31 December 2007

John Treacy

PM 42m17 Roo+L (10.5-11.1KM)

The legs were carrying yesterdays speed session but still managed to cruise around just over 4min KM pace. Still very windy and unseasonably cool, Temp must have only got to about 25 0 C instead of 30 + .

Happy New Year

I have a few races planned for January, 1500m followed by a couple of 3000's and a 5000m.
I would like to run 8m59.1, 15m4? and sub 4m19. I'd be very happy with that!

John Treacy was one of the Great Irish distance runners who won the World CC Championships TWICE!, he also finished third twice as a Junior.
I particularly loved his victory in a mud bath at Glasgow.

30 December 2007

Dennis Fitzgerald

2.00PM @ Nudgee

16 X 300m 100m jog recovery

First half 52's & 53's second half 51's finished with a 47.47!!
Very Windy conditions ! (Big Low still sitting off the Q'Land Coast) tried to cancel the wind affect but found the wind swirling around from straight down the finishing straight to across the first bend. I never feel the benefit of the wind push in the other direction around the track only the negative effects of the struggle trying to run into a wind.Very happy with my session.
I was unable to motivate myself to get up at 3.00am this morning to watch Everton V Arsenal.
Shame, as I missed Arsenal thump the Toffees 1 -4 and the Hammers did us a favour beating Manu 2 -1 ! Puts Arsenal on top of the Premier League - You Beauty!

29 December 2007

Brendan Whelan

10.00am 40m59 Roo+ L

Steady run in very windy conditions (Big low sitting off the Queensland coast). Felt a little stiff specially in the calf muscles as I didn't warm down properly after yesterdays track session.
Current weight anything between 63.5 & 65 kg depending on time of day and before or after run!
Intermittent work on my abdominals going OK. Off work till 2nd Jan enjoying doing nothing.

I saw this clip on You Tube and was impressed at the quality of the production and a joy to see Eamon Coghlan and Ronnie Delaney. Also very impressed at what appears to be a 40 year old novice runner deciding he would like to run a 4 minute mile! Of course he is never going to be able to make it but he did run 4min34 which is bloody good going!'

28 December 2007

Shane George

Nudgee 8.30am 16 X 400m 100m jog recovery Ave 70. secs

A fantastic session all things considered! The heavens opened up about half way through and ran in standing water, had to take my top off - but that was OK only a couple of what looked like footy players doing some fitness work for company!

Ran; 70, 71, 70, 69, 70, 69, 70, 68, 71, 70, 70, 71, 70,71, 70, 66.6

I'm sure that is a better session and I'm running as good as last season when I ran 8m59.5, 15m29 and 32m12. It also shows when the temperature is reasonable, middle distance running performances improve.

I have the better hair do!

With my Irish background, I always loved the great Irish distance runners.

One I hold with special esteem is Eamon Coghlan.
I love this clip as it shows him finally Winning one of the big Championships after many near misses. I seem to recall seeing a slow motion replay of this race which showed that as he rounded Dimitriev, Eamon punched the air in a kind of victory salute as he knew he had finally done it, this time he would be taking home the GOLD medal!
I found this photo that captured that moment !

27 December 2007

Ron Peters

8.00am Roo+Lake 41m27 (11.1KM)

Got up at 5.50am to watch Portsmouth Arsenal. Was disappointed that when I switched on the box it was already 10mins into the game. Apparently I hadn't missed much and the rest of the game wasn't great. Arsenal had a few very good chances to notch up another away win but failed to take the opportunities. It was a 0 - 0 draw , the first time Arsenal have failed to score this season. Don't know whats happened to Van Percy he made a brief comeback a couple of games ago and has not been seen since. Must have not fully recovered from the long term injury he has had. Now we are really missing him! Arsenal's failure to win and ManU's thumping of Sunderland puts them 1 point in front. At least we had the bragging rights on top at Xmas, which is normally indicative of the eventual Champions come season end.

I went for a run after the game , had to keep it local as we were going out for the day.
Tried to hold myself back to 4.00Min K's but failed!

It has been quite cool over the last few days for Xmas time Brisbane. Overcast and showers. Though not hot its been pretty humid. Ran with the headband during daylight today! even with Natalie's calls of "didn't know Olivia Newton John was a runner!" I ask you can you see any resemblance?

At least I don't wear pink ankle warmers, though they do look rather fetching!
The day was spent at Australia Zoo. Quite expensive for a family of 4 to go (Oli & Kate didn't come), a family ticket for $150.00 ! We bought a season ticket in our first year here and must have gone all up at least a dozen times. It has expanded beyond recognition from our first visit there in the early nineties. We saw Steve Irwin quite a few times , a lovely Australian Bloke!
Our Max (a big fan) was most upset when Steve died last year. His wife Terri and Wes put on a good show today. Storming 'Norman' was the huge Croc on show at the Crocoseium today. We loved the Crocs, the Tigers and the Elephants.
Here is my favourite bit from my favourite film!

