13 July 2012

The White Kenyan - Christopher Froome

Yesterdays stage was the most dramatic so far in the Tour with so many 'highs and lows' ! Please excuse the pun!
Froome does all the donkey work for Wiggo and still manages to outperform him on yesterdays stage! Here they drop Cadel

The stage was all about the domestiques Christopher Froome 'The White Kenyan' and TJ Vangarderen (Tejay) the American who both outshone their Team Leaders Wiggo and Cadel!
Things really got interesting on the  second climb of the day (The Madeleine and the Croix de Fer, which is tackled via the Glandon,) after a breakaway had escaped and then TJ attacked and escaped the Wiggo group, you knew BMC were setting things up for Cadel to attack and when he did I yelled out in excitement which I never do watching hours of Le Tour coverage!
Cadel exploded away caught TJ and then they tried to work together to increase the gap to Wiggo.
Only Cadel wasn't strong enough to keep up with TJ!
The attack maxed out at 20secs which was exciting enough! 
It proved Wiggo did not have the explosive power in the mountains that say the likes of the Schleck's have or Lance or Contadore had! 
In fact I  never remember seeing Cadel attack like that though Mckenzie and Tomilaris reminded us about The Worlds a couple of years ago when Cadel attacked and won!

The work that the Sky team put in all day specially Rodgers, who is riding with such vigor this year, was amazing.
Eventually  the only 'trusted lieutenant ' left for Wiggo was Christopher Froome and he steadily worked his way back to Cadel and TJ before they crested the Glandon.
On the last ascent - La Toussuire - Les Sybelles,
you knew Nibali would attack and you knew Cadel did not have the legs to survive 
so you feared the worst!
When Nibali did finally attack with about 12km to go it was very impressive , he gapped Wiggos group and the excitement just built and built.
But it was the White Kenyan - Froome who steadily worked Wiggo back up to Nibali and in the process dropped Cadel.
TJ stayed with his teamleader even though he was clearly capable of riding off the front on the day.
Then we saw the moment that told us The White Kenyan is a future Tour winner!
Froome attacked and gapped Wiggo and Nebali with such ease that Wiggo got left stranded  on his own until the call came over the radio for Froome to stop and wait for Wiggo.
So what an insight  into future winners of the Tour this stage provided.
Next year Froome but he might have to be in another strong team as Wiggo is without doubt a hugely strong performer and has the edge on TT.
Tomblaine / La Planche des Belles Filles Froome show his power on the toughest section on monster wall!

Tejay at 23 years of age will assume team-leadership at BMC as Cadel will retire and should be capable of winning the Tour within two years!

Wiggo and Nibali showing respect for each other

12 July 2012

The Case of Jack Wiltshire and England's Brave John Terry

This section from the Fiver had me laughing over my tea this morning, as my convalescence away from work is coming to a finish and all those late nights watching tdf will now have to be managed on only 4 hours sleep!
I have mentioned the Fiver before but if you like your English football there can be very little funnier and to get some of the jokes perhaps you have to a regular reader.
So to set it up a little for you The Fiver away's portrays UEFA European footballs governing body as gluttonous incompetent non footballing 'officials'.


Euro 2012 having ended over a week ago, and the functionaries' closing banquet having concluded a few hours ago, Uefa wasted no time this morning taking decisive action on the burning football issues of the moment: with minimal ado, the governors of Europe's most popular sport resolved that, what the heck, at their next meeting they shall have
both winter and summer truffles!
Before breaking for a pre-elevenses snack, delegates also passed motions enshrining pineapple juice as the mandatory tenderiser for wild boar and outlawing the poaching of swordfish, which should instead be sautéed or seared in a hot pan. In the Crouch-thin window between elevenses and the pre-luncheon repast, the tireless officials even found time to address The Case of Jack Wilshere, featuring one of the most dastardly acts of gambling-related football villainy since Nicklas Bendtner wore underwear with a bookmaker's name on it.
We say "since" but in fact Wilshere's depraved act occurred several months before the Dane's Y-frontery. Back in December 2011, the Arsenal midfielder, who at the time was convalescing from an injury that was supposed to be healed in a couple of weeks, took to Twitter to preview his team's Big Cup tie with Olympiakos and tip Emmanuel
Frimpong to score a goal, observing that at 150-1 his team-mate was "worth a cheeky £10".
After the match he returned to Twitter to reassure folks that: "I didn't actually bet on the game. I know we're not allowed to! I was only messing, just to be clear." But that was not enough to escape the wrath of Uefa, who, seven months on, sprang into action. "We confirm that the player has received a warning by Uefa's control and disciplinary body," belched a Uefa wonk today, who, some time between dessert course one and two, may also announce that another federation has been fined two and six pence for racist chanting by thousands of fans. The Fiver, therefore, will continue monitoring Uefa's website, where in keeping with the current climate of our struggle to fill your daily football email, the top story is currently an interview with Joey Gudjonsson about football and "family dinners".
Jack Wiltshire coincidentally putting one past Olympiakos

Now another bit of background EBJT stands for England's Brave John Terry - which is, shall we say- tongue in cheek! ? Anyhow EBJT committed the ultimate sin in team sport of having an affair with another player's (Wayne Bridges) wife/girlfriend.

