30 November 2010

Tom Bedford

5.17am 10.58Km Roo+Lake 42m13 (3m59 K's)

4m32, 4m13, 3m56, 4m02, 3m57, 3m59, 3m39, 3m53, 3m55, 3m44  + 2m01 (3m29 pace)

I heard that Tom Bedford (Dave's son) ran 2h19m30 for 6th Place in the Florence Marathon at the weekend
(Thanks Jim) pretty amazing performance!

29 November 2010

Nudgee 5 X 1000m 200m jog recovery

Sun 5.00pm Nudgee 5 X 1000m  200m jog recovery
3m06, 3m10, 3m13, 3m10, 3m08

Mon 5.15am 5.6km Roo 25m  (4m29 K's)

I cut this mornings run short as I was knackered and suffering with the knee and hammy.
Yesterdays track session was also a bit of an effort. Racing on Sat and then having a track session the following day does not really work out well for me (Mondays are nearly always a write off as a consequence) so I might change it to a long run Sunday and try to make it to the track during the week. Idealy I'd like to do two track sessions a week but at the moment I dont think my body could cope.

27 November 2010


Sat 7.00am 5000m QMA Nathan 16m02:65 1st
Fri 5.22am 10.56KM Roo+Lake 44m13 (4m11 K's)
Thu 5.26am 10.52KM Roo+Lake 44m15 (4m12 K's)

I knew I was in better shape than 16m30 
so gotta be pleased with a 25sec jump in performance? 
Yes but some reservations , a 75sec last lap was a pretty poor effort!
Warm and humid conditions and only a light breeze ;) 
I started hard as ever,ran solo through 3k in 9m34,which is about 15m50 pace.
Found it tough going really hanging out for the Bell!
Got there in 14:47 and expected to run sub 16, but could not quite pick up my dieing body, though I did draw upon Ronnie Peters in the finishing straight, to have the honour of being the first ever fellow Master to lap Ronnie!
All things considered I'm happy because I know there has to be more to come 
and I have at last ran a half decent time!

Here's a homage to Madonna The fittest 50 year old in every sense of the word!

24 November 2010

Martin Keown

Wed 5.10am 10.6km Roo+Lake 41m36 (3m57 K's)

I managed to find the groove about 3K into todays run .
After the customary laboured 'warm up' I cracked about 7 X Sub 3m50 K's

I have been deliberately avoiding reading about any football  as it is still too painful,
which meant that I was not aware that we played Champions League this morning -
and it comes as no suprise that a team we whipped 6 - 0 earlier this season, beat us 2 - 0 today!

I had to laugh though when I saw this in  'The Fiver' this morning!

Former Arsenal centre half Martin Keown

Arsenal have lost much of the mental strength and defensive solidity for which their name was a byword when Martin Keown (above) was playing for them. Photograph: AP

23 November 2010

Einstürzende Neubauten

Mon 5.14am 10.51km Roo+Lake  46m59 Slow (4m28 K's)
Tues 5.06am 10.53km Roo+Lake 43m36 Medium (4m09 K's)

Bands you never hear on the radio  these days ; Einstürzende Neubauten
I loved their early stuff and saw them one memorable night in  Kilburn.
Formed in Berlin, in 1980, part of the industrial metalic breed like Test Dept
they were unreal!
Look out for the industrial instruments!!

21 November 2010

3000m 9m32 1st by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

3000m 9m32 1st by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

8 of 10 X 400m by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

8 of 10 X 400m by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

sick as a parrot!

4.00pm Nudgee 10x400m 115m jog recovery (70secs?)
67:21, 68:48, 68:28, 69.44, 68:74
69:40, 68:08, 66:77, 69:16, 68:65
ave 68:42

Conditions still breezy down home straight but not as bad as yesterday or last week.
very happy to keep them all under 70, timed via stopwatch function.
heart rate ave per rep went;
146, 154, 155, 156, 156
158, 158, 160, 161, 162
the maximum bpm were up around 175

We went to see the new Harry Potter last night, quality! 

I can't talk about football Sick as a Parrot!!

Posted via Maxeys iPod touch!

You know what I really enjoy, when you challenge your wife to name the band and she cant and then you name the band and she doubts your correct and you Google it and your right and you play it with your hands raised in triumph!!
This tune is currently playing on an ad here and I got to raise my arms in triumph!