26 December 2007

Herb Elliott

Boxing Day Run with Geoff Holmes

I needed to get away from from Roo+Lake and somewhat forced a reluctant "Comeback Kid" to go for a run with me.
We ran from Geoff's new house - well more like a Mansion, I arrived outside, looked up at the vast expanse of the roof line and was thinking one of Saddam Hussein's Palaces !
I phoned to check I had the right place.
In the UK only seriously rich people could ever aspire to live in such opulent grandeur - Australia (and Queensland in particular) lends itself to economical construction techniques and land prices which mean that hardworking folk can afford these monsters! Perhaps it helps if you only have one child!.
The center piece of Geoff and Nicole's home is a huge 'void', a double height, open plan part of the ground floor with a galleried landing above. Simply sensational.
Anyhow Geoff has been so busy with the builders and buying the materials for the house over the last couple of months that training has taken a back seat. So his fitness wasn't the best. I had to change vests as otherwise we'd have looked like a right couple running in the same fluorescent yellow and orange vests!

We headed off down through Scarborough's 'canal estates' to the seafront path at Scarborough and along for a few K. Geoff rested from 3K and I picked him back up at 7K. We ran 11m56 for the last 3K. Geoff was somewhat mortified at this time as he was using it as a benchmark for his avowed ambition;
"2008 sub 10min 3000m", It's in the public domain now mate so you gotta do it! Geoff's PB is about 10m20.
All up I ran just under 11KM in about 44mins.

To me one of the funniest film clips of all time:

As this blog is supposed to be about running I thought I'd include this clip of an ABSOLUTE LEGEND of distance running; The incomparable Herb Elliot - what I love about this clip is it shows Herb to be a real Ozzy Bloke as well as seeing the awesome talent and majesty of his running action. World Record performance in an Olympic Final you don't see that very often these days!
One of these days I'll write about my adoration for his coach Percy Cerrutty his theories on life and training techniques.

25 December 2007

Simon Hedger

Merry Christmas!

The kids let us lie in till 7.00am (under orders), spent a late night putting together Lily's Bicycle!
After present Opening;

I got out for a run around about midday. Of course it was stinking hot! Tried some of my new shoes = the Nike Air Structure. They immediately felt like a new pair of shoes i.e. the comfort factor/cushioning was fantastic.A while into the run the 'tightness' of the shoes became apparent, perhaps the factory lacing but it was slightly uncomfortable.
Also swapping the Nike+ sensor caused a shift in the calibration and the K's were measured long (10.5K rather than 11.1K). Still very pleased to have run a
40min40 sec Roo + Lake - carrying on the form I've been showing this week though I did feel some tiredness in the thighs through the run.

24 December 2007

Nickey Trainer

5.00am Monday
I had a rest day yesterday! Lad's night out on Sat eve. = a few Pure Blonde's.

Got back and tried to watch Arsenal game but fell asleep and woke up at 7.00am still on the Sofa by Max. Went back to bed till Midday - Natalie wasn't happy as I'd promised to take it easy but hey Lad's Night's Out are a pretty rare phenomenon these days!!

So this morning having the benefit of a days rest meant I hit the road pretty fast straight off. I ran 40m52 for the Roo+lake which for a morning session is PDQ. In the last week my training intensity has gone up a notch and a sub 16Min 5000m shows things are progressing OK. The 15m53 is worth about a 9m08 3000m according to this running calculator;


Here is this mornings run from Nike+;

My brother Tim would appreciate this clip;

22 December 2007

Mark Cursons

A very hot and humid day today! Not yet gone for a run as Natalie is at work. It's a 32 O C day and I'm just sitting down playing You Tube videos and sweating buckets! I plan on doing some sit ups and then 10 mins on the rower (gets too boring after that) should warm me up nicely for a run when Nat gets home.

Tonight I have to try and stay awake to watch Arsenal Spurs. Hope it's a good game. I shall sign off with my signature tune ....memory brings a tear to the eye

Well I did the sit ups but not the rowing. Around about 7.30 went for a run, and flew around the course in sub 40mins! Only the third or fourth time I've run sub 40.
A couple of the K's around the middle section (uphill) were respite K's other than that I pretty much nailed the course. It was really hot and humid. I ran with a sweat band on my head for the first time and was impressed with the results. No sweat into the eye and on taking it off you could feel the weight of the sweat!
Saw a monster black snake out on my run must have been a 6 or 7 footer!It was crossing the bike path on the slope up to Woodvale.
Not quite the leviathan python I saw up in the mountains on a run but pythons dont bite you! I steered well clear of this critter!
Here is the run;

Arsenal beat Spurs 2- 1!

21 December 2007

David Thompson

5000m 3rd 15m53;07
Griffith's University Gold Coast

A small field of 7 toed the line, Andrew Ferris took out the first lap with me in second, Christopher Reeves and brothers then swarmed around me and pushed on with Andrew Ferris. Mat Reeves dropped out after a KM, and I caught and passed Andrew Reeves at about 2000m, though he came back at me as he finished at 3000m.After that I ran by myself though I was coming back on Andrew Ferris. Times were roughly 1m48 @ 600m, 3m00 @ 1000m, 6m12 @2000, 9m26 @ 3000m ,12m40 @ 4000m.
1st Christopher Reeves 15m23.39, 2nd Andrew Ferris 15m48.75 5th Peter Reeves (M50-54) 18m16.01
An average of 3m10 per KM in warm humid conditions ,partly windy, was an 'OK' performance. I know before hand my target was a modest sub 16M performance and I achieved that but then my mind moves the 'bar' and I think Sub 15m50 would have been an OK performance! It was hard to really push myself in this low key meet, running mostly alone. So I feel confident that should the stakes be raised I can put more into it, however, last February's 15m29 seems a long long way off!

