26 December 2013

Yearly Review 2013

February 2012 I finally succumbed to the increasingly painful heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
and stopped running and sought remedies. I made a couple of premature attempts to restart running but it was not until July 2013 that I was able to start running again properly.
18 months in which cycling kept me sane though flying over the bonnet of a ute on 29th June 2012 could have left me in a different place. As it was a year on from my accident and I was riding like a cyclist rather than a runner. I cycled 26 times and rode 1200km in June 2013. So when I was able to restart running in July 2013 I had a solid background of fitness but it wasn't running fitness. To run train for 6 weeks and return to racing on 10/8/2013 at North Lakes parkrun and run 16;12 had me disbelieving the result in a pleasant way. I was gobsmacked and put it down to all those K's on the bike keeping me in shape. All those freezing cold mornings where I'd wear two pairs of gloves and even ended up wearing little cycle shoe booties to keep my oh so freezing cold feet from suffering frostbite paid off !
That parkrun performance gave me the confidence to deal with the horrendous torture of travelling to Gladstone and taking home $1000 for my troubles for the third time ;-)
Back to parkrun and this time a go at Sandgate in the hope that the flat out and back course would give me  a faster time than at North Lakes. Have to admit I was disappointed with another 16;12 at the time but that was just the competitive animal in me that always still wants to run faster!
Into September and the biggest race on the Brisbane calendar is Bridge to Brisbane. This year I opted to run the 5KM race rather than the larger field of the 10km because I dislike the logistics of getting to and from a point to point race and I didn't think I was ready to race a 10km at that stage. The Young Guns also tend to opt for this race so it was with some bruvado that I led out the first 1km of the race! 
3;03 was simply too fast for me I think I overcooked on the hill over the inner city bypass but still managed a half decent performance for 10th place overall. Disappointed the course was short so I couldn't compare my performance with the parkruns but average 3;15K's placed it on a par.
21st September saw me back at Masters. After getting over the shock of seeing Peter Reeves I ran 3000 in 9;36.
On my 52nd birthday I ran parkrun North Lakes and ran ran 16;12 for the third time in a row - Feck Me! Still the extra number on my age brought me a better age grade performance and 92.49% was the best age grade performance that weekend in parkrun global results.
Back to the track and a 9;31 3000m in the wake of Dennis Fitzgerald was an OK improvement 3;10 K's.
Back for another shot at parkrun and promised myself that if I managed the extraordinary feet of running 4 X 16;12 I would run a lap of the lake naked!
In the end I ran a 16;09 at North Lakes for a 92.78% age grade. Finally an improvement though of course I was not happy with only 3 seconds.
Another Sandgate parkrun and the Coolnight classic saw me close out my racing for the year.
A calf strain in November saw me loose three weeks running and get back on the bike. I have been running again through December and looking forward to getting back to racing.

Cycled 5,866.12km  28.6km/h  125bpm
Ran 1829.06km  14.3km/h 143bpm

Cycled 3538.39km 25.5km/h 124bpm
Ran 1277.354km 13.7km/h 143bpm

Cycled 56.5km 24.1km/h
Ran 3297km 14.5km/h 145bpm

2010 Sept27 to Dec31
Ran 966km 14.6km/h 145bpm

22 December 2013

Kinsellas Road East

Tue 17th 5.15am 10.59km 44;34 4.12's
Wed 18th 5.04am 10.53km 47;09 4;29's
Thu 19th 5.12am 10.59km 44;36 4;13's
Fri 20th Rest
Sat 21st 4.17pm 10.55km 40;31 3;51's
Sun 22nd 10.23am 3.84km wu 10 X 260m hill sprints 3.41km wd

Hot conditions running yesterday and this morning.I have been meaning to get some interval work started but have been slightly hesitant because of sore knees. 
Found a nicely runnable hill 260m approx(not many around here) and proceeded with 10 efforts. Early times around 53/54 seconds then 51 and held them. Consistent efforts.

