09 April 2015

10 x 800m 2:33 with 67 recovery

Track season is now completed for this summer but I think I will keep the long interval short recovery sessions going.
Nudged was swarming with mozzies and as humid as ever. I completed the session as normal these days blind on times just hitting lap each time I finished or started an interval. Drenched in sweat by end of session. Still about 6 sprinters using the track which I find surprising.

05 April 2015

Australian Masters Athletics Championship

Friday 10000m 1st 33:03

Conditions were great cool! About 18 C drizzled rain and little wind. Always planned to go out hard and hang on.
Led for about a lap then M40 Neil Pearson passed and gapped me . I had Bruce Graham for company for the first 5000 16:24 but he dropped off almost as soon as we past halfway.
I did my best to ignore the finish line clock never calculating my laps or likely finish time but the halfway split told me Ronnie's 32:54 would be safe, but I never felt I was going to be for it finishing with 33:03. Which is 9 shy of Ronnie, but I was happy to break an Alan Bradford Championship Best Performance though sub 33 would have been better but then I'd have been really annoyed at not getting up to Ronnie!
I had Bruce for company for the first 5000m of the 10000m (other chap being lapped)

Saturday morning was going to be a nothing day so headed out to local Menai parkrun for a stroll. Pi$$ing down and the least conducive course and me not knowing it had me running 18:10.

Sunday 5000m 1st 16:05
Rain finally stopped overnight and dawned warm and sunny.
Much warmer than any of us anticipated during the race. Bruce picked up a virus and was a non starter which left me pretty much to run by myself for the whole race. The only time I noted was 3000m in 9:38. Finished in 16:05 to miss the CBP by 3seconds which was a disappointment.
I think to crack it next year I'd have to race only the 5 and miss the 10 but Adelaide is a long way to go for one crack at a record.

01 April 2015

3 x 1600m 1;49 recovery 5;05, 5;07, 5;08

A drenched Nudgee track last night but at least the actual rain had stopped by the time I started my session. Grateful that for once it wasn't a battle into the wind.
10 minute warm up, few strides, throw off the top and into it.
Decided to run in flats as have not run in spikes for a while and racing on Friday so didn't want to deal with calf muscle pain. As ever, ran the set completely blind on times just pressing the lap button for start and stop. Happy enough with set though I am a long way off Andrew Green (M52) who last week ran 4 x 1600m  4;55 with 2mins recovery - he is setting the bar so very high!

My heart rate is working

Here are my splits

29 March 2015

Jucee Lucy

Thanks Jucee I was wondering why you mentioned Monnas and I see he ran parkrun yesterday too, 16:26
Quite tight between Monnas Brave heart and me!

This morning I ran the Sunshine Coast XC series race 1 at Buderim!
Ronnie and Scroopy were also taking part. Queensland must be one of the few places were you need to apply suncream for  a crop country! It was hot!
Ronnie's son Johnny took off at the start and that was about all I saw of him until the finish! Another youngster was in second and I was 3rd from the gun. The Bockster was 4th (Peter Bock) he's not one to race XC seriously much more of a 1500 guy.
Anyhow the kid looked like he was coming back to me after 2 of the 4 laps, but I wasn't in a great hurry to chase him down as the effort was too hard!
However the kid caved and I caught and past him early on 3rd lap, to bring it home.
I twisted my ankle slightly on a small ditch close to home and decided to give the 3km a miss. Didn't really get a chance to catch up with Dave or Ron.

28 March 2015

8 x 1000m ave 3:15.6 with 53.7sec recovery

Sunday I headed off to Scarborough for 20km easy along the peninsula (4:07km)

