25 April 2012

2011 World Rankings M50-54 5000m

More cycling today, I got overtaken at a set of lights I'd stopped at by a guy older than me and a lot larger, he timed it perfectly to keep going as the lights turned green. Try as I might I could not catch him back up. Surely I am better than this? 
Imagine if the guy was actually racing (like I was) - perhaps he was? No! 
Now I remember, I saw him sitting up and straitening his back on a down hill section.
OK this cycling is purely calorie burning and some fitness for me.

The World Masters Rankings are up to 95% complete for 2011. The beauty of turning 50 in Sept allowed me to jump from 41st in the M45-49 5000m with 15m50.18 (4th Aussie) to 6th M50-54 with 15m55.34 (1st Aussie).
For 2012 I know that my early 15m57 has been bettered by Bruce (15m55) in Oz and three Americans.(Mike Blackmore just ran 15m16.77 !! New USA Rec M50)
See the full 2011 list here
Or click on list below for short version of the 2011 5000m  M50-54.
That last minute , one off 1500m I ran in December got me 13th for a 4m22.15 which is my best ever ranking at 1500m. Of course Keith Batemen had a Stella year in his M55-59 Cat. Also Great performances by Peter Reeves and Ronnie Peters in that Cat.
Full Rankings are here

24 April 2012

Cycling Central

TODAY Tues 4.45am 28.3km Cycle 71m06 23.9kmph 114bpm
Mon Rest
Sun 3.08pm 28.20km Cycle 65m20 25.9kmph 124bpm
Sat 3.46pm 28.13km Cycle 65m45 25.7kmph  131bpm (?)
Fri 4.56am 28.19km Cycle 71m38 113bpm
Thur 5.29am 19.55km Cycle 47m52 
Wed Rest
Tue 5.15am 10.65 Roo+Lake 51m09 4m48 K's
Mon Rest
Sun 9.08am 3.03km SSCXC 10m20 3m25 K's 165bpm
Sun 8.01am 6.05km SSCXC 21m26 3m33 K's 169bpm
Sat 5.48pm 5.75km Roo 24m15 4m13 K's 148bpm

18 April 2012


On Sunday I ran the Sunshine Coast XC series again. This time the course was reversed which meant a longer downhill section and two short uphill sections per lap. It had been raining through the week and the morning so conditions were softer under foot but no mud (this is Queensland).
Again I chose the 6K as I am in no condition to be racing 12K.
The Race One winner immediately ran strongly and I was in no condition to keep him company and though I ran with some youngsters for most of the first lap they eventually dropped off leaving me a clear second overall.
I wore the heart rate monitor and glance down at the Garmin and saw myself redlining at 178bpm . Pretty close to maximum, and perhaps indicative of being out of condition. 21m2xsecs (about 20 secs faster than last week)
The sun shone whilst we ran but as soon as we'd finished the heavens opened and it poured down on the 12K runners still completing their race.
Ronnie's son Jonny won again but was kept honest by a young 16 year old who really looks like a talent. It is great to see these guys develop and good to see him race the tough man's distance - 12K.
I decided to also race the 3K 30mins later (after the 12K's had finished). I started fast to keep the hordes of youngsters from crowding me out at the first turn just 100m after the start. Surprising I led out of the sports fields across the road and round by the dog park when Shaun Lee and another took me. I managed to stay close and after the second short uphill section past the 2nd place guy and closed on the leader as we headed towards the finish. Didn't quite have enough in me to close the final couple of seconds but pleased with the 3K performance and another 2nd place overall. I ran about 10m21 from memory.
After the race had finished and I got back in the car for the drive home the heavens opened up again and poured down the whole way home.
The heel tends to react badly to the driving position and was pretty sore after. I rested on Monday (too sore) and crawled around Roo+Lake on Tuesday. Decided to give it a miss again today and underwent my first course of Lithotripsy.
I have been advised to keep off the heel for the duration of treatment so that is a 4/5 week break minimum.
I will get back on the dreaded bike but cant stand the boredom of the stationary trainer so will risk riding in the dark (but will light myself up like a beacon!).
The doctor checked out the PF on the ultra sound which also assists in pinpointing the areas requiring greatest attention. Mine was thickened to twice normal size. The actual treatment is shock waves produced by sound waves and there was nothing comfortable about it.
It  felt like electrical shocks and perhaps because of my inflammation I found it pretty painful at times but the frequency gets modulated or perhaps the foot gets used to it and you survive. The treatment does provide immediate short term relief which wears off after a couple of days. I will have 4 treatments about a week to ten days apart. No ice (slows blood flow = repair) will apply heat pack twice a day and continue with ibuprofen as required. Cost $500 and no rebate.
Gotta hope it works. 

11 April 2012

The Walking Dead

Winter has arrived in Queensland - I ran in a tee shirt this morning and the overnight temperature is dropping below 20 o C.