53 - 143bpm ave 159 max
54 - 147/160
54 - 146/161
53 - 147/163
51 - 152/166
51 - 150/165
51 - 150/167
51 - 151/167
51 - 150/168
49 - 148/169

Kinsellas Road East

16 December 2013

Rooting Roos

Fri 13/12 5;17am 10.64km 44:22 4;10
Sat 14/12 5;53pm 10.60km  41;40 3;56 152bpm ave 171max
Sun 15/12 5;16pm 10.61km 39;30 3;43 157bpm ave 174max

I didn't have much time at the weekend so just put in two tempo runs. Today (Monday) is a recovery day.
When I finished my run Sunday two Kangaroos came hopping past me, very obviously a male after a female. She was having none of it, hopped off up my road then back down, then back up. I tried to take a selfie with them in the background but they just hopped out of view.

12 December 2013

Web Attack

Tues 5.07 am 10.52km 46;02 (4;23's)
Wed 5.11am 10.54km 44;21 (4;12's)
Thu 4.55am 10.68km 44;53 (4;12's)

A storm last night resulted in very humid conditions (92%) this morning. Being the first human out along the pathways can lead to misadventure. The rains must have washed all the spiders webs away so they get busy spinning face height webs across the pathway to trap me. If this was the UK this wouldn't pose too much of a problem but in Australia where the spiders can bite you tend to be more circumspect. Plus the webs are constructed from the strongest stickiest elasticated rope material known to man. Your face catches the web first then you might spy the spider as it gets drawn into your mouth - if it is not the spider, it is the mummified remnants of an earlier prey. You spend the next 100m franticly waving your arms over your head and shoulders trying to rid yourself of an invisible cloak (the web) always conscience that a venomous monster could be crawling its way towards your exposed skin!
I face planted three webs in the fist KM of my run this morning.
Just keeping the running steady, letting my body get used to running again.

09 December 2013

The Ipswich Express

After resuming running last week and taking it steady for the first three runs I have started to add some distance. The calf feels fine.

Sat 30/11 5.75km 25;44 - 4;29 K's
Sun 1/12 5.73km 24;14 - 4;14 K's
Mon 2/12 5.64km 25;05 - 4;27 K's
Tue 3/12 5.69km 23;27 - 4;07K's
Wed 4/12 4:51am 10.62km 44;20 - 4;11 K's
Thu 5/12 4:45am 10.58km 44;33 - 4;13  K's
Fri 6/12 4:52am 10.60km 45;21 - 4;17 K's
Sat 7/12 10:01am 18;14km 1:13;17 - 4;02 K's
Sun 8/12 4:06pm 10;64km 44;40 - 4;12 K's
Mon 9/12 Rest
I need to slow the pace down further.

News from Queensland Masters , Peter Reeves (M60) ran 4;37 on a windy day Saturday 7th December to miss Alan Bradford's Qld M60 1500m by 2 seconds. That is a 94.62% age graded performance and would have won in the Gold at the recent World Masters Champs in Brazil. A World Class performance by my distinguished correspondent.

03 December 2013

Peter Reeves and Alan Bradford

I have resumed running after an earlier false start.
No calf pain and have run 5.6km Roo for the last 4 days.
I shall try to eek out the distance and go longer and slower under the orders of Coach Reeves.
Writing of our bearded correspondent, he managed a remarkable feat at the weekend;
In conditions best described as heavy rain, he set a new Qld M60 3000m Record. 10;02.19  (90.7%)
It looks good alongside his Qld M55 3000m Record and sets a mark for me to aspire to in years to come; 2021 for M60 to be precise!
Peter is sure to chip away at that record in better racing conditions.
He has erased the mark of Masters  colossus Alan Bradford. 
Mr.Bradford bestrides the record books like a behemoth from World to National and State level. His marks have stood for years showing the quality of the man and he is still performing to those past standards in his 70's now.
Here are the current Queensland Male records

20 November 2013

On my bike

I managed to run 5.6km Roo on Saturday and Sunday and the calf was OK but got out again Monday morning and had to walk home after 4.9km as the pain returned. Maybe it is only a form of cramping rather than a pull or a tear.
I have been back on the bike for 30k's Tuesday and Wednesday.

