30 November 2009

Excruciatingly painful

Arsenal got done by Chelsea overnight!

My knee recovery is good, swelling is going down, I'm able to weight bear, and am gaining range of movement. Still some pain.
I don't think I'll be doing a Jamie Harrison and running by Wednesday (5 days following an arthroscopy for same medial meniscal tear) but I'm sure it wont be too long. I'm taking the day off work to allow for further recuperation.

One of the funny things at the hospital was I shaved my knee beforehand rather than have the embarrassment of an attractive young nurse do the job for me. The pre op nurse said 'good job' but called over Pedro, a strapping South American male nurse and said to trim it wider. To my surprise he went all the way down to my bloody ankle!!

27 November 2009

Medial meniscus trimmed

I had the arthroscopy on my right knee today, so hopefully the
'slight pain' I felt back on 31st August that would "clear up in a couple of days" might actually now start begin to get better and I can be running in a few weeks.

Some great shots of the inside of my knee! Click on the photo and you should be able to get a larger version which clearly shows the tear in the medial meniscus and shows some gruesome looking post trimming shot! - Sadly the surgeon also noted 'minor arthritic changes'. Still that's part of being 48 and having an active lifestyle!

Running Dunce or Genius?

I tried this test and only managed a 6/10.

Actually I think my score should have been higher as to me, some of the answers are

So take the the test first and then compare with me below.

I'm putting my responses down here so you dont see some answers before you've taken the

Q.1. Correct

Q.2. Correct

Q.3. Wrong - I went for 'Whenever you feel like it!'

Q.4. Correct

Q.5. Correct

Q.6. Correct

Q.7. Wrong - I went for 'Within an hour or two'

Q.8. Wrong - I went for 'Sunglasses'

Q.9. Correct

Q.10. Wrong - I said 'When you feel the cushioning needs replacing'

So what does all that prove? = Nothing! - but it passes the time away pre op today!

26 November 2009

Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan

My friend Philippe Brown in Luxembourg sent me this post from this blog which for any person who has lived in the UK will have some resonance because Ronnie O'Sullivan though having a name akin to one of the Greats of Irish Distance Running is actually a great of World Snooker! He seems to have got the running bug! Always good to hear about people getting hooked and the reasons why.
A great blog with good links.
Check out the post 23rd Nov (borrowed I think from Pete Magill - Younger Legs) = Now why didn't I ever go on training camps that ended with that kind of group hug!!!! ???

My right knee arthroscopy is tomorrow!!



Ronnie <span class=O'Sullivan"

Road to recovery: Ronnie O'Sullivan is a changed man

Ronnie O'Sullivan, once snooker's most troubled star, has swopped the Priory for a pair of running shoes to beat the mood swings that threatened his brilliant career.

Twice former world champion O'Sullivan trains daily and the world No 3, who was 31 on Tuesday, has posted such promising times for the 10k, he aims to set a 'celebrity' record in the Great North Run.

O'Sullivan said: "I've had enough of spending £100 an hour on therapy sessions - I thought I might as well get a pair of trainers. It's the best therapy I've ever had. I wish somebody had told me that 12 years ago."

Depression has been O'Sullivan's great enemy since his first ranking title win at 17 - he threatened to quit snooker several times and even gave away his cue after his world semi-final defeat at the Crucible in April.

In the past he has tried fishing, yoga and even flirted with Islam in his search for a settled heart and mind.

But he said: "Running is the most important thing I do - it stops me losing the plot, if you like. Even if I do lose the plot, once I go out on a run and do seven or eight miles, it makes things seem a bit rosier."

On Wednesday, O'Sullivan opens his challenge in York for the Maplin UK Championship, the first title he won in 1993 at 17 to launch a career that has confirmed him as the most naturally-gifted player to pick up a cue.

But he said: "If someone said I'd got a choice between running and snooker, I'd give up snooker tomorrow, I get such a buzz from running. I love it - the mud, the fresh air. I know Epping Forest inside out.