Presently EBJT (I think Fiver used to call him EBALJT - England's Brave and Loyal John Terry but for obvious reasons shortened it) is currently in court in London accused of racially abusing another player (Anton Ferdinand - Rio's brother) during a match QPR V Chelsea. The Fiver provides Quotes of the day and in this edition they provided two and this is the one that had the tea I had just gulped gushing back out of my nose as I laughed at EBJT punch line! But let me also explain that CPS Lawyer means Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer.


CPS Lawyer: "Are your domestic circumstances, whatever happened with [Wayne Bridge's partner] a no-go area?"
EBJT: "Clearly not."
CPS Lawyer: "You are respected in the football community, aren't you?"
EBJT: "I'd like to think so."
EBJT (yes crying!)

11 July 2012

Thank You Garmin

The strap on my Garmin405  had broken so I was carrying it in the back pocket of my cycling jersey. So as I scrapped along the ground it took some of the force certainly saving my skin from greater damage and who knows what protection to the exact vertebrae it might have also provided? Though it wrecked the watch as previously mentioned I could still hear it beeping in the ambo as I was carted off to hospital , even pumped with 2.5mg of Morphine I was lucid enough to ask the paramedic to pass it to me ( I was in a neck brace!) and  was able to 'stop' the session, save it and even later managed to download it!
I told Garmin about the accident and they very generously sent me a brand new Forerunner 410 (retails at $399). I was thrilled to bits when it arrived and was able to set it up as the functions appear to be very similar to the 405. It comes with the option of two Velcro replacement straps which I think for us skinny wristed runners  offers versatility and the new softer style  heart rate monitor looks an improvement on the harder older one. Of course it is still going to be a while before I get to use it (training) but can't wait!
Thanks again Garmin!

New World Record M40 1500m

Congratulations to ANTHONY WHITEMAN V40 who at the BMC Grand Prix in Stretford UK on the 8 July. Broke the V40 World, European and British Masters 1500m record running 3:42.02. The World and European record was held by Vyacheslav Shavunin of Russia with 3:42.65 set in 2010, and the British record was held by Ron Bell with 3:53.8 set in 1987. 

10 July 2012

Gold Coast 10KM Results 2012

The 10KM has always been my favourite and this years results threw up some tremendous performances so he is my little recap.
First Place 17 year old Toowoomba Queenlander Patrick Tiernan! 30:34 !!!!!
I have stated before on this blog that this kid is going to go a long way - what a star 
what a performance young man, to win the GC 10KM at 17 is blo0dy brilliant many congratulations and looking forward to seeing you go from strength to strength.
I think Hugh Williams is local, well done to Darry Crook from Ashgrove Rangers - 3rd place!
Matty Carlsson has risen to new heights 31:34 and 6th place!
Nic Cope, Gary Tiger Howard's young charge running 31:49 at M40 9th place I mean seriously great performance. Young Sunnie Coast runner Kieren Perkins (Yeah why did his parents do that to him?) 32:46 for 18th, and Aristo Zenonous 32:53 was running similar times on the track to me over 3 and 5 prior to my injury. Shouldn't forget to mention marathoner Lisa Weightman superb 32:17 getting in some pre Marathon speed work.
Click image to large it!
Superstar Patrick Tiernan

Here are the M40's
Nic Cope

Onto the M45's and first place went to my local (Deception Bay) runner Greg Webster. Greg has been running for years and his legs have probably taken a hell of a battering and to win this age cat is fantastic reward for serious work. I've notice how he is improving his 5km time at the New Farm parkrun week in week out! congrats on your 34m56 which I'd say is a recent best performance and Greg is probably about to swap up to the M50's anyday soon.
Greg Webster

The winner of the M50's was Francis Mahony - well done mate brilliant work. It wasn't until recently when I was looking up some Triathlon and Duathlon results I noticed that Francis is one of our (Australia's) top guys and saw he gained selaction for the World Duathlon's in Europe in September?
And yes all my recent bike riding has made me think about having a crack some day!
Matty Phillips told me that 3rd place M50 Barry Broe is Coordinator General for my employers - a brilliant run sir and total respect to you! Maybe you me and Campbell can go for a jog down George St when I'm better?
Francis Mahony

Barry Broe, lean mean sprinting machine, I'm going to be keeping a close look out for him!