16 November 2013

Crazy Horses


Crazy Horses

Another super hot and humid day in Brizzy today.
I managed to tip toe around Roo 5.7km in 4:18's though I thought I was travelling at about 5min K,s
Wanted to see where my left calf was at. First K was all good after that I felt some pulling/cramping? Steadily take hold. So I don't think I'm ready to start running again yet. Will be interested to see if there is much reaction following on. Have given it plenty of ice and will continue self massage. Don't think it can be a tear as I doubt I'd be able to run after just one week rest. It may only be cramping though it is located in an unusual spot. Don't think it is related to the lump on the inside of my shin bone now.

14 November 2013

There is a light and it never goes out

I've got The Smiths CD on in the car at the moment and I always have a chuckle to myself when I hear 'There is a light', as I recall this scene from the sadly no longer 'Gavin and Stacy'.

Lake Taupo

Getting used to the bike again.
My old mate Freddie Hampton advised me to push the cleats on the shoe back from the toe in order to disengage the calf as much as possible which was a good tip. 
I missed the Spring which meant NO bird swooping - YEAH!
We had rain forecast every day this week and have received a fare drenching overnight but have been able to ride every morning so far.
Some guy flew past me on Wednesday morning as if I was standing still - I must have lost a bit of my cycling momentum. I thought the same thing was happening this morning but it was Martin Disley (ex Crew Alexander football player) who I've mentioned before riding along side for a lap around North Lakes. It took me a while to notice but he'd come off his bike earlier, up on Anzac Avenue where it merges with Discovery Drive and the Council have painted the road a green colour to warn motorists they are sharing the zone with cyclists. Anyhow the overnight rain makes the surface like glass. Martin didnt seem phased to be bloodied up with matching tears to jersey and knicks. He said he was more concerned about his (beautiful) bike a Cervelo machine that purred like a kitten. He is off to NZ shortly to do the 100 mile  (160km) ride around Lake Taupo.
Currently averaging 4 or 500km a week in training!! Scary numbers and time these cyclists devote to their sport!
You would have to be mad to consider doing the Maxi Enduro 640km or 4 x around the lake! http://www.cyclechallenge.com/bike-races-nz/maxi-enduro/

My calf seems to be on the mend, from feeling it the whole time, to now not feeling it when walking around and much less tenderness when touched. 
I will try a short run at the weekend to see where it is at. I have advised Nike Victory Team Captain Dennis Fitzgerald that I'm doubtful for the 500km relay.

Here are my KM's Nov 2012 to Nov 1213, you can see the stark contrast between my cycling to the end of June and then running.

10 November 2013

G Train derailed?

I just had a very steady week looking after various niggles including bruised feet from trail run a fortnight before , sore knees, heels, hip and a  shin/calf issue.
It was the latter that has jumped out and shouted for #1 attention grabbing headline. I have long had a bit of pain half way up my left shin/inside /calf. There has been a lump there for years sore to press on but not an issue running up till now where pain seems to have developed from the inside of the shin into the calf.
I was going to run a 10km tempo, I did a 1km warm up feeling a very slight something but within 200m of my run proper I was getting more of a stabbing pain so immediately stopped and walked home.
I got out later for 20km on the bike and will stay on the bike for a few days to see if this settles down. There is no pain from the shin/calf on the bike.
I must have looked peculiar on the bike as the shoe /pedal location was right on the sore spot of my left foot and right knee was worse on the bike than running! I attempted to pedal through the toes or the side of my foot and just grinned and beared it.
At least Garmin will have been pleased as I once a gained donned the Garmin Sharp Slipstream livery ♿

05 November 2013

The G Train

Just some photos from Sandgate parkrun on 26th Oct.
Note my special 'lead out bike', checkout the water front beach shacks along the esplanade at Sandgate and if I'm looking relaxed in my changed white Tee shirt ,it is my warm down after the run.
The Red vest is a Salford Harriers vest from Lancashire UK. 
In 2008 or was it 2009 I was heading over to the UK on holiday planned to run the National Master Road Relay for my old running buddy Paul Simon's club. Unfortunately a stressie to the hip put paid to that plan! 