The photo above showing a glorious view of the Milky Way was taken over Pointe de Trévignon, France, on August 13, 2007. In the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere the Milky Way is gorgeous on clear, summer nights. Here the view is toward the south, from the constellation of Sagittarius (near the horizon) to the constellation of Cygnus (at top, close to the zenith). Dark interstellar clouds of dust and dark gas provide a sharp contrast with the brighter areas (regions rich in stars) of the Milky Way. The dazzling red blotch at bottom is the Penfret Island lighthouse.

Friday 21st December 2007

5.00am 23m23 Roo 6KM (3m53 perKM)

Steady taper run.

19 December 2007

Freddie Hampton

5.00am 41m39 Roo + Lake 11.1KM 3m48K pace!
Really picked up the pace from 7KM and was close to race pace.

Second day in a row that I've really pushed my run.Very pleased with the time, its good enough to go on my list of fastest ever runs over the course.
Occasionally people ask what is the difference between me and say someone that races 40min for 10K. The answer must be a mixture of elements such as natural ability, training and mental strength. I was thinking during this mornings run that mental attitude to train really hard gives me some edge. To train at 4min K pace every day means that come race day, when you have a huge kick in of adrenalin and competition, means that you can raise your speed and cope with it. Your trained body is used to the pain of pace and consequently you are able to raise your speed and hold it longer. During this mornings run I got up to 3m30 pace which as I stated above is pretty close to race pace (10K). I have felt on occasions that some of my best runs have been on training runs. I cant quite believe that I have actually managed to run that same course in a PB of 38m55 (=7th May 2007) nearly three minutes quicker than this morning. In total I have broken 41mins 10 times and I run this course 4 or 5 times a week! Here is this mornings run;

Here is my RECORD run over the same course;

Remember this course is actually 11.1KM, so it's pretty much 3m30 per KM (on a training run!!!!).
Also note there is always a disparity between my PM runs and early AM runs.
Somehow the mechanics of my body are that I'm much more warmed up and attuned to the task from the first KM, in my PM runs than my AM runs!

I'm contemplating heading down to Griffiths Uni on the Gold Coast for a 5000m on Friday night, however, I have to negotiate two work Xmas 'Do's', and hope I can keep the alcohol down to an absolute minimum in order to put in my best possible performance.

Freddy Hampton ran for Hillingdon A.C. as a Boy and Youth.
A solid competitor and a real character.
The Crafty Cockney type.A skinhead!
Great mates with Superstar Colin Pearson from Haringey and Southgate A.C.
He ended up one of the last 10 POUND POMS!
He made his way to Sydney and last I heard he was a Firefighter for NSW.
Married with a couple of daughters, his knees got knackered and he had to give up running.

This morning the Arsenal 'second' team beat the Blackburn 'first' team 3 -2 (Away), a great performance by the youngsters and superbly taken goals by Diaby and Edwardo.

18 December 2007

2007 World Rankings 10,000m M45 - M49 : 10th!!

These are the World Masters Rankings for 2007 M45-49;
I am proud, thrilled and motivated by my 10th place!

Men - M 45 - 49

1) 30:37.52
Ayele Setegne (Haile Satain)
Tel Aviv

2) 31:08.26
Peter De Vocht

3) 31:16.67
Iwanaga Yoshitsugu 岩永 義次

4) 31:28.87
David Chawane

5) 31:37.4
Jean Louis Prianon
St. Denis

6) 31:38.4
Marco Cacciamani

7) 31:49.9
Maurizio Vagnoli

8) 31:57.91
Mike Scannell

9) 32:06.74
Marc Van der Hoeven

10) 32:12.27
David Sweeney

Rossano Altini

12) 32:18.07
Marc Ruell

13) 32:22.61
Willem Boon

14) 32:23.81
Philppe Pividori

15) 32:25.82
Fiorenzo Romeri

16) 32:41.2
Javier Cabezas Castro
Los Corrales

17) 32:46.55
Roberto Meneghello

18) 32:48.62
Aïssa Margoum

19) 32:47.6
Jürgen Theofel

20) 32:50.70
Tim Brouwer de Koning

Mike Boyle

Alexey Yudin

Patxi Orofino Iturgaiz

Marc Bultinck

Mark Stickley

Dirk Gallein

Miguel Ángel Vargas
San Jose

Willem Boon

Luigi Pastore

Jorge Costa

Hans Van de Mortel

Fernando Serrano Perez

Giovanni Moretto

Gilles Convert

José Jami

Francisco Javier Delgado

Ralf Harzbecker

Anders Dahlström

Bent Povlsen

Jose Nortes Velazquez

Sergio Cocozza

Giuseppe Denti

Robert Spilling

Jukka Kauppila

Men - M 50 - 54

Johann Hopfner

Johann Hopfner - 2

Aart Stigter

Laurids Jakobsen

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Alain Lapierre

Eddy Vierendeels

Wilhelm Schüttler

Ron Peters

Philip Bowes

Colin Pearson

5.00am 42m51 Roo+L 11.1KM >3m56K's

Good strong fast run for a morning session, really pushed it from about 3K's to the finish, here is what it looks like on Nike+;

