31 December 2012


This was 2012.

Back in January I was still running interval sessions hence up to 75 running activities in the month. 
This year saw a solid amount of cycling though mostly as a result of running injuries. The cycling accident at the end of June caused a big dip in all activities though I have been slowly on the up since then.
A Queensland M50 3000m Record 9;13 in January and a 15;57 5000m were my only track races.
Two parkruns two victories 16;30 and 17;18 and three Sunshine Coast Cross Country races and that was my lot racing wise. As we head into 2013 I look forward to meeting you on the start line once again and in the meantime enjoy every run, savour it as if it was your last. Cheers

30 December 2012

Running Roo+Lake

Just my routine daily run but with a camera on my cap!

Watch this here or big it up Part 1 at ; http://youtu.be/SjIFi5OREZQ

and Part 2 here; http://youtu.be/-fkSne3aaW4

Details are here;

I met a running buddy Geoff Holmes at 6.00mins and stopped for a chat!

26 December 2012

Christmas Day

Click on image to enlarge.

I live nearly next to a golf course and my daily run skirts around the outside but Christmas Day is the special day when the golf course is closed and I can run up and down the fairways on pristine grass getting lost with just a few Plovers crows and ducks for company,slow going as I never knew where I was running circling around the greens looking for the next tee. Also like the last two weeks it has been super hot and humid.
I run  everyday for the last six or so weeks, looking forward to laying off the beer in a weeks time , slimming down and trying some interval work, who knows might even race :-)
Happy Christmas everyone!

22 December 2012

4 X Half Marathons

I have raced 4 X Half's in my career;
17/6/1990 Borehamwood Half Mara 71;17.0 1st Age 29
2/9/1990 WMUH Half Mara 71;35.0 1st Age 29
1/6/2008 Queensland Half Mara Doomben 72;12 3rd 1st Age 46
6/7/2008 Gold Coast Half Mara 72;26 27th 1st Age 46
Back in 1990 I was enjoying a good run of fitness having returned from two years in Oz the previous year and putting some consistent solid months of training into the bank.
The Borehamwood Half was pretty local for me and in  my training diary I noted it was a hilly course and a hot Summers day!
I ran my PB 10K road time 2 days after this 30;45 @ Tring suffering blistered feet from the Half.
The West Middlesex University Hospital Half was run somewhere around Twickenham, and in my diary I noted I got miss directed and added 200m to the distance. I ran through 10Miles in 54;30. 2nd place was two minutes behind me and I won GBP125 a very tidy some back then. I also got vest/singlet that I am wearing right now sponsored by BMW and Cooper Car dealership.
18 years later I ran my third Half at Doomben on a flat course with lots of switchbacks.
The Gold Coast performance was supposed to improve on the previous effort but the wind after the turnaround up the coast put paid to what could have been :-)

15 December 2012

My Masters 10km Road Race Record

14/4/06 Easter Orleigh Park 35;07
13/5/06 Corporate Games St.Lucia 35;54 1st
28/5/06 Caloundra Foreshore 34;49 2nd 1st
27/7/06 Jetty to Jetty 33;37 10th 1st
20/8/06 Noosa 34;02 5th 1st
8/10/06 Kingscliffe 34;35 3rd 1st
29/4/07 Mount Mee Hilly 37;22 2nd 1st
19/5/07 Corporate Games St.Lucia 34;48 1st
26/5/07 Caloundra Foreshore 34;22 1st
1/7/07 Gold Coast 33;14 18th 1st
22/7/07 Jetty to Jetty 34;02 7th 1st
19/8/07 Noosa 33;59 10th 1st
18/5/08 Corporate Games St.Lucia 34;16 1st
25/5/08 Caloundra Foreshore 32;58 3rd 1st
20/6/08 Jetty to Jetty 32;36 5th 1st
15/5/10 Corporate Games St.Lucia 37;17 1st
3/7/10 Gold Coast 34;32 41st 1st
18/7/10 Jetty to Jetty 34;48 8th 2nd
29/8/10 Bridge to Brisbane 34;27 21st 1st
14/5/11 Corporate Games St.Lucia (9.54km) 32;49 1st
22/5/11 Noosa 33;45 8th 1st
2/7/11 Gold Coast 33;24 26th 1st
17/7/11 Jetty to Jetty 34;11 3rd 1st
11/9/11 Bridge to Brisbane 34;07 13th 1st

09 December 2012

1993/ 2004

0 Races


Age 50
11/1/12 3000 9;13.52 QA Qld Champs  22nd 1st Qld M50 Rec
21/1/12 5000 15;57.66 QA Qld Champs 15th 1st
2 Races


Age 49/50
23/1/11 3000 9;19.33 QA 4th 1st
2/4/11 3000 9;30.00 QMA 2nd  2nd
21/4/11 10000 32;53.23 Nationals Brisbane 1st
23/4/11 5000 15;50.18 Nationals Brisbane 3rd
15/10/11 5000 16;08.41 QMA 1st
29/10/11 3000 9;29.76 QMA 1st
5/11/11 5000 15;56.06 QMA 1st
12/11/11 5000 15;55.34 QMA 1st
19/11/11 3000 9;15.96 QMA 1st Qld M50 Rec
26/11/11 5000 16;04.84 QMA 1st
3/12/11 3000 9;23.57 QMA 1st
4/12/11 MILE 4;44.  QMA Gold Coast Qld M50 Rec
17/12/11 1500 4;22.15 QMA 1st
13 Races


