31 August 2011

Mike Sully Memorial CC Boys Race 1976

Wed 5.38am 10.60km Lake+Roo 43m27 4m06 K's
Tues 5.41am 10.62km Lake+Roo 43m25 4m05 K's

Have spent the last two nights sleeping in a self made strassburg sock which makes a massive improvement on those first few PF steps in the morning.
The calves were also still quite sore following Sundays session , lots of self massage helps that.
I'm not sure if they still run it but back in the day the Mike Sully Memorial Cross Country meet at Bristol each November used to be one of the biggest Cross Country race meets of the year, one where we Southern teams would meet with the teams from the Midlands and the North. Here are the results from 1976.
I got beat as usual by Dave Lewis and on this occasion  Eddie Herridge from Aldershot but I did manage to fend off my arch nemesis ;) Phil Llewellyn! 
Gary Taylor from Hounslow was a year younger than us but he was always such a talented runner he'd be racing on a par or beating us throughout the age groups. 
Gary went to the States on an athletics scholarship and still resides there where I think he has a couple of Runners Shops and he Coaches. 
He just did a Full Ironman in 10hrs 18 (from memory), so is one of the few guys from back then currently competing.
All these guys ran in the English Schools XC I posted two days ago. Other guys to look out for Weaver, Ledger, Sweatman, and Swain . Dixon, Dagnal, Jones and others  were less known to us because they were from 'up North'!

29 August 2011


Ahhh a day off to savour, one to enjoy a walk in the Botanical at lunchtime in a balmy 25.4 O C (78 O F)
We love Queensland and I love this song I heard on Triple J. Great lyrics!



Verse 1

Now let me
Welcome everyone to the bleach sands of Queensland Stinking hot days cold beers and cheap… land … Bikini clad backpackers and weed… plants California beach tans but instead of street gangs

…And gold bling or getting capped on your steps…here You can pat a stingray and maybe get a stab in the Chest… from what inhabits the depths… of the reef…cause every Creature in our habitat has venom or teeth… in

Brief… we got flys the size… of zippo lighters …Mosquitos biting us rife… with hepatitis no Lie… we got the highest count of venomous snakes… and Poisonous arachnoids than any other place

We got
Weather extremes in every sense it can mean… Famines and bushfires death and disease… we got Cows… we got mud… we got droughts… we got flood… we got Cyclones ripping up our houses and pubs… still there’s

Ounces of bud… that local outlaws… give
Huge amounts of love growin’ outdoors …so this is Going out yall on my new LP to every Corner of the sauna called the QLD…


Cause in the sunshine state where fun times await And the cops don’t get no dumber Even ya big city streets that are bringing the heat have got Nothing on a queensland summer

This is Queensland Australia
Let me her it if your out there ‘Ho’
From the north to the south say ‘Ho’


Show your back to us
Shake that glutious maximus hey

Verse 2

Now we’re the state ya schoolies come for holidays ….To get debauched like George Bush’s college Days… we got the girls and the sun and surf and there’s no Other place on earth I’d rather call my home turf

Since birth I been in Brissy world’s most liveable City… we’re calling pots what Sydney calls a midi it’s Hardly any drama though we only order schooners …And grow bananas like Chernobyl’s growing tumours

Ya heard so many rumours growing up about the drop bears … Like the Scott’s do the monster in the loch ness …That when a croc tears people to shreds… ya don’t Flinch even if it’s eatin’ each of ya legs…

The police are in bed… with all the criminal types…and Let em do whatever with minimal hype… Politicians to crime… are like peni$es to foetuses when People vote your leaders in like Joh Bjelke Peterson

But even with no reasoning … I’d give it up to the Place… I live it up and state… I give a fcuk So mate… from Wynnum up to Cape… York Peninsula I’m biggin up the whole friggin state when I rip it up



28 August 2011

6 X 1000m 200m jog recovery Ave 3m04.96

Sat 5.23pm Roo+Lake 10.54km 46m33 4m25 K's
Sun 5.06pm Nudgee 6 X 1000m 200m Jog recovery(2Mins) Ave 3m04.96

#1. 3m03.37 - 157bpm - 71.22 (143) , 74.85 (166), 37.26 (167)

#2. 3m06.43 - 163bpm - 72.88 (152), 75.88 (170), 37.67 (172)

#3. 3m06.49 - 163bpm - 74.10 (151), 75.00 (171), 37.39 (173)

#4. 3m05.82 - 165bpm - 73.16 (154), 75.80 (172), 36.86 (175)

#5. 3m04.40 - 167bpm - 71.76 (157), 75.82 (174), 36.82 (176)

#6. 3m03.25 - 168bpm - 72.29 (158), 75.22 (175), 35.72 (177)

Sat arvo ran in torrential rain (yes it rained again!) which really slowed me down and took an awful lot of commitment just getting out of the door!

