31 January 2013

Crewe Alexandra

Rain on the roads this morning but not enough to keep me off the bike. Took it slightly easy as I didn't want to risk a spill.
On my second lap of three I spied another cyclist about to join my course. I didn't want to get overtaken and put the hammer down thinking I'd shake him, 3k later I glanced around and he was just 50m back. I put my head down again and pushed hard as.
Another 3 k later sure I'd dropped him but then heard him change gears right behind me.
He took a turn and the ease of drafting behind someone becomes so apparent. We got talking and it transpires he was a footballer who used to play for Crewe Alexandra, (Northern English town famous for having a large railway junction pass through it) he had moved to New Zealand got citizenship and played for the All Whites! Knee issues saw him retire and take up cycling.

28 January 2013


Happy with this ride done in post Oswald windy conditions with a lot of debris on the roads (fallen trees) and still managed to equal my PB 30KM @ 31KMPH a good workout according to the heart-rate too.


It seems to have been raining non stop since Thursday. I think getting out on the bike for any serious exercise is a bit too dangerous so nothing much by way of exercise for the last 4/5 days.
Did one hour on the stationery trainer but it is so boring and so sweat inducing in these humid conditions I can't face it.
I did some exercise on the weight bench which got packed away on Boxing day but might be about the only exercise I can do.
Continuing to Stretch the heel which is  marginally better for not having run for two weeks.
Ex Cyclone Oswald dumped huge amounts of rain up on the Cape early last week before turning into a deep low/trough line moving South and dumping further huge rainfall totals in Central Queensland during the week and hitting the South East of the State Saturday. It is being fed by the warm waters of the Coral Sea and caused flooding in Bundaberg Brisbane and Ipswich. Only two years on from the great floods of 2011.
I had to use tap water two weeks ago to top up the pool but now the pool is filled to the brim and the water tank full again.

19 January 2013

Into the pink

The pf in the heel was causing me to limp through the day and that for me is the point where I draw the line and stop running again until the pain has gone. I'd become very lazy about doing any of the pf 'treatment' regimes but i'm back onto the stretching exercise about 6 times a day.

So that means it's all about the bike.
30K's in the morning, just cant get to 30km per hour but steady 28/29ave pace.
This afternoon with a fully warmed up body I managed 30.8kmph  even on a very windy very warm day (32 O C).
Garmin Connect shows Cycling as pink on the calendar hence my blog title.
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Your welcome to look at details here

I could not let the LA confession pass without comment. I never thought I'd see the day he'd come 'clean' and admit to cheating. If we ever had faith or trust in our sports heroes and politicians we sure aint now.
Of course Lance was very strategic in what he admitted to, seems like just about everyone miraculously gave up drugs in 2005. What is the Statute of Limitations?
So much for being clean in 2009
My favourite photo to sum it up;

There is a part of me that hopes that Lance may one day be allowed to compete again because even though he is 10 years younger I'd love to come up against him in a 10K or a Half! - Damn I'd even run a debut Mara to kick his ass!

08 January 2013


Day off running today as my heel has flared up. However there is no problem cycling so got out for 30km this morning.
There is a huge fire up the coast from us at Bribie Island State Forest causing ash to rain down on us and polluting the atmosphere with a smokey smell.
The temperature today got to 32C and is due to get to 36C for the next few days. I will enjoy riding the early mornings when it is a cool 24C.

04 January 2013

Marathon in a Suit

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I saw this clip on Fats' blog and just had to share it in case you hadn't seen it;

Here is another video that I saw on facebook, complete madness but looks awesome!
Extreme downhill mountain biking in Rio