19 June 2017

BRRC 10km Champs 3rd 34;33

I reduced my Friday and Saturday runs to 10.6km for a  mini taper for this event but was still running with over 100km a week legs.
Up at 4;30am.
The  Race starts at 6;30am. Conditions were cool with some wind.
A huge turnout of non members bolstered by Queensland Masters Athletics combing the QMA Championship with the BRRC Championship.
130 finishers in the mens comp with 80 women joining us (plus those who only did the 1x5km loop).
I started OK ,leading for a short way before the likes of Patrick Nispel Elliot Carr Peter Run and Osman Saleh formed into a group as we headed down to the 2.5km turnaround.
I managed to hang with these guys till that point running 3;17 and 3;20 on the way. We had to contend with a headwind on the journey back.
Peter Run who it turns out was only running 5km, was surging and coming back to us.
Osman was the first to drop, then me just as were closed in on the fisrt lap and passed the second 180o turnaround at 4.9km. The leaders went over the line in 16;56.4 and I was 16;59.
Nice to break 17 on that course but still somewhere below my expectations. Perhaps my mini taper wasn't enough. The two inclines we negotiate each lap dont look much on paper but post race analysis of my pace on Connect/ Strava shows significant slowing on those 'hills' (only just under 4 min pace!). The 180o turnarounds aren't so bad as you get used to the slow down and speed up requirement (see graph below).
Elliot and Pat drifted off in front and I retained a modest gap over Matt McDonald who was running this mid long run (he'd put in an hour before the start). My second lap was a disappointing 17;34.
Pat Nispel ran incredibly even paced (another taking this as a training session) running 16;56.6 for his second lap to win in 33;53.0 with Elliot a close second in 33;58.2.
My time was 34;33.
I must dig out my list of 10km Road performances for comparison as when I first started back into masters racing ten years ago I would regularly run 34 minute 10k's.
An easy two weeks for me now as I fully taper for Gold Coast Half. I had hoped to have a crack at Ronnie's 72;19 there but I need to be able to cruse 33;30 for the 10km to run that!

My first sub 17 lap around West End
Peter and I at end of first lap

End of second lap contemplating what does it take to run 72?

Coming towards the end of the first lap, Elliot, Pat and Peter

12 June 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16;36 14th Nancy boys V Bertie boys

I was recovering from last Sundays 30km effort all week. It certainly reflected in my average pace and with all my other current niggles, I was only able to put in steady runs all week.

A challenge between two running groups (the BERT squad and the NANCY boys) brought a huge turnout of quality runners to Sandgate parkrun even though it clashed with a Queensland Athletics Cross Country Relay Championship.
Peter Bracken has put together a formidable squad of guys for Tuesday morning sessions at New Farm park. They have grown exponentially. With all the training and banter its morphed into a 'club' or squad that they call the BERT squad, British Ex patriot Racing and Training.
The NANCY Boys were created by irascible Masters legend Peter Reeves, as a counter foil to the perceived elitist snobbery of the BERTY boys squad. Not for them the esteemed suburban training grounds of New Farm park but the slag heaps of the industrial West (Ipswich). Not for them state of the art technical running singlets but ten year old cotton tee shirts advertising the firms of lawyers mired in the controversy of their former local major Paul Pisasale.

Conditions were cool and just a little too much wind for my liking.

Some friendly banter on the start line and we were off.
The crowded start got my nerves on edge and I fired out to a too quick 3;10k first km.
Even so I was gapped by Pete Bracken , Clay Dawson and Adam Fogg.
As I tried to get myself back to feeling comfortable I was overtaken by literally hordes of guys. The psychological affect of being passed in any race gives the "I am running crap" "I feel crap!" and a self fulfilling prophecy takes effect as you drop further back. I am not sure when I found my level but probably not till 3km when we were back off the pier and heading home.
I started to catch and overtake rather than the opposite. It sure was strange having so many runners to run with during a parkrun.
I finished 14th, my worst ever placing but a testament to the quality as 21 guys ran sub 17 minutes.
I had good competition in the age grading with Ian Cameron 91.7% and Albert Borzillo a M55, running a 90.7%,
My 16;36 equated to a 92.7%.
Full results are here
I did a quick 5km warm down.
Sunday I was up at 5.00am though the rain had woken me about 4.30am. I didn't much fancy running 30km in torrential rain but I did. Parts of the path were completely flooded so I ended up splashing through rather than trying to run around. I always find that the rain seems to get into my joints and slows me up but the outward journey was also hampered by a headwind.
I love starting off in the dark and seeing the sunrise over Moreton Bay but Sundays rain meant no sunrise as darkness led to greyness!
BOM listed 47mm of rain between 4;00am and 9;00am.
Check out this cool flyover view of my 30km run along the foreshore footpath - it lasts a minute.
Photos from Saturday;

How lucky are we to have this on our doorstep? Looking out to Moreton Island with Pendragons Dragon Boat Club in silhouette.