03 November 2013

Aaron Ramsey

Yesterday I ran a session of 10 X 500 with about 90 secs recovery at the school sports field. Flat but rough in parts no distinct course just roughly following the outside of the field and shaving the bends. An honest session worked quite hard but don't enjoy running intervals off the track. Distances varied between 530m and 550m and times between 91 and 96.
This morning I was Back at Beerburrum for the Flinders Tour in better trail shoes but my feet were still hurting from last weeks stones but these shoes made it more comfortable.
I didn't carry my phone just relied on the Garmin and with 3km to go it told me I'd run off course so double backed to see if I missed a turn, couldn't see any error tried running up another path that was leading me straight up the side of a mountain so turned back again and just kept on the trail I'd been on and low and behold I am back on course!
Must have been a freak GPS reading from the satellites.
The Sun was out today and I was feeling thirsty, 1h47mins without a drink is too far so may invest in a camelback for longer runs. Nipples began to hurt so ran last 5k without vest, the freedom of the trail.
It is stunning scenery combined with challenging trails, highly recommend to anyone.
23km 1:47 4:40 K's

31 October 2013

Cool Night Classic 6th 17.02

There is never anything cool weather wise about this race it is always a warm evening, today we also had a strong wind.
I lined up next to Clare Geraghty along with 2500 others. My intention was to race this one in the hope of repeating my 3rd place of 2011 and 2010. The 'siren' started us from a narrow funnel and we rushed downhill for 200m then turned to run along the riverside pathway, I covered the first K in 3;07, as I took up a  back of a pack position as a group of about 4 chased Clay Dawson (not fresh from running a debut 2;30 Mara at Melbourne and Alistair Stevenson former Sub4 miler (is that right Peter?) Who has made a come back over the last couple of years.
I felt quite comfortable as we headed over the Goodwill Bridge. Sadly I must have been taking it too easy as I got gapped as we headed up the incline. Some tight turns then up The South Bank parklands, I managed to catch one of the pack , as it turned out Scott Britain - a famous Ipswich ? runner. Past 3 K and we run under the Victoria Bridge then up the circular ramp onto the bridge - my sore knees nearly buckled as the combined tight circular ramp and the incline gave me difficulty. Along the Victoria dodging pedestrians I thought I might just catch the next guy who turned out to be Mick O'Shea about 75m up the road. More tight turns as we hit the down ramp to get back on to the Riverside Pathway, that 4th K took 3:30 !!
The last K at least was pretty straight just the odd few turns as we head back into the Botanical Gardens and the finishing area. I was looming in on Mick but calls from the crowd alerted him of my approach and he ward able to lift the last 50m and finish 1sec in front of me.
I finished 6th in 17:02. My Garmin measured it at 5.13km, 24 secs for those extra 130m which goes to show the toughness of this course was another factor. Stevenson ran 15;58 and I think he has run something like 67 for the Half this year . Clay dropped back (that cracker of a Mara was obviously still heavy in his legs) and finished 4th about 15secs in front of me. Young Patrick Hagan was 2nd. Care Geraghty was first lady in 18;27

Results here. 

In 2010 I think we ran the same course and I ran 17;20 and Mick ran 17;42 and Clare ran 18;00
2010 race post here http://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/cool-night-classic-6th-1702.html
2011 race post here http://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/cool-night-classic.html
and here http://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/cool-night-classic-update.html

30 October 2013

Energy Boost

Monday Rest
Tuesday 5.30am Nudgee 5 X 800m - 200m jog recovery
Wed 5.30am Roo+Lake 10.65km 43;28 4;05 K's

Tuesday I got up at 4.30am to get to the track for a 5.20am start(!)
2000 warm up and a few strides and into it.

