31 March 2008

Sarah Jameson

Monday 5.00am 11KM 46m06 Roo+Lake

Stiff as a Board!!!

Whole body was wrecked! Felt like a very old man getting going this morning!! And Boy was it COLD!!! When I got up it was only 14.7 O C!!! My hands got colder and colder. Really should have worn a long sleeve top and pulled it down over my hands as gloves.

Pleasing to know that my body has a long way to go to accept a 30KM run and therefore I have got a lot of improvement left in me. I can get better.
I still have a cold!I've got blocked sinus and hearing out of one ear has gone!

Above are the results of the 3000m at the World Masters Indoor Championship last week in France;Try clicking on the image to enlarge it!Also the Half Marathon Championship Results

30 March 2008

Courtney Atkinson

Sunday 6.30am Clontarf to Scarborough and back 29KM 1H57M27

Jeezus Mary & Fecking Joseph my body feels wrecked!!

Good nights sleep and slightly late sart for a long run but what a beautiful morning for it! Gorgeous day and makes me wonder why I don't get out to the Peninsula a bit more. Sun reflected on the glassy ocean,the colossus Moreton out in the misty haze, planes taking off and landing like huge silent birds on the horizon.I found it easy getting into a groove early on running around 3m50 K's but after the turn around at Scarborough found myself struggling and having to work a lot harder to keep up 4m K's. Lots of walkers out on the pathway, a few runners maybe I missed the keen early starters. Found my body running into stiffness after 20K and was a real struggle in the last 5K.Glad to get it over with and hope that these runs become easier on me.

29 March 2008

Lisa Corrigan

Saturday 6.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m29

I had got up early in order to run two laps of Roo+lake but in the end I had a few niggles from last night and really couldn't face doing two laps of this and might save my LONG RUN inception till tomorrow and run along the beach at Redcliffe of Bribie or up in the mountains at Mount Mee or Wanmaran.

On the drive down and back to Sydney Oli and me listened to a few CD's that repeated two of three times. I love how Oli will be influenced music wise by my eclectic taste! For instance this song playing now Bill Withers 'Lovely Day', and two others that Oli seemed to take an interest in; Blue Oyster Cult 'Dont Fear the Reaper' and Boston 'More than a Feeling'.

Some more photos of the 1500m at the Nationals. Note what I mean about my propensity to 'tie up' by overstraining Compare it to the cool calm John Jago disposition! Never noticed his one finger salute before (I was too far behind!)

Geoff H. rightly questions my tactics for this race and it's something I'll have to dwell upon.

World Masters Games are in Sydney 2009!

28 March 2008

Peter Nowill

Friday 6.00pm Moolloolaba Twilight 5KM 8th 16m25 (1st 40 - 49 y.o.)

Really should not have been running tonight but I'd entered 3 or 4 weeks ago and Natalie amazingly gave me a pass to race (after spending 6 days away racing last week) .
Also my cold has not left my throat and I was having difficulty trying to clear catarrh from the throat during the run!

Conditions were much cooler than the than hot humid weather we suffered last year, with persistent rain all evening. 300 runners crowded the start line and I was fortunate to get a starting line birth. I started fast enough but not flat out like a lunatic! Pace settled down and I found a rhythm I was comfortable with though still felt like I was pushing it. Some guy went haring off and Aidan Hobbs an Pete Nowill were chasing him down. This year the course went over two extended laps rather than the previous years three laps. The course was extended by going further up and over the hill towards Alexander Headlands and back.
Before halfway I got overtaken by a Lady! Shock Horror! Lisa Corrigan went past looking comfortable. Lisa has run a MILE in 4m22 (Australian Record) so she is a hell of a lot faster than me. However, to my credit I hung onto Lisa (just!) and up the hill the last time went back past her. I was holding her off the whole way to the finish when she went back past me again!! The finish to this event is dramatised by running through the Running Expo Marquees where the noise and crowd pick up. I couldn't let it happen and picked up my sprint again to force myself in front of Lisa to beat her by a second! (mind you she picked up $500 for her efforts while I got an Asics 'runners backpack' for mine!! first 40 to 49 y.o.).
Pete Nowill completed the course some 20 secs slower than last year in about 14m40 so my run 24 secs slower than last year would perhaps also have been on a par when considering the different course. Aidan Hobbs ran fantastically for second place in 15m 16 ($300!) whilst third was about 15m40.
I just checked the official results , me and Lisa ran the same first lap time 8m11 and my second lap was 8m12. ( yes I know it doesnt add up but they also had runners finishing with net times(?) and mine was 16m24 (?). The interesting point though is that other than the first three I had the 4th fastest second lap overall!resutls are here http://res.championchipaustralia.com/list.asp?nDBPage=20&id=1206&race=5KM&nDBFirst=1

Peter Nowill has run 3K SC in 8m22 and 5KM in 13m43! He is a Man Mountain and when he lapped me in last years State 5000m it was one of the most impressive running actions I've ever witnessed - phenomenally talented ( and I ran 15m 29!)