Wed. 1.5km WU 5 X 1km at Woodvale 'Square' [Grass] 200m jog recovery
3m19.36 149bpm
3m25.14 152bpm
3m23.64 156bpm
3m17.26 158bpm
3m17.89 158bpm
1.5km WD
Tough going running 9 corners per KM on grass. Absolutely no due on the grass which was another first this Autumn.I found myself losing concentration at times (floating).
Ran session in Adidas climacool rather than barefoot to see if it made much difference on post session pain -
it didn't.

Tue Rest
Mon 3.22pm Roo+Lake 46m43 10.68km 4m23 K's
Sun 5.19pm Roo+Lake 46m12 10.54km 4m23 K's
Sat 3.56pm Roo+Lake 45m19 10.59km 4m17 K's
Fri 4.43pm Roo+Lake 44m43 10.58km 4m14 K's
Thu 5.23pm Roo+Lake 48m22 10.60km 4m34 K's

Just ticking over, still waiting for the heel to heal. Not much happening race wise, XC next week and in a few weeks the 10K season will start.

Had a great Easter weekend with the family. Sails Festival at Redcliffe on Friday, Bribie on Sunday.
Friends tipped me to watch The Walking Dead on FX on Sat and Sun First Series back to back episodes all evening! I love a good Zombie movie and this TV show does not dissapoint. It stars the English guy from Teachers Andrew Lincoln. Series Two back to back episodes on Tuesday evenings with NO adverts!
This is the promo for the series.

04 April 2012

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series #1 photos

 Start of the 6KM
 They're off
 The guy in third is gobsmacked!
The only thing on my mind is getting up the hill and scooting past some of the 12K runners who started 2mins in front of us. 
 Jonny Peters was 2mins clear in the 12K. Looking more and more like his 'old man' !
 Neil Labinski 3rd 12km
 Running Queensland Style. Alan Mullins 4th 12KM.
 Ronnie getting overtaken by the U18 winner (and outright race winner) Shaun Lee 21m03
Michael Hooper 21m38
 These young pups have got no respect! This youngster kicked past me in the final 400m I had nothing!
 Just crossed the line and stopped the Garmin on exactly 6.00km 21m42
 Queensland Open 10,000m Champion Ronnie backing up 3 days later.
 David Scoope getting in the miles for the GC Mara.
 'Dont you know my bark is worse than my bite!' Craig AKA Bellthorpe!
More quality!

Photos copyright Lindsay Wright

03 April 2012

4 X1km

Monday 6.00pm Roo+Lake
Tues 5.00am
I ran 4 X 1km with about 90secs recovery. The odd numbered K's were slightly downhill (evens slightly uphill)
3m23 148bpm
3m24 143bpm
3m12 160bpm
3m17 165bpm - I noted that my heart rate  hit 175bpm at the end and that was high enough to make me wretch but I didn't chuck. Have to get used to running at that intensity again. Heel hurt on Wednesday so took the day off.
Thursday 5th April 5.00am 10.6km Roo+Lake 47mins 4m30K's

01 April 2012

Sunshine Coast Cross Country Series #1

The last few years I have run the 12km and added the 3k as a form of warm down but being a little under done I decided to race the 6K today only. Super conditions but perhaps not the best for running as warm and sunny conditions, we went off 2mins after the 12K runners so always had someone to pass. Our course was 2 laps (3K laps) fast start and a young lad gapped me early. On the hill on the 2nd K a group of 3 or 4 past me as my condition started to tell. Sorry I didn't wear the heart rate monitor as I'm sure I'd have got into the 180's!! 
On the second lap I managed to find equilibrium and re past 1 or 2. Ran with a youngster for most of the second lap who kicked at the finish but I was too gone to respond. 
I hoped to break the M40 record for the distance and might have snuck under it but as there is a new 50 to 60 age group it will be a record whatever. 
I finished 4th overall in 21m42 for the 6KM The Garmin had it spot on 6.00km.
Will post Garmin link later.
We are going to be running this same course perhaps 3 times this series so I have every chance of improving my time. Might run the 3K when I'm feeling fitter. The heel is ok on grass but even so, hurts after, on the drive home.Will continue to manage it.

Ronnie Peters WON the Queensland 10,000m Open title on Friday aged 58 in 34m10 - State Champion amazing! Francis Mahony (50) ran very well 35mins 19

Keith Bateman ran 32m50 to finish about 6th in NSW Open 10,000m exceptional performance for a 57 year old.

Ronnie, David, Ian and Craig were all running today. Craig ran 6K with me and the others ran 12KM. The 12K winner from Ronnies AShgrove Harriers looked super impressive and won by a mile from a Maroochy lad and Neil Labinsky in 3rd.
Will post results mid week!