Ignore the fact that it reads 10.8KM (it was my standard 11.1K'S)
Warm and humid = profuse sweating, temp was 22.5 O C (72.5 O F)

17 December 2007

Paul Simons

5.00am Roo 25m05 6KM 4m06K's
I had a few beers at a party last night so was pretty tired this morning and decided to cut my run short.
Here is the nike+ graph of the run;

Paul Simons will be feeling pretty poor today!
The mighty Gooners beat Chelsea 1 -0.
All the better that a former Chelsea man Bill Gallas should score the winner!! Sweet!
More about Paul in a later post!

16 December 2007

Arsenal / Spurs Videos

In November last year I started running with Nike+ ipod Nano.
I've now clocked up aprox 2500KM but this 'mileage' does not count my race day mileage or up to twice weekly track sessions.
However, I thought I'd try it out on the track today during KILLER.
I started recording as I commenced the session and after lap eight I started to hit the readout button every lap so you should be able to see the fast lap/ slow lap graph, however, things get mixed about a bit as every KM automatically gets a record time hit.
Only of interest not scientific, I ran 20 laps = 8KM but it only seems to have recorded 7.6KM so maybe I miscounted and ran 19 laps??
I find that the pod requires calibration as fast track work is normally under recorded by up to 10% unless it has been calibrated for fast pace track running.
My 2500KM has been run at an average of 4m04 per KM.
I have a semi goal of trying to keep the pace as close to 4.00 Min K's as possible.

Here you go for what its worth ;

I don't think any of my 'Chosen' friends will be upset by these videos but if you are I offer my HUGE apologise, I just think they are very very funny and very anti Spurs!!!

Music Videos

David Chalfen

2pm Killer Session @ Nudgee

20 X 400m first 400m @ 10K pace, second 400m @ Marathon pace NO RECOVERY

Total Time ; 27min55 (8KM)

Hot humid and blustery conditions

I probably ran the 10K paced laps too slowly and the marathon paced laps too quickly! However, I feel this type of session might give me the speed endurance I'm looking for in the races. To help me keep pace longer.

Alongside the track at Nudgee is an Open Sided Bingo Hall. So for company I have 200 'mature' ladies eyes following me around the track. I often think these women must think I'm absolutely crazy. Middle of a hot afternoon I'm pushing myself to extreme limits, flogging myself to fatigue.

I was thinking today, to them (the sedentary), it must be like seeing someone get up on a bridge and threaten to jump off! I'm surprised at the finish when I collapse into a heap to recuperate that they don't call up 000 and get me carted off to a local psychiatric ward for counselling. Of course my attitude towards the sedentary Bingo ladies is probably something along the lines of I'm happy for them to get together for a social gathering of a genteel nature, however, please shoot me if I ever end up my days playing bingo.

15 December 2007

Colin Godfrey

3000m 2nd 9m15.01

Excuses excuses ! It was hot (30 O C), it was windy, though I came second I didn't get to run WITH anyone!
Maybe it was worth 9m10?
Even so at 2 seconds a lap off target time I have work to do!

Times I recall , 200m 31, 600m 1m42(?), 1000m 2m57, 1400m 4m13, 1800m 5m26, 2200m 6m45, 2800m No time !, 3000m 9m15.01.

I sang out the mantra of 'Push / Relaxed' and to some extent this worked, it helped stop me from tieing up, though with the first KM in 2m57, = on target, I must have tied up!
However, it has to be said , conditions were not favourable!

Realistically its a bit more about coping with the pace, if I can get out in 2m57 I need a middle KM at 3m03 and to bring it home in 3m00.
Ronnie Peters told me he was 48 when he ran 8m59.2, and on very heavy mileage at the time. I know that I have greater natural speed than Ron so it must be speed endurance I need to work on.
There is still hope that I can make it!

One Massive obstacle on the horizon is every time I mention my goal to another runner they retort the inevitable, "Monner's has turned 45!"
Which means Monner's only has to race any distance on the track and a new Australian M45-M49 Record will be set!
I sincerely hope he does, and I hope he 'muller's it', so I don't have to be haunted by missing the record by 2/10's of a second for the rest of my life!
Youngster (aged 24!) Jared Haulschildt won today's race in 9m04 after having completed a 1m59 800m earlier in the afternoon! pretty good going!.
Jared ran a blinder at this years Noosa 10K just missing out on Victory in 32mins odd.
Jared finished 6th to my 4th in the recent Qld Open Champs 10,000m.

I was surprised that I manage to catch and pass a few fast starting youngsters today.
9m15.01 would put me second in the USA rankings for this year and third in the UK, so I should take consolation in that!

