31 January 2008

Sebastian Coe

Thursday 5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 42m46 (3m55 K's)

Remarkably consistant running this week, 42m46 today, 42m45 yesterday, 42m35 on Tuesday!

Seb needs no introduction! It was an honour being a team mate at Loughborough just after the three World Records in 41 days summer. To have witnessed talent like his at first hand was a priviledge few can boast! Seb once handed over to me at the Borough Road Relays, wish I had a photo of that day.

30 January 2008

David & Philip Lightowler

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 42m40s

Managed to dodge the heaviest of the rain showers but still got wet this morning

29 January 2008

Paul Gurr

Monday Beer Mile Geebung Oval 5.00pm


Drink a stubby of 5% volume beer, run 400m, drink another, run 400m and so on = 1609m and Four X Stubbies.
I opted for 375ml of Crown Lager(4.9%).

I thought this would be a 'piece of pi**'. "What was the Australian Record (6m50) ?" The Masters Record (7min something ? didn't even come into it , I'd break the Aussie record!!!). I suggested to Geoff Holmes I might lap him!!
Little did I know........

The race started , I drank about four gulps and was struggling big time. Half the field had gone before I managed to finish the first one, raced around the first lap burping and in pain got back up to 4th place and went for my second stubbie! It went down with a much greater degree of difficulty than the first - like a lead balloon. It was like trying to pour beer into an uninflated balloon! It just wouldn't go down! It was really really painful!
The gas was building and building!
This was no longer going to be a race but a question of survival!
I didn't have a clue where I was coming in the race (remember alcohol is involved here!).
Third stubbie was always going to be tough. I took two gulps and it was like a scene from the Exorcist where the girl is on the bed - projective vomiting!
Also think of the charming Lady in Little Britain who does very good projectile vomits!

That was me!! Penalty an extra Lap! I went off on my third lap and managed a good few further bouts of vomit on the back straight! I do hope it got caught on video!!
As I ran in for the fourth stubbie I was told I could take my penalty lap immediately which meant I was able to run through and complete 800m before going for my fourth and final stubbie! This could have saved further 'transition area' embarrassment as it enabled me to gather myself for the final horrendous ardour, trying to squeeze in that fourth bottle!
I managed it and jogged round the final lap. I finished in 13 th place (I think there were 21 starters) in about 13mins!!
Geoff Holmes finished third ! A fantastic feat for someone who cant stand the taste of beer!!
I was also beaten by Geoff's Dad , Erroll who is 65 y.o.
Winner was Adrian Pearce who has a natural ability to down a beer in about 10 secs.
A fantastic performance in 7min15s !!
Got to meet CoolRunners "Digger" and Blair and his lovely wife Lisa.
I recommend the Beer Mile to all runners for a new running experience!

I got home and fell asleep!

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo + Lake 42min35sec (3m53KM's)

27 January 2008

Keith Bateman

Sun 5.00am Nugdee 20 X 200m (not timed) 100m jog recovery

I've been walking around for the last 24 hours stunned by Keith Batemans M50 4m11s 1500m ! Incredible stuff ! Good enough for 3rd place in World rankings (2007) or an easy Victory at the World Champs which was won in 4m15.

26 January 2008

Tom Highnam

Sat 6.00pm Roo+Lake 11KM 41m40 sec

Party time!!!

25 January 2008

AUSTRALIAN RECORD 8m56.46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3000m 8m56.46 M45 Australian Record

I'll update more tomorrow , I'm going to have a couple of beers to celebrate achieving a goal I set myself three years ago.

Well I'm a lot calmer and more reflective today!
What am I going to do now??
I love a challenge and there is nothing like a hard fought struggle to achieve something because it makes the achieving feel that much better!