Tuesday back to Nudgee for 8 x 1000m.
Conditions warm humid and breeze was picking up.
2000 warm up and into it. I run with the Garmin but can not read it when im running so never know what my splits are till I get home. Wanted to keep the recovery short but also wanted to run the same 2.5 laps, so decided to run back across the infield each rep. Felt like recovery was pretty swift covering 100m in ave 55secs and the Ks ave 3:15 which I was happy with in those conditions.
The rest of the week was recovery though I had to change things about a bit when abroad closed off my standard roo+lake for 3 days!
This morning I headed to North lakes parkrun for a bit of a tempo 5km. Took it quite easy at start, chatting with 2nd placer Ben Merlin for first lap. But your not supposed to be able to chat on a tempo so I put my head down and hot to work. I didn't mind getting blocked overtaking from lap 2 I was just trying to keep in controlled looking for the gaps to pass. I felt quite light on my feet which is a good sign. 16:28 official time including a 3:12 km which is race pace!
Tomorrow I want to head up to Budrim for the first Sunshine Coast Cross Country 12km plus 3km.
I enjoy doing that much more than a long run by myself.
Sydney Nationals 10000m on Friday 5000m on Sunday staying with relies in Engadine.

20 March 2015

Three Half Marathons

Its been a few years since I completed a Half Marathon so I have just entered THREE of them!
Queensland Half at Deagon on 7th June
Gold Coast Half at Southport on 5th July
Sunshine Coast Half Alexandra Headlands 30th Aug
Better start getting the miles in! 

Calf is OK to run on but still painful when rotating ankle. 
Many other aches and pains but hope that putting these on my calendar keeps me motivated.

Check out this web site that lists the world age best records.
There is an occasional gap or lapse where you might be able to exploit! Goodluck!
If only we had "indoors" here!

I'm going to be racing over 10000m and 5000m over Easter at the Australian Masters championships. Bruce Graham and Keith Bateman will be there.
M45 Dennis Fitzgerald is running the 5000m and XC, and our front cover model, Phil Davies is entered in every event!

14 March 2015

two of the best M50's in the world : Andrew Green and Mike Trees

You may need to register with powerof10 to open the following links; 

this is Mikes results history from the past 10 years;

and this is Andy's;

I tweaked my calf on Tuesday 8x800 ran OK on Wednesday but thought discretion the better part of valor and decided to rest it for 3 days.
No point in pushing it beyond limits and besides don't plan on racing for at least three weeks.

Major goal now Tokyo where I'm meeting up with two of the worlds greatest M50 runners. These guys were one year below me at Loughborough Uni. Mike made a career as a pro triathlete in Japan while Andy ran 2:10 Mara racing all over the world on the road.
Mike topped the M50 World rankings from 1500 to 10000 in 2014
Andy has just run 15:33 and 31:32 on the roads in the UK both world Age M52 records!

Andy is single handedly redefining what M50 World Class running is all about! His training is phenomenal.
So I have my work cut out just holding my head above water racing these two over 5 or 10 on the track and a 10km on the road! My target goals the Aussie M50 records look pedestrian compared to what these guys are doing.

06 March 2015

Queensland State Champion !

Queensland State 10,000m Championship 1st 33;43

I get to the car park at SAF and saw an exact replica of my car (same make model class and colour) but with the rego 
it was a prophetic sign, sent by the Robot to inspire me (he has often written about LUSTY Lucy but a JUICEE  Lucy will do).
The conditions were ridiculous. 
I sat for half an hour in my car in the car park with the air con blowing and the outside temp showing at 34 O C and it was windy as too!
I cut down my warm up to 2km and even then got back sat down and the sweat poured off me.
I felt awful and didnt feel like racing at all.
All up about 20 runners started and I for once didn't go for time, 
this was only ever going to be about the race. 
I tucked into a group of about 6 of us, Dennis Fitzgerald did all the leading, Mick O'Shea, Clay Dawson, Patrick Hagan and Michael Colston (along with me [Sweeney] this race could have been in Ireland!).
The heat and wind were oppressive and I did well to tuck into the inside lane except during the multiple lapping scenarios. 
Early on I didn't feel great and there was a point where the group very nearly dropped me.
The guy in the orange vest Siune was a PNG runner who ran about 65 on the first lap (!!!) he hung with our group for a while but I ended up double lapping him!
His name is a pigeon version of mine!!
Soon after the 'near dropping', the pace slowed and I started chopping my stride to stay at the back of the group. It felt very easy and we carried on like that for 15 laps!
I went through 5000m in 16;33. 
Are you looking at me??