Age 49
30/10/10 3000 9;33.55  QMA 1st
13/11/10 5000 16;28.08 QMA 1st
21/11/10 3000 9;33.01 QMA 1st
27/11/10 5000 16;02.65 QMA 1st
4/12/10 3000 9;18.6 QMA Gold Coast 1st
18/12/10 3000 9;32.4 QMA 2nd 1st
6 Races


0 Races


Age 46/47
5/1/08 1500 4;18.30 QA 10th 1st
12/1/08 1500 4;19.05 QMA 1st
19/1/08 3000 9;09.13 2nd 1st
25/1/08 3000 8;56.46 QA 3rd 1st Australian M45 Rec
6/2/08 5000 15;42.82 QA 12th 1st
15/2/08 1500 4;20.38 QA 1st
23/2/08 5000 15;58.51 State titles 1st
9/3/08 3000 9;26.66 State titles 1st
21/3/08 10000 33;28.56 Nationals Sydney 1st
22/3/08 1500 4;23.56 Nationals Sydney 3rd
23/3/08 5000 15;58.31 Nationals Sydney 1st
30/5/08 5000 15;41.44 Maunsell Distance Classic 9th 1st
12 Races


Age 45/46
13/1/07 3000 9;14.2 QMA 3rd 1st
10/2/07 3000 9;06.4 QMA 2nd 1st
21/2/07 5000 15;29.6 QAQld Champs 8th 1st Qld M45 Rec
26/2/07 5000 15;48.1 State Titles 3rd 1st
2/3/07 3000 9;02.58 QA 1st
4/3/07 3000 9;08.36 SE Qld Champs 2nd 1st
18/3/07 3000 9;06.26 State Titles 2nd 1st
6/4/07 10000 32;12.27 Nationals Hobart 1st
6/4/07 800 2;10'?? Nationals Hobart 2nd
7/4/07 1500 4;19.48 Nationals Hobart 3rd
8/4/07 5000 15;46.38 Nationals Hobart 1st
8/6/07 5000 15;41.66 Maunsell Distance Classic 8th 1st
16/11/07 10000 33;25.82 QA Qld Champs 4th 1st
24/11/07 MILE 4;52 QMA 1st
30/11/07 3000 9;22.54 QA 8th 1st
8/12/07 5000 16;07.71 QMA 1st
15/12/07 3000 9;15.01 QA 2nd 1st
21/12/07 5000 15;53.07 QA 3rd 1st
18 Races


14/1/06 3000 9;49 QMA 1st
11/2/06 5000 17;37 QMA 1st
18/2/06 1500 4;37.4 QMA 3rd
27/2/06 5000 17;03 State Titles 5th
11/3/06 3000 9;46 QMA 3rd 1st
23/3/06 MILE 4;56.2 QMA
2/4/06 3000 9;35 State Titles 4th 2nd
16/9/06 3000 9;12.4 QMA 1st
23/9/06 5000 15;58 QMA 1st
14/10/06 3000 9;09.0 QMA 1st
4/11/04 5000 15;38.61 PPG Gold Coast 2nd 1st
6/11/06 1500 4;19.67 PPG 2nd 1st
7/11/06 10000 33;03.05 PPG 2nd 1st
11/11/06 3000 8;59.44 QMA 3rd 1st
25/11/06 MILE 4;39.82 QMA 2nd 1st QLD M45 Rec
2/12/06 3000 9;09.6 QMA 1st
16/12/06 3000 9;17.99 QMA 1st
17 Races


Age 44
29/10/05 3000 10;01 QMA 2nd 2nd M40
12/11/05 1500 4;45  QMA 4th
19/11/05 5000 17;22 QMA 2nd
26/11/05 3000 9;58 QMA 2nd 1st
17/12/05 3000 9;50 QMA 3rd1st M40
5 Races

07 December 2012


Age 20
19/5/82 1500 3;56.2 Loughborough V Midlands V Civil Service 3rd PB
2/6/82 1500 3;57.5 TVH Open Meet West London 4th
10/7/82 800 2;01.9 Kinnaird Trophy Meet West London 4th PB
22/7/82 3000 8;35.7 Highgate Open Meet Parliament Hill 8th
29/7/82 1500 4;01.5 Copthall Open Meet 10th
26/8/82 3000 8;29.8 Copthall Open Meet 13th
1/9/82 3000 8;24.5 TVHOpen Meet + BMC West London 6th
7 races.


Age 31
26/7/92 3000 8;49.9  Old Gaytonians Open Meet Bannister Stadium 3rd
29/7/90 1500 4;04.4 Copthall Open Meet 3rd
26/8/92 3000 8;41.0 Copthall Open Meet 6th
3 Races
I did not race track again till I was 44 years old, when I ran , what else ! 3000m in 10;01 from memory 2nd place at my first Queensland Masters race, got beaten on the line by Kenty :-)


0 Races.


Age 29
5/5/90 5000 14;48.5 Southern League Copthall 1st
19/5/90 5000 14;38.4 Middlesex Champs 5th
26/5/90 1500 4;01.6 Southern League Parliament Hill 4th
10/6/90 5000 14;39.4 British League Div 1 Crystal Palace 8th
7/7/90 5000 15;01.12 British League Div 1 Birmingham 11th
25/7/90 1500 4;01.4 Copthall Open Meet 6th
29/7/90 5000 14;57.6 Old Gaytonians Open Meet Bannister Stadium 1st
7 races.