"I've played snooker for a long time, it's become a bit of a job. I enjoy it, but it's not the be all and end all. The most important thing for me is my family. I've a daughter Lily and we have another on the way.

"My missus, Jo, is happy for me if I'm happy, and I'm an outdoors person. I'm not one to sit and try to rock Lily to sleep in the house. I take her out in the pram or carry her on my chest. She means the world to me."

O'Sullivan, who has joined Woodford Green in Essex, added: "I've done 36 mins 31sec for the 10k but I want to get my time down to 33 and do the Great North Run, be the fastest celebrity they've ever had, which I WILL do. Whatever the time is, that will be my goal. I'll find out what the time is and train hard."

He has been training alongside national junior cross-country champion Danielle Sale, whose coach, former international Maxine Joyce, has set O'Sullivan a tough schedule.

"He's keen and he can get down to 35 mins, faster if he can fit in the training," said Joyce. "He says it helps his snooker. You don't need to be fit to play snooker, but it makes the mind fitter."

O'Sullivan, looking lean and relaxed, swept aside Jimmy White 7-0 to win the Betfred Premier League final on Sunday, and declared: "I'm going to York with a bit of confidence. I'd love to win it again.

"There's always room for improvement, and I've learnt to start enjoying my snooker again. But I don't take this game too seriously, there are more important things like family. My life is about my kids now."

18 November 2009


What a fantastic motivation and honour it would be to truly run for your country at Masters level based on selection policy! The 'home' international in Britain provides that opportunity. I wish we could get an antipodean equivalent going, though I appreciate costs would limit it to perhaps Oz V NZ!

It was 35 O C yesterday (96 O F) and it is not yet officially Summer! There was a late storm but that only made night time temps dip to low 20's and provided just 5mm in the gauge!

15 November 2009

New Australian M45 3000m Record 8m55.61

Dr. Jamie Harrison didn't knotch up 300 road race wins this weekend as he was beating setting a new Australian M45 3000m record at the NSW State 3000m Champs. 8m55.61 for 6th place in the Open 'C' Race.
68sec last lap and looked strong but Jamie commented

Didn't feel any good at any stage, but it did beat my M45 record from last season so it wasn't all bad.

Jamie ran,

200m 34.10,
600m 1:47.36 (1:13.26),
1000m 2:57.42 (1:10.06),
1400m 4:09.24 (1:11.82),
1800m 5:21.23 (1:11.99),
2200m 6:34.34 (1:13.11),
2600m 7:47.25 (1:12.91),
3000m 8:55.61 (68.36) 6th

14 November 2009

A Racing Career - Dr.Jamie Harrison

"With the 300 road races imminent, I've managed to go right through
the 30 years of training diary.

There are over 1200 races documented. I've won 299 road, 174 track
and 15 cross country, a total of 488 open races. This doesn't include
fastest legs of relays, B races or age group wins.

On the road I've been in the first 3 on 397 occasions and in the top
10 on 465.

I suppose the next goals will be 500 open wins, 400 road placings and
500 road top 10s.

I'd actually forgotten how few races I had in 2002, 3, 4, and 5 with
the heart and achilles problems."

I'm not sure how to attach a Word doc to this blog , it is an epic odyssey!
300 could come this weekend! ?

06 November 2009

Arsenal 4 AZ Alkmaar 1

I managed to get to see the knee specialist early, he just confirmed everything I already knew.
Arthroscopy is booked for 27th. Having a torn medial meniscus means I will suffer earlier onset of arthritis - just how much earlier, no one can say. He is also a hip specialist and recommended I get a bone density scan just to check further if there was any recognizable reason for the stress fracture.
This goes on top of the MRI and CT I have already had!
I had the Bone Scan today (Dexa?). After chatting to the real  radiographer at St Andrews, Wickam Terrace, I deduced that I was above the average on my femur (good) but marginally below the average on the Lumbar vertebrae. Not much below so I don't think I have early onset osteoporosis (relief!!).
Official results later!