Patrick Hagan was the class of the field, not sure what time he's run for 10KM but he's about a 30 minute guy easy. With 10 laps to go it looked like Patrick was going to make a break as he pulled wide but he actually dropped out! But as I was covering his move and pulled wide and decided to keep the momentum and make a break with 10 laps to go!
What was I thinking??

I gapped the field immediately, we'd dropped from running steady 80's 81's to mid 80's and I reckon I must have gone sub 80 for 2 laps. I was convinced that I would be caught but managed to work hard and hang in there. At the bell I realized I had it won because the bell wasn't rung again till I had passed 300m to go! 
Wow  I was going to win the State title at 53! 
It was definitely worthy of a finish line salute!

Ronnie won the State a few years ago so I wont claim to be the oldest ever State track Champion but nevertheless it was a tremendous thrill for me and I was chuffed to bits! 
Of course in many ways my victory is a damning indictment on the state of 10,000m running in our State but in truth you have got to be seriously motivated to race 10000 on the track in our conditions. My time was shitehoussen but I'd be a minute quicker on a calm cool day.

04 March 2015

Bronzed Lasse Golden Bazza

The great Finn, Lasse Viren seen here holding a limited edition bronzed statue of himself. 
He also has a life size statue erected .
We should celebrate our champions and immortalize the greats.
Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp have their statues at Arsenals Emirates Stadium. The King (Wally Lewis) is immortalized at Suncorp. 

Which running Gods in Australia deserve to be immortalized?

02 March 2015

North Lakes parkrun 1st 15;56

Colourful start

Clare had help pacing her under 17mins!

The loneliness of the long distance runner?

It was not very comfortable heat and humidity

OK so you can see my dilemma on laps 2 and 3 when you come up to lap groups, inside blocked and dogs on leads, I'd have gone wide right onto grass. 

I was about 200m from the finish when I lapped a guy and I hear him say to himself "I'm not having that!" and he took off to try and unlap himself but I say to myself "Oh no you dont! I'm in sprint mode and your not going to pass me!"

I've got a bet on with a mate to see who can go the longest not having a hair cut! Its starting to show!

Effortless tempo training run finish! Garmin Pose!

28 February 2015


ian Cameron 17:24 age 61

It was remise of me not to mention Brave hearts superb performance on Thursday!
It was world class! It was funny Ian was running in the same singlet/vest as me the Queensland Masters top, I didn't realize it looks like a white vest from behind and I wasn't sure it was him. Anyway I managed to pass him and I hear this clatter as Ian stumbles against the metal rail marking the inside lane!
I'd like to think it was the sonic boom in my wake but much more likely I distracted him but glad he didn't take a tumble. The Robot will have his work cut out getting back up to Brave hearts fitness!
I had a recovery day Friday (it was a late night Thursday racing so tried to have a lie in but not much chance of that in our household! When I got home Friday evening I spent 2 hours doing the lawn! We don't have daylight saving here  (shocking backward I know) so it is dark at 7.00pm and I'm mowing in the pitch dark! At least it is not so hot then and gets one of the nasty weekend chores out of the way but no time!for a run.
So today I decided I'd head back to do a parkrun for the first time in a few months. Always intended to treat it as a training tempo run. Clare  Gerahty asked if I might make pace for  her but she had other help without me so I took off at the start and tried to run hard but comfortable never pushing too hard. It was steaming warm conditions with ridiculous humidity. 240 runners walkers dogs and prams made it tough as always overtaking on laps two and three so was happy to record a sub 16 15;56, Clare broke 17:00 too , so she was pleased.
Next up for me State 10000m on Thursday night.

