali during the week and I got back into some running on my regular runs Roo+Lake and Roo. The heel seems more capable of sustaining a run so I am optimistic things are heading in the right direction. Inevitably a few further hurdles are slowing me down. I have put on about 4 or 5kg currently about 69kg, for me 65kg is good racing weight and the  lowest I have been is about 62.5 in 2008 (I was flying). Hope to gradually pick up some mileage over the next few months and with that drop the weight and pick up the fitness though I'm hopeful the cycling will have kept me up to a certain level. I hope that I might be able to get back on the track before the end our season.
The treadmill session smashed my legs and may have contributed to some slight Achilles tendinitis in the right foot.
Also yesterday I swept down the stencilcrete around our pool area with chlorine in my bare feet (our stencilcrete is yellow but algae growth tends to turn it a dirty black - and using a water jet tends to blast off the stencilcrete ) this resulted in burn blisters on my feet, so today is a rest day and tomorrow will get back on the bike in the morning to further give the Achilles and feet a break.
During the week Nat turned 46 and I turned 51.We celebrated last night with friends and I got a 6 pack of Bintang as a gift (thanks Gazza!) to relive the Bali Hai memories.
 Sunset over Kuta beach
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