31 August 2008

Keith Penny

Sunday 12.00 11KM Roo+Lake 47m10

The Agony and the Ecstasy (proportion today was roughly 99:1!)

I knew it would hurt but the first few steps of today's run nearly had me quitting before I'd got across the road! I didn't want to stop in the middle of the road so kept going and then thought maybe I could make it around a couple of K but the pain wore off after a while (to bearable level).I took very small pigeon steps to get going! The first K was 5m08 compared to 4m10 yesterday.

The pain was very much a combination of the knees and the fact that yesterdays run left my legs feeling they'd had the toughest work out ever. The quads were dead! I just thought that if I could get some K's under my belt the chances of racing Bridge 2 Brisbane would increase but I wont do it if I cant do myself any justice. Lovely warm sunny day but perhaps a little windy. Hoping that a few runs will blow the cob webs off.

Photo is Kenny Raupach in the City2Surf. He was a mate back in 1988/89 when I lived in Sydney. Mother had a gorgeous Federation home on the hill in Mosman.

He finished 6th in M45 Cat in 51m00 , loved the look of pain and effort as he finished the race. A physio by profession, he looks way too muscular - bastard!!

Tony Simmons

Saturday 2.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 41m46s

I was wondering if it might be possible to run the Bridge to Brisbane so got out for a run to see how things were going. Fist few K's were painful and lack of fitness started to kick in at about 8K
but was happy enough to run 41m46 = a good time considering first run in three weeks. It was always going to be more about the reaction to the run. I got the legs straight into the pool after the run (18.6 O C) then ice pack and Ibuprofen. None of that worked and the knees were very painful for the rest of the day. I was walking around like an invalid barely ablt to get out of the car. Don't know what to think! part of it will be natural reaction to hard run after not training for three weeks but the injury was accountable for most of it.
Later in the day we went back into the city for Riverfest.
From our rooftop we had a great vantage point to see the fireworks and F1 11's.
Doesn't Brisbane look fantastic? Today is going to be a 26 o C Day! Roll on Spring!!!

28 August 2008

David Bedford

No improvement on the knees! I ran across the junction of Adelaide and Edward on the way to Central this evening and the pain in my knees was still very apparent.
I had entered the Bridge to Brisbane on Fathers Day and was hoping that I might get a week of training in next week before the race but that is looking unlikely now (does anyone want an elite Blue starting bib? !).
Thinking about future plans I asked Dave Bedford if there was any possibility of getting some assistance to run the Marathon London 2009. No luck not surprisingly but at least he offered me a place in the race which is actually something! A best mate's son is having a Bar Mitzvah in May 2009 and I thought me getting 'assistance' to go might help swing it with Natalie!

22 August 2008

Emma Moffatt

Just spent a couple of days in Beautiful Mount Isa!

It had been in the news as the Mayor had asked for any "beauty disadvantaged" ladies to come to Mount Isa as the 5:1 ratio of Men :Women needs redressing and that Mount Isa men are not fussy!
Perhaps consideration for the potentially dangerously high levels of copper , zinc and lead levels in the ground needs to be given before one considers bringing up a family in this town. However, with unqualified kids taking home $1900 a week (net) from the mines, material benefits may make up for the industrial landscape, lack of ladies and stinking hot weather. come Summer time.
Mount Isa is further away from Brisbane than Melbourne is from Brisbane - How big is our State! A 2hour40minute flight!

Lovely hot (28 o C ) dry Winter weather greeted us but I'm not in any shape to enjoy it out on a run.

The left knee is still giving me pain!

My consultant recommended complete rest (1 month) then slow come back using cross training.

In particular he thought cycling would be beneficial as it affords relief from the massive pressure that running causes on the knee. I bought an 'air trainer' for the bike and gave it a burl, but I'm not a fan of training without getting anywhere - far too boring, so the air trainer may not get much use!