"Now please respect your elders out there today!"
Clay doing the Cobra pose, Pete and Pete discussing tactics

What was Clair doing?
Clay pulling a peach of a face

I'm in 7th! about 10 overtook me from there but I managed to take back a couple of places
Foggy looking very comfortable as does Pete
Some seriously talented kids today check the results!
Foggy and Clay about to sprint for the line
Looking really easy today
The Garmin pose, I didn't put in any effort whatsoever
Thanks to Barry and Olga for the photos.

05 June 2017

BRRC 30km 1;51;36

My feet were OK after my run Saturday so I decided the opportunity to 'race' 30km was too rare to miss and rocked up at the South Brisbane Sailing Club House at West End at 6;00am for the 6;30am start. A brief 1.5km warm up and we were off. This event was even more low key than standard because of a huge City to South 14km and 5km occurring at the same time across the river, a charity Half Marathon and associated races at Pine Rivers and another Half Marathon up in Mackay taking away some of the regulars. It was quite chilly, on;u 12 O C and 82% humidity, just felt a little wind at the far turnaround and on the way back. I decided I needed to restrain myself on the first lap (5km) and try and ease into it. I had company for the first 5km but the lad mainly sheltered behind me rather than taking the pace. Through the first 5km lap in 17;47.
I was comfortable enough but a sore rib (possibly injured due to an aggressive sneeze!) was giving me some gip (any deep breathing has painful all week). 
Only 5 laps to go. 
Its hard to say I was fully racing as running alone its just the mind-games you play with yourself to push as hard as is comfortable. At times I was pushing myself at other times I was just cruising not even thinking about anything in particular. Lost in thought or listening to a marching band play Amazing Grace with bag pipes and drums drifting across the river for the City to South festival. A Calypso band was playing further along the river but I was unable to distinguish any of their tunes.
The good thing about doing loops and crossing a start finish line with a running clock its easy to check and compare on progress. 10km in 36;21 (18;33) wasn't as quick as a fortnight ago during the 25km. 55;10 (18;49)  at 15km I was about a minute behind. I wanted to run around 1;50 and realized I was going to miss that target at 20km 1;14;18 (18;58 my slowest 5km but happy to at least keep them all inside 19 minutes).
25km 1;32;58 (18;49) compared to last fortnights 1;30;46. I needed to run 17mins for a 1;50;00.! Instead I  finished off with a 18;38 to record a 1;51;36. (on my Garmin/Strava which recorded 30.2km that's 3;41min K's). 
The Colossus of Master Running, Norm Green ran 30km in 1;46 at 56y.o. and 1;49 as a 57y.o. incredible.
Read about the Rev. Green here; and here see his running stats here some discussion about his incredible training regime here
Mightily impressive!
I had some pain in the feet during the run but nothing too bad, the rib had far more of an impact. I hope to get back into some mileage this week after recovering from Sunday.
Gold Coast is only 4 weeks away now.
Displaying 30km splits BRRC 4th June 2017.PNG
30km splits
25km splits for comparison

Splits from my Half Mara in April where Clay dragged me around the first 6km.

02 June 2017

Year to date 2724km

It is now one year since I got back running from my last injury layoff with the Plantar Fasciitis. I built the mileage steadily at first towards the World Masters in Perth at the end of October beginning  of November 2016. Following Perth my form dipped away and but in December I embarked on a new regime for me, 100+km weeks. I have really enjoyed running what I regard as huge mileage. I was used to running 80km a week through my Masters career, so to get up to a high of 161km in a week was new ground. I accepted the risks. Running just mileage alone contravenes my belief that high intensity/interval work is more beneficial for Masters runners.However I am happy with my choices.
I have run 2724km so far this year averaging about 550km a month.

