25 September 2012

Running Indoors

It took me a week to find the Gym in this place but found the time this morning to make use.
I have never before run on a treadmill (that I can remember as maybe at Loughborough for exercise physiology we did?) Also not really ever exercised in a gym (even though I managed one in the mid 1980's in Hammersmith!
So did not know how to operate or Gym eticate, jumped on and pushed quick start, ramped up walking pace to running and got sweating!
Pushed up the pace from about 5min K's to 3:30 at the end of 30mins.
By which time the machine looked as if a bucket of water had been thrown on it!
noticed a couple then enter the gym and place towels on all the handel's etc prior to their walk:-)

I realized that my pain free run a few days ago was the result of the cocktail of drugs I had taken for Bali Flu as on easing back the drugs the slight pain represented itself.
We are back to BrisVegas in the early hours of  Thursday, till then Sayonara as my many companions from last nights clifftop Cultural Dancing thing here would say.

22 September 2012

Running in Asia

I had 2 bad days one laid up in bed which I put down to flu Bali Flu Man Flu I don't know what but it was like being hit with a sucker punch . I was out for the count barely able to get out of bed, whole body ache sensitive I city to light and sound and a sore throat. Saw a nurse got some anti biotics and about 4 other types of medicine dosed myself to the eyeballs and next day started to come through.
Did the Elephant Park Monkey Forest Volcano Bali tourist thing on a bus which the kids absolutely loved:-)
Today had another two lengths in the pool (watch out Tommy and Young Timmy for that matter!), had a full body massage (next to my wife) out by the beach and thought such exotic indulgence required some balance and decided to go for a run:-)
Unfortunately the beach path I chose petered out immediately and then I was forced onto soft sandy beach dodging parasailers and tow lines for boats, so got up onto the road and ran through slum alley as I dodged mopeds dogs and unrunable (at pace ) roads. The heat, humidity and my poor condition combined to have me close to wretching! Ran the other way towards Nusa Dua (where Obama stayed last year) and was able to open up a little going from 5:30 K's on the beach to 4:30's on the better paths. All up 7.77km for 4:54 ave and the heel did not hurt one bit:-) Celebrating now with my first Bintang in 3 days!!!! :-) 

19 September 2012


Miserable not being able to exercise! I took my cycling gear cos I heard bikes were available to hire but both the roads and bikes are not worth it.
I tried to swim in the pool but two lengths put my heart rate up to 180bpm  and the lifeguard was on standby. Lily looked at me in my trunks and said I really need to exercise daily!
Nat and the kids are having a fabulous time which is really what it is all about, I may yet put in a token effort run as I enjoy getting exotic map locations on Garmin Connect, plus the chance to sweat out some beer would be mighty fine :-)

16 September 2012

The Secret Race

I have only been out on the bike this week including an epic (for me) climb up Mount Mee last Sunday which was 2 hours, 50km and 800m climb.
Leaving for Bali in a few hours on a family holiday.

Here are the details from the Mount Mee ride.I love the Mountain profile and corresponding heart rate and speed graphs.Click on the image to make it readable.

07 September 2012

Public Service

Out early for a run but was limping by my return and through the day :-(
Back to the drawing board for a cure!

Interestingly whilst I have been out on the bike I have managed to get my average heart beat up on a par with mine on a steady run.
If I did twice the distance on the bike, I might be able to stop the weight gain.

06 September 2012

No Country for Old Men

American Indie Season: SBS ONE

5th Wed. 12.44pm Cycle 27.95km  3 X Cadel 58:08 140bpm - 
Got Swooped on two of the three laps, same ba$tard Bird, I need a gun!
4th Sep Tue.5.52pm Ran 10.60km Roo+Lake 48:28 (4.34K's) 140bpm
3rd Sep Mon. Rest
2nd Sep Sun. 4.03pm Ran 5.74km Roo 24:22 (4.15 K's) 153bpm
1st Sep Sat. 12.39pm Ran 10.57km Roo+Lake 48:11 4.34 K's 148bpm
31st Aug Fri.
30th Aug Thur. 5.04am Cycle 28.16km 3X Cadel 1:00:01 28.2kph 127bpm
29th Aug Wed. 5.06am Ran 10.28km Cadel 49:24 (4.48 K's) 142bpm
28th Aug Tue.4.57am 28.18km Cycle 3 X Cadel 59:42 127bpm
27th Aug Mon. Rest
26th Aug Sun. 4.04pm Ran 5.70km Roo 23:37 (4.09 K's) 155bpm - 
Saw an obese gentleman out walking on the path ('Obese' used to be such an extreme way of describing someone but I'll use it now it is such common parlance).
obese - excessively fat
He'd stopped and appeared to be looking up into the trees (the bush), as I run past I said 'Koala?', a woman's voice calls out from the bush 'You what love?' - needless to say I didn't look to where the voice emanated as I fear I'd have been floored by the sight of an obese 'lady' taking a pi$$ au naturel!
au naturel - completely unclothed
I saw a marvellous film on SBS on Saturday, 'No Country for Old Men', if you get the chance watch it.

01 September 2012

Swooping Season

Spring in Oz is a time when every runner and every cyclist must be vigilant!
It is swooping season!
I can't ever recall being swooped in the UK so I wonder is it just an Australian phenomenon a learned behavior past on from Mother to chick in the nest?
Every spring we fear for our ears and scalp as they come under attack like something from Hitchcock's The Bird's!
Attacked by hormonal birds mainly Magpies but also Miner birds and Pluver's.
They protect their nesting territories and have a particular desire to inflict GBH!
I have been swooped  on three occasions already whilst out on the bike.
As a deterrent I have put a red flashing light on the back of my helmet, it stopped the bastards attacking from the rear but did not deter side on attacks!
Many people try coating their helmets with 'ties', like a crown of thorns.
Today I tried the tactic or drawing eyes on the back of my running cap as I labored around 10k, oh my calves are just not used to running again yet and they scream in pain so much so that I don't even think about the heel.
Anyhow the eyes on the back may have worked as I was not troubled today.
Friday was a rest day Thursday Wednesday were cycle days and Tuesday I crawled around 10k Cadel.
I have got a long way to go and I'm not even sure if I'm out of the woods yet with the heel.