I've tried to keep up the few exercises I can do - Sit ups!
I've got carpet burn at the top of my bum to prove my badge of honour. Not really able to do press ups as left shoulder is only beginning to get some movement in it again from nearly two years with 'Frozen Shoulder' syndrome and my right shoulder joint is in the early stages of the syndrome!

18 August 2008

Emma Snowsill

I have taken a couple of days off work in order to watch the Olympics. One of my favourite other sports is Triathlon where Emma and Emma ran fantastic races for Gold and Bronze!

A marvelous moment that of course had me tearing up in pride - love it just love it!

As for Usain Bolt I have not heard anyone else mention it yet but it was a 'Bob Beaman Moment',


Yesterday I rode for an hour on the mountain bike. Rough bush tracks and quite a bit of inclines.

Could still feel the left knee but no dramatic reaction today - good news.

I'm hoping to have another week off to see if the problem gets any better.

15 August 2008

Vlad Shatrov

I downloaded the C2S video which looks good.
I'm wearing a long sleeved (Queenslander!) black top. I started towards the middle of the field. Pat Carroll gives a big name check to my nemeses (not really) Robert Spilling ("In the Asics singlet") at the finish, and I'm across the line next but one,just in front of first lady Rebbecca Lowe. The video after the finish line shows me with arm around Vlad Shatrov who finished 42nd. I watched Tom Highnam gun it down the finish straight not giving Jamie Harrison any chance to respond.
Only 360 days to go.......
Not trained since Sunday and can still feel the left knee so intend to take at least a few more days off until at least I'm walking pain free for a few days.

Special mention to Ron Peters who ran 47m44 (Gun)to blitz the M55 age category and even take out Keith Bateman M50 48m16 who was first M50.

12 August 2008

Robert Spilling

I found this on YouTube - turn off my music on the sidebar to hear the soundtrack. Google StreetView - what an amazing utility.

Bollocks Bollocks Bollocks!

I just found out the results (thanks Brendan) from C2S.
I finished 43rd in 47m12 .
43rd wasn't too bad , I think back in 1989 my 45m55 was for 43rd position!
What was bad was that I got beaten in my age category! Which is most upsetting.

Last Years Category winner Robert Spilling finished 41st in 47m04 !!

If only I'd had known he was there!!! DrJH told me I was running with Robert at 4K when he went past us, so we must have pretty much ran the course together.

It is my first Category loss in about two years. It does provide fantastic motivation to do better.
I cant wait to get back going again when the knees are right. To prepare meticulously for C2S next time around. It will be a much tougher Category competition with DrJH and John Meagher both turning 45, but I'll be ready !

11 August 2008

Martin Dent

In justification to Natalie about going to Sydney (and leaving her alone for a day and a half to take care of our 4 Children on Sports Saturday/Sunday) , I said I could do it under $200 !
This meant getting a couple of cheap flights ($160 JetStar) flew in and out of Maroochydore Airport which was very quaint and meant I could rock up to the short term carpark and walk 50m to the Departure lounge (Parking cost $24). Accommodation was another thing!!
I stayed at the Sydney Backpackers just off George St. Very convenient for the Race start. But also convenient for the Star Bar which I felt was attached to my bunk! The noise at 2-4am! Not only that but fellow room 'occupants' coming in at 1.00 and 3.00am and switching on the lights!!
I developed a dry throat and added to the cacophony coughing and spluttering for a most disturbed nights sleep! Mind you I would say that I don't think that had any material affect on my performance. I noticed a bunch of younger runners staying in one of the other rooms.
As I walked around the City the night before to get the layout of the start etc. I was amazed at just how busy Sydney was. Full of people, on the streets, in the bars, in cars. It reminded me of my two years there in 1988 and 1989 and of big city life and socialising on a Saturday night(distant memories for me now).
Sydney certainly looks beautiful when the sun shines as it did Sat arvo and Sun a.m.
Fossil told me the Striders had 700 members - Incredible ! He also mentioned his training squads and reading about Tom's training and squads it's certainly something I'd really appreciate.
However, I got off to the airport straight after the race , and it was pissing down as I watched Queenslander Stephanie Rice take Gold. I hobbled down the steps from the plane (Knees) and basked in the sunshine and 20 o C heat at Maroochydore and I felt good to be home!