#1 2;28 152bpm ave 164bpm max
#2 2;29 156bpm ave 168bpm max
#3 2;26 160bpm ave 172bpm max
#4 2;25 161bpm ave 175bpm max
#5 2;23 163bpm ave 177bpm max

My feet were still hurting from the stones through the soles of my shoes on Sundays Flinders Tour but even with a host of additional niggles when I actually get going I feel OK. I was pleased with this session, ran it top less and also had to contend with sprinklers jetting out water onto track (rather than watering the infield) for the whole session.

My adidas adios 2 have just clocked up 1000km and so walking past the adidas store in the Mall a sign caught my eye 'Buy any pair of shoes and buy a second pair for $20' - I was interested in testing out a pair of Boost with what looks like a polystyrene sole!! so a pair of size US11 (that's a first!!)  Energy Boost for $180 and for $20 I bought the only trail shoe (size US10.5) adidas had in stock (Response?) for $20 - they appear to have a very sturdy sole which I hope will protect my delicate feet next time I hit the trails (got to be the weekend).

I tried them out this morning and enjoyed the ride running 10.65km in 4.05 I had to hold myself back as I will be racing the Cool Night Classic in the city on Thursday evening.

I think these are the trail shoes I bought - Response

29 October 2013

Flinders Tour Beerburrum

Flinders Tour 23km  4;35km's

Only went off course a few times which on a 23km trail run was exceptional

Disenchanted with running around the streets of Redneck country last week I was determined that this weeks long run I would seek out something of beauty. I managed to find someone who had run the Flinders Tour 24km trail race on Garmin Connect and uploaded the course onto my Garmin (I had tested out how it worked in practise by doing roo+lake and deliberately running off course). All you have to do is get to the starting area and press 'do the course' and away you go, follow the Forwards arrow and check it when your coming up to a fork or a junction. It will give you an audible bleep if you run off course. So it was that I headed up to the township of Beerburrum just off Steve Irwin Way parked up and ran off into the wilderness.
My family will attest that I don't have the best sense of direction so for added safety I brought the phone too.
The Flinders Tour is part of the Glasshouse Mountain Trail runs and I actually did the 28km about 8 yeas ago which included an assent (and descent) of Mount Beerburrum right at the start of the Trail race. There is no better way of messing up your running than running straight up and down a mini mountain so I was pleased to note that it had been dropped from this years course.
I set off with some cloud cover but it was pretty hot. If you check my course you will see how I nearly went off course straight away but doubled back on myself and headed back onto the right course and then onto the trails. The trails consisted of red mud, stone, sand, and were wide (fire breaks)  and narrow (single file overgrown goat tracks), wooded, bush, maccadamia nut plantations, some inclines some declines.There is even a section of woop woops about 3km long, deep rutted mud paths created by erosion and trail bikes. I only saw 5 motor trail bikes out for a spin. 
I wore my trail shoes but they didn't really offer too much by way of protection and I ended up getting bruised balls of feet due to hitting the odd stray stone here and there - might need to adapt running style more to contact heel first to protect my un trail hardened feet.
Some bits of the course I remembered from having run it years back, but I was amazed at how easy I felt and easy it was to do a 23km loop through the National Park. Highly recommended to everyone.
Do the race http://www.glasshousetrails.com.au/flinders.htm
This years Tour results 
2013-07-28 Flinders Tour 2165
2013-07-28 Flinders Tour 1110
2013-07-28 Flinders Tour 069
2013-07-28 Flinders Tour 2330