However, I have had lingering pain in my foot for a year. Unusual location at the top of the foot, equivalent to the top part of the shoe tongue. I now have it in both feet, it having started in the left foot. The fact I have it in both feet leads to me think its not a stress fracture but possible tendinitis of the tendons running over the bony bridge of the foot. I changed shoes about 3 weeks ago but am wearing the same model Adidas Energy Boost (about my 5th pair). I noticed the lacing hole arrangement on the newest pair is constituted from 2 mm thick plastic but the older pairs have a less rigid structure. This morning I wore my old pair and didn't feel the pain! 
The pain caused me to cut my training right back this week to just a steady Lake+Roo - the reverse way round (Roo+Lake) to get the benefit from street lighting for first half as second half has none and its pitch dark at 5;30am. 
I will see how I feel on tomorrows run before deciding if I will go for a fast tempo 30km at BRRC on Sunday.

24 May 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16;43 & 16;23 1st BRRC 25km 1;30;46 1st

13th May Sandgate parkrun was a pretty labored affair where I only just managed to out sprint Craig Macklin for the win in 16;43. The windy conditions did have some influence on times.

13th May Sandgate parkrun

I actually felt guilty sprinting for a win at parkrun 13th May 2017

Taking it super easy in my Shaftesbury Harriers onesy 13th May Sangate parkrun

20th May Sandgate parkrun. 
I took an easy week bringing the mileage down to experiment performance differential.
As has been the case at Sandgate recently, I had company at least for the first half again. With Craig Macklin seemingly running well within himself keeping me company along with some youngsters. 
I wore the Asics Sortie Magic shoes which were fine up till we hit the wet wooden section running along the pier and back. I had to tip toe the 800m down and back as I felt the shoes slipping with every step. As for the 180 o turnaround, I was very very careful! I was only able to gap Craig after we got off the pier and ran back the 2km to the finish along the dry concrete esplanade.
I was happy to cross the line in 16;23 official time. Craig ran a 4 sec PB (16;39) which proved to me that the conditions were better and my taper contributed to a 
20 second improvement.
93.79% Top spot in Australia for age grading (28,430 runners).

Company for first half Sandgate parkrun 20th May 2017

16;23 Sandgate parkrun 5km 20th May 2017

The following day was a Brisbane Road Runners Club race day.We had the choice of running 5/10/15/20 or 25km by choosing 1,2,3,4 or 5 laps. 
I chose 5 laps. 
Conditions were warmer and more humid than expected but I shot off with real intent opening with a 3;20 KM. 
I had a goal to go for the M55 25km single age world record (1;29;56 Ray Hatton 13th Sept 1987 Eugene Oregon) http://www.arrs.net/SA_R25K.htm
I needed to run 5 x18;00 minute 5km laps. 
I went through the first lap in 17;41 which wasn't exactly comfortable but good to build up some buffer. I was running by myself though granted with 10 x 180 o turnarounds I saw the rest of the field multiple times. 
Through the 2nd lap (10km) in 35;46 I didn't have the mental agility to work out that lap had cost 18;04. 
I had felt the previous days 16;23 in my legs from the outset and some self doubt started to creep in.The 3rd lap 15km in 54;04, a 18;18 for the lap. 
54 minutes had some meaning to me as I ran a 53;59 15km here in the humidity of the summer and also a 54;33 15km again in the Summer. 'Only have to hang on for 10km!'
The 4th lap I remember feeling quite good, I was feeling strong in phases but I ran a 18;24 my slowest 5km for a 1;12;28 20km. 
That second 10km was 36;41.
The mental anguish of racing 5 x 5km laps was eased as I finally got onto the last lap 
- only one parkrun to go!
I managed to hold it together OK to finish the last 5km in 18;17 for 1;30;46. 
I knew the age record was gone by lap 4 but was pleased with this result which will rank 3rd all time in the M55-59 age category http://www.arrs.net/Veterans/VR4_R25K.htm
A M56 has run 1;28.
BRRC 25km

results https://brisbaneroadrunners.org/wp/download/Race_Results/rac2017/rac201705/rac20170507_2/RAC20170521_25k.pdf

Of course I appreciate the 25km is a rarely raced distance (specially in Australia and the UK) but seems it is raced in the States and Europe. 
I intend to put a mark on the rankings for every distance 5km, 10km, 15km 20km 25km and 30km.
There is a 30km option at BRRC in a fortnights time.
The World age record for M55 for 30km looks very easy http://www.arrs.net/SA_R30K.htm  however that's only  because the mighty Norm Green didn't run one till he was 56 and then he ran 1;46 !! - that's out of my league but I will aim for a sub 1;50 to see if I can  add my name to the M55-59 30km rankings http://www.arrs.net/Veterans/VR4_R30K.htm