10 August 2008

Rebbecca Lowe

Sunday City to Surf Sydney 14KM 43rd 47m12

Just back from Bondi! I gave it my best shot but I'd have to say slightly disappointed with result.
Couldn't get going on the first section, DrJH went past at about 4KM and I had nothing to respond with.
Went past 5KM in 16m16 and then struggled up Heartbreak Hill though seemed to hold the gap to Jamie. At the top I thought I got going OK, no one went past me from the top. I heard calls from behind for the first lady - Rebbecca Lowe and I didn't want to get caught ! I'd warmed up with Keith Bateman and Rebecca and I expected them to be running together .
Having my name on my bib meant I got a lot of encouragement along the way.
The knees played up towards the end specially on the downhill but I got through it and will rest up till they are better. Right now the left knee is pretty painful. I managed to stay in front of Rebecca up the finishing straight. Natalie and the family said they saw me on TV as the cameras focused on the first Female!
At the finish I got my first sighting of Tom Highnam who ran a great race for 46m30 and in the finishing straight sprinted past Jamie Harrison!
Surprisingly for me Martin Dent won the Men's Race in 41mxx from Michael Shelly , who I would have had my money on.
As for my goals, I failed to beat DrJH, & Tommy. I got beaten by at least two M40's (DrJH being 44 till Dec). I want to put this race on my annual calender and come back next year and really do myself justice.

08 August 2008

Ivo Van Damm

Thursday 1.00pm 20 o C 10.5KM Bridges 43m23s - Steady

Friday Rest .

It's Kates 12th Birthday today 8/8/2008!

06 August 2008

Bronislaw Malinowski

Wednesday 1.00pm (20.0 o C) 10.5(?) Bridges 39m33

I went hard today, yes I'm still in pain (R.H Knee) but I really pushed it today. Flat out! I'd go so far as to say this course must be at least 11K because I was race pace and if it's not 11K I'm in trouble! Maybe the steps up to Victoria Bridge (?main bridge that leads into South Bank from Queen St Mall) or the Steps under the Storey Bridge subway and on the other side of the river back under the bridge and the dodging in and out of the crowds along the Restaurant stretch take some time away from a pure uninterrupted course.
So that was my last hard session prior to C2S! No Track intervals No Hills No K Road intervals.
A poor quality lead up but At least I've made it and will be able to give a fair account of myself in Sydney.
The only 'hill' I've had the opportunity to run is the small one up to the Storey Bridge Hotel (100m) from the River pathway. I have felt good on it but of course I'm worried about Heartbreak.
It is TWENTY years since I ran up it. I cant remember it but I believe its a KM up!
I took a look up it using Google StreetView = very cool , but perhaps I might have been better off not knowing!!
My Main Aims in Sydney = Win age category, Beat Winner of M40, Beat Tommy, Beat Keith, Beat PB from 1989 45m55, Win the Bloody Race!
Do you remember Bronislaw? I do, this is what Sporting Heroes has to say about him;