14 December 2007

Stuart Moore

5.00am Roo 23m44 6KM (3m55 KM pace)

Tomorrow I have the choice or racing 3000m at Masters in the morning (8.00am) or the QA All Comers Meet in the arvo (4.30pm). Given that the Masters race is 'run' with the walkers and unlikely to have anyone to assist with pace , I shall race at the QA Meet even though the heat at 4.30pm will be very tough (28 O C forecast). I simply have to run faster than my 9m22 last outing! All my training seems to indicate I'm in good form so I will not be happy if I don't run circa 9m10! There I've said it, the pressure is on.

Stu Moore was the mate who first convinced me to go to Oz backpacking in 1988. He had carved out a nice lifestyle working as an accountant! commuting on the ferry to the city each day ,living in a unit directly looking out onto the inner harbour of Sydney in Fairlight /Manly for those that know, just to the side of the pool enclosure.
He sent me a couple of tapes of Ozzy bands, Spy V Spy, The Oils (Midnight), and James Reyne "watching the Manly ferry, cut its way to circular quay"
it was the sentence that got me to quit my job and backpack around the world!
It conjured up images in my mind of another World I knew nothing about but wanted to experience.

Ultimately it made me who I am today as I was to meet my beautiful wife Natalie in 1989, in North Sydney and that was that!

Stu Moore was another guy like Jack Buckner that you couldn't believe what he was capable of to just look at him.

1500m PB of 3m43 equates to just about a 4min mile!
Unlike Bannister, this man was a Cambridge Blue!
He very kindly inviting me to Cambridge University to a cocktail function.
For a Redbrick University, High School lad it was a real eye opener.
It was another World, not that any of Stu's chums were 'toffs' but they had such a different take on life. Of course they were all Public School (Private School) educated or like Stu had won significant scholarships by being immensely bright!
We got drunk wandered back to Christ's, stealing as many bicycle lamps and pumps as we could lay our hands on!

I recognise that trying to put a few sentences down about a mate to summarise them here is futile because I could go on and on about Stu but these incidents might help show his character.

The first storey also involves another character hugely influential in my life Jeff Kaye (another Bloody Accountant).

Jeff and Stu were about 14 years old at the time, they were getting changed after a cross country race in a typically freezing cold English sports pavilion changing room.Though they knew of each other and both ran for our Club they had not developed a friendship yet.
Probably standing up on the benches to keep their bare feet off the freezing concrete floor.
Half naked, Stu was getting changed.
Not feeling hungry, Jeff was examining the contents of his sandwich, he'd opened it up and decided he didn't want it.
He slapped the open sandwich on Stu's thigh!
It hung there! Stu looked and Jeff gobsmacked - incredulous - lost for words.
The expression on Stu's face was WHY?
The silence of the moment , the amazement of the action.
The sandwich hung on for an eternity.
No immediate laughter ! just the look of WHY did you do that?
I guess you had to be there!

When I lived with Stu in Fairlight, Stu had some amazing culinary delights that he used to cook up! How about Brussel Sprouts on Toast!! Stu didn't like the TV to be on unless it was for a specific program ,nothing wrong with that but for a fairly hardened TV addict it was hard for me to get used to. One evening, Stu asked me if I fancied going to the pub (the Manly Pacific was the best place we thought we might be lucky enough to meet a girl). That evening, I got dressed and Stu drove us down to the Hotel, dropped me off and said "see you later!" and drove off leaving me to have a drink by myself ! and of course a lonely sad git is never going to get anywhere by himself!

Another really endearing character trait of Stuey's, for years and years ,Stu sent me a Birthday card/Christmas card/or just a plain old Post card regularly from his extensive travels around the World. Now I guess married life and emails have killed off Stuey's lone pursuit to keep Australia Post solvent. Stu moved to Perth (he loves isolation!) met and married Christine and had Declan!

Stu once again changed the course of my life by inviting me out from the UK to Perth for his Wedding in 2002. It was this trip (my third to Oz) that convinced Natalie and me , that life was better in Australia and my growing family would be far better off in Oz than in the UK. Two years later we were living in Brizzey in Gods country, Queensland!
Stuey wears the white Jocks and that's me in the pink mesh. I don't think I'll see Boxing Day Handicaps like that again!!

For all that and a lot lot more , I love you Stuart!

13 December 2007

Dave Bedford

I love this photo of Dave, it helps sum him up, determined , gritty, own style. An absolute legend in our Club ( I still regard Shaftesbury Harriers as 'my' club!)and in the U.K..
A WORLD RECORD HOLDER for 10,000 in 27m30'odd back in the Seventy's when I first started running.

Of all the stories there are about this Champion, the following is typical of this guys fantastic abilities.
As a Junior athlete he competed in the South of England Junior Cross Country Championship at Parliament Hill. He Won the race at a canter and for reasons I cant recall, but it might have been the Senior team were short a runner? He started the Senior Championship Race shortly after finishing the Juniors and went on to win the Senior event too!
Consider in the old days cross country was really cross country and distance was distance. 6 miles in the Junior followed by 9 miles in the Senior.