26 March 2008

Errol Powell

My photos were no good so I've deleted them.

Shawn Claydon , , Alvin Johns

Dr. Jamie Harrison

First three in 1500m

DS 10,000m

DS 10,000m note water droplets!

Keith Bateman expressing the JOY of Running

KB Pain!

KB Concentration

DS high arms

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 44m44

Back into the routine! First time in over a week I've hit the Roo+Lake trail! Felt good to be back!
Also couldnt find my Nano Nike+ armband so did it in silence for a change. Able to hear myself say hello to the morning walkers and to hear them back!
Body felt fine, still got cold!

Tom thanks for your comments, I'd love to make it to a Striders 10K at North Head one day!

25 March 2008

Steve Harris

Monday 10.00am UpJohn Park Dundas Sydney Australian Masters 8 KM CC Championship

2nd Overall 1st in M45 - M49 Age Category 29m00

The course was set over an undulating 2KM lap with predominantly wet longish grass underfoot.
I decided that the course would be OK for Spikes and and dispensed with socks (too wet!).
The first lap I took easy allowing Shawn Claydon ,William Yee and John Jago to lead. On the second lap I took the lead, working the inclines and breaking free of the bunch other than Dr. Jamie Harrison! Lap three was uneventful other than I was unable to shake off Jamie but didn't really try!
I didn't mention that in yesterdays 5000m Jamie past me with a whoosh and so again I sat out front half way around lap four waiting (inviting?) the inevitable - Jamie whooshed past! My cold has blocked up my sinuses ( I had actually been coughing as I was racing!), anyhow I had the distinct impression as Jamie went past that my ears were 'ringing' from the minor sub sonic boom he created!
What a shame these Championships aren't attended by more athletes. I'm sure if a 10K Road Fun Run was advertised we'd have hundreds along but I guess then there is the question about Membership and Affiliation of State Masters organisations.
It was great to Meet up again with John Jago (Tas) who had the best Age Percentage Performance in the Middle Distance events in my age Category (2m04 800m is about 91% for a 47 y.o.)
What an honour to meet Keith Bateman and Jamie Harrison !
I look forward to racing these guys for many years to come.
Lots of Photos to be posted shortly!
Got home in just over 12 hours!

23 March 2008

Dean Jackson

Sunday 9.55am Sydney Olympic Park Blacktown

Australian Masters 5000m Championship 1st 15m58.31

Still feeling bunged up but had a better nights sleep. Lots of prescription drugs paying benefit.
Felt OK in my warm up with Shawn Claydon. Conditions were warm and calm which made a difference from the previous couple of days. A big field toed the line including all age groups from M35 through to M55. Must have been 30 of us.
I set off quickly (as ever!) 200m in 32 and first K in 3.01/2. As last year my tactic was to run hard to make anyone who wanted to beat me run it themselves rather than tag onto the back of me. So I was a few yards clear of Jamie Harrison and then a gap to next group. John Jago said he went through the K in 3m06 and he was 3rd running with Shawn Claydon.
Jamie went past me and opened up a gap that I was never going to close. Jamie runs with such bounce in his stride and such speed that I'm afraid the writing is well and truly on the wall for my 3000m record when he turns 45 in Dec!!!
I put my head down and kept the pace comfortable. By 3K I was about 100m behind Jamie and about a 100m in front of John and Shawn. I went through 3K in 9m30. Nothing much else happened in the race other than I lost sight of Jamie, then I heard the Announcer saying he was coming up to the bell and i thought Crickey he must have blitzed it to be about 200m in front of me. As I hit the bell in 14m40 I felt comfortable , and then heard the announcer say Jamie had a lap to go! I was thinking they've ballsed up this!! I ran through the line clock said 15m53 so don't know how I ended up with 15m58.31! Jamie finished next and I was thinking he could have nearly lapped me!! But in the end it turns out he had pulled up around lap 9 or 10 feeling out of sorts and walked for a while as he felt bad. He saw me go by and later started again as Shawn and John went passed him!
So I beat JAMIE HARRISON!!!!!! (don't think that's gonna happen again!!). Jamie finished second over the line in 16m19 (1st M40-44), John Jago ran about 16m20 for 2nd in my Category (Revenge for the 1500m!) and hats off to Shawn Claydon who ran brilliantly for 16m38 (a seasons best by far).
tomorrow we have 8K CC at UpJohn Park in Parramatta. 4 X 2K Laps long grass undulating,
should be fun!
The images above are the photo finish shots of the 10K and the 1500m.

