29 April 2014

parkrun Race

Anyone who is an avid reader of this blog may have noticed an upturn in the number of comments coming in to my all too infrequent posts lately.
For the record, Barry Broe and Peter Reeves amongst others have set up next Saturdays Minnippi parkrun as a gathering of both Masters and the cream of Brisbane's running talent. 
I think it was just going to be a few old boys having a 5km blast at first but has gotten out of control with trophies being offered and the inclusion of serious young talent. With age and the onset of senility, the ability to seriously offer competition to the youngsters is compromised so the use and importance of the age grading % becomes more important as the days go by. It provides us with a tool to defeat the years and remember our youth.
For the record here are the current Australian parkrun age cat records;

Reevesey wont admit it but he is 'odds on' to take one (if not both) the trophies on offer.

As for me, more steady running containing the knee pain with Celebrex.
I did manage to get out the past two weekends on the bike too and Sunday ran some intervals around the square (!) at Woodside Oval (!) ran roughly 3.3km in about 3minute pace in the full sun barefoot!
For details check Garmin here ; http://connect.garmin.com/activity/487764431

23 April 2014

North Lakes parkrun 1st 16;21

It was 16;25 on my watch but happy enough with effort, it hurt like hell. The two weeks off would have seen some diminution in my condition but that balanced by a glorious morning which was cooler than of late - probably about 18 O C. and no wind.
Heavy due on the grass made me start easy (risk of slipping) and before I knew it half a dozen kids were in front of me. I worked hard to reel them in by about 600m. Unknown to me the best of them managed to hang on pretty close to the finish (see photo below at end of second lap).
Elsewhere Bernie Portenski a 60+ year old female kiwi (former marathon great I'm told) ran 20;47 at New Farm for an incredible age grade 97%.
The knee has been under control with the anti inflammatory - still sore but runable.
Still just doing a steady run most days and trying to get out at the weekends on the bike and running 6K off the bike hard.

16 April 2014

blood suckers

The anti inflams are keeping the knee pain to manageable proportions!
Saturday I managed 30km on the bike at 30kmph and jumped off and ran 42m52 Roo+Lake = 10.6km 4;03 km pace. It was really tough work in about 26 O C heat.
In the rain on Sunday I ran to the industrial park and did a loop of about 800m X 5 with a 100/150m jog recovery. Ran about 3;20km pace and then ran home for 15km all up (@ 3;56 km pace). Went back out on the mountain bike and went bush at the back of North Lakes. It was a bad move as after recent rains the mossies are in plague proportions and I was attacked by swarms of them biting me through my clothing on my back and arse.  I  tried riding one handed to swipe them off, then had a mechanical failure which allowed more  of the blood suckers to dine off me - I had a blood test a week or so ago and cant have much blood left in me. For the record my haematocrit  was 43 like everything normal.
Monday I ran 12.5km in the afternoon (@ 4;02km pace) and back to roo+ lake in the early morning darkness Tues and Wed 10.6km 4;20km and 4;16km pace.


15 April 2014

Peter Reeves smashes Queensland M60 3km XC Record

Peter Reeves smashed the Queensland M60 3km XC Record at the weekend with a 10;55 at Minnippi Parklands.

The shaving off of the beard has not caused any noticeable diminution in performance!

10 April 2014

Queensland Sprint Triathlon 6th April 2014

I still haven't seen official result on QT website but Frank Mahoney won M50. 
His celebrity status is built on winning just about every M50 Tri in Australia
My view as I walked down to transition area at Clontarf on Sunday

Interested to see how bikes were set up for transition and running gear for later.

This place is actually called Pelican Park!

I'm never going to do this!

Wet suits were allowed because of possibility of stingers. The water temp was probably 22/23oC.

 Frank (White grey wet suit)  is extreme left below.

Maybe if I cant run and I cant bike!

Love the long shadows cast by the early morning low sun.

I was interested in the riding styles

How closely do they uphold the no drafting no blocking rules?

Must be tough job calling drafting and blocking.

 Frank in white and grey top enjoying the warm conditions at sunny Clontarf!

I think this lady finished second, good style.

Barnsley 10k 17th October 1993

I came across this result on Facebook recently. 42 British Masters running sub 35min 10K in 1993!
FORTY TWO in one race!!!
Here in Queensland we often contest the heat and humidity make it difficult to run fast times but this is something else. Good to see some Southern representation including my old club mate Julian Goater who incidently won a World Duathlon title in Newcastle Australia a few years back. Hager and Rees have set age records that still stand and Rees is currently running World Records as a 60 year old.
Before you ask I'm pretty sure this course would have been certified.

09 April 2014

Frank and Barry

Spotted two M50's at last years Gold Coast 10km now on website rubbing shoulders with Buster and Shelley!
Barry Red singlet 2nd row Frank maybe row 3, black and white cap looking for Barry!

07 April 2014


The MRI specialist concluded a complex radial tear of the medial meniscus on the posterior horn. 
My consultant told me old trimmed tears are likely to show up and he his judgment was exactly that. He had a good look at the remaining cartilage and said osteoarthritis is unlikely to present for a while yet and with a fresh prescription for Celebrex (anti inflam) in my pocket I will be on the road tonight!

I am trying to distance myself from my North London Footballing love (it is too painful to even go there) and spent the day yesterday watching the Paris Marathon (until I got kicked off the TV by the family demanding to watch the Block!) so onto the computer to watch Bekele finish it off and then 6 hours of the tour of Flanders.
I loved seeing Spartacus sprint for his third victory there.

Game of Thrones starts again tonight.

01 April 2014

Hands Knees and whoopsy Davey

Last Saturday week after my bike run I followed up on the Sunday with a run bike. The transition from run to bike is much more agreeable that way around. However, all was not well with my right knee being pretty sore. I was surprised on the bike that I was unable to rotate the pedals with any degree of force. Monday I took as a recovery day and Tuesday morning had to cut run short halfway through roo+lake and walk home. Have been in quite a bit of pain at night and through the days so got the first available appointment with my consultant at Brisbane Private (Dr.Peter Friis). I got it scanned immediately but have to wait till next Monday for results.
I have the CD with lots of pretty pictures of my knee, a few are attached here;
I wont do anything until I get the results. 
Unfortunately I will only be a spectator for the sprint Tri at Redcliffe.