1987 1988 1989

0 Races


13/8/86 5000 14;46.5 Luton Open Meet 1st
20/8/86 3000 8;35.1 Highgate Open Meet Parliament Hill 3rd
23/8/86 3000 8;29.2 Haringey Open Meet New River Stadium 4th
3/9/86 3000 8;35.5 TVH Open Meet West London Stadium
20/9/86 5000 14;52.0  London Champs Haringey 2nd
24/9/86 1500 4;04.5 Copthall Open Meet
6 Races.

1983 1984 1985

No races.


I'm tracking Steve Hunter in the 5000m  Southern League Meet at Copthall 25th July 1981.

Age 19
25/4/81 3000 8;44.6 Loughborough V RAF etc 5th
2/5/81 1500 4;06.9 Southern League Copthall 4th
3/5/81 10000 31;09.4 University Athletics Union Champs 3rd PB
5/5/81 1500 4;04.8 Loughborough V Cambridge University 3rd
20/5/81 3000 8;33.0 Loughborough V North/Midlands/RAF (indoors ?)
6/6/81 5000 15;38 Southern League Cambridge 3rd
26/6/81 5000 14;59.4 Southern League Copthall 3rd
11/7/81 5000 14;44.3 British League Div 1 Edinburgh 5th
25/7/81 5000 15;31.3 Southern League Copthall
9/8/81 1500 4;11.9 Inter Borough Bromley 2nd
15/8/81 5000 15;33.0 Southern League Kent 4th
5/9/81 5000 14;42.9 Greater London Council Champs West London 2nd
6/9/81 5000 15;00.6 London Borough Champs Crystal Palace 3rd
16/9/81 3000 8;32.0 Southern Counties Open Meet Crystal Palace 5th
30/9/81 5000 14;55.8 Copthall Open Meet 3rd
15 races.


Age 18
31/4/80 1500 4;01.6 Copthall Open Meet 2nd
3/5/80 5000 14;46.4 British League Div 1 3rd
8/5/80 5000 14;33.6 Barnet Schools Champs Copthall 1st
14/5/80 1500 4;00.4 Barnet Schools Champs Copthall 1st
28/5/80 3000 8;33.5 Copthall Open Meet 5th
14/6/80 5000 15;05.8 Middlesex Schools Champs Copthall 1st
12/7/80 5000 15;15.0 English Schools Champs 9th
19/7/80 1500 4;08.2 Southern League 2nd
30/7/80 1500 4;01.6 Copthall Open Meet
9 Races


Age 17
12/5/79 3000 8;48.0 Middlesex Junior Championship 2nd
19/5/79 1500 4;09.0 Southern League 2nd Seniors
30/5/79 5000 15;12.2 Copthall Open Meet 1st
9/6/79 5000 15;11.0 Middlesex Schools Champs 1st
17/6/79 3000 8;57.2 Inter Counties Junior 13th
23/6/79 1500 4;02.5 Southern League 2nd PB
27/6/79 3000 8;23.7 Copthall Open Meet 3rd Senior PB
7/7/79 5000 14;44.4 English Schools Champs Nottingham? 4th PB
18/7/79 1500 4;02.5 Highgate Open Meet Parliament Hill =PB
25/7/79 1500 3;57.7 Copthall Open Meet 3;57.7 2nd Senior PB
28/7/79 1500 4;06.0 Southern League 1st
4/8/79 1500 3;59.6 Southern League 4th Senior
5/8/79 3000 8;27.0 London Youth Champs 2nd
18/8/79 3000 8;33.8 Standards Race Crystal Palace 7th
29/8/79 3000 8;39.9 Copthall Open Meet
5/9/79 3000 8;30.8 TVH Open Meet West London
12/9/79 5000 14;31.4 Southern Counties Open Meet Crystal Palace PB
16/9/79 3000 8;39.9 Junior Inter Area 7th
18 races


Age 16
22/4/78 1500 4;12.8 Open Meet 1st PB
30/4/78 3000 8;59.6 YAL Copthall 1st
10/5/78 1500 4;12.3 Barnet Schools Champs Copthall 1st PB
13/5/78 3000 8;54 Middlesex Championship 2nd
28/5/78 1500 4;10.9 YAL Southend 1st PB
10/6/78 3000 8;58.6 Middlesex Schools Champs Copthall 1st
23/6/78 3000 8;50.2 AAA Youths Championship 8th
25/6/78 1500 4;12.1 Lotinga Trophy Parliament Hill 1st
2/7/78 3000 8;57.0 YAL Woodford 1st
8/7/78 3000 9;04.0 English Schools Championship 9th
16/7/78 3000 8;57.8 Southern Counties Championship 10th
26/7/78 3000 8;39.0 Copthall Open Meet  PB
6/8/78 1500 4;06.3 Middlesex League Finals 1st PB
12/8/78 800 2;03.2 Barnet Open Meet 2nd PB
20/8/78 3000 8;41.2 Southern Counties Invitation Crystal Palace 8;41.2 2nd
23/8/78 1500 4;03.3 Woodford Open Meet 3rd PB
30/8/78 MILE 4;30.0 Shaftesbury Open Meet PB
6/9/78 3000 8;40.2 TVH Open Meet West London
13/9/78 1500 4;03.3 BMC Invitation Crystal Palace =PB
17/9/78 3000 8;39.6 YAL Final Crystal Palace 1st
27/9/78 5000 14;59.0 Copthall Open Meet PB
21 races