Tom Bedford has now written up his account of his 2h24m09 Marathon, check out his blog post here
Here is a proper photo of Tom wearing the black and white Shaftesbury Stripes.

Just how good have Arsenal been this season? 10 games at home and 10 Victories with 33 goals scored for! In Fabregas/Arshavin/Van Persie/Vermaelen we have World class players, In Arsene Wenger we have Footballing genius!
I love the Photo of Arsene when he was banished to the stands V Man U, he is a man of dignity whilst surrounded by the Northern hordes! He stands 'Christ like' but this time Arsene didn't get the miracle we deserved!

04 November 2009

ACT Masters Distance Results

Australian Capital Territory Masters distance results

29th Oct


Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 5393 TroySteinman2:27.63 70.0
M40 5705 SteveKarvelas2:43.86 66.1
M45 4952 DaleMoore2:26.99 77.7
M45 5589 AngelMarina2:50.71 67.5
M45 5378 TedWalsh3:14.10 59.4
M50 2082 PhilWhite2:25.78 82.5
M50 4823 KenSmith2:54.91 68.8
M60 1442 GregStretton3:03.11 69.5
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee3:14.02 66.1
M70 1044 TonyBooth3:03.04 76.8
W30 5251 JodieSims3:06.58 60.7
W55 3603 KathySims3:00.82 78.3

1500 Steeple

Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M45 5702 WilliamBarker7:43.97 119.9
M55 5286 ColinHeywood5:55.10 166.2
M55 2762 NickBlackaby8:50.09 111.3
M60 4766 PaulArcher6:08.83 105.8
M60 2086 JimWhite6:50.54 95.0

3000 m

Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 5393 TroySteinman11:11.06 67.9
M40 5705 SteveKarvelas11:49.02 66.7
M40 5376 BruceHoogendoorn12:27.31 62.8
M40 5511 CraigDavis13:25.62 58.2
M45 4841 BruceGraham9:23.28 87.2
M45 5416 IanMcDonald11:15.55 72.7
M45 3622 PeterCullen12:01.41 67.6
M45 5589 AngelMarina14:07.56 58.9
M45 5702 WilliamBarker14:21.96 57.4
M45 5378 TedWalsh14:30.76 57.3
M50 4241 GaryBowen11:40.22 73.0
M50 4823 KenSmith13:39.07 63.5
M55 1225 TrevorJacobs10:57.56 81.1
M55 2293 KenWhite12:15.28 71.9
M60 2086 JimWhite12:54.65 70.6
M65 1458 BryanThomas15:00.41 65.3
M70 1271 LachlanLewis16:54.25 60.8
W30 5251 JodieSims14:42.95 57.0
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:33.38 77.9
W40 4084 AmandaWalker13:32.20 65.2
W50 4440 HelenLarmour12:40.01 77.4
W55 3478 RuthBaussmann15:32.10 71.3
W60 5213 WendyKupkee16:03.67 73.1
W60 1606 MargaretMcSpadden16:58.96 68.1

22nd Oct

Interesting relay result from Team Bruce Graham!


Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 5393 TroySteinman11:00.67 68.9
M40 5376 BruceHoogendoorn12:03.08 64.9
M40 5290 BrettMorrison13:58.93 55.9
M45 4841 BruceGraham9:38.20 84.9
M45 4952 DaleMoore10:52.75 75.8
M45 5416 IanMcDonald11:19.13 72.3
M45 5589 AngelMarina13:51.12 60.0
M50 2167 RogerPilkington11:51.56 70.7
M50 4241 GaryBowen13:38.22 62.5
M55 5286 ColinHeywood11:13.59 77.8
M55 2293 KenWhite11:47.36 74.7
M55 5598 GraemePatrick13:59.22 63.5
M55 2762 NickBlackaby16:02.86 54.4
M60 2142 RobbieCostmeyer12:02.08 77.1
M60 1069 GrahamBurke12:17.05 76.2
M60 1332 GeoffMoore12:53.93 71.3
M60 1151 KenEynon13:07.07 71.4
M60 1496 AlanWilliams14:05.27 65.9
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee14:14.49 65.2
M75 1089 BobChapman14:42.85 73.2
W30 5715 SandraOliver12:35.44 66.5
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:42.13 76.9
W40 4084 AmandaWalker12:30.31 70.6
W40 4383 BronwynCalver12:54.55 67.8
W40 5288 NadineThomlinson13:58.45 62.6
W40 5279 JodieDavis17:01.91 52.3
W50 4440 HelenLarmour12:44.97 76.9
W50 3657 MariaO'Reilly13:11.25 78.3
W55 2647 CathyMontalto14:32.30 74.0
W55 2426 SherrylGreathead14:41.90 73.2
W55 3478 RuthBaussmann15:52.53 69.7
W60 5213 WendyKupkee16:28.13 71.3
W60 1606 MargaretMcSpadden16:37.32 69.6
W65 4051 CarolineCampbell14:48.83 84.5

4x800m Relay

Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M45 4841 BruceGraham10:14.19
M45 4841 BruceGraham10:14.19
M45 4841 BruceGraham10:14.19
M45 4841 BruceGraham10:14.19
M55 5286 ColinHeywood10:39.42
M55 2293 KenWhite10:39.42
M50 4241 GaryBowen10:39.42
M50 2167 RogerPilkington10:39.42
M45 4952 DaleMoore11:23.61
M60 2086 JimWhite11:23.61
M55 5598 GraemePatrick11:23.61
M45 5589 AngelMarina11:23.61
W35 5315 RachelleEllis-Brownlee11:52.68
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:52.68
M75 1089 BobChapman11:52.68
W40 5288 NadineThomlinson11:52.68
M40 5290 BrettMorrison12:43.69
M60 1151 KenEynon12:43.69
W40 4383 BronwynCalver12:43.69
M55 2762 NickBlackaby12:43.69
W50 3657 MariaO'Reilly13:18.37
W55 2647 CathyMontalto13:18.37
W55 5721 ClareWall13:18.37
W50 4440 HelenLarmour13:18.37

15th Oct

3000 m

Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M40 5607 RichardBretherick11:00 71.1
M40 5705 SteveKarvelas11:22 69.3
M40 5376 BruceHoogendoorn12:10 64.3
M40 5290 BrettMorrison12:50 60.9
M45 4841 BruceGraham9:35 85.4
M45 4952 DaleMoore11:05 74.4
M45 5416 IanMcDonald11:32 71.0
M50 4241 GaryBowen12:39 67.4
M55 2293 KenWhite12:06 72.8
M55 2762 NickBlackaby15:53 55.0
M60 1151 KenEynon13:20 70.2
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee14:06 65.8
M70 1044 TonyBooth15:17 66.4
W35 5315 RachelleEllis-Brownlee12:45 66.8
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:47 76.4
W40 5288 NadineThomlinson12:14 71.5
W40 4084 AmandaWalker12:17 71.8
W40 4383 BronwynCalver13:05 66.9
W55 3478 RuthBaussmann15:48 70.1
W60 5213 WendyKupkee16:32 71.1

8th Oct


Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 4214 BradOsborn2:30.83 67.9
M40 5290 BrettMorrison2:50.75 62.9
M45 4952 DaleMoore2:29.54 76.4
M45 5589 AngelMarina2:44.85 69.9
M50 2082 PhilWhite2:23.40 83.9
M50 4241 GaryBowen2:36.05 75.8
M50 2258 JohnParker3:57.70 49.3
M55 2293 KenWhite2:25.45 84.1
M55 2762 NickBlackaby3:46.94 53.4
M60 2086 JimWhite2:52.44 73.2
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee3:26.31 62.1
M70 1044 TonyBooth3:05.59 75.8
M80 3700 RadLeovic4:05.51 70.1
W35 5315 RachelleEllis-Brownlee2:41.78 70.0
W40 4263 KatieForestier2:43.52 73.1
W40 4084 AmandaWalker2:45.36 71.1
W40 5288 NadineThomlinson2:54.41 66.8
W40 4383 BronwynCalver3:05.22 62.9
W50 3657 MariaO'Reilly3:12.31 69.6
W55 3603 KathySims2:56.40 80.2