Dave worked for a short time as a P.E. Teacher at my school !! How good was that!! A World Record Holder for a teacher!
In 1979 Dave was getting fit again after a number of years out (through choice or injury I'm not sure), he was on the comeback trail and he and I raced each other all Summer. I'm sure it was the thrill of racing Dave that pushed me to my 5000m PB performance (aged 17!) of 14m31.
Dave ran 14m40?
Like Johnny Broe , Dave is a huge character and enjoyed a pint or two after a race or training.
It was not a surprise that he should later run/own a Night Club - the Mad Hatters in Luton!
Though for normally low key distance runners this career seemed somewhat incongruous!
He is now the Chief Executive/Race Director of the London Marathon, very much involved with our Club and much sought after for opinions about athletics matters in the UK.

5.00am 45m21 Roo+Lake 11.1KM

12 December 2007

Pete Magill

This guy is the Best in the World for my Age Group. Pete Magill, apparently just turned 46 (see video) ran these times in 2007!;
14m49.7 5000m
8m48.8 3000m
4m03.6 1500m

Here he is interviewed after just winning the USATF Club XC Championship (he took out the M40 as well as the M45 Age Group!) on 8th Dec 2007 at West Chester, Ohio (my second oldest brother ,Keith, lives in Cincinnati Ohio and I can promise it probably is as cold as it looks ! weren't they having ice storms last week! Here is a link to the ranking lists for Male distance events in the USA for 2007.


Johnny Broe

5.00am 46m56 Roo + Lake 11.1KM 4m14 K pace

A very lethargic and stiff performance this morning!
Understandable after a quality speed session less than 12 hours before.

Johnny Broe went to my school he is the same age as my oldest brother about 4 years older than me. When I first started running Johnny (Sean) was the school superstar. He probably ran better performances after leaving school. I looked up some of his performances recently and was astounded at just how good he did end up performing. His 1500m PB is better than mine, which surprised me and he ran me fairly close on the others. I did give running away for long spells during my Senior career but even so!
Johnny was/is a party animal and there was a period when I'd cycle over to his place on a Sunday morning for a lift to Bannister where there would be a large pack long distance run. Johnny did not like people to push the pace and break up the pack, which I frequently did! After the run we'd shower and head up the pub The Severn Bells, The Case Is Altered or the Pub in Hatch End. There we'd proceed to have four or five pints. I'd wobble home on the bike! When I was really quite young (18) I can recall getting home, feeling worse for wear, lying under my mothers bed (!) and puking up!
Another time after Johnny had met Fionna, I was invited over for a meal. We drank beer, red wine, white wine, port, and spirits. I remember waking up on the camp bed in the lounge next morning not quite sure where I was ! I looked around and saw a glass filled to the brim with what looked like red puke! Wow I thought that was lucky I didn't spill any! I looked around a bit more and was disheartened to see that I had not been quite so lucky a nasty red puddle on the carpet!
When I first backpacked to Australia I lived in the Northern Beaches suburb of Manly = actually Fairlight with Stu Moore. Johnny's wife Fionna is originally from Manly (I think Stu must have introduced them? !). The Broe's now reside in nearby Balgowla with their two beautiful daughters. I think Johnny still runs , Fionna told me everyday except when it rains! Fionna herself is very fit and runs regularly. I had an idea that Johnny's place was like a Mecca for Runners on a Sunday morning as the start point for a long run up the Beaches, Dee Why, Curl Curl, to Narabean (my memory is fading).
Johnny has a million stories to tell and knows everybody, a very gregarious chap it has been my pleasure to run some miles with.

11 December 2007

Phillip Llewellyn

6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 300m 100m jog recovery

Ave low 51's finished with a 50.07

Good session in humid conditions.
Wanted to run a speed endurance session and this fitted the bill.
My left calf again felt on the edge of giving out but didnt.
Very nearly got out for a run at 5.00am as well but just felt it might be pushing my calf too far.

Phil Llewellyn was perhaps my greatest rival as youngster!

At first we ran for different clubs but by 1976 we were both running for Shaftesbury Harriers. He was (is) a Spurs supporter whilst I am of course a Gooner.
He had a Welsh background, whereas mine was Irish.

His number one supporter was his Mum who followed him to every race ,whereas my parents never attended any of mine (circumstances).

He ran for Hertfordshire whilst I ran for Middlesex.

He had undoubted success .

He won the Southern Youth 3000m Champs in a race I dissapointed, however, I managed to set the still Club Youth (U17) 3000m Record 8m39.

He ran for Wales a few times in the World CC Champs whereas the two times I ran in the Irish CC Champs I dissappointed finishing tenth outside the World CC team places.

Phil had great success racing Steeple Chase on the track (Setting Club records).

I probably ran faster times than Phil as a Boy, Youth and Junior over 3000m and 5000m but I would have traded something to run with the Green Shamrock on my vest.

Phil has made a great career at the Stock Exchange , still runs three times a week but doesnt race! I am trying to convince him to race again but if you live in the UK the weather does not exactly entice you to run everyday!

Even if you live by the sea - like Phil!