Age 15
24/4/77 3000m 9;21.7  Young Athletes League YAL Woking
24/4/77 1500m 4;29 YAL Woking
14/5/77 1500m 4;18.5 Middlesex Champs Copthall
18/5/77 30000m 9;25 Barnet Trials grass track
29/5/77 3000m 9;08 YAL Aldershot
1/6/77 3000m 8;51.2 TVH Open Meet West London
7/6/77 3000m 9;06.8 Southern Champs Crystal Palace
12/6/77 800m 2;11 YAL Wimbledon
12/6/77 1500m 4;25 YAL Wimbledon
18/6/77 3000m 9;04.6 Middlesex Schools Champs Copthall
26/6/77 1500m 4;15.0 Lotinga Trophy Parliament Hill
3/7/77 3000 9;16 YAL
8/7/77 3000 9;04.8 English Schools Championship Copthall
10/7/77 3000 9;16 Inter Borough
16/7/77 1500h 4;16.9 Southern Counties Championship Crystal Palace
17/7/77 1500f 4;14.5 Southern Counties Championship Crystal Palace
19/7/77 3000 9;11.5 Barnet Championship Copthall
23/7/77 3000 9;18 AAA Youth Championship
24/7/77 1500s/c 5;06 YAL Guilford
27/7/77 3000 8;50.2 Shaftesbury Open Meet Copthall
3/8/77 3000 8;48.4 TVH Open Meet West London
7/8/77 3000 8;59 Barnet youth Games Copthall
17/8/77 3000 8;58 Highgate Open Meet Parliament Hill
31/8/77 800 2;06.0 Shaftesbury Open Meet Copthall
4/9/77 3000 9;17 Inter Borough
10/9/77 3000 9;14 Inter County
14/9/77 3000 8;44.6 BMC Invitation Crystal Palace
17/9/77 3000 9;09 Southern Counties Invitation Crystal Palace
28/09/77 800 2;08.8 Shaftesbury Open Meet Copthall
29 Races

03 December 2012

Mammas and Pappas

What's your heart do when your sleeping?
I've tried this before , wearing the heart rate monitor to bed;
An average HR of 51 for my 5 hours sleep with peaks and troughs that must play out my dreams.
Here is the other funny bit, the GPS tracking has me roaming from my bed out into the bush and into my neighbours house!
I covered 1.24km in my sleep!

Still making very steady progress keep telling myself to keep things easy and wait till I am a long way along the road before attempting anything other than steady running. I am managing the heel and running on the edge with my Achilles.
After doing lots of 30K cycles 5.6K run days I have started steady 10.6K run days. I have loved cycling and don't really want to give it away but I no their is a world of difference for me between a run and a cycle.
Here is the last fortnights running and cycling; Click on to large up;

During Movember I grew a Mo and did my best to make it look as silly as possible. I think I succeeded but started getting self conscious  towards the end of the month and got rid of it Saturday morning. It is far to warm to have fur on your face here in Brissy, temps at the weekend for my runs were 30 O C and tomorrow it is forecast to get to 39 O C. Needless to say in the mornings when humidity is up into the 90% I get back from a run and flop straight into the pool.
Nearly forgot Mammas and Pappas reference was for Monday Monday but in the end decided to put up a Benny Bennassi cover because I like it more;

20 November 2012

Afternoon delight

Here is the training block from 6th Nov to 18th November.
Saw the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy over the weekend. 2004 ! 
I heard Will Ferrell may be revisiting the role again soon. Check out the Mo's

A funny bit in the parkrun newsletter this week, all I can say is what a plonker this chap must be!

As many of you know last Saturday was also the inaugural International Day of Running Naked in which we urged you to leave your iPod, GPS and watch at home and try the ‘naked’ experience. Unfortunately however it seems one of you may have taken this all a bit too literally as I received the below email from one of our Event Directors on Sunday afternoon:
“Hi Tim. Unfortunately one of the male runners at parkrun today was running in very short shorts with no underwear and as a result his male anatomy was hanging out for all to see as he came into the finish line. The worst part was the parkrun photographer, who was oblivious to it took a photo which showed it all hanging out which was then posted on Facebook this morning. I was sent a text message from one of the volunteers informing me of the photo late this afternoon so I immediately removed the photos from the Facebook page. I have no idea who he was because he was a first time runner and I have no idea how many people saw the photo or him running like that today. I think it was unintentional and he finished near the top so not too many people were back yet.”
Just when I thought I had heard it all…

18 November 2012

Giorgio Moroder

Running and cycling this past fortnight. Cycling 30K's in the morning and running 5.6k in the evening.
This weekend it was two runs, 10.6k roo+lake yesterday and today 11.7k ventured to the other side of the golf course but hated it and though I will perhaps look at an alteration to the 'lake' section of my run so that I don't have to double back on myself, I will do some scouting work on the bike first.
I am taking things very easy as the right Achilles's and the left pf heel are not 100%.
At least I am running some!

It has been hard maintaining this ridiculous Mo but I suppose only two weeks to go. At the end of the month we are having a Giorgio Moroder Appreciation Day so another reason to stick with it!

06 November 2012

Grecian 2000

I got out last night for a 5kRoo with the Achilles still a little sore so back on the bike this morning for 30k at 29kph.