27 February 2015

Queensland Open 5000m Championship 13th 15;54.7

This race was postponed for a week because of Cyclone Marcia and the deep trough that rained down about 18 inches of rain on us over a weekend. Plenty of extra time to think about the race and what I wanted to achieve.
I again had a muted weeks training, an easier 20km on Sunday and shortened interval session on Monday (5 x 800) and then steady roo+lakes till Thursday. I'm most probably just like you on race days.
My competitive nature kicks in from a few days before I'm less able to speak freely, I am all consumed by  the race. I'm mindful of every niggle and sniff. I banged my 'oh so sore knee' on the door frame running out into the back garden to collect the clothes off the line when it started raining at the weekend. I was ready to throw in the towel as I howled like Sascha (our dog) in pain!
I'm in good shape and I felt reasonably confident that I could run a M50 Australian record 15;49.
Conditions were good , little wind, 24.4 0 C , but 72% humidity.
I'd planned to run around 9;20 for 3k and try to hang on. However, as ever the best laid plans fall to dust when the gun goes!
40 starters in two groups toe the line and I'm on the outside bunch running around the outside lanes for the first bend.
I smash the first 200m in order to gain position (silly mistake - should have just started steady and work my way through). Eventually I get to the inside lane and start to settle down, the lead group breaks away from me and I'm leading a secondary group. I passed 1km in 3;01 and that unfortunately caused the damage. It hurt! I suffered , I slowed, my arm carriage went high, and I tensed up. It didn't feel comfortable I went through 3km in 9;26 and I assumed my race was cooked, I'm only 4 seconds ahead of steady state schedule, how can I hang on for 2km if I'm slowing? so in my mind, records off and I'm having a bad run.

Remarkably however I did hang on, though the 4th km was ugly, the 5th km was ok, so at the  finish I was only 4 seconds off schedule.
If I'd have only lifted 800 from home (when Jackson Elliot cruised past to lap me) I'd have had a good chance, even if I'd have gone with 400 to go but I just hung on till 200 to bury myself to the finish.
So 15;54 is my best time as a M50, it bettered the  solo 15;55 and 15;56 I ran as a 50 year old. 
I loved the evening, all those nerves, warming up with Dennis Fitz and Jackson Elliot. Running a cool down with the boys through a pitch dark Tooheys Forest.
Banter on  'I was, or am a runner' group on facebook.
McMillian has the age percentage at 95%, I was happy to run sub 16 but gutted to miss Queensland and Australian marks. The opportunities to run with competition in good conditions are limited unless I travel interstate ( well actually I am going to Tokyo in November to run a 10000m on the track and a 10km road race!!!).
Open race results

U20's same race as Open

Started in an outside group and battled to get to the inside lane

Now what was I thinking? The runners skull in evidence here!

I'm killing myself but I love doing it!

15 February 2015


The Sandgate/Hornybrook/Brighton path
Last night did a set of 5  x 1km with 60sec recovery. The odds were into a headwind but had some (10m) down slope the evens conversely had benefit of wind but 10m incline. One 90 o turn run on cement pathway. I felt like I was working pretty hard but getting a heart rate reading of 194bpm must have been an erroneous reading!

 I don't know where my recovery went in between the penultimate and last effort (must have been erroneous reading) but I was pleased to see how swiftly my heart rate fell after the last K
I'm going to race the State 5000 on Thursday so some slight tweaking to my routine, not so long on today's run, just 15km but with yesterday's KM's still in my knees it was tough going.
I drove up to Sandgate and ran back across the Hornybrook turned around and came back up and past the Sandgate parkrun course.
On the turnaround at the bridge a female runner in a skirt running with a border collie was heading in the same direction.
It seemed to take an eternity to catch and pass her. I checked my watch and I was running 3:40km pace! Does anyone know if Cassie Fine lives over this side of town because whoever it was she was going hard at it as was her dog! (I later messaged and confirmed it was Cassie).
I will do a shorter interval session Monday night then take it easy till Thursday.
where I parked my car

14 February 2015

Airia One

I was asked if I'd review a pair of Airia One running shoes. 