10 December 2007

Ray Powell

5.00am Roo + Lake 46m19 11.1KM

Temperature 24.8 O C (5.00am), humidity level Normal (= Very High!!)

Whilst out running I overtook a gorgeous female running in the same direction.

I stopped and kissed her on the lips!

My wife has been running in the mornings all through this Summer and is really starting to show the benefits of the exercise.

Its not easy for her to get and run but she has stuck with it and I'm proud of the effort she puts in on top of looking after our home, four kids , me and now working at our kids school as a teachers assistant five days a week and working at Laura Ashley's on a casual basis most Saturdays!

I felt the effects of yesterdays session (less than twelve hours before!) and Saturdays race.

Stiff and tired - also I had been up till 1..00am watching Arsenal lose their first game in the Premiership this season 2 -1 away to Middlesborough.

So only four hours sleep!!! It's little wonder I fall asleep on the train to and from work!

Ray Powell - Ray and I both started running together at the age of 11.
He went to Spur Road I went to St. James. He ran for Shaftesbury, I ran for London Irish.
We first clashed at schools races and it has to be said he did once beat me in a race when I was about 12 or 13 ( I had the flu and got out of my sick bed to let Ray have this one Victory over me in his resume!).
We grew up together .
Going to the pub (The Midland Arms in Hendon), concerts - Queen at Alley Palley, Holidays - Canvey Island.
Cinema -I remember going to see Joan Collins in The Bitch with Ray!
He is a proud English Man and now after years of searching, happily married to Clare.
I could never compete with Ray in one field, the Body Art department!
I would love to have a beer or two with Ray but that will have to wait till we holiday in the UK whenever I can afford that?

09 December 2007

Jack Buckner

Nudgee College 6.00pm

16 X 400m 100m jog recovery.

First half ran 72's & 73's,
Second half ran 70's,71's & 72's finished up with a 67.5!

A hard slog of a session!
It takes a lot of mental effort to maintain good steady times.
I kept a mantra going in my head "PUSH RELAXED".
When I try to put the power down I have a tendency to put the effort in through my arms and neck and consequently I tie up and slow down.
However, if I concentrate on putting the effort in through my legs and maintain a relaxed attitude to arms and neck I run faster and don't tie up!

Early on I thought my calf was going to give it up like last time I tried this session so really tried to pick up the effort to run closer to 70's thinking the session might get cut short any moment, but happy to report it held out.
Very pleased with the effort though early on the 73's had me thinking I was suffering from the 5K yesterday.

I ran the second half of the session without a vest as it was saturated by then - it's been a very warm day with temps up to 31 O C.
Only a couple of sprinters for company for the first half of the session then it was just Nudgee and me with the proverbial Crows and Plovers for company.

Jack Buckner, a Vicars son from somewhere in the Midlands called Worksop! When I went to Loughborough during my first year I took Human Geography as an option and sat in lectures with Jack. I recall he was astonished when I got better marks than he for an assignment, he a Public School boy - me from the local Catholic high school! Me a jock , he a Geography Student. It was the only time I beat Jack in anything! To look at him you would never believe that he had the athletic prowess to become a World Class Track star and win the European Champs! He seemed too small, too chubby, too nice a guy to have the mental grit, the mongrel to be a Superstar!! How wrong I was! He also met and married a beautiful blond lass that resided in my Halls of Residence. He was a big Bruce Springsteen fan. I Googled his name recently and saw he had taken some athletics administration role. He was always a diplomat , never had a dark side and rewarded for his huge natural talent. One of the legion of Superstars at Loughborough I was fortunate to have run with.

08 December 2007

Dave Lewis

Queensland Masters Track Meet

8th Dec 2007

5000m 1st 16m07

I arrived at the track very late and consequently had no warm up at all!

Not a good omen for me as specially in the mornings I find I need time to warm up.

Good conditions, rain had eased to a drizzle and there was still no wind!

Also lining up were Masters Legends Ronnie Peters (M54) and Ian Kent (M50).

I took off at the start and felt I was going at a reasonable momentum, approx 3m10 for the first KM, however, at 3KM I was 9m44 which felt like a slow time though the physical effort to get there was a hard push!

I went through 4KM in 12m58 and maintained reasonable momentum.

I caught site of Ian up ahead and made a real push to lap him, however , he heard me closing in just on the line and sped up to avoid the ignominy!!

Ronnie ran 16m4? and Ian 17m2?

Last track season and even as late as June 2007 I was running sub 15m50's for fun.
I do hope those days will be back , but for now 16m07 was OK.

On the road to recovery?

Tim Redman Homme Rouge

Friday 7th Dec 5.00am

45m09 Roo+Lake 11.1KM Steady run, humid conditions again.
I have decided to race 5000m this morning 8th Dec at Masters.
Sometimes I'd rather race than train and am interested in what I can do.
It's been raining heavily all night (very rare for Brizzey and very welcome) so the temperature might be a bit cooler, no it isn't I just checked!
It's 22.9 O C, however, not much wind about which is good news.
Race is at the State Athletic Facility at Nathan at 8.00am .
I hope to run sub 16min !