02 November 2012

Josh Jones

With 19 runs and a 140km under my belt running since 1st April I thought I'd give the inaugural North Lakes parkrun a bash. parkrun is a magnificent running movement that is spreading across the World and encouraging people to run in a timed event every Saturday morning and it is free. It makes the best use of the digital era getting results up with in hours rather than days and gives mature runners an age percentage score to allow them to compete with the youngsters. 
Till now my local event was New Farm in the city (about an hour away) and with a 7.00am start, that event requires an early departure. So I was  my excited to read that some local enthusiasts had committed to organising this event on MY running course!
In the preceding weeks I'd found it hard going getting much under 4m30 K's so thought the stimulation of race conditions would be interesting to see just how much I have lost and far I have to go to get back on track and into shape. 
A 2km jog from home to the start line!!
At the start I fell behind a triathlete (shaved legs and wearing nicks), and felt my heart rate soaring up to where it has not been for 6 months. 
I covered the first KM in a way too fast for my level of fitness 3m12. And the young triathlete Josh Jones had not broken clear but I was hanging on by a rapidly thinning thread of elastic.
The course was 3 laps around my lake (Eden) - when I run Roo+Lake which I must have run around at least a 1000 times (8years I've been running that course). It felt mighty uncomfortable with the heart rate pushing the max though we had slowed to mid 3m 20's. About midway I felt my left Achilles starting to hurt. On the last lap Josh came back to me (I think he was playing cat and mouse) I took the lead briefly and then he charged past me and I thought that was that as far as the race was concerned but again I came back to him in the last 400m and again he let me lead out. Knowing the course I took full advantage and decided if he was going to beat me he'd have to work for it as I went for home. I managed to hold him off and ran through the funnel for Victory and of course a course record! I'm not sure if the running community will count these as 'races' but I will ;-)
17m18 was far faster than I was expecting - I couldn't see how I was going to break 20m during the preceding training runs. Only about 38secs slower than my New Farm parkrun where I was just winding down (with the heel injury). So even though I am 6kg heavier than I was at the start of the year (now 71kg) I was pleased that I have not got too far to go to get back.
My Achilles seized up after the run and I have spent the last two weeks on the bike, getting swooped daily even though I have changed my course to stay away from the real ba$tard birds that guard their patch like Sentinels and SHRIEK like Banshees in your ear! You gotta understand this is wild country.

 I am hanging on (just) to Young Josh Jones with 2 laps to go!

Victory is mine!
Here is my last fortnights 'training' click on image for larger readable view.

01 November 2012

14 October 2012


I took another week off as my Achilles still wasn't right. Went for an easy 5k yesterday and did not get a reaction so will attempt a very steady progression. Managed a few laps in the pool after my run, a sure sign that Summer is coming if a pansy like me can get in the pool!
This last week has been huge in the cycling world and I am fascinated about the details and have enjoyed reading story after story. I was a Lance fan up to about 2008, but back then I only watched the sport on TV and had no idea about the pervasiveness of drugs in the culture other than the news when cheats failed tests. My opinion was swayed by Liggett and Sherwin, and they hardly ever discussed the matter. About 2008 I was reading Pete Magills former blog Younger legs for older runners where he implicated a number of drug cheats  including Lance. I commented 'say it ain't so' and Pete confirmed the suspicion surrounding LA. I bought the books Lance to Landis /Rough Ride/Breaking the chain and started to read the stories on Cycling News. It made me wonder just how many Track guys doped , there was always the suspicion about Spanish guys like Cacho and certain Italians and of course Bauman from Germany (who did get caught).
It has been a massive vindication for the likes Bassons who was pilloried by the whole Peleton for NOT taking drugs ! And for Simeoni for speaking out, for Betsy Andreu for telling the truth and for Kimmage and Walsh for leading the crusade in journalism.
The fallout seems to be ongoing and any former Postal rider who says they are 'shocked' by the revelations need to be investigated and banned if implicated for continuing the lie. I'm all for truth and reconciliation and accept those who hold up their hands be dealt with more leniently than those who continue to lie. It was good to see Matty White come clean but sad that he had to be outed first.
Let's hope this time the UCI actually does something about it rather than continue down the current path. Drug testing needs to be taken out of their hands.

01 October 2012


We got back from Bali during the week and I got back into some running on my regular runs Roo+Lake and Roo. The heel seems more capable of sustaining a run so I am optimistic things are heading in the right direction. Inevitably a few further hurdles are slowing me down. I have put on about 4 or 5kg currently about 69kg, for me 65kg is good racing weight and the  lowest I have been is about 62.5 in 2008 (I was flying). Hope to gradually pick up some mileage over the next few months and with that drop the weight and pick up the fitness though I'm hopeful the cycling will have kept me up to a certain level. I hope that I might be able to get back on the track before the end our season.
The treadmill session smashed my legs and may have contributed to some slight Achilles tendinitis in the right foot.
Also yesterday I swept down the stencilcrete around our pool area with chlorine in my bare feet (our stencilcrete is yellow but algae growth tends to turn it a dirty black - and using a water jet tends to blast off the stencilcrete ) this resulted in burn blisters on my feet, so today is a rest day and tomorrow will get back on the bike in the morning to further give the Achilles and feet a break.
During the week Nat turned 46 and I turned 51.We celebrated last night with friends and I got a 6 pack of Bintang as a gift (thanks Gazza!) to relive the Bali Hai memories.
 Sunset over Kuta beach
 Recent training log - click to expand

25 September 2012

Running Indoors

It took me a week to find the Gym in this place but found the time this morning to make use.
I have never before run on a treadmill (that I can remember as maybe at Loughborough for exercise physiology we did?) Also not really ever exercised in a gym (even though I managed one in the mid 1980's in Hammersmith!
So did not know how to operate or Gym eticate, jumped on and pushed quick start, ramped up walking pace to running and got sweating!
Pushed up the pace from about 5min K's to 3:30 at the end of 30mins.
By which time the machine looked as if a bucket of water had been thrown on it!
noticed a couple then enter the gym and place towels on all the handel's etc prior to their walk:-)

I realized that my pain free run a few days ago was the result of the cocktail of drugs I had taken for Bali Flu as on easing back the drugs the slight pain represented itself.
We are back to BrisVegas in the early hours of  Thursday, till then Sayonara as my many companions from last nights clifftop Cultural Dancing thing here would say.