22 March 2008

Scott Lawrence

Saturday 2.05pm Sydney Olympic Park Blacktown

M45-49 Australian Masters Championship 1500m 3rd 4m23

I had a poor nights sleep , a combination of my Cold, the rain and sleeping with my 14 year old son Oliver! (My hosts Cathy & Grant are having renovations done and there is a tarp on the roof keeping the rain out = well nearly = it's starting to leak in and so Oli's mattress got wet so he kipped with me).
My main competition this year as last was going to be Tasmanian John Jago who this year has run 4m10 a full 8secs quicker than me!
John ran the 800m yesterday in a pretty quick 2m03! I set off, as I did last year, straight into the lead and through 300m in 48/49rather hot!
I led through the next 400m (didn't note the time!) and also the next 300m before John cruised up and past with 500m to go (same as last year!). I'd heard the announcer say that three of us were away and was surprised when I'd heard the third guy was Scott Lawrence who ran about 4m30 last year. Scott flew past me with 300m to go and I didn't have anything to counter with! John won in a slow for him 4m18, Scott was second in 4m22 and I was third in 4m23. I felt spent and lethargic. As is normal I found these quicker races lead to me 'tieing up' and perhaps lack of recent track work showed up and weakened my performance.
I was very impressed by Scott's improvement and it was good to catch up with John a year after the last Nationals.
I also met M44 Dr. Jamie Harrison (2nd in 800m yesterday 2m02 !!) for the first time in 18 years and witnessed him in win the next race after ours , run a comfortable 4m17 - unfortunately for me, he was conserving himself for tomorrows 5000m where we will race each other (I get the opportunity to revenge defeat by John and Scott as both should also be racing the 5).

I didn't report yesterday Keith Bateman (M53) finished 2nd in the 10K in 34m03.

21 March 2008

Lassie Viren

Thursday (In Transit)

Friday 9.30am Sydney Olympic Park Blacktown

Australian Masters 10,000m M45-49 1st 33m28

After a monumentally long car journey (950KM in 12hours 20 mins including two or three rest breaks and two refills! having set off at 4.20am!!!) down from Brizzey we arrived at a hot Sydney!
Traveling with my oldest son Oliver he managed to transfer his cold to me! In truth I
had before but the car journey managed to incubate it and so I woke this morning with
the sore throat and runney nose. To add to my earlier tribulations I didn't anticipate scintillating performances. The good news was that a Southerly blew in last night and cooled it down to a chilly 20 O C! It was overcast and been raining. The indispensable SatNav got us to the track perfectly. Keith Bateman was going to be my major competition and I was pleased to meet him before hand. A really nice enthusiastic guy. I was bemused by the fact that he was going to run the race in these 'glove for feet' type shoes that replicate bare feet running. However, in the end he changed into flats to accommodate a niggle he was carrying. I had decided for the first time ever in a track race not to wear spikes but flats as I felt with a weekend of racing it would give my suspect calves the best opportunity to recover.
As ever , I hooned off but I thought it was conservative with a 72 sec opening lap. I could feel Keith close by and after 3 laps he came up and offered to take it in turns to take the pace.
We ran together like this for 10 or so laps. The wind had picked up and it was tough going entering the finishing straight and all the way down the straight. Eventually Keith didn't take his turn to lead out so I guessed he was beginning to struggle. I wasn't feeling great and at one point earlier thought Keith might push off as I was struggling. I passed 5K in 16m24 and just ticked off the laps. Hard hard work when you get to 10 laps and its 15 to go , then get to 15 laps and its 10 to go! I wasn't pushing - just surviving the duration and not inspired by the only split I really took note of (5K). So it was that I got to the last lap and brought it home in just 33m28
(Official Lap times went; 1.13, 2.30, 3.49, 5.08, 6.26, 7.44, 9.03, 10.22, 11.42, 13.02, 14.23, 15.43, 17.05, 18.27, 19.48, 21.10, 22.32, 23.54, 25.17, 26.39, 28.02, 29.25, 30.48, 32.10, 33.28) I'd have been lapped by myself with last years Hobart time (32.12). All things considered with the calves, the Stomach virus , the Cold virus, and the drive down here not a bad performance.
Great Medals. If I can come away from Sydney with one Seasons Best performance (from the 1500m or the 5000m I'll be happy!)

19 March 2008

Dave Buzza

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m23

Happy to get out on the road! Guts felt sore and though I contemplated a shortened 6K in the end I thought I might as well see how my body is shaping up and pushed onto the 11K.

After 800m I ran into another giant man sized spiders web (it is dark now!)which I caught full on face and upper body! Fortunately only the stickiest elastic band consistency web to remove and no huge monster in my hair or on my shoulders! The gut pain did develop into a 'stitch'/'cramp' but I was grateful I could get around OK! Very humid! Combined with lack of food intake I stepped onto the scales at 62KG this morning!!!!

The guts should be OK come Sydney on Friday but not the best preparation I've ever had.

Dave Buzza another Lufbra grad! still running and spent time in Oz. Think he might have made top5 in City to Surf & or Bridge to Brisbane = Quality Runner!

18 March 2008

Wendy Lowe


I've been rather ill since Sunday lunchtime. My stomach has been turning cartwheels and I've been gripped by clenching pains in my tummy. It feels like having the shits without the shits!