26 October 2013

Sandgate parkrun 16;10

Hot humid and sunny (as ever).
I thought I'd give Sandgate another go as the straight out and back has none of the technical issues of North Lakes and though you have to run past the whole field after the turnaround it is a lot easier when your passing someone who is heading in the opposite direction than overtaking someone who does not know they are about to be passed.
I'd said to myself that I must start steadier today to resist the blowing up I've felt on my recent runs.
I just can't seem to get it right, I went out in 3;03, I had company sitting in just behind me, could not see who it was, and thought I could be losing my first parkrun today. I settled into the second Km with a slight racing attitude holding back a little, you know when you become irked that someone is sitting in on you getting an easy ride. The turnaround point at 2.5km is a flag pole 180 degree so you lose time but as I straightened back up I glanced at the watch for 8;00, I would not be running sub 16 today. I clocked 9;37 through 3km and realised the tank was close to empty, no drive left but at least my company had gone.
A little kid on a bike was riding the course it seemed like a pilot bike for the run and he was good in clearing the path though a couple of times I had to yell out 'faster' as I threatened to overtake him when he had to slow down due to overcrowding.
At 4km I again looked at the watch 12;55 which in my mind was going to give me about 16:10.
I gave it everything but didn't have much and suffered as the heat and exhaustion seemed to overtake me.
I crossed the line and stopped the Garmin at 16;09.9 I suspect this will get rounded up to 16;10 much that I would like to be repeating last weeks performance. At least I can claim to be consistent but will really need to shake things up to run sub 16. I'm going to run longer intervals for a start and I need to shed a couple of kilo's, I am 67kg !
Also feel that as Summer progresses faster times will be harder and harder.
Tomorrow I am going to run long bush  as I seek out some new courses to invigorate my running.

Sandgate parkrun

21 October 2013

parkrun Global Age graded performance

Coming around towards the end of the first lap, I gapped young Steve Buchanan.

Near the end of the lap, young Steve Buchanan seems to have closed on me. 

33 year old Loughborough singlet (vest), I can still squeeze into it but looks like I have to give up the beers!!

Near the end of the second lap and I have done a lot of overtaking

Just about to finish (3rd lap) and I did get tangled up with the youngster in blue as I passed him. The pain and the strain were showing.

Sunday 3.00pm 29.2km 2;05;41  @ 4;18km's
Monday Rest

Sundays run was a tour through redneck country Narangba Dakabin and Kallangur. I only got hooted the once by a feral (presumably toothless) bozo but I am unlikely to run this particular loop again. There is no footpath and I spent time running in the road debris (glass and stones) as it mingles with the grass verge. There were also too many road junctions to run pass requiring slowing downs for traffic checks.

Monday Rest day - sore knees (tendinitis).

Saturday's parkrun performance saw me topping the Global parkrun age % performance ladder. Some 46,000 runners this week and my 92.78% was #1.
I was perhaps fortunate that lots of the top masters were competing in Brazil in the World Masters Athletics track and field championships.
Results are being posted  here
In my event the M50 5000m results showed strong competition for the medals (won by a local with two Brits taking 2nd and 3rd). 54 runners = quite some field even when split into 3 heats.

19 October 2013

North Lakes parkrun 16:09

Conditions were warm about 18 O C with some wind and as ever high humidity. I warmed up with 2.5km jog from home. This week marked the first anniversary of North Lakes parkrun.
I had promised myself to start easy but today as we were running the reverse way around the lake with a  very early sharp right left and I needed to start fast to go unhindered. I had young Steve Buchanon along for company on the first lap of three and what I found remarkably was how heavy my breathing appeared to be compared to his. I also felt my heart rate go sky high early on which is most uncomfortable but did not wear a monitor to record it. I think I ldid the first lap (1600'ish) in about 5;10 first Km was 3;05. I don't look at my watch when racing mainly because I can't read it anymore!! 52 year old eyes ain't what they used to be!
The second lap required a lot of overtaking and weaving from side to side, and the inclines seemed harder and longer this way around (clockwise). I think I ran through to two laps in 10;??
On the third lap I had somewhat resigned myself to not being able to improve on the 16;12 and lifted off the pace /coasted in sections. Very relieved to finish and stop my watch on 16;09
Phew ! pretty close to having to streak around the lake :-)
Warmed down with a lap with Steve and Greg Webster.
Greg finished third having been battling Achilles injury in recent months. He is M46 , an accomplished Masters performer and in his youth represented Australia in the World Cross Country Champs in 1986 in Switzerland (?) Juniors.
he grew up in Canberra and remembers racing Bruce Graham around the traps.

Dictated at Sk8Mania while Lily has a lesson! That's her in white tee on one leg!

18 October 2013

running naked?