Yesterdays race went like this ; Firstly it wasn't too hot, more warm and humid.
Importantly the wind was calming down! A small field toed the line. Two young guns John Athian and Ryan Isaac and some really young (12y.o) kids. Typically all the other middle distance talent opted for the earlier 1500m.
At the gun Athian & Isaacs blasted off with me trying to stick with them! At 200m 32s ,I thought it was suicidal pace for me and backed off. Ran through 400m in 64 and settled into a rhythm by 800m in 2m13. This was pretty much my 1500m pace so again tried to adjust and conserve. I ran through 1K in 2m 53 with the lads up front going through in 2m48! 1400m came in 4m08 and I felt good, I was 4 secs up on target time (steady 72's is 9m00 pace). 1800m was 5m20 (still 4 secs up) and 2200m in 6m30( 6 seds up).The critical middle laps needed concentration and effort but I managed to keep form and work hard through these laps. My race plan was to try and pick things up with two laps to go and I managed to stick to plan. I was slowly 'pulling in' the lads up front but wasn't close enough to benefit from their momentum. I knew that I was going to break the record two or three laps out!!! I hit the bell ( 2600m in 7m45) and was able to maintain momentum , concentrate on working through the legs and relaxing the upper body.
I crossed the line and wanted to scream ! I managed a one arm salute (to myself!)
I think the only person in the World other than me who could appreciate what I had just done was my friend Geoff Holmes who came along to watch and shout encouragement and record my lap times. He has been along for much of the last three years, during training, KM intervals at Nathan Road Webster Road and at North Lakes oval!

The Result was;

1st John Athian 8m49.33

2nd Ryan Isaac 8m 51.98
3rd David Sweeney 8m56.46

The previous record was 8m59.28 by Ron Peters.
It was great to hear from fellow Poms, Tom and Keith and the great man himself Ron Peters on CoolRunning (and thanks to others for comments).

Keith ,I'm seriously impressed by the 4m11 that is fantastic running and bodes well for further serious improvements in your 3K time. But please ! I'd like to be in with a shout when I hit 50 (2011) and 9m10 is fast enough!!).

The music should be giving you an idea of how I'm feeling!!
I'm off for a run when Nat gets home at about 5.30pm a celebratory Roo+Lake!!!
And Monday = the Beer Mile!!! I've bought some Crown Larger for the occasion.

24 January 2008

Pat Collins

Thurs. 5.00pm 11Km Roo + Lake 40m23s (3m45 KM)

Couldn't help myself!

Due to race tomorrow night and I couldn't slow it down to 4min KM!!
Very windy today and if it's at all like this tomorrow I might not bother going down to St. Lucia to race 3000m. However, in my current form ,if it's good conditions, I could run close to 9.00mins!

Very pleased with myself , getting my choice of music to play on my blog!
I shall have great fun choosing different tracks.

Pat Collins was a training partner in the Alf Wilkins era , a gentle giant!, a kindred Irish Catholic Gentile amongst my Jewish buddies. He had five (!) daughters (!!) and his wife had an amazing laugh. He worked for International General Electric of New York at the Shortlands Building in Hammersmith London in Summer 1983 . Over the first two floors of this building was a 'Leisure Centre' complete with Swimming Pool, Sports Hall, Squash Court, Weights Room ,Bar and Restaurant.
Pat told me that the guy who ran the leisure centre was moving on. I had just graduated from Loughborough University with a B.Sc. Hons (Physical Education, Sports Science and Recreation Management! ).I applied for and was appointed Sports Superintendent , my first ever
full time job! I ended up running the place for a couple of years before moving into real estate.
Pat moved on into Marketing or advertising.

23 January 2008

Andy Bristow

Wed. 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake (!) 44m29s

Arsenal Reserves got beaten by Spurs this morning 5 -1 !
Of course they will claim it as a great Victory but come on we had our youngsters out against their first team!
We had players in the team I'd never heard of !! and I read up about Arsenal everyday!
It was their first victory over us since Nov. 1999 - the first time they have beaten us this century!!
A very hollow victory !
I'm not sore!!!