Very uncomfortable night Sunday. I couldn't lie flat on my back = too painful and my duff shoulders (frozen shoulders) make sleeping on my side uncomfortable. Spent all of Monday in bed thinking I was dieing. Only managed to have some fluids but no food and plenty of Aspro Clear. Last night was better, I did manage to get some sleep and am able to lie on my back.

I've managed to get up and shower and booked an appointment to see the GP. Feeling very weak and wondering if the Sydney Nationals are going to be a starter. I'll discuss with GP.
Doctor reckons it was just a virus (a lot of it going around!) Reckons its a 48 hour deal so I should be up and running Wednesday!

16 March 2008

Chris Reeves

Sunday 9.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m25

I had decided I'd head up early to Mount Mee State Forest for a 20K run through the forest but I woke up at 4.30am and it was Pissing down!! I thought that an drive up into the hills for a run in the mud didn't seem sensible and though I should have mixed things up a bit by say going out to Scarborough for a run along the foreshore, a run straight from my front door is always so much more convenient and saves family time.
So it was that 12 hours after last running it I was back out on Roo+Lake!!
Yesterdays efforts understandably left my body aching and it took three K's to get into my rhythm. It is not surprising because when you think about it I should have done a warm down after yesterdays run - which is what we do after every race!! Seems extreme but I should consider it in the future! Today's run started in sunlight with a light spray of rain cooling me down - just gorgeous ! Further into the run the rain came down hard which again is always a joy once your in it. Though I did suffer some nipple rash from a wet vest. Happy enough to be able to run Sub4 K's . Felt very easy.

15 March 2008

Lyn Harvey

Sat. 6.30pm 11KM Roo+Lake 39m12!!!!!

One of my fastest times ever on the course that I run just about every day!
Got to be happy with that! Typically an evening run meant my body was ready to run from the off and I flew through the always difficult first K in 3m43 and then picked it up!!.
Evenings have there down side as well!
The midges are prolific at dusk so you have to run with your mouth shut!!
You Have to be fit to do that!!

The toads are also emerging from their daytime hiding places and they really are all over the place ! No idea how many I've unwittingly squashed but I've 'Just Missed' hundreds of the monsters by inches! Another night time terror - Snakes!
I've seen enough this Summer to keep to the centre of the cement pathways rather than my more normal route on the grass verge beside.
Tonight I also had to contend with part of my course by Lake Eden being turned into a free outdoor cinema for the night with all the crowds that brought onto MY PATHWAY! Had to run right in front of the big screen that had been set up!! I was really going full pelt and people getting in my way are likely to get blown over by my vortex (well at least showered in my sweat!).
This evening as I rounded a blind bend I ran into a cyclist! Fortunately he had managed to brake and I managed to grab his crossbar so no harm done but it was close.
So even though I inevitable would have lost seconds (!!) with the unforeseen night time extras I still managed to hold it together and run close to my all time best.

I went through 10K in about 35m30 and any Nike+ fan would appreciate the cheap thrill of having Lance Armstrong personally congratulate you on setting a Nike+PB for the 10K!!
Works out at 3m32 K pace. As I've said before these runs are flat out! Pretty much race pace. Though races always bring me that extra adrenalin rush!!
I think I was buoyed by the thought of Pistol Pete and Tony Forever Young's performances last weekend.!!

I have subjected readers to my particular current musical flavour and have snickered to myself that most will hate my Electro House beat so I've decided that I'll add some of my very eclectic back catalogue!

14 March 2008

Pete Magill

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m30

Over in the Sates Pete Magill and Tony Young are re writing the record books and showing what 46 Year old guys can actually do! To speak like an American " These guys are insane!" Simply sensational times and phenomenal performances.
Reported on the most excellent Masters Mews Track and Field Blog by Ken Stone
bookmark this http://masterstrack.com/blog/ .

Pete Magill M46 5000m 14m34.27
Tony Young M45 3000m (indoors) 8m32.32

Masters News and Muse

Magill lowers 5K record, Young seizes 3000 best

Pete Magill picks his races carefully. So does fellow M45 distance star Tony Young. Over the weekend, racing 1,000 miles apart, they produced the same result: age-group records. A week after lowering his own outdoor 3000 AR, Pete, 46, ran 5,000 meters against the kiddies at the Ben Brown Invitational at Mt. San Antonio College and beat his own M45 American record with an amazing 14:34.27. (In July 2006, Pete ran 14:45.96 in Sacramento.) Results are here. That's less than 11 seconds off the fabled world record of 14:23.6 by France's Lucien Rault way back in 1982.
Tony, who turns 46 in mid-April, merely ran 3,000 indoors in 8:32.32 -- 4.5 seconds faster than Pete's outdoor AR of 8:36.86 and under the listed world indoor record of 8:34.58 by Spain's Jesus Borrego in 2007. Check out the results.
The usual problem applies with Tony's mark, however. It came on the same "oversized" (307-meter laps) track where he ran his never-ratified M40 mile records.

