30 January 2016

Long North Lakes parkrun 17:03 2nd

I got the timing right this morning, up at 5:00am (a lie in), out the door and running Roo+lake at 5:30 , cover 18.4km by 6:50am and ready to roll into North Lakes parkrun at 7:00am.
Absolutely saturated with humongous humidity I was trying to figure out a way to wring out my shorts and cap, as the slapping of the wet material against my legs was going to be annoying but without a dry pair available I had to make do. 
Peter Bracken rocks up when I'm on the line.
My concern was would a 10min break see me tie up?
At the start , typically my Garmin just goes into power down mode so I have to hit it twice and get left on the line!
I managed to pass all bar Peter by 200m and tried to tuck in behind but I never really managed to get there.
I managed to open up with a 3:30km then got quicker till the 5th km where I succumbed to tiredness and ran another 3:30, to finish up with a 17:03 which was good going considering I felt stuffed before the start. Pete ran 16;44.
I ran 2.5km back home for a 26km in about 4:08 average.
58.9kg after that run !

I got away poorly Pete led start to finish

overtaking lapped runners was difficult

Probably lost at least 2kg sweat

26 January 2016


5 x1km is a tough session I run from home whilst I wait for the schools to get back (for the track at Nudgee to reopen). 
I run a 2.5km loop warm up - its 91% humidity and 24 O C (the Apparent Temp was 27.7 C at 5;30am!)
I wore my  Asics Sortie Magic shoes which I bought in Tokyo which are magic but now that I have broken them in, I will reserve them for racing. No top again.
The 1km loop is about 1030m long, it has 6 turns (zoom in on the map below) and the first 400m is uphill. A tough tough circuit and I work very very hard. 
I noticed last week that my tendency to really strain (neck and arms) when I want to push the effort was causing the normal detrimental effect on performance so I really have to talk myself out of over straining and trying to remain relaxed even though the lactic is causing through my veins making me want to do the opposite to 'relax'. 
My recovery is a 100m walk back - I used to always slow jog it but a walk now feels right. 
Last week I wretched after the session, this week I finished and headed for the grass , to get on my hands and knees with a wretch as I  recovered (this is directly opposite and outside my house!).
The sweatage was immense.
Why do we do this to ourselves? 
Its crazy how hard we push ourselves, 
I think sometimes I train harder than I race.
The last three efforts were 3min K's. Good shape but not race fit.
Another 2.5km loop warm down.

25 January 2016

Massage Bar

The back/rib issue has lingered on way longer than I expected and has limited my speed work (intervals). It is still painful to deep breath. 
I also have very minor soreness in the left Achilles heel and tendonitis in the left knee.
I have increased my mileage (over 100km is unheard of for me! 107km last week!) and kept to a monks diet.
I'm about 61/62kg pre run - 59/60kg post run. 
I'm in good shape but need the speed work to be able to race on the track. 
The State 5000 is on 11th Feb and the State 10,000 26th Feb. 
I think the 5 will be a little too soon for me but might still race, the 10,000 should be OK.
The mornings have been ridiculously warm and getting up at 4;30am for a 5;00am start doesn't help too much. Yesterday I drove over to Scarborough for 25km  (4;06 K's) .
It was tough going out with a wind in my face but coming back you get no breeze  and the humidity coming off the ocean knocks you about.
I bought a massage bar for evening TV viewing exercise, much easier to use than the large foam roller.$23 on ebay.

12 January 2016

Renegade Master

This cartoon tickles me!
Like this morning when I'm running 5 x 1km laps around the houses wearing nothing but shorts and heart rate monitor. Sweating buckets, old enough to know better, I sometimes think of my neighbours peering out behind the net curtains thinking "who or what the hell does that scrawny glutton think he's doing !"
Well actually it probably doesn't happen much because no one else is up at 4:30am and we don't have net curtains in Queensland!
5x1km with 100m walk jog recovery, feeling stuffed!

10 January 2016


The back/ rib injury is taking an eternity to get better but is very very slowly getting there. Only feel comfortable or capable of steady running but have thrown in a couple of casual grass interval sessions to get the heart pumping , need to do more.
Today ran twice roo+lake and lost 2.5kg even with three drink stops, it was very uncomfortable. At least I have now seen my goal weight on the scales ~ only I need to see it before my run!
Will run a set of km intervals on the road on Tuesday morning and determine if I'm up to racing yet.
It was another 80km week for me.
Pre run

Post run