Anyway I feel its time to air this video again (dont watch if your offended by written foul language)

I just had to add this one Robinson Crusoe - Just so evocative the memories come racing back! My sense of frustration that he'd never catch the attantion of that passing ship. His sense of lonliness (even with Friday!)and those images of the beach!! Even in black and white I knew one day I'd have to live close to the sea!

For the full Robinson Crusoe Suite of music click on this one = but no video!

22 January 2008

Graham Mathews

Tues 5.00am 11km Roo+ Lake 43m56s (4min00KM's)

Ran in a new Adidas Clima Lite top bought from the Adidas shop ,in a sale, at the Queen St Mall .

Very smart looking and the clima Lite qualities were noticeable as the back of the shirt didn't start sticking to me until after 20mins and front seemed to remain sweat free!! Of course even $27 is way too much money for a shirt (and that is with a 40% discount) by my immediate reaction this arvo on the way home was to pop in to see if they have any more (No!) or some shorts (none my size).

I would have done a second session tonight but initially I thought I had to be home to look after the kids as Nat was going out . But later realised my mistake Nat is out on Wednesday. As I plan to race on Friday , doing too sessions on Wednesday is a bit risky for my aching creaking body so I've got off lightly this week and maybe the taper will pay dividends in performance.

Planning on Racing UQ All Comers Meet at St. Lucia on Fri evening 3000m again!

Graham Mathews was a talented runner I used to race against as a kid (when we were 11- 13 years old), he tragically was killed by a 'hit and run' driver when he was about 14/15. His dad presented a cup in his honour at our Club. It's presented each year to the most promising young athlete.

21 January 2008

Paul Strong

Mon. 5.00am 11km Roo+ Lake 44m30 (4m02 KM's)

A humid morning and I was really feeling the half Zatopek (40 X 400m) from yesterday!

I gradually managed to wind the pace up from a slow start. Almost looking forward to Winter with the cold dark mornings and Roos for company.

Managed to complete my job application for the job I'm presently doing! Funny thing about Gov. half the jobs advertised are for positions where people are presently 'acting'! Still it's a weight off my mind that I finally managed to complete it and lodge it in time for closing date today. Now all I have to worry about are the interviews - but that wont be for a few weeks!

Kate's Guinea Pig ,'Jamie' , died today - very sad for Kate and so for us!

Jamie's partner 'Princess' survives her.

20 January 2008

Gary Taylor

6.00pm Nudgee MEGA SESSION 20 X 400m 120m jog recovery Ave 71/72.0s (finished with a 66s !) 2K WU , 2K WD.

Felt good even though it is a mental battle to run early and middle intervals well ,when there is so far to go! But good conditions (overcast) and heat of the day had dissapated and no bloody wind! In this sort of form I know I can run sub 9mins and probably sub 15m30.

Gary Taylor ran for Windsor Slough & Eaton , he was in my county Middlesex so race county and schools. He was a year younger than me and a lot faster!
He ran 3m 39 for 1500m in 1987 as a Senior and 3m40 in 1981 when still a Junior. I'm pretty sure he took a Scholarship at an Amercican running University.I went to the English equivalent at Loughborough.
We went to the All England Schools CC Championships together and were billeted with two families who had girls our age!
What a weekend - Gary finished 3rd , I finished 5th (my best placing in an All-England CC Championship). Then the girls took me and Gary out to a disco where we had a great time.
For the record , my mate Dave Lewis won the race, and my best ever All England Track performance was a 4th Place in the Senior 5000m at Nottingham.

I was really grateful to Gary's dad a keen photographer who took a number of running photos of me when I was younger. Without them I'd have nothing. Will see if I can scan into a format that I can upload onto this blog. 
I wonder what Gary is doing now?

19 January 2008

Bob Mallows

Sat. 6.00pm Race Q.A. Meet. S.A.F. Nathan 28 O C Windy!