22 September 2012

Running in Asia

I had 2 bad days one laid up in bed which I put down to flu Bali Flu Man Flu I don't know what but it was like being hit with a sucker punch . I was out for the count barely able to get out of bed, whole body ache sensitive I city to light and sound and a sore throat. Saw a nurse got some anti biotics and about 4 other types of medicine dosed myself to the eyeballs and next day started to come through.
Did the Elephant Park Monkey Forest Volcano Bali tourist thing on a bus which the kids absolutely loved:-)
Today had another two lengths in the pool (watch out Tommy and Young Timmy for that matter!), had a full body massage (next to my wife) out by the beach and thought such exotic indulgence required some balance and decided to go for a run:-)
Unfortunately the beach path I chose petered out immediately and then I was forced onto soft sandy beach dodging parasailers and tow lines for boats, so got up onto the road and ran through slum alley as I dodged mopeds dogs and unrunable (at pace ) roads. The heat, humidity and my poor condition combined to have me close to wretching! Ran the other way towards Nusa Dua (where Obama stayed last year) and was able to open up a little going from 5:30 K's on the beach to 4:30's on the better paths. All up 7.77km for 4:54 ave and the heel did not hurt one bit:-) Celebrating now with my first Bintang in 3 days!!!! :-) 

19 September 2012


Miserable not being able to exercise! I took my cycling gear cos I heard bikes were available to hire but both the roads and bikes are not worth it.
I tried to swim in the pool but two lengths put my heart rate up to 180bpm  and the lifeguard was on standby. Lily looked at me in my trunks and said I really need to exercise daily!
Nat and the kids are having a fabulous time which is really what it is all about, I may yet put in a token effort run as I enjoy getting exotic map locations on Garmin Connect, plus the chance to sweat out some beer would be mighty fine :-)

16 September 2012

The Secret Race

I have only been out on the bike this week including an epic (for me) climb up Mount Mee last Sunday which was 2 hours, 50km and 800m climb.
Leaving for Bali in a few hours on a family holiday.

Here are the details from the Mount Mee ride.I love the Mountain profile and corresponding heart rate and speed graphs.Click on the image to make it readable.

07 September 2012

Public Service

Out early for a run but was limping by my return and through the day :-(
Back to the drawing board for a cure!

Interestingly whilst I have been out on the bike I have managed to get my average heart beat up on a par with mine on a steady run.
If I did twice the distance on the bike, I might be able to stop the weight gain.

06 September 2012

No Country for Old Men

American Indie Season: SBS ONE

5th Wed. 12.44pm Cycle 27.95km  3 X Cadel 58:08 140bpm - 
Got Swooped on two of the three laps, same ba$tard Bird, I need a gun!
4th Sep Tue.5.52pm Ran 10.60km Roo+Lake 48:28 (4.34K's) 140bpm
3rd Sep Mon. Rest
2nd Sep Sun. 4.03pm Ran 5.74km Roo 24:22 (4.15 K's) 153bpm
1st Sep Sat. 12.39pm Ran 10.57km Roo+Lake 48:11 4.34 K's 148bpm
31st Aug Fri.
30th Aug Thur. 5.04am Cycle 28.16km 3X Cadel 1:00:01 28.2kph 127bpm
29th Aug Wed. 5.06am Ran 10.28km Cadel 49:24 (4.48 K's) 142bpm
28th Aug Tue.4.57am 28.18km Cycle 3 X Cadel 59:42 127bpm
27th Aug Mon. Rest
26th Aug Sun. 4.04pm Ran 5.70km Roo 23:37 (4.09 K's) 155bpm - 
Saw an obese gentleman out walking on the path ('Obese' used to be such an extreme way of describing someone but I'll use it now it is such common parlance).
obese - excessively fat
He'd stopped and appeared to be looking up into the trees (the bush), as I run past I said 'Koala?', a woman's voice calls out from the bush 'You what love?' - needless to say I didn't look to where the voice emanated as I fear I'd have been floored by the sight of an obese 'lady' taking a pi$$ au naturel!
au naturel - completely unclothed
I saw a marvellous film on SBS on Saturday, 'No Country for Old Men', if you get the chance watch it.

01 September 2012

Swooping Season

Spring in Oz is a time when every runner and every cyclist must be vigilant!
It is swooping season!
I can't ever recall being swooped in the UK so I wonder is it just an Australian phenomenon a learned behavior past on from Mother to chick in the nest?
Every spring we fear for our ears and scalp as they come under attack like something from Hitchcock's The Bird's!
Attacked by hormonal birds mainly Magpies but also Miner birds and Pluver's.
They protect their nesting territories and have a particular desire to inflict GBH!
I have been swooped  on three occasions already whilst out on the bike.
As a deterrent I have put a red flashing light on the back of my helmet, it stopped the bastards attacking from the rear but did not deter side on attacks!
Many people try coating their helmets with 'ties', like a crown of thorns.
Today I tried the tactic or drawing eyes on the back of my running cap as I labored around 10k, oh my calves are just not used to running again yet and they scream in pain so much so that I don't even think about the heel.
Anyhow the eyes on the back may have worked as I was not troubled today.
Friday was a rest day Thursday Wednesday were cycle days and Tuesday I crawled around 10k Cadel.
I have got a long way to go and I'm not even sure if I'm out of the woods yet with the heel.