Sunday conditions were fair with temperature at 5.06pm  20 O C and slightly breezy. There were not many people at the track.
Happy enough with this session as have been suffering PF in right foot for some weeks, seems to come and go through the day depending on how active I've been. Worse in the mornings and sometimes at night. Today Natalie had me digging up  a new garden bed during the morning followed by Rise of the Planet of the Apes with the kids (5*) so exercise and then rest. 
6 laps warm up and all the current niggles were held at bay  [ PF on right heel , stiff right ankle (I've had two ankle arthroscopes), left hip suspect, left knee tendinitis].
It is pleasing to be able to finish these K's at the same speed I started. 200m jog recovery was less than 2mins.

I have scanned some of my old results from my cuttings book as it is falling apart.
First up here is my first ever All England Schools Race 1976 age 14. Click on image to enlarge view.
I finished 17th but look out for some of the names around me, as you'll see them time and again as I raced the same guys through the age groups. Dave Lewis won every thing, he was the Superstar of our era. 
35th was Jack Buckner who went on to win a European Gold 5000m in Stuttgart 1986 and a Bronze in the World 5000m in Rome in 1987.

27 August 2011

Who Said - Planet Funk

This one is for Young Timmy Lindop

26 August 2011

Lifes the same except for my shoes

Fri 5.40am 10.63km Lake+Roo 42m45  4m01 K's
Thur 5.32am 10.62km Lake+Roo 44m18  4m10 K's
Wed 5.36am 10.65km Lake+Roo  44m05 4m08 K's

A steady week with the hip remaining about the same and all the other niggles still at bay. The latter part of the week saw the morning temperatures rise a little which made for much better running conditions so I was able to lift the normal slovenly pace towards reasonable pace. Hopefully at the weekend an interval session will see if I can push on.
Next scheduled race 11th Sept Bridge to Brisbane where the aim is to run sub34m if it is an accurate 10K this year and finally get into the top 20 (finished 21st twice!)
Saw this photo of Cadel in the Giro in 2010 and thought it worth sharing with you.
Have a good weekend Cheers

25 August 2011

23 August 2011

Queensland Winter

Fri 1.25pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 43m35 4m08 K's
Sat 5.11pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 42m04 3m59 K's
Sun 12.35pm 10.57km Roo+Lake 41m26 3m55 K's
Mon 5.31am 10.67km Roo+Lake 47m12 4m25 K's
Tue 5.30am 10.61km Roo+Lake 47m39 4m29 K's

I felt something in my left hip for the last few weeks not pain but I am ever wary following the stress fracture in 2008 and a few flare ups since. Consequently I decided not to do intervals at the weekend and slow things up a bit by heading out in the mornings. We have not seen any rain for months in Brissey attested by the brown dust bowls that used to be our lawns (typical Queensland Winter). All that came to a change yesterday as I headed out into rain and again today and it is due to hang around for another few days. Great news for our gardens but a hell of a shock to our system!

To illustrate a Queensland Winter check the two photos of our street, first at the beginning of Winter (actually 13th April) and the second (bottom) toward the end on Winter (actually 28th July).

18 August 2011

Goodbye to Love

Thur 1.08pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 43m32 4m08  K's
Wed 4.21pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 42m52 4m03 K's
Tues 1.40pm 10.63km Roo+Lake 43m34 4m06 K's

I have not blogged recently about my other love - Arsenal . 
I feel quite saddened and quite sick that we have finally sold Cesc to Barcelona and look like selling Sammi to Man City. 
We appear to be a feeder club for Barca and Man City having sold City, Toure, Adebayor, Clichy and now Sammi!
We have sold Barca, Thierry, Hleb, Van Bronkhorst, Overmars, Petit and now Cesc.
Losing Cesc was particularly painful as he was such an asset to the team. 
A team that was built around him.
Of course I understand he is from Barca and he always stated that he wanted to go back some day.
We had 7 great years out of Cesc , however , I do believe he was becoming more and more susceptible to injury, his hamstrings in particular were prone to breakdown. I believe we got the best years out of him and though it is with regret we see him leave our club, we wish him all the best for the future (he won silverware today in the Spanish Super Cup final on his début!). I still cant help but feel a little spurned as if  a girlfriend had eloped when I see photos of him in a Barca shirt!
I was at Highbury when Cesc made his début at age 16, the youngest ever first team player and when he became Arsenal's youngest ever goal scorer.
The money in the Premier League is really killing it for those who haven't got it. Sammi was offered a new three year contract at GBP90,000 a week at Arsenal - a contract at Man City is likely to pay him 4 years at GBP180,000 a week! Who wouldn't hold out when the pay disparity is so great? Arsenal run the Club on a reasonable business model of spending what they earn. Man City must be spending four times what they earn and as for the supposed 'sponsorship' deal Etihad have paid for shirt/stadium sponsorship - I'll leave that for UEFA to investigate!
For now I'll say Goodbye to Love.....