Here are the M55's
Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves know I have the upmost respect and admiration for his achievements as well as his knowledge and experience and always helpful advice. So what a thrill for me to see Peter taking out the M55's in a cool 36:17!! Well done mate chuffed to bits for you!
Second placed Peter Lyden came all the way from Tassie and is a very serious Masters star.
If you know of any performances that deserve a mention please feel free to comment.
I 'borrowed' the results from Gold Coast Marathon site and all results are on the tiktok site here

Gold Coast Marathon festival Mens Masters Half Marathon results

OK here are the top 22 guys in the race;
I know Harry Summers is a young las so well done to him on a terrific performance, it goes without saying that Adams is a class act.
It is good to see Queenslander Alistair Stephenson really coming back to form in years gone by he was a seriously talented World Class Miler and 65:46 is great running, I think he won the Sydney Half a few weeks ago?
Aaron Pulford 67:42 desrves mentioning!! Good to see young Jay Twist trying the longer distance for a change.
Here are the M40 Half Results
Here are the M45 Half Results
Here are the M50's, well done Peter Hallinan in winning your age Cat! Second place World Class 800 and 1500m track star John Jago all the way from Tasmania!
Keith Bateman is injured and just 'jogged' around (for him) pacing Clair Gerathy so well done Don Grieg because you got the scalp of a multi World Record Holder!!
Here are the M60's results - again apologises for not adding the women or all the age groups but please feel free to add comments about anyone you feel deserves a mention who I have missed?

Gold Coast Marathon festival Masters results - Marathon

Here are the top 22 in the Mara and huge congrats to Ronnie's son Jonathan for being first Aussie home in 5th place, as first Queenslander he should win a prize to a sister marathon in Japan. 
I'm guessing it was his début Ronnie if your there any comments on what he thought about it?
Just missed out on sub 2h20 fantastic performance.
My Sydney mate Tommy Highnam ran a PB 2h34.00 and if you can claim your net time 2h33.59! Brilliant running Young Tommy - sure your pleased to be included in my Masters wrap!
Congrats to Mat Skate on his 2h36.43 and top M40  Rowan Walker - he continues to plough out some superb performances 2h21.19. Click images to large them!

Here are the M45-49 Mara results
I was really pleased that my mate from the Sunnie Coast David Scroope won the M50 division! Not sure how he felt about the time but I think it was a terrific performance mate. Age Cat winners get trophies sent to them after the event and I really treasure them.

The first M55 was Martin Schot in 3:06:35 but what about Yoshihisa Hosaka first M60 in 2:52:26 !! an outstanding effort sir! Do any of my Japanese readers know if this is the guy that set a WR about two years ago (I know I should just Google it!)
Sorry I haven't got space or time to put the ladies results or the other older guys results up but your sure welcome to comment on any you think deserve singling out!
Next up we'll look at the Half Mara.My thanks to tiktok for their excellent results that I am reproducing here in the hope that they don't mind if 10 of my mates read them here as well as here

"Aint nobody got no time for that!"

Even Better the remix is just classic, love it!

07 July 2012


Feeling absolutely dreadful today, I had the worst constipation ever brought on by the drugs I have been taking. I was stuck in the toilet trying to pass a tree! It was moving and I was in agony I nearly passed out, what a palaver!
Had to call the wife, she a squeamish at the best of times,  She ran down to the Chemist to get these mini enemas, the first one didn't work as I think it just squirted straight out with no loosening effects, the second one I managed to administer whilst lying on my bed. Stayed still for a few minutes then felt Etna erupting, ran to the toilet and had to push I believe as hard as a lady giving birth! 
The pain was out of this world but managed to get the plug out followed by a gallon of liquid $hite, 
oh the relief! still feeling $hite but at least feeling I can live again!
Natalie was not too sympathetic she said after the birth of our 4th (Lily) she didn't go for a week!
My trouble was I wanted to go but couldn't push it out! It was like stuck there, I won't go further into the really gory details but I'm not taking those drugs again Chri$t almighty the pain was just not worth it!
Have a good weekend and hope I didn't spoil your lunch!

05 July 2012

Bruised Ar$e

Here is an update on my accident.
The gravel rash has largely gone but I do have one area that is still weeping!
The bruising is coming out quite nicely and seems to be heading down my crack!
The cuts on my elbow, knees and legs are scabbed up nicely.
Sorry if any of these photos put you off but they are good for recording the healing process.
My thanks go out to all the kind words people sent both on facebook and here on the blog.
Can you believe Pete Magill ([Royalty as far as I'm concerned] took time to send a message!)
Thanks all of you and I am going to love telling my blog the comeback trails and tribulations!

In the meantime, two weeks off work means two weeks of watching the Tour de France live on TV!
How exciting has it been? 
Of course early doors at the moment, it is all set for the sprinters but some of those uphill finishes have proved quite challenging. Peter Sagan is sensational don't you agree?
Wiggo and Cadel are playing 'cat and mouse' at the moment, can't wait for the time trials and the mountains. I'm in heaven watching it all and it allows me time to forget about the pain in the ar$se!