27 August 2012

Irish Accent

Suffering DOMS today! Taking your first run in nearly 6 months does that to you!
Yesterdays post should have come with more of an explanation as I tried to parody Lance's not going to contest the USADA charges statement with my own situation.

26 August 2012

"Enough is enough"

There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, "Enough is enough." For me, that time is now. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitus  for 10 months now. Over the past ten months, I have been subjected to a bloody painful heel every step of the way. The toll this has taken on my family, my work, my waistline and on me leads me to where I am today - finished with this nonsense. I had hoped that my body would heal naturally but I will now admit I sought medical intervention; a course of Lithotripsy cost me $500 and only required a Consultants referral.It didn't seem to do any good so after suffering 5 months with no running I sought further intervention and got a cortisone injection last Friday but feared a federal court would intervene to stop this charade. Although the court was sympathetic to my concerns and recognized the many improprieties and deficiencies in my motives, its conduct, and its process, the court ultimately decided that it could not intervene.
My family have seen me become increasingly grouchy and grumpy as the races I normally run have come and gone. 
Today after I rode my standard 28KM (3 X Cadel) setting a new PB with 31,1km ave pace, I changed into my very tight running gear, and ran the old 5.7km Roo course for 4m09 K's.
The Heel was OK but background, the old calves of course were another matter. Stood in the pool for 10mins after!
Will watch La Vuelta tonight and assess what damage I have or haven't done! 

23 August 2012

European Masters Championships 2012

The European Masters Championships are currently taking place.
Great web site and easy to find results
Check it out results here

Pete Magill to run a Marathon!

Wow this should be interesting, Pete Magill is going to run a Marathon in October!
Read all about it here!

World Masters Rankings 2012

Martin Gasselsberger has released provisional World Rankings for 2012 - he's calling it 30% completed.

These rankings provide great motivational inspiration, if you like racing people in the 'virtual' world.
The Men's M50 5000m is heavily populated by Americans this year , a real bumper season for them.

22 August 2012

Specialized Secteur

I took 4 weeks off recovering from the bike accident.
The old bike was a write off (I should post some photos of the wonky wheels and bent cranks!) and with the wise caution of the Good Wife curtailing the ever increasing budget I was eyeing up for a replacement I decided on another 'beginner' model the Specialized Secteur, which is itself a huge improvement on my old bike. 
Natalie is right in so far as it is likely to gather dust as soon as I start running again unless I race Duathlon or triathlon which I would like to one day.
On my first ride I was fairly cautious as I got used to the new bike and tried to overcome the fear at every roundabout (about 15 on my course!) that drivers would pull out in front of me and repeat the dose of flying I suffered at the end of June. The new bike is about 10kg and by comparison flew up the hills so that first time out I improved my old PB by 2 minutes on my début and improved a further 2 minutes next ride! A further 30 second improvement has put my PB for 28.13km at 55;27 30.4kph 150bpm ave. Since then I have ridden early mornings (like my running I am always slower early) or on windy days at the weekend (August is notorious in Brissey for windy days!).
The heel is still getting better but is still sore. I have booked in a cortisone injection just to help it along as I don't want to start running till I am pain free.

22/8 Wed 4.52am 28.23km 61:02 27.7kph 129bpm
21/8 Tue 4.59am 29.14km 58:44 28.7kph 133bpm
20/8 Mon REST
19/8 Sun 3.08pm 27.99km 56:01 30.0kph 140bpm
18/8 Sat 11.45am 28.10km 58:08 29.0kph 141bpm
17/8 Fri 4.54am 28.17km 61:07 27.7kph x
16/8 Thu 4.47am 27.6km 61:21 27.6kph 130bpm
15/8 Wed 12.52pm 27.94km 56:22 29.7kph 147bpm
12/8 Sun 2.34pm 36.22km 73:57 29.4kph 143bpm
11/8 Sat 4.07pm 28.29km 57:23 29.6kph 153bpm
5/8 Sun 2.49pm 28.13km 55:27 30.4kph 150bpm * PB
4/8 Sat 4.05pm 28.12km 55:58 30.2kph 151bpm
29/7 Sun 1.45pm 28.17km 57:27 29.4kph 144bpm

13 July 2012

The White Kenyan - Christopher Froome

Yesterdays stage was the most dramatic so far in the Tour with so many 'highs and lows' ! Please excuse the pun!
Froome does all the donkey work for Wiggo and still manages to outperform him on yesterdays stage! Here they drop Cadel

The stage was all about the domestiques Christopher Froome 'The White Kenyan' and TJ Vangarderen (Tejay) the American who both outshone their Team Leaders Wiggo and Cadel!
Things really got interesting on the  second climb of the day (The Madeleine and the Croix de Fer, which is tackled via the Glandon,) after a breakaway had escaped and then TJ attacked and escaped the Wiggo group, you knew BMC were setting things up for Cadel to attack and when he did I yelled out in excitement which I never do watching hours of Le Tour coverage!
Cadel exploded away caught TJ and then they tried to work together to increase the gap to Wiggo.
Only Cadel wasn't strong enough to keep up with TJ!
The attack maxed out at 20secs which was exciting enough! 
It proved Wiggo did not have the explosive power in the mountains that say the likes of the Schleck's have or Lance or Contadore had! 
In fact I  never remember seeing Cadel attack like that though Mckenzie and Tomilaris reminded us about The Worlds a couple of years ago when Cadel attacked and won!