3000m 2nd 9m09.13

1000m - 2m59,1400m-4m12, 1800m - ?, 2200m - 6m42, 2600m - 7m56, 3000m 9m09
I'm not sure how mentally switched on I was for this race! I warmed up for a race I thought started at 5.00pm. Seeing no other runners by the start line I checked the timetable to find it was meant to start at 5.15pm. However, I then could see that things were running pretty late, I sat about trying to conserve energy but was losing mental agility (race plan / commitment).

The race was combined with a 5000m race and that meant the 5K runners got the official lap counter whilst us 3k's had a man with a note board where the numbers were obscured as we ran past. Sure you can work out laps to go from time but that was distracting and you wonder if they are recording you and your laps!
When the gun went I got boxed in !! It wasn't until 200m (the finish line) that I managed to get unblocked behind a slow moving phalanx of probably 5K runners. I lost about two seconds on eventual race winner Hintha. Too large a gap on a talented guy for me to close.
Hintha is a 24 y.o. who finished second in the Q'Land 10K Champs in 31m48 where he lapped me in my "Comfort Zone" 4th place 33m25 earlier this season!
I was running with another guy who turned out to be racing the 5K!
It took a while for me get past him and I was feeling exposed in the wind.
After reaching 1K in 2m59 I knew sub 9m was off the agenda and in reality went through the motions.
I felt pretty good all things considered and wasn't too far off the pace at 2K but I was only trying to maintain momentum.
I hit the bell (and thank goodness the officials did manage to ring it for me) in 7m56 ( some 8 secs off 9min pace) so I just brought it home.
I was happy to have brought down my 3K time from the shocking 9m22 season opener and the subsequent 9m15 run last time out.
I need to be just 6 seconds quicker at the bell (7m50) to break 9mins as I know that I WILL pick up my game given that kind of momentum (when it, IS ON) and run a sub 70 sec last lap, unlike the 73s I did today to " bringing it home"!
I am reasonably confident now that given the right conditions I can do it!

he photo above is from earth science photo of the day:

Provided and copyright by:
Lisa Gonnelli,
On Sunday afternoon, July 22, 2007, a cold front was crossing our area after several very humid and hot days. I could tell by the upper atmosphere that it would be a great day to observe halo phenomena. Still, I was surprised when the splendid circumhorizontal arc, shown above, appeared and remained in place for approximately 35 minutes. It was spectacular! The arc was first noticeable about 12:45 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). It was very hard to take my eyes off this beautifully colored strip of sky. I followed it with my camera, taking a shot about every three minutes.

In order for a circumhorizontal arc to form, the Sun has to be at least 58 degrees above the horizon. In mid-latitude locations this means that these lovely arcs are most often observed near noon during the summer months. Sunlight enters the vertical side faces of atmospheric ice crystals and exits through their lower horizontal basal face. At times the circumhorizontal arc can be nearly as brilliant as the more common circumzenithal arc, but it tends to be a bit more washed out because it's always seen at a greater distance (the horizon is further than is the zenith), and thus there's more intervening air light.

18 January 2008

Hugh Starkey

5.00am 23 O C 5.5KM Lake 22m46s (4m06 K's)

My mate Ray Powell sent me a Shaftesbury vest and shorts plus his 'Stag Night' Sunflower Running Shorts. I must have looked a lary sight this morning but only a few brave souls out walking their dogs had the pleasure! Brave because there was a great big rain cloud overhead that looked like it was ready to burst! We've had some quite some rain since Christmas. The dams at long last have started to fill and and Brisbane's three dams now sit at 27% of capacity which is a fantastic result when you consider that we had gone down to 19% and are on Level 6 water restrictions. Summer is the rainy season here.

Hugh Starkey was yet another of the Shaftesbury 'Old Guard'. He ran 8m09.6 for 3000m, 13m59.0 for 5000m , 29m02.6 for 10,000m!!! Phenomenal times if you put them into a modern context. Only a few guys in the whole of Australia could run that quick today!
Now consider the team our Club had during the mid Seventies;

Bedford, Goater, Starkey, Richards, Samuel, Dryden = Unbeatable!