3000 m

Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 4214 BradOsborn15:03.02 50.1
M40 5705 SteveKarvelas11:39.23 67.6
M40 5376 BruceHoogendoorn12:41.76 61.6
M45 4952 DaleMoore11:32.54 71.5
M45 2478 CraigWisdom11:51.52 70.1
M45 3622 PeterCullen12:09.29 66.8
M45 5589 AngelMarina14:31.40 57.3
M50 2167 RogerPilkington11:58.09 70.1
M50 4241 GaryBowen12:29.90 68.2
M55 2293 KenWhite12:22.90 71.2
M60 4766 PaulArcher11:52.40 76.8
M60 2086 JimWhite12:49.84 71.1
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee14:28.19 64.1
W30 5251 JodieSims13:58.03 60.1
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:54.08 75.6
W40 4084 AmandaWalker12:51.25 68.7
W40 4383 BronwynCalver13:14.77 66.0
W50 4440 HelenLarmour13:00.22 75.4
W50 3657 MariaO'Reilly13:15.91 77.9
W55 2426 SherrylGreathead16:22.35 65.7
W60 5213 WendyKupkee16:21.61 71.8


Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M45 4841 BruceGraham16:28.68 85.5
M45 5416 IanMcDonald19:59.01 70.5
M50 5594 ColwynThomas23:27.07 62.5

1st Oct 2009


Age GpIDFirst NameLast NamePerformanceAge %Comment or Points
M35 5578 LancePurdon10:48.6 70.2
M35 5393 TroySteinman11:34.8 65.5
M40 5708 DesProctor9:13.2 84.8
M40 5129 SimonWall12:26.8 63.8
M40 5376 BruceHoogendoorn12:37.1 62.0
M40 5290 BrettMorrison12:49.2 61.0
M40 5511 CraigDavis13:14.5 58.6
M45 4841 BruceGraham9:27.4 86.6
M45 5416 IanMcDonald11:25.4 71.7
M45 4952 DaleMoore11:27.4 72.0
M45 5589 AngelMarina13:47.4 60.3
M45 3794 PeterSinfield13:59.7 59.4
M50 2175 RichardFaulks11:18.2 74.2
M50 2167 RogerPilkington12:17.4 68.2
M50 2212 EwenThompson13:03.8 65.2
M55 2293 KenWhite11:55.1 73.3
M60 1332 GeoffMoore12:10.5 75.6
M60 2142 RobbieCostmeyer12:16.0 75.7
M60 1069 GrahamBurke12:20.4 75.9
M60 2086 JimWhite12:30.6 72.9
M60 1496 AlanWilliams14:15.6 65.1
M60 5212 LawrieKupkee14:23.9 64.5
M70 1044 TonyBooth13:57.3 72.7
W30 5251 JodieSims14:09.0 59.3
W40 4263 KatieForestier11:47.9 76.3
W40 5288 NadineThomlinson12:18.7 71.1
W40 4084 AmandaWalker12:55.9 68.2
W40 4383 BronwynCalver13:26.6 65.1
W50 1431 KathySouthgate11:09.5 91.3
W50 3657 MariaO'Reilly13:18.8 77.6
W55 2647 CathyMontalto14:10.8 75.9
W60 3704 CarolBaird13:17.8 84.5
W60 1606 MargaretMcSpadden16:36.0 69.7
W60 5213 WendyKupkee17:01.7 69.0
W60 1356 RosemaryParker17:04.1 67.8
W65 4051 CarolineCampbell15:22.4 81.4
W70 1520 AnneYoung17:05.7 82.6

Queensland Open 10,000m Championships

Queensland Open 10,000m Championships


10000m Championship:

Male Open:
Jonathan Peters 30.46.59, Jared Hauschildt 31.42.94, Andrew Ferris 32.34.87, Dennis Fitzgerald 32.44.61, Paul Tierney 35.02.18, Jason Hall 35.15.09, Ryo Tsukui 35.29.04, John Tucker 35.37.68, Peter Reeves 36.44.37.