Here are results from Mt. SAC:Men 5000 Meter Run Open================================================================Name Year School Finals ================================================================Section 1 1 John Moore U/Portland 14:13.29 2 Tommy Betterbed U/Portland 14:16.33 3 Aaron Clark Western St 14:20.59 4 Iain Donnan Western St 14:22.62 5 Ricky Barnes Nike Team Ru 14:26.60 6 Matt Frerker U/Portland 14:27.54 7 Sky Johnston UC Irvine 14:29.81 8 Carlos Carballo Unattached 14:31.83 9 Michael Chavez Unattached 14:33.83 10 Brian Livingston Nike Team Ru 14:34.11 11 Peter Magill Fluffy Bunny 14:34.27 12 Colin Longmuir U/Portland 14:37.23 13 Humberto Rojas Pacers TC 14:38.19 14 Jorge Jabaz Unattached 14:39.98 15 Travis Kuhlman Long Beach S 14:42.80 16 Waleed Totari Unattached 14:50.17 17 Raul Lara UC Riverside 14:50.21 18 Trevor Wiseman Loyola Marym 14:54.60 19 Nick Mosey UC Irvine 14:55.05 20 Jose Rangel Pacers TC 14:56.36 21 Loren Ahonen Western St 14:59.06 22 Dino Bozzone U/Portland 15:02.91 23 Pedro Ramos UC Riverside 15:05.21 24 Andy Edick U/Portland 15:05.51 25 Dylan Jaedtke Long Beach S 15:09.07 26 Brian McDonald Loyola Marym 15:10.34 27 Jeff Mackay CSU Fullerto 15:16.21 28 Jesse Chette Western St 15:16.69 29 Brent Handa CSU Fullerto 15:28.15 30 Aaron Flower Unattached 15:40.29 -- Ulices Pina Unattached DNF -- Aaron Gillen Unattached DNFHere are results from Tony's run in Seattle, at the UofW Last Chance Meet (or NCAA qualifying):

Men 3000 Meter Run================================================================NCAA Auto: A 7:54.50 NCAA Prov: p 8:05.00 Name Year School Finals ================================================================Section 1 Finals1 Jeff Scull Syracuse 8:04.95p 2 Eric Kiauka PIH 8:05.15 3 ofer barniv Team Good River 8:20.23 4 Chris Ahl Washington 8:21.05 5 Jordan Swarthout Washington 8:24.74 6 Sean Williams Eastside TC 8:28.78 7 Tony Young Club Northwest 8:32.32 8 Zach Elliot Mullet Bullet Pr 8:54.04 9 Curtis Holt Pacific Athletic 8:57.61 10 Jeremy Swenson Washington St. 9:06.28 11 Josh Elliot Mullet Bullet Pr 9:09.66 12 Andrew Primrose Club Northwest 9:10.85 13 Chris Tremonte Unattached 9:14.44 -- Ryan Brown Washington DNF -- Mike Sayenko UW ALUM DNF -- Richard Medina Colorado DNF -- Matt Owen UW ALUM DNF
As usual, Tony and Pete had nothing but praise for fellow masters runners on the letsrun.com message boards (while modestly reporting details of their own record races.)

Here's what Pete wrote:
Well, first of all, congrats to Tony Young (Northwest Master) on knocking the spit out of my 3000 time yesterday. He ran 8:32.32, easily besting my 8:36.86 from last week. Since my record was outdoors, I think I still get to keep that, but Tony will have to tell us if he gets the indoor record (there's some problem with the track size ... or maybe there isn't? ... Tony?).
In any case, it doesn't matter whether there's an official record there or not, because Tony certainly claims the prize for top 3000 of the M45-49 season so far!
As for myself, I had a very good run of my own. Because of the inhuman beating 5000's put on my calves, I limit myself to one a year these days. And last night was that 5000. Ran at the Ben Brown Invitational, where I managed to squeak into the fast heat, though I was seeded 34th out of 36 entries.
There were three earlier heats, and I got to watch one of my Bunny teammates, Robert Arsenault (our 5th man at both Club X-Country and USA X-Country), post a 15:39.95 - so combined with Tony's performance from earlier in the day I felt like I'd better come up with something myself.
The race started out as these races do: with a huge pack of youngin's charging for the lead and battling for position. But unlike last week's 3000, these runners were a bit more experienced, and I was able to settle into a comfortable pace in the inside 2nd lane for the first couple laps.
We came through 1600 in 4:43 (same time as last week's 3000! - only this time I was happy with the pace!). Then I found a young guy who was running the pace I wanted to run, and I just hitched a ride on his shoulder through 3200 in 9:28. Feeling relatively fresh, I spotted another runner a little ways ahead and moved up to him, locking in with a parasitic embrace through the next 1600, which we covered in 4:36. Then gave it everything I had over the last 200, actually experiencing the rush of blazing by some good young runners, to post about a 30 second final half-lap and hit 14:34.27!
Oh, and to finish in 11th place.
I know that I've been very lucky as a masters runner. And I am always humbled after "good" races by the knowledge that I may never run as fast again, that we masters have a bond largely based upon our acceptance of the diminishing returns of our training. But I have to say that I'm sorta shell-shocked to have posted that time at age 46.
The first thing I said when I returned to my group of Bunnies in the stands was, "Am I on something?" But except for excessive helpings of Captain Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch, I'm not. So I guess I was just that lucky - for one night in March in perfect conditions and in the perfect race at Mt. SAC.
Okay, sorry to be so me-me-me in my posts these past couple weeks, but this has already (in 8 days time) been the most memorable track season of my masters career.
Hope everyone has as great a week this coming week as I just got to experience last week!