16 August 2011

Botanic to Bridge 2011

Finish of the 8KM

Kicking at finish to 8KM - effort!!
 Start of the 3KM me 2nd left in changed gear white hat white and blue vest.
 Presentations (gee I'm going grey!)

Sat Rest
Sun 8.00am 7.74km Botanic to Bridge 4th 25m21 (1st M45+) 3m16 K's
Sun 9.40am 2.89km Botanic to Bridge 3rd 9m14  3m12 K's
Mon Roo+Lake 43m48  4m08 K's

I flew to Glady on Sat arvo and had a good nights sleep. Caught the courtesy bus from the Finish precinct to the start and shared the journey with Jackson Elliott this and last years winner who had also flown up from Brissy on Sat.
Warmed up with Jackson and  his mate Drew Williams and Helen Stanton (my North Lakes neighbour).
The Start of this race is like no other - straight up a steep hill for about 150m. I could really feel my hammies giving out as I tried to sprint up the hill. Thankfully the course then settled out for a bit as we ran in a straight line back into town. Jackson cruised effortlessly off into the distance and I tried to settle into a comfortable zone.
The K's went;
2m20 (3m09 Pace)
Two guys (Drew Williams and Paul Tucker )gapped me and I spent the race battling a 15 year old lad called Elliot Hodgson. He kept me honest as we exchanged lead duty a few times. The course was quite undulating and that can be read in the K times. 
In fact I checked the Garmin data and that read 84m of Elevation gain, which compares with Jetty to Jetty 57m gain, Gold Coast 19m gain and Noosa 4m gain. Of course there was downhill as well hence the 3m07 5th KM. The battle with young Elliot came down to a final sprint and as the Announcer called out 'David Sweeney who is 49 and Elliot Hodgson who is 15 - how about that for an age gap! 
And the old Master gets the better of the youngster'. 
But Elliot sure will be a name to look out for in the future and expect him to be winning his local race within 5 years if he stays focussed.
My official time was 25m21 (I forgot to stop the Garmin on the line!). That would equate to 26m10 for 8K's (3m16 K's) which according to McMillan is worth 32m59 for 10K's (3m18 K's) which is OK on that course.
Jackson Elliott was 50 secs slower than last year winning in 23m50, I was 3 secs quicker which was pleasing because the course was slightly extended from last year as they made us run about 100m further at the finish (an unwelcome surprise as I had launched my kick and had to hang on and on!).
I backed up again and ran the 3KM race an hour or so later. The L.knee hurt over the first K (was close to limping!) but I still covered it in 3m02 benefiting from a downhill section, as winner Neil Labinsky and another guy gapped me.
The second K 3m23 including the killer uphill section at Doongoon St through the CBD , the finish precinct is pretty flat and I ran 2m48 for 894m (3m08 K pace) where I closed on 2nd place but finished 3rd.
I spent a pleasant morning waiting for the presentations with Jackson Elliott and Helen Stanton and her husband Scott Carlson. Helen won her second $2500 prize  in 8 days having won at the Cane to Coral in Bundy last Sunday. I wonder if she has to declare it to the taxman?? ; )
Scott disclosed that Helen wasn't even a runner until after they met! He was a really gifted runner who hailed from Victoria originally but has now unfortunately (for the time being) retired.
Jackson ran 14m04 5000m by himself winning the State title this year and ran 29m43 10KM (Launceston).
Botanic to Bridge Results here

12 August 2011

Moving in Stereo

Fri 12.44pm Brisbane River 11.74km 47m22  4m02 K's
Thurs 12.25pm Brisbane River 11.72km 44m59 3m50 K's
Wed 1.50pm Brisbane River 11.69km 47m01  4m01 K's
Tues 12.12pm Brisbane River 11.70km 45m09  3m52 K's

Easy week, just ticking over, hoping to keep the body together but it seems to be all falling apart - I don't think there is any part of my lower body that does not have a twinge or a tweak - the joys of getting older I guess.Wont stop me from trying a raid on Gladstone at the weekend - good luck to all racing there and Sydney in the C2S or where ever you might be.
Spent yesterday evening on YouTube reliving some of my youth. I loved the début album by the cars in 1978. One of those albums where there is not a duff track. Was trying to decide which was my favourite track and am still not sure but saw this top quality video which a fan has put together from film clips, an epic work and it those images stayed with me today - very surreal well worth 4mins of your time!