Male: U/23yrs
Daryl Crook 31.42.45.
Female Open:

Lauren Shelley 35.29.29, Brooke Condon 39.21.44.

Ronnie's son Jonathan ran a superb solo 10,000 in 30m46! Well don to the other medalists Jared and Andrew. Dennis is a Master M35 I dont think he's quite 40 yet but great running for Brissy conditions. Also Peter Reeves is M55 so fine running 36m44.

02 November 2009

Confirmed tear posterior horn medial menicus

The MRI scan confirmed my consultants suspected diagnosis.

There is a tear involving the posterior horn medial meniscus. This is an obliquely radial tear through this region extending through the middle and inner thirds. There is bony oedema deep to this, involving the medialtibial plateau. Medial collateral ligaments appears intact. The body of the medial meniscus appears normal. Hyaline cartilage of the medial femoral condyle shows some minor surface irregularity. This is minimal.
Cruciate ligaments are intact. Fibular collateral ligament appears normal. Hyaline cartilage of the patellofemoral joint demonstrates some minor increased signal involving the interfacetal ridge.

Oblique radial tear involving the posterior horn medial meniscus with underlying bony oedema.

The consultant said that other than the tear and the oedema , my knee is in fair shape for a 48 year old!
So I now have an appointment to see a knee surgeon in a few weeks for his review and recommendations. I have tentatively booked in for an arthroscope a couple of days later on the 27th Nov.
The scope should be able to tidy up the tear. The 'underlying bony oedema' is another matter and was described to me as bone' bruising but I also remember the term being used to describe the bone appearance in my pelvic stress fracture! I suspect that it is the cartilage tear that is giving rise to the pain I'm experiencing and that the bone oedema is a result of the cartilage shock absorbers not doing their job though just how I managed to do this on just 4 short runs following my return from 6 months off with the pelvic stress fracture is beyond me!

01 November 2009

Steve Jones - The demise of British Mens Marathon Running

My friend Philippe Brown sent me this story which I really enjoyed so I thought I'd share it with you.
It makes interesting reading and covers such topics as the demise in Men's British Marathon performances and unusual pre race hydration techniques!!

Scan results on knee on Monday!

It is from The Independent on Sunday and written by Simon Turnbull.

It's easy to keep up with the Jones boy – but then he is 54

GB's finest male marathon man lines up over 26 miles in New York next week

By Simon Turnbull, Athletics Correspondent

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Steve Jones rues the fact that he still holds the British record, 25 years after setting it: 'To be honest, it's a little sad,' he says. It's a far cry from winning the London Marathon or running at the Commonwealth Games (above)


Steve Jones rues the fact that he still holds the British record, 25 years after setting it: 'To be honest, it's a little sad,' he says. It's a far cry from winning the London Marathon or running at the Commonwealth Games (above)

Paula Radcliffe ought to have little trouble keeping up with Jonesy on the streets of New York next Sunday. In addition to Britain's (and the world's) fastest ever woman over 26.2 miles, Britain's fastest ever man at the classic distance happens to be entered for the 2009 ING New York City Marathon. "I'll be running round with an old RAF friend from Cardiff, Rick McTaggart," Steve Jones said. "We'll probably run about five hours, so nothing to write home about."

It was different on 21 October 1984. Jones blitzed to a world-record time in Chicago that day, clocking 2hr 08min 05sec in his first completed marathon. He has been the British record-holder ever since, improving those figures to 2:07.13 in Chicago in 1985, when he missed the new world record set by Portugal's Carlos Lopes by one second. Not that the former RAF aircraft technician from Ebbw Vale – at 54, now a house-painter and grandfather happily settled in Boulder, Colorado – was celebrating the 25th anniversary last Wednesday.