Tony later posted this:
SoCal - "you are SICK!" 14:34!! Hats and Spikes off to you man. I think your secret is that you just compete. Nice splits along the way too! This is going to be (another) great year for you!
(I) cut back to 55 miles this week to get some lift in my step for Saturdays 3k effort. First real track effort so nervous as to how to approach it. Even if workouts are going well, there is always some hesitation with diving into a pace until a couple of races are under your belt.
The kids had a rabbit going out in 64 pace, so I knew that the leaders (7-10 runners) would drift off from the start. I just hoped the second pack would carry me to the 2k so I could push it from there. We were about 2-3 seconds slower than I had hoped at 1k (2:52), so begrudgingly I went forward on my own seeking any fallout from the faster kids. I just thought of it as a hard workout that I have done the past two weeks. 2k (2:53) and 3k (2:47) in 8:32.32. It felt smooth (I didn't say easy) and I think that this Spring there could be several more seconds to knock off.
Mon 2 x 1200 (800 @ :70, 400 @ :60) - Good confidence workout in relaxing and then picking it up. 2 x 300 (40.5)
Wed 6 x 150's
Sat 3k race. Pm Bball for an hour and half at the gym with son. Even had some "hops"
Sun - 90+ later today.
I can't wait to enjoy these longer days again. For us up here in the Pacific NW, that now means light past 7:30 again!!!!!

So the obvious question now is: When will Tony race Pete?Pete writes me: "Looks like Tony and I are heading for a showdown at Dave Clingan's Mile at the end of May. I can't see myself running that 3000 at the Olympic Trials (I'd be WAY too beat up if I tried to stretch my season that far), so any further assault on the 3K will probably have to come from Tony and others."Posted by Ken Stone on March 10, 2008 12:28 AM
Ken this type of reporting is what makes your BLOG great NOT BS about a "reality" running show.....Magill..Young...Grant and Shaheed ALL deserve their own "Show" for excellence...and thats REALITY!!!!!!
Posted by: Francis A Schiro March 10, 2008 3:40 PM
FR: David E. Ortman (M54) Seattle, WA
Congratulations to both Pete and Tony on some outstanding times. I do think that Tony may have an edge in the marketing department, as he could sell T-shirts that say:"Masters Track and Field -Forever Young!"
Posted by: David E. Ortman March 12, 2008 1:29 PM

This is David writing ;

I thought Pete's comments about his calves was interesting seeing as I believe mine are on the verge of collapse!! He races exceedingly sparingly and I'm not sure I'd enjoy doing likewise. I thrive on competition and feel unsatisfied if I don't race most weekends!

I thought Pete's split times were amazing and boy can he finish off a race!!!

13 March 2008

Mark Foster

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m13

Wednesday 6.00am 8KM Castle Hill 40min 08

Thursday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m45

Enjoyed a flying visit to Townsville on Tues /Weds. Had some beers and ran in a weary dehydrated state up the Castle Hill a monolith that looks down over the city. A great way to wake up and pretty tough going. I love how there are always runners/walkers and a couple of cyclists getting their exercise in. Saw a CoolRunning capped runner at the top but I didn't stop, just a quick sip of water and back down the hill - oh the pain of running DOWN hill!

Townsville is a really nice place . Your able to get around the city quickly, you can park your car (for free) , its got the Strand beach area , the Hill, and some lovely old buildings. Wednesday had lunch in the Casino! (joined up for free and had a members discounted 'Roast of the Day' for $5 - how good is that?).

On the way home to the station today I bumped into Brendan Whelan. He had hurt himself of Saturday doing the Steeple at the State Masters so didn't compete on the Sunday. He's running in the States in a fortnights time. He ran the Phillipeans Marathon two weeks ago. He was very affected by the humidity and jogged home in 3Hrs. He hopes to run 2H30 but he'll need to find a cooler place to do it!

10 March 2008

Anne Trainer

Monday 5.00am 11KM 43m03

Good Time, Humid conditions, body felt OK after yesterday's not so strenuous test.

A couple of niggles here and there but happy with the workout.
Natalie questioned my sanity when I told her I was getting up at 2.00am to watch Arsenal Wigan (Away), and that was enough to knock it on the head and stay in bed!

Lucky I did as the result was a 0 - 0 draw! We have conceded 6 points from the last 9 - not good going.

The momentum is now well and truly with Manu for the Title.

I'm off to Townsville Tues/ Weds for work.