The day before I ran my 10.5km roo+lake I tried on the shoes and took them for a 1km spin around the block. The forefoot felt quite wide for my foot but otherwise comfortable enough if not a little unorthodox, the shoe last has the toe forefoot angled forwards presume to encourage toe or fore foot strike. The sole is firmer Vibram rubber than most shoes without too much cushioning.
It seemed to perpetuate a tippy tappy sound as they stuck the ground, perhaps more like a tennis shoe but runners who are used to the barefoot type shoes will be more accustomed to them than I.
Next morning I took them for a proper 10.5km run.
I'm normally a forefoot striker judging by my wear patterns so I suspect that the shoes were pretty much reinforcing my typical foot strike. After about 5km I was accustomed to them and didn't take much more notice.
I wonder if prolonged wearing of these shoes might benefit people with plantar fasciitus ? I had terrible trouble with my  right foot 2/3 years ago lasting about 18 months! I have been suffering with PF in the left foot for the last year but I have found over the last couple of months wearing the Stassburg Sock in bed overnight has had a very beneficial effect. The sock effectively pulls the toes up and is supposed to prevent scar tissue building up in the fascia overnight. It makes sense that running in shoes anatomically designed to hold the foot in a similar position could be beneficial.
Did they make me run any faster? Hard to say after a one off test but I did run faster than any other roo+lake this week!
New shoes = new touch areas, left me with a few blisters but nothing that wouldn't get ironed out in a couple of runs!
The funny thing is comparing them to my existing shoes.
My new shoes have only done about 70km whilst my old shoes ( now retired) have done 1200km and the thing is how my old shoes seem to have morphed anatomically into the Airia foot last! Look how the toe and has curled up!

26 January 2015

Oh so humid!

I got out this morning - Australia Day, for a recovery roo+lake and stopped three times for water, it continues to be oh so humid! ran topless, which is par for the course this summer-  I'm an old git who just doesn't care and it feels so much better than having a vest weighing 2kg by the end of your run! mind you, the shorts have to pick up the sweat but even there I have reverted to running again in short shorts, none of those 5 or 7 inch type which just soak up even more sweat!

Next up is going to be the State 5000m Champs in Feb and 10,000m in March [open]. Will be keeping the long interval sessions going till then.
Long run Interval session race and recovery sums it up.

25 January 2015

Queensland Open 3000m Championship 20th 9:16.98

Warm (28C) and humid but wind dying down.
Second heat with about 25 runners , my seed time was about 20th in the heat.
Boom the youngsters leave me standing at the start but I still run 70 first lap. Up ahead I see Dennis Fitzgerald back from a fortnight at altitude where he ran 280km and eased back this week to just 80km , and he is flying.
I'm starting to move through the kids , annoying not to have a clock on the finish line and I can never read the watch when racing (eyesight) but feel like I'm working hard, had difficulty getting around two kids running side by side and in no time I'm reaching the bell lap, try to read the watch and work out I'm on for sub 9:20 goal.
Happy to bring it home , great racing with people , happy with time , still believe I'd run 10secs quicker in cool conditions (10/20C). The results combine the 3 heats and filter runners by age group so 20th Open place for me.
Ronnie's son Johnny looked very impressive taking out the first heat, he ran away from the field with 4 laps to go!
Nick Toohey also did very well for 2nd in 8:31 after injury put his program back about 6 weeks. Look out for him over his distance 1500.

I remember getting blocked by these two for a while as I rounded a bend went past them in the back straight

This is the finish line, had a battle with the guy on the inside (I lost!), but not far off some other youngsters

I beat those quads!

Hollow faced skull , looking old but not feeling it on the track!

Pleased to run sub 9:20 on a hot night but worked hard for it!

I was 14th in my heat and 20th Open Cat

Got out today for a 23km trail run , it was 30C and humidity sky high. I took a big drink before start but didn't carry any! By 45mins all I could think about was water! Well water and praying there were no snakes on the trail!
Some very muddy sections because of high rainfall recently!
I got so delirious that I stopped and asked some 4wheel drive guys for a drink! They had a fridge on the back of their truck and gave me an ice cold bottle of water! Godsend!
Got me through the last 5km though I was so weak I couldn't hold myself up and stumbled splashdown into a waist deep pool of water! Really didn't want to get up but had a km to go! Reckon I lost 5kg body weight out there!
Crazy won't do it again got to get a new camelback!