The work that the Sky team put in all day specially Rodgers, who is riding with such vigor this year, was amazing.
Eventually  the only 'trusted lieutenant ' left for Wiggo was Christopher Froome and he steadily worked his way back to Cadel and TJ before they crested the Glandon.
On the last ascent - La Toussuire - Les Sybelles,
you knew Nibali would attack and you knew Cadel did not have the legs to survive 
so you feared the worst!
When Nibali did finally attack with about 12km to go it was very impressive , he gapped Wiggos group and the excitement just built and built.
But it was the White Kenyan - Froome who steadily worked Wiggo back up to Nibali and in the process dropped Cadel.
TJ stayed with his teamleader even though he was clearly capable of riding off the front on the day.
Then we saw the moment that told us The White Kenyan is a future Tour winner!
Froome attacked and gapped Wiggo and Nebali with such ease that Wiggo got left stranded  on his own until the call came over the radio for Froome to stop and wait for Wiggo.
So what an insight  into future winners of the Tour this stage provided.
Next year Froome but he might have to be in another strong team as Wiggo is without doubt a hugely strong performer and has the edge on TT.
Tomblaine / La Planche des Belles Filles Froome show his power on the toughest section on monster wall!

Tejay at 23 years of age will assume team-leadership at BMC as Cadel will retire and should be capable of winning the Tour within two years!

Wiggo and Nibali showing respect for each other

12 July 2012

The Case of Jack Wiltshire and England's Brave John Terry

This section from the Fiver had me laughing over my tea this morning, as my convalescence away from work is coming to a finish and all those late nights watching tdf will now have to be managed on only 4 hours sleep!
I have mentioned the Fiver before but if you like your English football there can be very little funnier and to get some of the jokes perhaps you have to a regular reader.
So to set it up a little for you The Fiver away's portrays UEFA European footballs governing body as gluttonous incompetent non footballing 'officials'.


Euro 2012 having ended over a week ago, and the functionaries' closing banquet having concluded a few hours ago, Uefa wasted no time this morning taking decisive action on the burning football issues of the moment: with minimal ado, the governors of Europe's most popular sport resolved that, what the heck, at their next meeting they shall have
both winter and summer truffles!
Before breaking for a pre-elevenses snack, delegates also passed motions enshrining pineapple juice as the mandatory tenderiser for wild boar and outlawing the poaching of swordfish, which should instead be sautéed or seared in a hot pan. In the Crouch-thin window between elevenses and the pre-luncheon repast, the tireless officials even found time to address The Case of Jack Wilshere, featuring one of the most dastardly acts of gambling-related football villainy since Nicklas Bendtner wore underwear with a bookmaker's name on it.
We say "since" but in fact Wilshere's depraved act occurred several months before the Dane's Y-frontery. Back in December 2011, the Arsenal midfielder, who at the time was convalescing from an injury that was supposed to be healed in a couple of weeks, took to Twitter to preview his team's Big Cup tie with Olympiakos and tip Emmanuel
Frimpong to score a goal, observing that at 150-1 his team-mate was "worth a cheeky £10".
After the match he returned to Twitter to reassure folks that: "I didn't actually bet on the game. I know we're not allowed to! I was only messing, just to be clear." But that was not enough to escape the wrath of Uefa, who, seven months on, sprang into action. "We confirm that the player has received a warning by Uefa's control and disciplinary body," belched a Uefa wonk today, who, some time between dessert course one and two, may also announce that another federation has been fined two and six pence for racist chanting by thousands of fans. The Fiver, therefore, will continue monitoring Uefa's website, where in keeping with the current climate of our struggle to fill your daily football email, the top story is currently an interview with Joey Gudjonsson about football and "family dinners".
Jack Wiltshire coincidentally putting one past Olympiakos

Now another bit of background EBJT stands for England's Brave John Terry - which is, shall we say- tongue in cheek! ? Anyhow EBJT committed the ultimate sin in team sport of having an affair with another player's (Wayne Bridges) wife/girlfriend.

Presently EBJT (I think Fiver used to call him EBALJT - England's Brave and Loyal John Terry but for obvious reasons shortened it) is currently in court in London accused of racially abusing another player (Anton Ferdinand - Rio's brother) during a match QPR V Chelsea. The Fiver provides Quotes of the day and in this edition they provided two and this is the one that had the tea I had just gulped gushing back out of my nose as I laughed at EBJT punch line! But let me also explain that CPS Lawyer means Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer.


CPS Lawyer: "Are your domestic circumstances, whatever happened with [Wayne Bridge's partner] a no-go area?"
EBJT: "Clearly not."
CPS Lawyer: "You are respected in the football community, aren't you?"
EBJT: "I'd like to think so."
EBJT (yes crying!)

11 July 2012

Thank You Garmin

The strap on my Garmin405  had broken so I was carrying it in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. So as I scrapped along the ground it took some of the force certainly saving my skin from greater damage and who knows what protection to the exact vertebrae it might have also provided? Though it wrecked the watch as previously mentioned I could still hear it beeping in the ambo as I was carted off to hospital , even pumped with 2.5mg of Morphine I was lucid enough to ask the paramedic to pass it to me ( I was in a neck brace!) and  was able to 'stop' the session, save it and even later managed to download it!
I told Garmin about the accident and they very generously sent me a brand new Forerunner 410 (retails at $399). I was thrilled to bits when it arrived and was able to set it up as the functions appear to be very similar to the 405. It comes with the option of two Velcro replacement straps which I think for us skinny wristed runners  offers versatility and the new softer style  heart rate monitor looks an improvement on the harder older one. Of course it is still going to be a while before I get to use it (training) but can't wait!
Thanks again Garmin!