Probably get a run in from home on Tues morning and might even leave my run on Wed to the eve but will take my kit just in case (always like to have a run up Castle Hill when in Townsville!).

Might get the chance to check out the Track and venue for the Oceania Games in August.

09 March 2008

Glenda Banaghan

Sunday 8.00am Q.E.11 Stadium Nathan 3000m 1st 9m26

The important thing for me today at the State Masters Championship was getting around and without a reaction in my Achilles/Calf.

I was successful in that and should be glad!!!

However, even though I told myself I wasn't going for any time, the result will leave me wondering if I 've still 'got it' as running around in 9m26 was slower than my season opening disaster 9m22!

Shawn Claydon had asked me before the start if I had any time goals and I answered honestly, none what so ever, as 8m56 had fulfilled me for the season (at least over 3K).

I started off conservatively and went through 1K in 3m03 with Shawn (who had told me he hoped to run 9m30 ) right behind me!

It was pretty windy and humid as ever but temperature was about 25 O C.

I wanted to ease away from Shawn which I managed but noted my lap times were off 9M pace and by 1800 I was some 10secs shy.

Really just cruised around the last K.

In many ways running 9m26 will help to motivate me for the Nationals in two weeks time.I'm sure my fitness is OK. I need to address the mental preparation to be fully in top shape. My main aim over Easter is to win a fast 10K and to enjoy the other events but to Win the 5000m and the 8K CC.
Last Year at the Nationals in Hobart, Queenslander Glenda Banaghan demolished all opposition in the 5, 10, and the 8K CC. The latter was particulary impressive as she smashed local Tassie girl , current Womens International Kylie Risk. Glenda ranked 4th in the World in the W40-44 age group!
Next year she hits 45!! She may well run faster than any other woman in the world her age!!!

08 March 2008

Colin McLeod

Friday = Rest


Was going to be running State Masters 1500m today but a combination of discretion being the better part of valour and family commitments (looking after the kids) determined I'd be a DNS!

Shame as my speed work had gone really well and I was hopeful of bettering my 4m18 earlier this year. The race is due off in 20 mins (11.00am) and the temp is a reasonable 26 O C. Brendan Wheelan (M35) will probably jog around as he is prone to do when there is no competition.

I have been busy massaging my lower calf and feel it might be OK. I shall run 6K this evening to test it and if OK race the State Masters 3000m Sunday morning. I have no aims in the race other than to ensure Brendan works hard for any victory (he is prone to sitting in on the pace till the last lap! - fair enough!). No pressure to run fast times I'll be just very grateful if I can run without any pain in the lower calf!

Tom - Good to hear from you! Re Arsenal - we'll see!! Re Gold Coast I'm considering running the Half! I've never really properly prepared and raced a Half and I'd like to see what sort of time I can run before I get too old! Good to hear you and the other bandits will be making the pilgrimage North of the Border to God's country!

Your current training is hugely impressive!

How can anyone manage 4 X 3K!!

Your lucky to have a good troupe of fellow runners to tackle those sessions with.

Colin McLeod - Another Queensland Masters Distance running Legend!

Has bucket loads of records and still setting them in the 65 - 69 year age group.

06 March 2008

Alan Bradford

Thursday 5.00am 6KM Roo slow!

Oh dear! The Achilles was causing me a problem so cut the run short. I'm not sure that I've got a problem but the general soreness was at times uncomfortable and didn't seem to wear off as I warmed up. Its a bit tender to touch and might actually be lower calf rather than upper Achilles (I hope so as the latter are a bugger to repair).

Alan Bradford is still running regularly set all the State and quite a few National Records from 800m to 10,000m = a legend. Particularly strong as a 45-49 yo, he set National and World? Records. Also very strong at Steeple.Now 65-69 age group.

05 March 2008

Steve Harris

Wednesday 5.30pm Nudgee 12 X 300m 100m jog recovery Ave 49.5s

Pleased with the effort I was able to put in and the speed seems to have picked up a bit.
However, my left Achilles was pretty sore after the Session.
I will be acutely aware of it for tomorrow mornings run.

Wednesday 5.30am
The only reason to get up early today was to watch The Game from the San Siro, in Italy.

Champions League knockout stage.
Arsenal had drawn with AC Milan in the first leg at the Emirates 0 - 0.
Away goals count double so we needed to score to give ourselves the best chance ( 1-1 would have been enough for us to go through) .
In the 84th min. Cesc Fabregas raced through and hit a drive from 20 yards that skidded off the surface and into the very corner of the net!
My scream (of delight/relief) frightened my wife, and neighbours into the next suburbs would have been looking around at such an astonishing roar at 7.00am in the morning!!
Theo Walcott then gifted Adebayor a clincher into extra time to make it 0 - 2.
Arsenal are the first English team to ever beat AC Milan at their home ground and we knock out the reigning European Champions.
Brilliant stuff!
Puts me in a good mood for the rest of the week.
Track Session tonight at Nudgee.