17 January 2008

Richard Samuel

5.00am Temp 23 O C Lake+Roo 11KM 43m03

Niggles appear to have subsided. Happy with this run. I've noted from other blogs the high mileage that some runners step up to and in particular the propensity for doing the weekly long run. I have to say that I feel it important at my age that I keep the mileage within reason as years and years of mileage are likely to have a detrimental effect on the body joints and I try to keep injuries at bay by keeping the training intense if not long! Another reason why I try where possible to run off the road and on the grass.

Dick Samuels another of the Shaftesbury old guard who was a Welsh International over the barriers. I remember when I first beat him in a track race over 3000m as a precocious 17 year old! He must have been upset when a skinny long haired lad beat him! Again I never really got to know the "old" guard as they were another era. To think I'm now probably 15 years older than they were then!

His Best Times were 8m15.2 for 3000m in1977, 14m08.4 for 5000m, 30m06.0 for 10,000m and 8m50.8 for 3000m Steeple!!!

16 January 2008

Hugh Richards

5.00am 11KM 42m50 Lake+Roo

Yes I ran the course in reverse for a bit of variety! A nice long hill to work up in the penultimate
kilometer, different views, well worth doing more regularly!
There is a QA 3000m on Sat afternoon at Nathan. Getting nervous just thinking about it!

Hugh Richards was one of group of senior Shaftesbury athletes when I was just starting out. I never really knew him because when I was coming through this group were moving on with careers that took them away from North London.Very much in the Julian Goater mold, and likewise I believe an Oxbridge graduate. Top performer over distance on track, road and country. I'll dig out his best performances and update but he would have run close to 29mins for 10,000m.
I did a quick google search to see if I could find anything on him. He may be living in Pool Dorset as I found a result of a Quarter Marathon V.50 finished 44th overall in 58mins10 loyally still running for Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers!
His PB's were 8m09.6 for 3K, 14m25.6 for 5K, and 8m50.8 for 3000mSteeple!!!!

15 January 2008

Errol Holmes

5.00 am 6KM Roo 23m48

7.30pm 11KM Roo+Lake 41m44

Good solid days training. No Track session as Natalie's car was in for a service , so I had to rely on a lift from her, in mine. I'll put in a track session later in the week.

I've noticed on some of my post when read on a computer running Internet Explorer seem to have faults like photos not showing , words written in "web ding" text (see post David Sweeney - a few days ago) Comments confirming this fault would be appreciated!

Not much to say tonight so here are some favourite videos!!

14 January 2008

Mark Gordon

5.00am 11KM 48m00

I took a look at a new part of our suburb to reconnaissance new courses and to add some variety and to get away from constantly racing myself! I took it easy this morning. I had some reaction to yesterday's Course equaling PB in my knees! I've had an issue with my right knee for some time but it doesn't get too bad and impact on running other than first few hundred meters of each run. But to get a reaction on the left knee was unusual. Also it seemed to be the back of the knee or the ligaments.

"The image above was taken on September 18, 2007, at the Stone Glacier in Switzerland. At an altitude of approximately 2,200 m (7,218 ft), a cascade of water appeared . This impressive alpine waterfall is a result of glacial meltwater. Streamflow from the more lofty snow and ice fields lasts through late summer or early fall in the Alps. Frame exposed for 4 seconds."

13 January 2008

Tim Hutchings

6.00pm 11km Roo+ Lake 38m56s WORLD RECORD!

