28 June 2016

You don't get rid of plantar fasciitis, it gets rid of you!

My MRI confirmed an ugly dose of PF. 
I was slightly surprised because since my initial consultation suggested it might have been fat pad atrophy - I had been able to run. 
I strapped it up, added back the heel cup and ran. 
The first week was just steady 5kms and the second week 10.6km roo+lakes. I had all the standard not run for two months aches and pains, particularly my hamstrings have been incredibly tight. I thought it was something caused by all the cycling I had been doing.
Last weekend I managed a long run (20km around Redcliffe peninsula) and a tempo run (10.6km in 3;52 K's) and was still able to keep going. 
This Sunday I even managed my mega Narangba dreaming loop, though to say I was smashed following was an understatement. I took a recovery day yesterday and got out this morning for 10.6km - pretty steady as Sunday was still in my legs and it was freezing cold (about 8 O C) I wore two tops my beaney and gloves. Pace was 4;35 per KM which is about as slow as I ever run but I still put in quite a bit of effort to achieve that. Will be interesting to see if I can train on a track in a week or so. The consultant suggested my management of the PF was working well and to continue doing what I was doing. He recommended some shock wave therapy - but I'm not convinced of its benefit as last time I had it , it didn't do too much and cost $500 (no rebate). It would probably be cheaper getting it at a local physio as opposed to Brisbane Private. I have tentatively booked back to see the consultant in a months time for PRP therapy (blood extracted spun and platelets injected back into the PF - the only problem is that therapy requires 4 weeks post injection recovery no running and I would have very little time to get fit for Perth and the therapy has no guarantee it will work.
I read on facebook someone said you don't get rid of PF it gets rid of you!

13 June 2016


I had my heel MRI this morning, but don't go back to see the consultant for for two weeks as he is off to Origin camp with Queensland side. He had the impression from his initial investigation that the issue is more my fatty pad than the plantar fascia, which could be more of an issue to rectify than PF. The MRI will tell the real story so no point in second guessing. He said I was doing all the right things for PF, wearing the night splint (moon boot) Calf/heel raises, spiky ball rolling.
Managed a 10.6km roo+lake on Sunday as heel was less painful. 4;17 K's.

09 June 2016

Too soon

Well I strung together about 8 or 9 runs, took a day off last Monday and then ran the old Roo+Lake on Tuesday night.
10.6km and my heel obstinately hurt like hell following. On Wednesday morning I knew I would only manage a shortened Lake run (5.3km) but it was somewhat of a limp fest - very disappointing. 
To be fair the heel started hurting on Friday but I tried to ignore it.
Decided to get back on the bike today and brave the cool dark Brissy Winter conditions. Standard 30km at  29kmph (61mins) my bike legs haven't completely deserted me. 
I will have to seek further medical intervention and mix in more cycling if I am able to run at all.

07 June 2016

A tentative return

A puncture 2km into a ride just over a week ago followed by a walk home and back out for a 5.6km run was a tentative return to running after over 8 weeks off. The heel come though it ok and I followed it up with another ride the next day then a week of running just 5k's a day. Fitness level was OK but by the end of the week the heel was giving me pain, so took a day off yesterday and will see how I go this evening.