28 September 2011

Half Century

Mon  5.33am 10.53km Roo+Lake  45m53  4m21 K's
Tues 12.11pm 12.40km River 46m35  3m45 K's
Wed 9.20am 10.46km Roo+Lake 43m53  4m12 K's

The Garmin is a year old today and records 3389.25km  233.54.18
50 years old today!! Still feel like a 25yo and have the libido to match! Now for a crack at any records that want my name!

25 September 2011


Sat 4.35pm 10.52km 43m44 4m09 K's
Sun 1.02pm 10.54km 42m43 4m03 K's

The good wife rang me on Fri arvo on a frenetic day at work, "what time are you leaving?" "I dont want you to come home I'm in Room 617 At Ridges (hotel)" it's across the River from where I work in the City. I finish up extra quick and dash over to the Southbank! my minx of a wife arranged a surprise night in town for dinner and drinks with friends to celebrate my half century this Wednesday. With 4 kids this isa very rare treat and a lovely surprise. How my kids managed to keep it buttoned I dont know!
With all the booze in NZ and then on Friday night, I just had to get moving again or the weight gain would have been too much to stomach (pun intended).
So Sat & Sun 10.5km Roo+Lake , only had a week off and the body reacts like it's the first time I've ever run this, rather than the 1500th time (my conservative estimate!)
PF sore,hip minor background,knee initial run stages only.
Apologies for typos but typing /posting this from my patio in shorts post run on my $100 Zeepad -ipad copy!

23 September 2011

Fields of Athenry

I decided to have a training break following NZ. 
Having had a number of hip episodes since the 2008 Stressie I am ever mindful that for me it is going to be a problematic area . Though I haven't quite got to the point where I could say it is painful I feel that it could start to get that way. Last Jan/Feb I had a similar episode but let it get to a more painful stage however a two week break and was OK to get going again.I'm listening to my body!

20 September 2011

Titirangi 10KM

Sat  Titirangi 10KM (9.7) 35m33  1st

The plan was to run the Legends Half Marathon but due to late arrival swapped to the 10KM. To say I was worse for wear was an understatement as on Friday my brother Tim and I had started at lunchtime and gone long into the night! Just how we made it to the start line I'll never know. Gun goes off and not unexpectedly I feel crap. It was freezing cold so I wore gloves! I would have worn a beaney under my cap but knew at least my head would warm up. Two young guys take off at pace and I run early K's in 3rd about 50m back. An inner loop at about 2K and I work my way to the front. The rains pour down at one stage and I have to remind myself I do this for fun. The course takes in some challenging hills and feeds into the full Mara and Half course.
At the finish line I meet HuRTS guys Enda and later on Charlie and Connor.
I went back to my unit for some sleep. More later.
Results here


15 September 2011

La de da Gunner Graham

Thur 12.28pm 25 O C  10.56km Roo+Lake 44m01  4m10 K's  

I felt OK today after yesterdays stair climb! I expected some soreness but none! Remarkable really, all the niggles are OK. I got attacked by a bird, the first of the season (this kind of thing never happened in the UK) I saw it's silhouette above my head -  a swift fist in the air was enough to scare the blighter off.
I had my hair cut today at my local Rothwell Barbers 'Stags' it is appropriate for me as mine rests peacefully in the garage for the last year! Anyhow he has old British TV shows showing so I watch 'It ain't half hot mum!' and 'Are you being Served?' It must be my age because as a kid I didn't like IAHHM but now I can see the funny side. As for 'Are you being Served?' It's a scream and there is something about the young Wendy Richards - Miss Brahms (sadly deceased) with her oh so Cockney accent that still does it for me ;-)
I shall leave it for Young Timmy  to pass comment on Molly Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe).

I am off to Auckland this arvo to meet up with my younger brother Tim as part of a Farther's Day /early Birthday present. 
Timmy got us tickets to see Ireland V Wallabies. Not sure who I want to win as I support both teams. I have Two Aussie RU flags and caps but Timmy will probably be going for Ireland (because he lives in NZ and our parentage).
Nearly forgot, thinking of running The Legends Half or 10K on Sat morning - depends how drunk my brother gets me! It is the course trained on by Lydiard and his athletes
with a mountain about halfway - should be a blast!