Bronislaw Malinowski's great rivalry with Anders Garderud (Sweden) between 1974 and 1976 came to end following the Swede's retirement after the 1976 Olympics. In the absence of Garderud, Malinowski dominated the 3000m steeplechase during the next few years. In 1978, Malinowski scored significant victories at Stockholm on 4 July and at West Berlin on 18 August, where he recorded his seasonal best time of 8min 11.63sec. At the 1978 European Championships in Prague on 3 September, Malinowski comfortably won the steeplechase gold medal in a time of 8min 15.08sec. During 1978, Henry Rono (Kenya) had set a world record on 13 May, but Malinowski was untroubled in beating Rono when they met at Koblenz on 7 September. At the 1976 Olympics, Malinowski had tried to run away from the field in an attempt to thwart the finishing kicks of those athletes who he knew could out sprint him. However, in the Olympic final at Moscow, on 31 July 1980, Malinowski was happy to stay back, as Tanzanian Filbert Bayi, a notorious front runner, and Eshetu Tura (Ethiopia) went out at pace that was well under world record schedule. Bayi eventually broke away from Tura, while Malinowski started to close the gap, although he was still 5.3 seconds behind Bayi with 1000m to go. Malinowski passed Tura just before the water jump on the second last lap (see photo above), and then caught and passed Bayi at the water jump one lap later. In the end, Malinowski won by nearly 3 seconds in 8min 09.7sec. Malinowski had a reasonably subdued year in 1981, recording his fastest time at Christchurch on 1 February. It will never be known if more athletic success awaited him, as Malinowski was tragically killed in a car accident on 26 September 1981. He was just 30 years of age. (Ron Casey)

05 August 2008

Anders Gärderud

Tuesday 1.00pm 21 o C 10.5KM Bridges 41m45 Steady

The only 'trophy I have on show in my house is last years Gold Coast 10KM M45,

it is joined today by this years Half Marathon M45.

04 August 2008

Mathew Reeves

Monday 12.30pm 21 O C, 10.5KM Bridges 42m06

Photos are from Jetty2Jetty, I never look like I'm running easy, always in the pain zone and showing it, always sucking in the Oxygen!
Here are some photos I took at Bowen, to appreciate the Ozzy soundtrack you'll have to swith off the auto music on the left hand side bar!

03 August 2008

Peter Reeves

Sunday 2.00pm 21 O C 22KM 2XRoo+Lake 85m20

Went through lap 1 in 43m10, second lap in 42m10.
A fair run with yesterdays 22K still in the legs. Right knee was still good, left knee secondary pain still an issue. Right Quad was painful but this might have something to do with 'strengthening' exercises. Didn't have the opportunity to ice my legs in the pool as it was straight out to Scarborough for a walk out to sea! Maybe an extreme low tide has exposed a causeway of rock/sand/shell which winds its way maybe a K or a K and a half out into the Bay. Beautiful glassy sea and blue skies.

02 August 2008

Andrew Reeves

Sunday 2.00pm (21 O C) 22KM 2 X Roo+Lake 84m40s

I had 'felt' my knees earlier today running to collect the ball during Maxy's Soccer game this morning, but started out today and the right knee felt remarkably better. Also the left knee was not displaying the all over pain I have been suffering but just the secondary pain area to a defined side(LH) of the knee cap. Could be a freak lull but made me have some optimism that;
A. I will be able to race and compete at the C2S.
B. Might not require the extended period off I've envisioned.
So today ran with some discomfort in the left knee the whole way but was please with the way I was moving. In windy conditions I ran through half way in 43Mins and completed the second lap in a shade under 42Mins which is good going.
Afterwards I dipped my legs in pool for 5/10mins - bloody cold 15 O C!
Even so my knees did seize up afterwards so got back out and walked the dog.

The European Masters Track and Field Champs are currently taking place in Slovenia. Of course I was interested in the M45 results for 1500m, 5000m and 10,000m;

Veterans M45
1500 m M45 28.07.2008
1. Piškur, Benjamin 1962 SLO Slovenia 4:20,01 min.
2. Lefay, Xavier 1963 FRA France 4:21,64 min.
3. Herzog, Albert 1963 GER Germany 4:22,06 min.
4. Durand, Alain 1963 FRA France 4:22,41 min.
5. Bertazzoli, Paolo 1959 ITA Italy 4:24,70 min.
6. Barmin, Fedor 1962 RUS Russia 4:25,29 min.
7. Oskarsson, Hafsteinn 1959 ISL Iceland 4:25,42 min.
8. Bryce, Alex 1960 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 4:27,87 min.
9. Telek, Andras 1960 HUN Hungary 4:28,54 min.
10. Ashby, Mark 1962 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 4:28,91 min.

