19 September 2015

The Golden Garmin Lama

It was raining Thursday morning and I dislike cycling in the rain so I decided to start my comeback two days sooner than originally intended but I have still managed to give myself a 4 week break from running.
Just a steady run around the lake 5.3km for starters, followed by the same on Friday. Knees don't get any better for replacing running with cycling! Ooh! Friday I thought I'd try an antiinflammatory to see if I could concentrate on seeing if the hip is still an issue. It is, but very much in the background and I know its when I start loading the training that the true test will come.
Mike Trees will be here in early October , we will do a parkrun and a Masters 3000m and one other road event so I need to get back in action just to train with the guy. Mike has been injured himself but managed to train for 6 weeks before the World Master's in Lyon and get 5th in the M50 5000m and pulled out a stunner 4;17 for bronze in the 1500m behind the impirious David Heath who stands as the all time great for M50 800 and 1500.
Treesey brought a tear to my eye with that performance, I'd fallen asleep watching le tour but woke up to see his wife's Rieko's race video. You couldn't believe what you were seeing, sure Heathy was sublime but to see Mike take it on like he did still moistens the eye when I think of it, will post up link herehttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153555211853923&id=595983922&_rdr
It was the second time this winter Treesey had shocked me, back in the UK he'd run a 3 in 9:39 and had gone up to Manchester to race Andy Green over another 3000 how's Greeney was injured and was only able to offer trackside support. Anyway Mike pulls out all the stops and runs a blinder 9;15 !
I could not believe it, he asked me to guess how he went, I'll see if I can find the messenger exchange and post it here.

Having him coming to town shortly is all the motivation I need to get back into it, as November brings us together again in Tokyo for the Sween Green Trees  showdown! And November also brings the year countdown to M55 World Master's in Perth !  I have been counting down for at least two years already!
Finally able to run in my latest Adidas Energy Boost !
Peter Reeves will love them too as they are a Golden Lama colour!
I said on Strava that they are so loud that Jimmy Savile (the horrific pervert  DJ) wouldn't look a miss in them!
I love them, they are cheap and great to run in.

06 September 2015


This is me and that is a Magpie!

I got back from Gladstone and trained on for a week feeling OK but the following weekend I headed out for a 24km run with a view to getting some prep done for the Sunshine Coast Half, however my hip was giving out again and I was in pain the whole way .
I decided that a proper break from running 3 or 4 weeks might be a way to get over it.
So I have been back on the bike getting some laps around North Lakes as a firm of cross training .
The screaming banshees (magpies) have been attacking me good and proper,I get pretty psyched up for the buggers knowing they are coming for me and  even filmed a video clip of the swooping magpie but unfortunately my language is so colourful I cannot publish it!
Mike Trees has also got me aqua jogging in the pool in winter (OK yes it has just turned into spring) needless to say the wife thinks I'm crazy getting in the pool for 20mins at 6:00am !

Jetty to Jetty Half Marathon 74;59

Another medal arrived in the post this week, this time an age cat medal from the Jetty to Jetty.
Appreciate them printing it up with my net time which looks better than the 75:00
Here are the official results

Gold Coast Trophy

Amongst the many things I love about about the Gold Coast Marathon festival are the age category trophies which arrived this week with an Asics bag, these are the only trophies I have on 'display' in my home, meaning every thing else is flung into a cupboard.

Botanic to Bridge 8km 2nd 26:40

I travelled up to Gladstone with Jackson and and Clare and introduced them to the delights of the backpackers conveniently situated close by to the start line.
Race day morning was clear warm and sunny and after 2km warm up I formed up on the start line , Jacko said I could be up for 2nd on the day as we didn't recognize any other runners.
Sure enough the gun goes and we head uphill for 500m Jacko with some incredibly exaggerated arm swings, my lack of intense training leading me to refrain from too hung ho a start.
Still I started in 2nd and was never headed by anyone else.
It was pretty lonely with Jackson ever further in front down the long straight roads and it was Clare about the same distance behind me in 3rd.
One memory was the smouldering remnants of a bush fire/ back burning than provided a pungent interlude for the chest.
The road is a real roller coaster with UPS and downs, the 5th km has a nice down hill section which I ran in 3:11 but is followed by the uphill Goondoon Street through the centre of town. A right pig of a hill, has to be approached with shortened stride while the heart rate goes through the roof.
Then it's back downhill and around a loop before going over the bridge that takes you to Central Queensland Uni and the finish line.
Never been better than 4th the five times I've raced here so was happy with 2nd and 1st in the Masters $500 to pay for the trip and some Tokyo spending money. Mind you  I did ask the organisers if I might pick up the 2nd place open cat prize $750 instead = no such luck, I was entered in the Masters cat only!
11km warm down with Jackson who is is on a high mileage stint that should see him break new ground as he heads towards his middle thirties (think he's 32.
Team Garmin Lama had 1st 2nd and 3rd but we needed a 4tg team member to score, maybe next time we can crack that one.