14 September 2011

Brisbane's first Tower/Stair Race

Wed 4.53am Roo+Lake 10.60km  4m25 K's
8.16am Tower Run 4th Eq 3m35

I fell asleep early Tues night which meant I woke early Wed morning,I wasn't going to go back to sleep so got up at 4.30am! Went downstairs to do my stretches and was greeted by son Oli getting up for Arsenal's Champions League game (I have taught him about commitment).
So it was out early for a steady Roo+Lake and then into work early to run the Queensland Police and Emergency Services  'Great Tower Race' up 111 George St. 
Only 31 stories and 686 steps, I was surprised at the  tight short flights compared with us at 80 George St. My plan was run two steps per stride for as long as I could bear it then survive on one stair per step. Only managed about 6 floors on two steps. Runners went off at 30 second intervals and I was 3rd runner off in a 'self selected' Elite Category . I overtook one chap on the way up which was a tight squeeze. I finished 3rd in the category (equal 4th fastest overall) about 26 seconds off 1st place , my time was 3m35. 

The event told me perhaps I'm not cut out to be a Tower runner! I'd beaten the winner Paul Dodd in Sunday's Bridge to Brisbane by 1min34secs. Still, the view at the top was worth it! The air in the stair well was either very dry of very dusty as myself and  the other competitors seemed to cough up a lung afterwards. I'm fine now though.

13 September 2011

Bridge to Brisbane 2011 Results

Click on one of the arrows at the bottom of the page to get the 'full page' of results. It is a sneek preview as results aren't  officially published till tomorrow!
I am very happy to get 13th best ever result and I was the 1st Male over 35 y.o.

Mon 5.57pm Roo+Lake 10.52km 45m09 4m18 K's
Tues 5.33am Roo+Lake 10.61km 45m36 4m18 K's

I pulled up with really sore thighs after Sunday, not sure if it was the race or the clamber over the fence at the start because I never normally suffer DOMS after a race.
I've set myself an unusual challenge for tomorrow!
Brisbane's first ever Stair Race - the tower isn't that big, 31 flights, but if my legs were sore Monday they aint gonna like Wednesday/Thursday! 
It is madness I know but I can't not race it - the building is opposite mine in CBD.
Has anyone got any tips for stair running??

2011 Bridge To Brisbane
11 September 2011   |   Event Web Site

#Bib #NameFinish TimePlaceGenderG/PlaceDivisionD/Place
100001REUBEN KOSGEI00:29:371M1M30-341VIEW RESULT
200187GEOFREY TERER00:30:002M2M30-342VIEW RESULT
300002PETER NOWILL00:30:213M3M30-343VIEW RESULT
500107DARYL CROOK00:32:095M5M19-241VIEW RESULT
600109JAY TWIST00:32:246M6M19-242VIEW RESULT
700106ANTHONY CRAIG00:32:307M7M30-344VIEW RESULT
900105MATT CARLSSON00:33:259M9M19-243VIEW RESULT
1000110DREW WILLIAMS00:33:3710M10M19-244VIEW RESULT
1100089CLAY DAWSON00:34:0111M11M25-292VIEW RESULT
1201802TIM GARRETT00:34:0412M12M25-293VIEW RESULT
1300040DAVID SWEENEY00:34:0713M13M45-491VIEW RESULT
1400004CASSANDRA FIEN00:34:1214F1F25-291VIEW RESULT
1500124MATTHEW BOURKE00:34:1615M14M30-346VIEW RESULT
1600458MATHEW SKATE00:34:1916M15M35-391VIEW RESULT
1700111GRANT WILLIAMS00:34:2117M16M19-245VIEW RESULT
1806728CRAIG O'CONNELL00:34:2618M17M35-392VIEW RESULT
1900024MASAYUKI ATSUMI00:34:2719M18M30-347VIEW RESULT
2000064HAGAN PATRICK00:35:0520M19M14-181VIEW RESULT
2212234SHAUN LEE00:35:1722M21M14-182VIEW RESULT
2400082DAVID STRICKLAND00:35:2724M22M19-247VIEW RESULT
2500182CHRIS MATTHEWS00:35:3225M23M35-393VIEW RESULT
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