22 March 2014


Inspired by Frank M I have started to some cycling with a view to possible Duathlon competition.

Filming the first few steps off the bike onto the run would make choice viewing. I stagger in a tippy toe prancing canter as if I've got a broom up my backside planted sideways! The cycling muscle groups don't want to relinquish to the running muscle groups and the spasmodic collision is actually something a quite like.
No running session ever knocks you about like this.
I like that transition as you slowly get into your running. I like the physicality of a cycle run. I like how you feel shafted. That feeling of tiredness acts as a spur for me push on. I cant imagine how it would feel with a near all out 10K in front of the cycle but I'm sure FM has it right by calling it 'brutal'.
If my body can handle it, I need to devote some time on the bike but I don't intend reducing the running K's.

01 March 2014

Sandgate parkrun 1st 16:28

Normally I would not run if I had a few beers the day before but I made an exception today. Drinks at lunch time to farewell yet another colleague and with him a wealth of experience gone.
Fell asleep about 7:30 so had plenty of rest. Woke early and had standard lemon cordial and cup of tea.
Conditions were fair about 22 0 C high humidity. Attempted a slightly easier first K than last week but still managed3:08 second K began to feel the lack of training ran about 3;18 on to the turnaround at 2.5km 8:06 was pretty good going but felt awful from about 3.5k, running back through the hordes.
Happy enough with my time I just don't know how I manage it on a steady daily run.think I will see if my knees allow me to put some interval work in and maybe a longer run so will take break from parkrun for few weeks and hopefully come back when it is cooler and I am in better shape.

1st March 2014