Monday 14th Rest Day
Tuesday 15th 5.30am 10.6km 42;31 4;00 K's
Wed 16th 5.30am Nudgee 10 X 400m (110m jog recovery paused) 11;52 averaged around 72 and under.

It was good to get down the track and do a session before work. My form was pretty good through out the session, quite comfortable even managing a 67 last 400m without collapsing exhausted at the end (which is my normal condition).
The track is going to be closed for major refurbishment  from 1st November which of course is great news as the track surface in places is torn bubbled and dangerous - resurfacing is long long overdue. I will have to train at one of the local grass ovals for the rest of the Summer.

Thur 17th 5.30am 10.6km 43;21 4;06 K's
Fri 18th 5.30am 10.6km 42;49 4;03 K's

My early morning form has improved of late. Running 4;00min K's on Tuesday is almost unheard of. Perfect conditions cool 15-20 O C and high humidity 80%+ agrees with me. Still nursing a number of niggles but nothing getting out of control.

Tomorrow I will do the first anniversary North Lakes parkrun. We are running the course (lap around the lake) in reverse which I think is a slightly more uphill.

If I run 16;12 again I will run a lap naked (at 3.30am on a Public Holiday).

13 October 2013


30 O C and windy as today, didn't much fancy the 15km battle into the wind at the Peninsula so opted for old faithful (2 x roo+lake) as it offers shade and is always changing direction so no prolonged battles into the wind. Measured myself on the scales before and after. Even with drinking a glass of cordial before starting and stopping 3 times for water I still lost 2.4kg on the run. I'm back on the hammock not keeping a close eye on a 3hour BBQ roast chicken.
21.1km 1;28;17  4:10 K's
The view right now from my hammock, can you see a cloud?

QMA 3000 9:31.69

I got up at 5am it was 22 O C (74 O F) with a heavy grey sky and enough wind to move my golden palms which is unusual at that hour. Very humid conditions for running. A few spots of rain on the drive to SAF  but it held off. 3km warm up. A huge field of runners and walkers toed the line including King of the Roads M43 Dennis Fitzgerald who has run 8;56 this year.
I took off going through 200 in 33 and 400 in 69, I led through 800 in 2;24 and 1000 in 3;03. Next time I will definitely try and run a slow first K as there is no point tieing up in the 2nd K of a 3k race. Dennis went past me at this point and provided nothing for me to work off as he immediately gapped me pulling out 10secs.
I was happy to improve 5secs on my last outing and am confident that later in the season I could maybe improve another 10 secs. So 9;31 is the  3:10 pace I'd like to be able to hold for 5000.
We ran the 4km Peter's circuit warm down then we ran 4x 1500 with our team reprising the Australian /World Record holders from two years ago. Con, Phil, Peter and myself.
Conditions weren't great a very hot sun was breaking through those heavy grey clouds and the wind was picking up. I led our team out leading Dennis again for 800m before he flew past me and gapped me by 10 seconds again!
My unofficial split was 4;36 Dennis ran about 4;25. I am not sure about our team splits but Peter M59 ran 4;49 very classy as ever. Our team ran just under 20;00 which makes me wonder how we ever managed 18:37 two years ago?
North Lakes parkrun next week - will I manage a 4th 16;12 on the trot even running the course around the lake the reverse way?
Residents of Broad Hill Nursing Home on an outing

Australian M50 4 X 1500m Record holders

My hammock which I am increasingly fond of  spending hours dreaming of running fast and pain free!

11 October 2013

Broad Hill Nursing Home

I have been putting the work in over the last two weeks;

Sun 29th 27km at midday - Hot 1;58;57 or 4;24's K's
Mon 30th 10.6k 44;35 or 4;14 K's
Tue 1st 10.6 40;34 or 3;50 K's
Wed 2nd 10.6km 42;26 or 4;00 K's
Thur 3rd 10.6km 40;47 or 3;51 K's
Fri 4th 5.7km 23;39 or 4;09 K's

Sat 5th 2Km warm up 5 X 1000m Nudgee Tartan track- 200m jog recovery;
3;07 156bpm (max166)
3;08 163bpm (max173)
3;07 167bpm (max177)
3;07 166bpm (max179)
3;04 180* (max202*) *??
A tough session in hot and windy conditions so particularly encouraged by those times. The recovery between 4th and 5th KM was doubled due to exhaustion.* Think the heart rate monitor played up on the last interval as my maximum heart rate is normally 180bpm and this interval had me starting at 202bpm for a minute  before heading into the 170's.