09 August 2011

Happy Birthday Kate Matilda 15!

Mon Rest
Tues 12.12pm 11.70km Brisbane River 45m09   3m52 K's

07 August 2011

10 X 400m @ 69.13

Sun 3.58pm Nudgee 10 X 400m  - 120m jog recovery  69.13 ave

#1.   70.43 - 143bpm
#2.   70.81 - 144bpm
#3.   69.82 - 149bpm
#4.   69.12 - 150bpm
#5.   68.90 - 152bpm
#6.   69.28 - 151bpm
#7.   69.14 - 153bpm
#8.   68.50 - 154bpm
#9.   68.45 - 154bpm
#10. 66.85 - 156bpm

After yesterdays PB Roo+Lake I was rather zonked for this session. Quite cool with wind down the back straight, the opening 70.43 set the tone and I would have really struggled to have got close to the session I did a fortnight ago, however, I'm happy with the effort I put in today. I might take tomorrow off as I have been pushing training over the last fortnight and no need to go over the top. 
Forthcoming races are Gladstone 8K & or 3K on Sunday (aim first in Cat), and Bridge to Brisbane 10K on 11th Sept. (aim top 20 Open). 
At the track this arvo a young sprinters group of about 10 and also Masters Sprint Kings Joe Begley and Hugh Coogan.

06 August 2011


Fri 12.30pm 11.73km Brisbane River 46m26  3m57 K's
Sat 12.44pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 38m15  3m37 K's    [36m18 @ 10KM]

'Back in the day my mates and I had an on going 'competition' to travel as widely as possible,each country would  earn  a pin in the World map on my mate Jeff's Bedroom wall. So unlike  many of my contemporaries Spain and Ibiza were not the only place we would holiday. 
In about 1984 my mates Gary, John and I went on holiday to Sri Lanka.
Whilst there we had a week long side trip to the Maldives - the most beautiful specks of white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It took me 45secs to run around our island resort Bolifushi. So not a large a place and not much to do but sun bathe, swim, snorkel and dive. Only about 40 guests on the island and for 3 guys in their early 20's not many chicks to chat up! In fact we were pretty shy unless completely tanked up and I don't remember there being any alcohol on the Island! (It is a Muslim Republic) One afternoon Gary decided to have an afternoon nap whilst John and I headed to the restaurant. Also staying at the resort were the German air crew who flew us in to Male international , attractive young ladies that caught our eye but as I said we were too shy to chat them up. Later we went back to our room. Gary had woken and asked what we'd been up to. We said we had chatted up the air hostesses and got on fantastically well with them. We told Gary we'd played them our tapes (yes it was the early 80's !) and they really loved my tape The Theme from Midnight Express - by Giorgio Moroder [Brilliant film and brilliant track!). We strung Gary along really well, giving him enough to fully believe our storey but not too much that he would not believe us. No chance he'd have believed us if we'd said we'd copped off with the hosties!!

Anyhow next day the hosties are back in the restaurant and without any pushing from us, Gary fronts up the Germans and says
I'm Gary - What music do you like other than the theme from Midnight Express ? !!!
John and I cracked up! 
What a goose! 
Nearly as funny as that evening when we shovelled half the beach into the bottom of his bed whilst he showered. We waited with bated breath as he sat on his pillow for about 5 minutes before putting his feet into the bed. So so funny the look on his face when his feet touched the sand and the expletives started to fly and we legged it!!
So this one is for the German Air Hosties and Gary and John!
Title track is Chase (Theme from Midnight Express)

04 August 2011

Big Mouth Strikes Again!

Wed 12.49pm 11.78km Brisbane River 44m38  3m47 K's
Thurs12.45pm 11.72km Brisbane River 45m27  3m53 K's

Such a sweet tune such caustic lyrics - You've gotta love  The Smiths!

02 August 2011

2911.24 KM

Tues 12.27pm 11.72km Brisbane River 45m16  3m52 K's
Mon 12.15pm 11.72km Brisbane River 46m11  3m36 K's

Beautiful warm (23 O C) and sunny conditions, Spring is in the air.
I don't religiously count my K's but noticed that I just ticked over 2911.24 KM in the 10 months since 27th Sept 2010 in 201:56:13