20 November 2010

Who's who of Queensland Masters

Sat 7.00am  SAF Nathan QMA 3000m 9m33.01   1st

The wind was really gusting/howling last night and I thought it did not bode well for this morning.
I woke at 4.30am and could still hear it but nevertheless got up at 4.45am to see if the weather
would accommodate racing. The Golden Palms around the pool were in full movement with the gusts
at times bending them over. I decided I would not race as times would be so slow I'd be disappointed.
So as I sipped my tea I thought what would I do to make up for it 2 X Roo+Lake 22KM ?
Bugger it! 
I thought 90mins by myself or 10mins with Masters ! 
I decided to race. Arrived slightly late for a full warm up but felt OK as I toed the line with a veritable who's who of Queensland Masters; Marcia Sheer, Glenda Banaghan, Phil Davies, the formidable Ronnie Peters and even Brendan Wheelan officiating!
70 secs for first lap, 3m06 for 1K, 6m21 at 2K (3m14), 9m32 (3m11).
The wind was, as expected, really tough, stop you in your tracks tough, sap you of everything tough, in my estimation it was worth 10 secs so to finish up marginally faster than last time in tough conditions I was happy.
The BOM official figures for between 7 and 7.30am were wind speed 15km an hour gusting to 32km an hour, and SAF is set somewhat exposed atop a hilly plateau.
Results are here

19 November 2010

The British and Irish Masters International Cross Country

The British and Irish Masters International Cross Country took place last Sunday in Dublin
Results are here

My 'old' mate from Lufbra Ian (Fernee Babe) Furness took out the M50's.
I understand the course had one hill and was pretty muddy!

Athletics Ireland reported

On Saturday November 13th there was some very competitive running around the Santry cross-country course in the British & Irish Masters Cross Country Championships with the Irish team celebrating some notable victories.
Dundrum’s Peter Mathews, winner of the Irish Cross Country titles in 1994, 1998 and 2002, defeated some worthy opponents from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the soft underfoot conditions to win the coveted Over 40’s race in 26:57, some 36 seconds ahead of England’s John Herbert.
The victory was an early birthday present for Matthews, who turns 41 on Wednesday but still clearly has the speed to make his mark at this level at this highly competitive level.
Matthews was one of three Irish individual winners with Ciaran Doherty winning the men’s Over 35 race by a narrow margin from his Irish team mate Paul McNamara, 27:02 to 27:04.
Carmel Parnell took the women’s Over 55 by a convincing margin of a minute and a half.
The Irish Men’s team won the Over 35, Over 45, Over 55 and Over 70 events, beating England on each occasion. Irish Olympian, Jim McNamara, finished second in the Over 70 race but had the consolation of leading the team to a thrilling two points win over England.

Peter Mathews

Wes Santee

5.00am  10.60KM Roo+Lake  44m29  (4m12 K's)

37mm of rain yesterday! Still very overcast this morning still warm and humid!
There were some roos on the pathway today, they waited for me to get right up to them before they decided to hop out of the way! (I must appear inoffensive!) Because the pathway was bounded by a stone retaining wall the roos had to bounce along beside me for about a 100m before they could make a break for the safety of the golf course. Deliberately tried to take things easy today and felt marginally better than yesterday.
My old Coach Alf Wilkins sent me this piece which I believe is probably written by Dave Cocksedge. An interesting tale of Wes Santee beating a 28 Man relay team over 14 miles by himself!!!
Wes Santee (4:00.5 for a mile in 1954) once raced a relay team of 28 of his fraternity colleagues in a 14 miles road race - and he beat them all by 150 yards. Santee died last week, aged 78.

Here's the interview segment:
Is the story true that you raced your fraternity brothers in a 14-mile road race, where you ran solo against what amounted to a relay team of your fraternity?

Wes Santee: 'After I finished 36th in the National Cross Country Champs (I won in 1953) and I returned to Lawrence, Kansas, my fraternity brothers met me at the airport with a sarcastic 'Hello 36th' sign, to which I responded, “I could outrun all of you.”
'That became a kidding subject until we set up a race from Tonganixe, Kansas to Lawrence, of 14 miles. They each ran 880 yards (28 of them) and I ran alone all the way, finishing in 1 hour 14 minutes (74 minutes). This turned out to be a big event: people drove out from Lawrence and turned around to follow the race and with four to five miles to go, all the highways were blocked and no traffic could move until the race was over. Hundreds of people backed up the intersection in town to see the finish. I won by 150 yards and as there were five other trackmen in the fraternity I had to build a lead in order to beat them. The race was covered in almost all national and local newspapers.'

Note: Santee ran the 5000m at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and believed that he would have won the 1500m at those Games if he had been allowed by AAU officials to race that distance at the US Olympic Trials. Roger Bannister, John Landy and Wes Santee were engaged in the well-publicised 3-way 'race' in 1953/54 to become the first man to run a mile inside four minutes. But Santee, (who later became a US Marine Colonel) says that he was told that under domestic AAU rules he could NOT be blatantly paced in the way that Dr Bannister was at Oxford on 6 May 1954, when he clocked 3:59.4... i.e. during that period, Santee ran times of 4:00.5, 4:00.6 and 4:00.7 for a mile in separate races ON HIS OWN.