"To be honest with you, I think it's a little sad," Jones confessed. "I mean it's great to have the British record, and it appears that I might have it for some time yet, but I think it's a little sad that the rest of the world – well it's the African nations really – have kind of moved on and we haven't."

There are many sad statistics that can underline the decline in British men's marathon running, such as 25 sub-2hr 15min clockings in 1984; just one in 2009 (Dan Robinson having recorded a fine personal best of 2:12.14 in Amsterdam a fortnight ago). "But do we just dwell on the past or do something about it?" Jones said. "We can't go comparing what Charlie Spedding or Allister Hutton or myself or Eamonn Martin or Paul Evans were doing. We just have to turn things round for the guys of today. And the names that I just mentioned are the guys who should be mentoring and inspiring."

Jones is doing just that, for the benefit of distance runners of all nationalities, as coach of an elite profes- sional training group and also a club group based in Boulder, the long-time altitude training mecca in the foothills of the Rockies that was home to the Robin Williams sitcom Mork and Mindy. His elite group includes Jorge Torres, who ran for the United States in the 10,000m in the Beijing Olympics and who will be making his marathon debut in New York next week, and Fiona Docherty, the former New Zealand triathlete who made the World Championship grade as a marathon runner in Berlin in August.

Jones has also been helping Scotland's Freya Murray make impressive strides of late. As part of Scottish Athletics' endurance initiative, the 26-year-old has spent two spells working with Jones's club group in Boulder, and the benefits were clear when she won the BUPA Great Yorkshire 10km road race in Sheffield in September, clocking 32min 28sec. "Is it just the training here?" Jones ponders. "No, probably not. Is it my influence? I'd say some of it probably is – but in more of a mentoring, inspirational way than a coaching way."

And, he might have added, with the kind of uncluttered approach Jones brought to his own running, as a raw, heart-on-the-sleeve Alf Tupper type – a steelworker's son whose racing philosophy was "always to devastate the opposition", who was fuelled by Coke, Mars bars and meat pies when he broke the world marathon record in Chicago and by 10 pints of cider (the night before) when he clocked a world half marathon record of 61min 14sec in Birmingham the same year.

"What I do is make it simple," Jones, now a teetotaller, says. "There's no science in it – no heart-rate monitors. It's just running – running instinctively. Anyone who saw Steve Jones run in the Seventies, Eighties and early Nineties knew that he ran by the seat of his pants nearly all the time. You don't see that any more and that's what I'm trying to teach these guys. None of it comes out of a book. It all comes out of my own experience."

Like the time in 1988 when no one in New York could keep up with the Jones boy, when he won the Big Apple's big marathon by a margin of 3min 20sec. It remains the biggest winning chunk since the race spread from Central Park to the city's five boroughs back in 1976.

His fastest three marathons

Chicago 1984 Having failed to finish on his marathon debut in Chicago 12 months previously, Jones smashed Rob de Castella's world record, beating the Australian world champion and the Portuguese Olympic champion Carlos Lopes in 2hr 08min 05sec. "I didn't even know what the world record was," he said. "I just ran to win."

London 1985 Jones prevailed in 2hr 08min 16sec – despite having to stop for an emergency road-side dump while running neck and neck with fellow Briton and Olympic bronze medallist Charlie Spedding with four miles to go. "I didn't shake hands with him at the finish but that wasn't because he had beaten me," Spedding said.

Chicago 1985 The world record had moved on to 2hr 07min 12sec, courtesy of Lopes in Rotterdam, and Jones could probably have bettered it had there been a clock on the lead vehicle in Chicago six months later. Storming through halfway in a stunning 1hr 01min 43sec, he finished in 2hr 07min 13sec, still a British record.

Simon Turnbull