Last night I went to a party and had a skin full and didn't feel good till beyond midday! Consequently I skipped the idea of a track session or K's intervals on the road and decided to run my stock standard training session,. I went out with the purpose of making it a hard fast run.
The first K was under 3m50 and I managed to crank up the pace. Stepped over a snake AGAIN!
Must be something about the time of day that when ever I run at sunset the snakes must be waking up and starting to hunt. I got to some markers about 7K into the run which confirmed I was on a quickie so worked really hard. I'm convinced that I'm running pretty much race pace.
38m56 equals my best ever time over the course. Good punishment for drinking too many beers last night.

Do you see any resemblance between me and this guy?

I worked with someone who was convinced I was a dead ringer for this fellow!! Cant see it myself other than thin scull like face!!

This is Peter Weller now; (Typical Hollywood!!)

Tim Hutchings was another Loughborough graduate. He spoke like an aristocrat and trained under Frank Horwell. After graduating he put in some stunning Racing performances. He now works along side Dave Bedford 3 days a week organising the London Marathon and Mimi Marathon

http://www.sporting-hereos.net/ lists his

Championship Record 1984-87 (5000m)

Men's 5000m. Final. Olympic Games 1984

1. Said AOUITA
2. Markus RYFFEL


3, Antonio LEITAO






6. Charles CHERUIYOT




8. John WALKER


Men's 5000m. Final. European Athletics Championships 1986


2. Stefano MEI





5. Antonio LEITAO


6. Martti VAINIO


Men's 5000m. Final. Commonwealth Games 1986
1. Steve OVETT







5. John WALKER




7. Terry GREENE


Men's 5000m. Final. World Athletics Championships 1987
1. Said Aouita


2. Domingos Castro


3. Jack Buckner


4. Pierre Deleze


5. Vincent Rousseau


6. Evgeni Ignatov


7. Tim Hutchings


8. Dionisio Castro


(Tim is pictured above at the 1986 Commonwealth Games
in Edinburgh where he took the 5000m bronze medal
behind Steve Ovett and Jack Buckner in an English 1, 2, 3.)
He also finished 2nd TWICE in the
World Cross Country Championship in 1984 and in 1989.

12 January 2008

Ivo Van Damm

RACE DAY Queensland Masters SAF Nathan

9.00am 27 0 C WINDY

1500m 1st 4m19.05

300m - 46, 400m 63/64, 800m 2m13/14, 1100m 3m09, 1200m 3m26, 1500m 4m19.05

I said to myself before hand to ignore the wind and go out with a hard first lap, hang on for the 2nd, work on the third, and give it all on the last. I found myself feeling the lactic at 800, in the upper body, concentrated on trying to keep the upper body relaxed and pushing the work through the legs. In many ways this run was like a time trial ( I won the race by over 200m) I appreciated being able to hug the inside lane most of the way (did have to lap a few of the others - one an 82 year lady set a Q'Land record and told me she had set three Australian records this year (! must mean this Summer). So I was 0.7 secs outside last weeks seasons best on a windy day by myself!! It would have to be worth at least a second or so quicker so you'd think I'd be happy? No!! I'm never happy unless I'm running personal best (age group) times.

The photo above is a classic example of me tieing up!! It was at the Qld Masters State Titles last Summer. I had been hoping to run sub 9, 3000m , I lost concentration and worked my upper body too much and paid the price 9m06.

Us runners tend to think we win the prize for toughest sport but there are some other contenders!

11 January 2008


5.00am 6KM Roo ! Not timed

Well I suppose its a kind of taper! Hoping to run 1500m again tomorrow at Masters if the weather is good! Otherwise I'll do some type of session!

Just watched The Bourne Identity for a second time . I really really enjoyed it. It has the capacity to be an all time favourite Movie!
Loved my old training partner COLIN GODFREY as the Tangier's Assassin !! (not really but a pretty good likeness!
Sensational finish as Bourne (Webb) 'comes to life' and swims away to "Extreme Ways" (original = Moby) . It wasn't so much a swim as an animated David Bowie 'The Lodger' cover. Shot from underneath, underwater.

What a corker of a last lap from FOUR time !! Olympic Champion Lasse Viren!