18 November 2010

Hot Town Summer in the City!

Thurs 5.00am 10.48km Roo+Lake  43m37  (4m10 K's)

Tough going this morning (pain), only really got moving when I came up on a guy running with a large back pack on (probably training for Army reserves or something like that). Well I couldn't just edge slowly past him, it had to be a dramatic flash past! Don't these guys carry 40 to 60kg? Anyhow I managed to keep the raised tempo going all the way home and was happy with that. The Garmin came up short again today - bizarre! I know that clouds are not supposed to affect them but I think they ours do! We had very heavy looking rain clouds though it was warm (24 O C at 5.00am) and humid!
These Summer mornings are really bring out the 'fairweather' runners! There has been a dramatic increase in numbers over the last few weeks. It is always good to see the ladies who probably out number the guys 3 to 1 on an average morning.

Going to race 3000m at Masters, Saturday morning , if weather looks good.

17 November 2010

Ploughing on

Wed 5.15am 10.6KM Roo+Lake 41m15 (3m53 K's)

I never know for sure how I am going to feel as I set off, but this morning the pain/stiffness was not so bad, I got moving relatively quickly though it still took 4m30+ to run the first K. Pushed it quite hard all the way with a 9th KM in 3m30. Warm and sunny conditions.

16 November 2010

From Lance to Landis

Monday 5.49pm  5.62km Roo  21m41  (3m52 K's)
Tuesday 5.12am 10.42km Roo+Lake 44m53  (4m19 K's)

Maybe it was heavy cloud cover but the Garmin measured about 200m short this morning (normally measures 10.65Km. I had the usual reaction to an fast evening run = next morning soreness but still managed to keep moving. Very humid - I was drenched.
I am currently reading 'From Lance To Landis' - Inside the American doping controversey at the Tour De France by David Walsh = What an eye opener!!!

15 November 2010


Sunday 2.00pm Nudgee 10 X 400m  100m Jog recovery (60/70 secs)  

Warm (27 O C) Very Windy

72, 72, 72, 72, 70, 70, 72, 71, 70, 68

13 November 2010

A New World Record M55 3000m Keith Bateman 8m56.8 !

Keith was in the 'C' Race, results are here

A race Video has been posted on You Tube here

The previous record was 8m57.27 by Ron Robertson of NZ in 1997.

5000m 1st 16m28.08

Fri 5.11am 10.61km Roo+Lake 44m53  (4m14 K's)
Sat 7.00am S.A.F. Nathan: Queensland Masters: 5000m  1st 16m28.08
Sat 5.19pm 5.75km Roo 23m23 (4m04 K's)

Conditions warm (23/24 O C = 75 O F ) and a little windy. Conservative start, fairly even paced running; the Garmin of course measures short round the track but for what its worth, the 'K's went;
3m09, 3m13, 3m12, 3m16, 3m14 + 23ecs  (so add 5secs to each K)
I'm not happy about the time but hey! at least I'm out there and I'm a racing. 
Perhaps in a competitive race with the youngsters I might be able to knock this down some? - but for the time being - it's OK! 
It is a base, a platform from which to build. I think the hammy is on the mend, I am running on my own, in warm humid conditions, in flats, early season........ there.... I've convinced myself! 

11 November 2010

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 Arsenal 2

Wed 5.06am 10.60KM Roo+Lake 45m47  (4m19 K's)
Thur 5.13am 10.65KM Roo+lake 44m24  (4m10 K's)

If the weather is OK Saturday, will run 5000m at Masters.
Relieved to see the Gooners win again this morning ; )

09 November 2010

Nundah Twilight Crit

Mon 12.00noon 12.31km 'GoBetween'  52m06   (4m14s K's)
Tues 6.00pm 5KM Nundah Twilight Crit 16m29s  172bpm

I wanted to do something different in 'training' so went along to see what the Nundah Twilight Crit was all about.
Held over a 1.2KM accurate/measured course = 4.17 laps at Albert Bishop Cycle Track.
The lap is flat, one long straight and about 4 curvaceous bends. Very important to run the tangents! Small field perhaps 6 of us started. It was humid and a little windy. The  Garmin does not measure circuits very well ( as I have seen at the track), and tended to over measure the K's so it ended up giving me 5.1KM, the 'K's went;
3m06, 3m13, 3m17, 3m20, 3m15m + 18s for 105m.
HR was; 158bpm, 171bpm, 174bpm, 176bpm, 180bpm, 183bpm
That 183bpm is the highest figure I have managed to crank out.
I ran the whole 'race' by myself, my stomach felt off (Spag Bol for lunch!), was really quite concerned about hammy during warm up but once again (maybe its the adrenalin) didn't seem to affect me during the run but again did so after. 
I thought that was a good workout.