04 March 2008

Guy McCullum

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 44m48

It is our youngest daughter Lily's fifth birthday today.
Surprisingly she managed to stay in bed till gone 6.00am so I didn't miss any of the morning present shower. She loved amongst other things a $40 Barbie Mermaidia with wings that lit up!
It lasted till this arvo when I got home! Back to Myers tomorrow for a replacement.

I have previously extolled the virtues of Pete Magill (M46) in the States.

He has gone and done it again!
8m36 for 3000m! Without a doubt the best in the World in my age group.

I loved his account of the race, its very familiar to me when I race against the youngsters.
By way of explanation his running club is called the Fluffy Bunny Track Club !

SoCal Pete RE: Masters Weekend Races and Runs 3/2/2008 9:15AM - in reply to healthyrunner1960 Reply Return to Index Report Post

Had a good week myself, with the legs feeling whole again, finally recovered from the X-Country race in San Diego.
Ran a 3000 myself yesterday at the USC Trojan Relays. Lined up with a group of 33 - and I think I was the only entrant over the age of 22 or 23. One young runner on the line said, "I don't mean to be rude, but can I ask you a question?" I smiled, because I was sure he was going to ask why I wasn't sitting in the stands since I was obviously someone's dad (or grandfather). But instead he said, "Where is your club Fluffy Bunny located?" Ah, that was an easy one, but I actually felt a little disappointed when I didn't get to say, "Hey, I'm 46! That's right, you've got an old man in your midst!"
Anyway, the gun went off, and as you can imagine the first couple laps were just a mess. With that many youngsters, inexperience ruled the roost. Some runners sprinted to the front, then immediately died. Others didn't know how to cut in or get out of a box, so there was a lot of applying the brakes and throwing-of-the-elbows. One guy passed me at least 5 times in the first 3 laps. I spiked one poor fellow so badly that he cried out in pain; he probably went straight to the ER for stitches after the race. But hey, what are you gonna do? He stepped right in front of me mid-stride - no way I could avoid him. I finally just took up a safe spot in lane 3 and stayed out of the danger zone.
Long story short, the first mile ended up coming through pretty slow, so we all settled in for what promised to be a long kick. And it was. Not quite the 61 second last lap Mike ran, but I hit a 1:35 last 600 to snag second. Honestly, it was a total rush - being out there with the kids dueling it out for the last couple laps! One of the funnest runs I've had as a master!!
Oh, and by the way, it was my first race in Nike's Ventulus 2 track spikes. Man, those are the best track shoes I've ever raced in! Anyone looking to shave a precious few seconds off their track time (or tenths of a second in the shorter races) should consider getting a pair!
Okay, hope everyone has a great week!
You can read the rest of the post on the 'Letsrun' forum
here .

I'm not sure the link works but if your interested go to Letsrun.com and got to forums and this forum was dated March 2nd and labeled Masters Weekend Races and Runs.
Pete marginally improved his existing American record.

03 March 2008

Steve Low

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45m58

The pain of the first few steps had me considering stopping within 100metres! but of course I kept on going and managed to shake off the usual early morning after a tough session the day before niggles and aches. I contemplated that come Winter I will again resort to running around the City at Lunchtime in order to benefit from the warmer day temperatures the sunlight and the variety it will provide.

Arsenal managed to snatch a draw out of the teeth of a defeat at home to Villa , equalising with three seconds of extra time to play! I didn't stay up to watch the game as I had been out for a BBQ.

The Photo is my nephew Luke in London. I love his friendly looking team mate/goalie!!

02 March 2008

Nat Muir

Sunday 2.00pm Nathan Road Kippa Ring 8 X 1KM jog back recovery
Started with 3m00 finished with 2m54 - 19KM all up.

After failing to hit the stop button on my watch for intervals two and three I decided not to time and just concentrate on form. It was very windy today and my intervals would have benefited from wind assistance.

Felt some soreness in my left Achilles but hope its just a niggle.

Will be running State Masters next Saturday and Sunday = 1500m and 3000m and may also run 800m if I don't have to wait around to long following the 15 on Sat.

After that I've got the National titles in Sydney over Easter.
I have entered the 800, 1500, 5000, 10,000 and 8K CC!!
Not sure if I'll run the 800m as its after shortly after the 10,000m on the first day!

01 March 2008

Mickey Morten

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 44m00

Saturday 8.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 40m25 (3m40 /KM's)

In celebration of clocking up 3000KM's under my Nike+ decided to make it a hard fast run!

When I've been wearing my Nike+ gear since Nov 2006 I have clocked up 311 runs for 3000.3KM with an average 4m03KM

Track sessions / races and the occasional other run are not counted.
Geoff Holmes wife Nicole sent me these photos of husband Geoff during his competitive Motocross years.
The 'Violet Photo' is taken at the start of the Australian Championships at Scandia Circuit where Geoff Won his 5th (and final) National Championship.
The 'Big Air' shot is Geoff (nearest camera) overtaking Noriaga Takishumi.
The individual photo in the middle is Geoff ,Winning Gold at the World Championship in 2000.
Cool photos hey!