20 November 2013

On my bike

I managed to run 5.6km Roo on Saturday and Sunday and the calf was OK but got out again Monday morning and had to walk home after 4.9km as the pain returned. Maybe it is only a form of cramping rather than a pull or a tear.
I have been back on the bike for 30k's Tuesday and Wednesday.

16 November 2013

Crazy Horses


Crazy Horses

Another super hot and humid day in Brizzy today.
I managed to tip toe around Roo 5.7km in 4:18's though I thought I was travelling at about 5min K,s
Wanted to see where my left calf was at. First K was all good after that I felt some pulling/cramping? Steadily take hold. So I don't think I'm ready to start running again yet. Will be interested to see if there is much reaction following on. Have given it plenty of ice and will continue self massage. Don't think it can be a tear as I doubt I'd be able to run after just one week rest. It may only be cramping though it is located in an unusual spot. Don't think it is related to the lump on the inside of my shin bone now.

14 November 2013

There is a light and it never goes out

I've got The Smiths CD on in the car at the moment and I always have a chuckle to myself when I hear 'There is a light', as I recall this scene from the sadly no longer 'Gavin and Stacy'.

Lake Taupo

Getting used to the bike again.
My old mate Freddie Hampton advised me to push the cleats on the shoe back from the toe in order to disengage the calf as much as possible which was a good tip. 
I missed the Spring which meant NO bird swooping - YEAH!
We had rain forecast every day this week and have received a fare drenching overnight but have been able to ride every morning so far.
Some guy flew past me on Wednesday morning as if I was standing still - I must have lost a bit of my cycling momentum. I thought the same thing was happening this morning but it was Martin Disley (ex Crew Alexander football player) who I've mentioned before riding along side for a lap around North Lakes. It took me a while to notice but he'd come off his bike earlier, up on Anzac Avenue where it merges with Discovery Drive and the Council have painted the road a green colour to warn motorists they are sharing the zone with cyclists. Anyhow the overnight rain makes the surface like glass. Martin didnt seem phased to be bloodied up with matching tears to jersey and knicks. He said he was more concerned about his (beautiful) bike a Cervelo machine that purred like a kitten. He is off to NZ shortly to do the 100 mile  (160km) ride around Lake Taupo.
Currently averaging 4 or 500km a week in training!! Scary numbers and time these cyclists devote to their sport!
You would have to be mad to consider doing the Maxi Enduro 640km or 4 x around the lake! http://www.cyclechallenge.com/bike-races-nz/maxi-enduro/

My calf seems to be on the mend, from feeling it the whole time, to now not feeling it when walking around and much less tenderness when touched. 
I will try a short run at the weekend to see where it is at. I have advised Nike Victory Team Captain Dennis Fitzgerald that I'm doubtful for the 500km relay.

Here are my KM's Nov 2012 to Nov 1213, you can see the stark contrast between my cycling to the end of June and then running.

10 November 2013

G Train derailed?

I just had a very steady week looking after various niggles including bruised feet from trail run a fortnight before , sore knees, heels, hip and a  shin/calf issue.
It was the latter that has jumped out and shouted for #1 attention grabbing headline. I have long had a bit of pain half way up my left shin/inside /calf. There has been a lump there for years sore to press on but not an issue running up till now where pain seems to have developed from the inside of the shin into the calf.
I was going to run a 10km tempo, I did a 1km warm up feeling a very slight something but within 200m of my run proper I was getting more of a stabbing pain so immediately stopped and walked home.
I got out later for 20km on the bike and will stay on the bike for a few days to see if this settles down. There is no pain from the shin/calf on the bike.
I must have looked peculiar on the bike as the shoe /pedal location was right on the sore spot of my left foot and right knee was worse on the bike than running! I attempted to pedal through the toes or the side of my foot and just grinned and beared it.
At least Garmin will have been pleased as I once a gained donned the Garmin Sharp Slipstream livery ♿

05 November 2013

The G Train

Just some photos from Sandgate parkrun on 26th Oct.
Note my special 'lead out bike', checkout the water front beach shacks along the esplanade at Sandgate and if I'm looking relaxed in my changed white Tee shirt ,it is my warm down after the run.
The Red vest is a Salford Harriers vest from Lancashire UK. 
In 2008 or was it 2009 I was heading over to the UK on holiday planned to run the National Master Road Relay for my old running buddy Paul Simon's club. Unfortunately a stressie to the hip put paid to that plan! 

03 November 2013

Aaron Ramsey

Yesterday I ran a session of 10 X 500 with about 90 secs recovery at the school sports field. Flat but rough in parts no distinct course just roughly following the outside of the field and shaving the bends. An honest session worked quite hard but don't enjoy running intervals off the track. Distances varied between 530m and 550m and times between 91 and 96.
This morning I was Back at Beerburrum for the Flinders Tour in better trail shoes but my feet were still hurting from last weeks stones but these shoes made it more comfortable.
I didn't carry my phone just relied on the Garmin and with 3km to go it told me I'd run off course so double backed to see if I missed a turn, couldn't see any error tried running up another path that was leading me straight up the side of a mountain so turned back again and just kept on the trail I'd been on and low and behold I am back on course!
Must have been a freak GPS reading from the satellites.
The Sun was out today and I was feeling thirsty, 1h47mins without a drink is too far so may invest in a camelback for longer runs. Nipples began to hurt so ran last 5k without vest, the freedom of the trail.
It is stunning scenery combined with challenging trails, highly recommend to anyone.
23km 1:47 4:40 K's