BRRC 25km 1;30;46 1st ave 3;33'kms not smiling

The reward 

30 April 2017

North Lakes parkrun 16:21 2nd

Pete Bracken told me he was running his 200th parkrun on my home course and I thought it was a good opportunity to see if my flu vaccination theory was right from last week (that it had a detrimental effect on running performance). Ordinarily North Lakes is a fast 3, 'circular' laps around a lake course, but super fast times are made more difficult by lapping large numbers from midway. I thought Bracko would act like a bulldozer, clearing the course of runners but it didn't really turn out like that! Sure Bracko started conservatively for a change (niggle in his hammy) but he was gapping me by a km and gone by lap 1. He ran 5:15 and I was 5:18 with Benny Merlin in 3rd making it 3 ex Pat poms!
With Pete away,  the gaps on the path closed up as soon as he was through and I was left to find my own path. Unusually for me I shouted "RUNNER BEHIND" a few times to try and get a gap but I did still come a cropper, crashing into an open top Wiggles car being carried along by about six runners celebrating someone's 💯 parkrun! On this tight circuit honestly what were they thinking?
No harm done but it would have cost me a second or two!
Through the 2nd lap in 10:50 and I worked out another 5:30 lap would bring me home in 16:20, comfortably inside Keith Bateman's M55 Australian best parkrun time (16:27) [KB would have been jogging].
Bracko ran 15:58 easy and Benny ran 16:45.
I was happy because my time was a goal and it was a respectable time compared to recent 16:30's performances​ and last week's abberation.
Still 93.99% age grading was not good enough to beat the awesome Louisa Abrams 95.6%.
I asked Mike Trees to look out for Louisa in Auckland at World Masters Games where she won a gold in the 10km road race last week.
Turns out he knew the family anyhow as daughter (Felecity ~ a pro triathlete) was former girlfriend of Alistair Brownlee and the family had set up a 2XU outlet in Brisbane (when Mike still had a 2XU interest).
Mike finished 4th in the 5000m and won the Sprint Triathlon and 1500m open water swim. He was 2nd in the 5000m open water swim an hour later, missing a third Gold by 0.8seconds! Not bad for a runner who had an operation on a prolapsed disc in his back in November!

Bracko and I searching for post race salvation.

Warm down with Benny and Bracko
Start of 3rd lap
Benny searching for a gap goes wide around 🐕
The spirit of parkrun, don't know how I managed to crash into one of the runners holding onto the Wiggles car.
My hair has gone black and white though it looks all grey (Shaftesbury Harriers)

23 April 2017

Sandgate parkrun 16:48 5th

Rain greeted us for the start of this one but it was a bit cooler and the wind wasn't too bad. Hoped to run around 16:30 but was unsure how 105km in the 5 days prior might impact. Went off easy enough, initially in 3rd behind young Peter Bracken and even younger Adam Foggy.
Bracko had invited his BERTY Squad along to pace him to a sub 15:40.
Those two swiftly gapped us and I was briefly joined then gapped in quick succession by Elliot Carr, Jee Ming Leung and Craig Macklin who is in the M45-49 age Cat.
I was uncomfortable with what should have been easy enough pace. The rain didn't help specially on the turn onto the pier, at the head of the pier and off the pier.
Huge numbers of runners were straying into our path as we head back to the start. A record 456 took part! 456!!
We also had to look out for your everyday dog walker, walker and jogger just enjoying the public footpath as is there right.
Coming back along the pier I managed to catch Craig and we ran together back to the finish. I was listening to his breathing and at times he sounded really easy. Though we got to a K to go and he went through a bad patch and I hit it hard.
Disappointed with 16:48 but that was still good enough to give me 1st ranking in Australia age grading for the day (33,195 runners!!!)
During the week I'd had a flu vaccination and think that along with the mileage had an affect. Last time I ran a parkrun following flu jab 26th April 2015 I ran about 27secs below par see herehttp://runningmasters.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/sunday-run-callahan-road-24km-14441.html.
Keith Bateman holds the Australian M55 Cat parkrun record at 16:27 so I need to have a proper go at that before I get too old too slow or injured. Did I really run 15:48 at Sandgate in 2014? Seems long gone, out of sight, today - a full minute slower!
My blog has now logged up 300,000 hits since it's inception! Not bad considering the drivel I write about myself 🗣🏃🚽
Looking cold and wet!

I managed to catch Craig. Yes I'm going bald 🤖👨. Wet wooden pier.

High arms indicative of me uneasy feeling!
Top age grading in Australia 33,195 runners!!!