06 December 2007

Ian Furness

Thursday 6th Dec. 5.00am

Roo+Lake 45m08s (11.1KM aprox 4m05 K's).

Another warm morning (23 O C), steady run.

Still deciding on if I should run Masters on Sat a.m. = 5000m or give it a miss train hard and run next weekend; Masters will have a 3000m or QA have a 3 or 5,000m on Sat p.m. .

Could be hot for the QA Meet at 4.00pm!!, but good quality field.

I have the day off work today so that I can attend Lily's Kindy Christmas party.
I rarely see her at Kindy so she gets very excited when I'm there.
Takes me by the hand and leads me on a tour of her Kindy Wonderland.
I wouldn't miss it for the World, simply priceless!

Arsenal drew away to Newcastle (1 -1 ) to go 4 points clear at the top of the Premier League. We were without Fabregas, Falmini, Van Persie, Diaby and Helb! Not a bad performance considering.

05 December 2007

Alf Wilkins

Wednesday 5th Dec 5.00am;

42min50sec - Roo + Lake (11.1KM); A good strong run in warm conditions (22 O C), very rarely run this pace on an early morning run. The knotted calf seems to have dissipated and I can take confidence from my current form. I need to schedule in my next race be it a Masters or a Q.A. event.

04 December 2007

Brian and Joyce Smith

Monday I flew to Cairns too early to get a run in so in the evening I ran along the Promenade in Cairns and out along the airport road.

I've run on and off for 35 years and really enjoy new experiences, running last night in Cairns was a new experience!!!!!!!!

They've experienced a mini heat wave with the temperature getting up to around 36 O C, this caused more moisture to be sucked into the air than normal so to say it was humid is a big understatement. It didn't feel like breathing in air, it was more like drinking it!

The humidity smacked you in the face and left you drenched.

There were hundreds of walkers and joggers out on the promenade at 6.00pm really too many. I had to weave in and out the whole way so I was pleased to get the solitude of the airport road. I ran for 45 Min's and got back to my hotel looking like I'd just been standing under a shower with my clothes on!!! - I loved it!

My old running buddie back in the UK = JK would be asking what my sweat ratio was ( wet to dry clothing) which is normally referenced by judgement of the coverage of the back of the T shirt, however, this night was 100% front & back AND SHORTS FRONT AND BACK! I left my shorts and shirt to hang on the balcony and noted the puddle formed by my shorts dripping!

Later Monday evening a storm blew in and cooled things down a bit but by Tuesday midday it felt as hot as the previous day.

I'd had a few beers on Monday night and combined with the Monday night run I felt incredibly dehydrated (Tuesday) this morning. I haven't had a day off training for sometime so today was an excuse to!

Flew back to Brizzey this evening and will train in the morning.

02 December 2007

Pat Fitzgerald

6.00PM Track Session at Nudgee.

Was going to be 16 X 400m with 100m jog recovery, however, on interval No.9 my left calf muscle knotted up and that was the end of that! Its happened a few times before and is something I just have to manage. I self massage the calf muscles regularly and perhaps I should not have attempted the session in spikes (showing off my Gooner Red Spikes to the two or three other athletes there this afternoon [it was crowded!]).

I was pretty pleased with the work that I did as I was running 70's for the 400m with interval No.8 @ 68.5 ! as I was 'racing' a young female sprinter doing 200's who started just behind me!!

Just a little moan about the track at Nudgee. It has never been vacuumed - there is bird crap and vegetation strewn around the track, the curbs are hanging off, and the track itself is becoming bare. I can understand that a school track will not get relayed on a regular basis but the grounds men need to take care of it. The photo above must have been taken when the track was first laid which was in 2000, for the Sydney Olympics. It got Federal and State funding and was used as an acclimatisation base for the USA team.

Even this half session tells me that I'm not in too bad shape though the 9m21 will hang around my mind until I can expunge it by my next performance!

I was up at 3.00am this morning to watch my other love - The Arsenal. Today we were away to Villa. After going 1 -0 down we played some beautiful football and came back to 1-2 up by half time. In the second half Villa were playing really well and were unlucky not to draw level when their big Norwegian Centre Forward John Carew headed onto the bar. I get rather nervy watching these games and end up flicking through the channels - bizarre behaviour from someone who gets up at 3.00am to watch the game ! Arsenal are five points clear of Chelsea (and we have played one game less than them), and six points in front of ManU on same games played.
I'm in Cairns for two days on business ,Monday and Tuesday. I have an early flight 7.00am so no run tomorrow morning but I'll pack my kit and run along the esplanade - something I haven't done since 1988 when I was back packing my way around Australia. I vividly remember watching the Seoul Olympics 100m final ( Ben Johnson & Linford Christie?? !!! ). It was Sept 28th , my birthday, and I had one can of warm Fosters by myself to celebrate!

01 December 2007

Ian Kent

5.30am 11.1KM Roo+Lake 43m25sec = good strong run for early morning after last nights excursion! Obviously motivated with the disappointment of my performance. On reflection at least there are some positives from yesterday's race. I ran the 1st KM on pace and the second K wasn't too far off. My new gear arrived from the States so I looked resplendent in my bright red Nike spikes!