Sun 6th 30km Newport to Contarf (and back) 2;04;16 or 4;08 K's  a hot day. I averaged about 4;00 min K's for the 15km up to Clontarf then turned around and realised the wind had assisted me and so had to battle into it on the way back, closer to 4;20's - 4;08 overall.
Also had to duck and weave through the Redcliffe markets and the hundreds who were enjoying a day at the beach!

Mon 7th am  10.6km 44;03 or 4;10 K's I was stuffed from the weekend!
Tue 8th pm 5.7km 24;02 4;12 K's still stuffed!
Wed 9th am 10.6km (Garmin did not pick up GPS for first 200m) 44;15 worth 4;10 K's
Thur 10th am 10.66km 43;45 4;06 K's
Fri 11th am 10.9km 45;25 4;11 K's

Saturday I am Running Masters.
3000m and maybe a leg of 4 X 1500m with the geriatrics from Broad Hill Nursing Home

Derek Episode 1 (+playlist)

28 September 2013

16;12, 16;12, 16;12 - Déjà vu

parkrun North Lakes 16;12

There is something beautiful about leaving your house 20mins before a race and getting back home 20 mins after. That is the wonder of parkrun nice and local. 
Warm up 2km jog to the start from home. 
Conditions about 21 O C (70 O F) 80% humidity. We had cloud cover which was a blessing but just before the off, the wind picked up which might have affected the first KM. 

I started hard but was surprised to only go through the first KM in 3m15, I thought maybe the cloud cover had interfered with satellite reception because I was expecting faster. Unperturbed (no actually I was perturbed!) I continued the effort going through the first lap and completed the 2nd KM in 3;12 - which was more like it. Into the second half of the second lap I am lapping people and dancing around the path to pass and run the best tangent through to the end of the race. Occasionally runners ahead moved aside and let me through without me having to deviate ;-).
The 3rd KM was 3;22 - whats happening? ( I was really perturbed!) I know that the second lap is where you have to concentrate and hold your effort, so why did I let it slip so much? It gave me the kick up the backside to push on, I went through the second lap in 10;48 which I worked out meant that if I could do the third and final lap at the same average pace as the first two, it would give me a time of 16;12 by running 5;24. 
I worked really hard giving it everything to run through the funnel and stop my watch at 16;13.1 = "F@ck! Expletive Deleted  escaped my lips again when I looked at my watch! 
I  have to stop these  Tourette's like outbursts post race !
My hope is that the time might be taken from the front of the funnel and I could get rounded down to 16;12 which would make it an incredible  record of 3 parkruns at 16;12 on two different courses!! 
Update Official time 16;12 !!! 92.49% Age Graded
Though I am hoping for  Déjà vu in some respects I have outperformed my two other runs regardless of the end time as today I turned 52 and my age grade performance should increase to 92%.
I cant say I am totally happy to be stuck in a rut - we all want to run faster dont we? So I have to shake things up, do things a little differently if I am going to improve. The heat and humidity wont help times at parkrun through the Summer. I can pick up the workload in training and I can drop a little weight if I give up the beers for Summer ;-(
I warmed down with Dave Spence a classy M55. He was telling me about his ongoing series with Mountain Man Ian McKee (also Caboolture Road Runners) at the Bridge to Brisbane 10KM. They have raced each other 8 times and each have 4 victories over the other. I love those rivalries.
(Ian lives on Mount Mee hence 'Mountain Man').

Results here 

Where are you supposed to wear a headband?

Dave Spence insisted on praying at the start

The Global face of Garmin?