Couple of other things, I think Haile will race again, only a few weeks ago he was talking about London, I just feel the injury has got him down. He'll take a few weeks/months off and start running again.

The most annoying advert on TV featuring a 'runner' ! I just don't like the running style and it is so stupid ! As if a house owner is not going to be know where his house is!
The premise is if it is not listed on Domain.com it is invisible!
The video soundtrack is out of sink with the action for some reason but you'll get the picture.
There again there is that advert with two female runners sort of racing each other
and they go through a turn-style ! What is that all about - just rubbish!

08 November 2010

John Eales

5 X 1KM  200m jog recovery (2mins)  
3m03 (160bpm) , 3m09 (164bpm), 3m11 (167bpm), 3m08 (169bpm),3m08 (171bpm)

I was at the API Queensland Property Conference on the Gold Coast Fri/Sat and rested on Saturday. The motivational speaker this year was John Eales legendary Wallaby who gave an inspirational presentation, very impressed.
Sunday did K'm at Nudgee . Quite a windy day and found it very tough going. Give me 20 X 400m anyday!
Half time at the Emirates and Newcastle lead the Gooners 0 - 1, it seems like it may be one of those games! - Maybe I'll concentrate on watching the NYC Marathon live.

06 November 2010

Cool Night Classic

Untitled by brizzygooner at Garmin Connect - Details

It was interesting to see the 4th KM time when I had the two off course moments.
The heart rate drops twice, the speed was certainly slower, the map route doesn't really show any deviation at the bridge.
I suspect that the Garmin has to interpolate certain details as this course runs under the bridge and also runs under the Riverside expressway along the bicycle path (out of sight of satellites)

05 November 2010

Cool Night Classic

Thurs 5.30pm Cool Night Classic 5.2km 17m20  3rd
Fri 5.00am 6KM Slow

The logistics of racing straight from work are always awkward, not the usual comfort of getting ready from home however, got this about right. Finished work at 4.30pm got changed, warmed up in the Botanical, slight mishap I ran into a branch and corked my thigh but at least it was a diversion worry away from my knee and hamstring!
Must have been 2349 city runners lined up but I couldn't see any out and out guns so thought I might have a chance of a win. Lined next to the really petite Clare Geraghty . I charged off into the lead (slight downhill section) in the Botanical and must have kept it for all of about 600m when M40 Geoff Berkeley and Hintsa Mebrahtu came past me ; (  the first K was about 3m05, I tried to hang in there but I got gapped by them and another young fellow - Mick O'Shea (they are all young compared to me). Out across the Goodwill Bridge and along the South Bank I was happy enough with the pace. Lots of pedestrian traffic to dodge (we were running on public footpaths in rush hour). Mick , in third, was dropped by Geoff , as Hintsa went off into the distance.
I pretty much caught Mick by Victoria Bridge and followed him running off course as we went up nearside rather than going under and up the far side of the bridge! Only lost a few seconds but still! Up along the bridge I went into third and gapped 4th, running down the other side of Victoria Bridge ramp I had a mind explosion as thought I'd gone off course - turning around and running back from where I'd came, Nick O'Shea however reassured that the ramp did a 'U' turn and led us back in the right direction towards the River Stage! In total I would have lost 10/15 seconds. I took control again and gapped him to run back into the River Stage arena alone in 3rd ($150) about 100m behind Geoff Berkeley (17m00). The tight twisting course was not conducive to fast times - Hintsa ran 16m30. He's about a 14m30 / 30m guy.
Results are here

03 November 2010

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

Wed 5.00am 16.3km Roo+Lake+Roo  68.48  (4m14's  K's)

10 points if you knew the band who did this perfect pop number back in the 80's

02 November 2010

Melbourne Cup

Tues 5.00am  16.34km Roo+Lake+Roo  70m37  (4m19' K's)
went through Roo+lake in 46m18

Slightly easier this morning but still a struggle!

01 November 2010

Monday Monday - Not so good for me!

Sun 2.47pm 10.5km Roo+Lake  40m50 (3m54 K's)
Mon 5.11am 10.55km Roo+Lake  48m50 (4m38 K's)

I had no time on Sunday and could only squeeze in a quick run and so I lifted the tempo.Happy to run; 4m36,4m02, 3m52, 3m51, 3m47, 3m49, 3m48, 3m41, 3m50, 3m49, 1m43(3m32 pace)
I paid for that this morning (8mins slower!!!) ran in pain nearly all the way, a very lethargic run.
Knee and hamstring pain.
Monday mornings!
No wonder I have taken Monday as a rest day a few times over the last couple of months! I was thinking if all my runs are this painful I'd have to take some time off and see if I can shift at least the hamstring issue.I am resigned to running with knee tendinitis for the foreseeable future!