16th European Veterans Athletic Championships Stadia July 23 - August 3, 2008 - Ljubljana - Ljubljana sports park

Veterans M45
1500 m M45 28.07.2008
1. Piškur, Benjamin 1962 SLO Slovenia 4:20,01 min.
2. Lefay, Xavier 1963 FRA France 4:21,64 min.
3. Herzog, Albert 1963 GER Germany 4:22,06 min.
4. Durand, Alain 1963 FRA France 4:22,41 min.
5. Bertazzoli, Paolo 1959 ITA Italy 4:24,70 min.
6. Barmin, Fedor 1962 RUS Russia 4:25,29 min.
7. Oskarsson, Hafsteinn 1959 ISL Iceland 4:25,42 min.
8. Bryce, Alex 1960 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 4:27,87 min.
9. Telek, Andras 1960 HUN Hungary 4:28,54 min.
10. Ashby, Mark 1962 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 4:28,91 min.

5000 m M45 30.07.2008
Ranking order time race
1. Strizhakov, Oleg 1963 RUS Russia 15:39,16 min.
2. Parry, Philip 1963 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 15:55,34 min.
3. Boyle, Mike 1960 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 16:29,44 min.
4. Scherg, Jürgen 1963 GER Germany 16:39,98 min.
5. Peeters, Theo 1961 NED Netherlands 16:46,23 min.
6. Potocco, Guido 1959 ITA Italy 16:50,37 min.
7. Melero, Pere 1961 ESP Spain 17:10,87 min.
8. Holland, Richard 1958 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 17:13,39 min.
16th European Veterans Athletic Championships Stadia July 23 - August 3, 2008 - Ljubljana - Ljubljana sports park

Veterans M45
10000 m M45 24.07.2008
1. Strizhakov, Oleg 1963 RUS Russia 32:21.88 min.
2. Delgado, Javier 1959 ESP Spain 33:26.42 min.
3. Ubaldi, Claudio 1963 ITA Italy 33:51.15 min.
4. Boyle, Mike 1960 GBR Great Britain & N.I. 34:00.97 min.
5. POSTNIKOV, IVAN 1961 RUS Russia 34:24.17 min.
6. Convert, Gilles 1960 FRA France 34:44.03 min.
7. Ortu, Gavino 1963 ITA Italy 35:19.97 min.
8. Anièin, Aleksandar 1958 SLO Slovenia 35:24.00 min.
9. Robiè, Štefan 1963 SLO Slovenia 35:24.49 min.
9. Potocco, Guido 1959 ITA Italy 35:24.49 min.
11. Škerlep, Marko 1962 SLO Slovenia 35:30.10 min.
12. Dereyayla, Hasan 1963 TUR Turkey 36:32.53 min.

01 August 2008

Michael Reeves

Friday - Just got back from Mackay, Sarina, Airlie Beach, Bowen, and Proserpine

Beautiful couple of days, sunny and mid 20's.
Had a few beers, cream doughnuts , pies and coke.
When you see me next you'll know who ate all the pies!
No running. Got home to balmy Brizzey where the Temp got to 26.2 O C at our house today!
Kate is 12 years old next Saturday and is kicking off her party celebrations with an 8 girl sleepover at ours today! Max and Oli have cleared out so with Nat , lily and Sandy (The Beagle)
I'm surrounded by Eleven girls!
They are off to see Mama Mia and Abba is on the sound system as a warm up!
Will run tomorrow.

Two songs from my trip.
Starsailor 'Four to the floor' and Depeche Mode 'Its no good' see video.
I've used Nick Rose before so changed it to Michael Reeves.