31 May 2010

Giro de Italia

Sun 5.00pm 11 KM Roo+Lake 48m04
Mon 6.00pm 6KM Roo 23m06

Well that calf strain took longer to sort out than I expected. I lost a weeks training and it will teach me a lesson for trying too much too soon. The byword has to be moderate training.

Anyhow, I managed to get out on Sun and run 11KM pain free in 48m04.

Doing a late run today as I had a late night last night watching F1 (what did Vettell think he was doing??) followed by the last stage of the Giro on the net. Only a 15 K TT so Cadel had no chance of catching the top 4 and getting a deserved podium spot. It must be hard for Cadel having to compete against the convicted dopers like Basso and Vino, knowing in all likelihood that he is still being beaten by cheats. Cadel rode really strongly through out this tour and bodes well for the TDF.The revellation of this tour had to be young Richie Porte from Tas. A really superb debut major tour.

Tonight I shall just run a 'fast' 6K Roo in the dark when I get home.

Hope all your running is going well and your getting the results you deserve.

27 May 2010

Doing a Paula

Thurs 6.00pm Slow 6KM

The right calf is still sore, I have been wearing a surgical stocking (from my hernia op) all day (under trousers) but couldn't bring myself to run it! Now if I had flesh coloured ones like Paula maybe I'd give it a go but my bright white silky ones are way too poncey!

25 May 2010

Wild Horse Canter

Sun Noon 20KM Wild Horse 90m45
Mon Noon 10KM Bridge 45m56

On Sun I hit the trails around Wild Horse Mountain. I had meant to run two 10KM loops but I got horribly lost and ended up running one 20KM loop! Glad to have made it back!
I saw one small brown snake crossing my path. I stopped to look at it. It didn't seem to be moving so I picked it up by the tip of the tail (I was only a few K's away from Steve Irwin Way!) to move it off the path, as I laid it down again it wriggled off!

Having run close to 40Km over the weekend come Mon I was feeling stiff. Right calf was sore and as Mondays run wore on it got worse. I was only just able to finish without it completely locking up.
I will have to take Tues as a rest day and see how I pull up.

22 May 2010


Sat 9.00am 17KM Roo+Lake+Roo 72m12

I ran through Roo+Lake in 46m45, so nice and steady.

21 May 2010

Happy Birthday Oliver (16) and Max (10)

Today is my sons birthday!
Oliver & Max Share the same birthday!!!

I pushed this mornings run so maybe that 38m50 last week was some kind of freak performance.

Dave Chalfen told me that just turned 17 yrs old Shaftesbury Harrier, Richard Goodman, has just run a 3m45 1500m! Continuing proof (if any was needed) that this guy is seriously talented!

19 May 2010

Cadel is on fire!

Mon Midday 11KM Roo+Lake 46m15
Tues 5.00am 10KM Cadel 42m10
Wed 5.00am 10KM Cadel 40m20

It took till this mornings run to get the stiffness out of the system from the weekends races.

Hoping to pick up the training by adding an interval session and steadily increasing the K's.

I have been enjoying the Giro and the Tour of California. Aren't the Aussies doing well?
Cadel is on fire!

16 May 2010

A Victorious return!

Thurs 5.00am 10KM(??) Cadel 38m50

Fri Rest

Sat Queensland Corporate Games St Lucia 10KM 37m17 (1st & 1st!)

Sun Gateway Bridge Bolt 4KM 13m20 11th
Sun p.m. Roo+Lake 11KM 47m08 - steady

Pushed my run on Thurs and must now question the distance of Cadel not quite being 10K !
Sat a.m. the nerves and fun of racing returned for the first time in just under 2 years!!
Of course I am way off race fit with only 4 or 5 weeks of continuous training under my belt and carrying a weight belt!! I won this race in 2006/7/8 and thought I'd be doing well to just win Cat
but as it turned out, I managed to chalk up win No.4. The 5K and 10K start off togetrher and you dont really know who your racing for sure (unless your checking out their race bibs) until the 5K runners peel off for their finish as we go round for next 5K. The first three guys were all 5k'ers so I was left out in the lead with about a 100m's on 2nd and 3rd. I went through 5K in 18m15.
I pushed hard in the 3rd quarter and slightly extended my lead and coasted home in 37m17 - sweet!
The course might have been about 120m long (by Garmin) and was run on loose cinder (not fast!) pathway next to the Brisbane river at St.Lucia.
2006 - 35m54,
2007 - 34m48,
2008 - 34m16,
2010 - 37m17.

Sunday I ran the Gateway Two 'Bolt' a 4K Road race run to celebrate the opening of the new bridge (over the mighty Brisbane River) next week!
It is 1K up , 1K down, turnaround and 1K up ,1K down.
Of course Saturdays race was very much still in my legs and after the first 200m the lactic build up was intense! I slowed down to accommodate my aching body!
Maybe top 20 ?? (11th) in 13m20. Got beaten by two women .
Having done no speed work what so ever I sure felt it. Reality was I had missed doing the Clem7 Tunnel Race so just wanted to participate. Felt good to be back in competition again though I shall try and hold myself back from racing Doomben, Noosa, Gold Coast, Bridge to Brisbane, City to Surf. Might do the Caloundra foreshore 10K as it is a beautiful course.

12 May 2010

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (NOT)

Tues 5.00am Cadel 10KM 42m11
Wed 5.00am Cadel 10KM 41m33
I felt real cold this morning 15 O C, still getting into the groove. Probably at least another month before I try any intensive training but I will line up for competition much sooner, just to get back into the spirit of racing and being in competition again (even if not competitive).

10 May 2010

Autumn in Brissy

Sat. 6.00pm 11km Roo+Lake 43m04

Sun 1.00pm 11km Roo+Lake 46m55

Mon 12Noon 10KM Bridges Not timed

I hammered Saturdays run and paid for it Sunday and today! Felt lethargic Sun and cut short a planned longer run. Stayed up to watch the last game of the season last night (went to bed around 3.30am so no way I was going to get up at 5.00 for a run)

07 May 2010


Thurs 5.00am Cadel 10KM 41m09
Fri 5.00am Cadel 10KM 41m24

There is something masochistic in me , insofar as I'm 'loving it', getting up at 5 each morning to run.
It would be very easy for me to run at lunchtime or when I get home from work but that wouldn't instill the sort of kudos I feel about getting the run done early.
Sure there are going to be times in Winter when I will take the opportunity to run when it is warmer during the day but for now running in the dark when nearly no one is about, is doing it for me.

05 May 2010

Steady Running

Tues 5.00am Cadell 10KM 43m40
Weds 5.00am Cadell 10KM 42m20
Just steady running .

03 May 2010

Labor Day Bank Holiday

Monday Labor Day Bank Holiday

12.00noon 11KM Roo+Lake 44m41

Warm and very windy. Difficult running into headwind. Glad I have taken another chunk off my course time.
Weights session in afternoon.
72KG at weigh in after run which I estimate means I'm about 7KG over racing weight. I'm about 1.76m.

02 May 2010

Keith Bateman's been at it again!

Sun 10.00am Roo+Lake+Roo 17Km 73m00

Went through 11Km in 46m46 .
Good run considering it was hot and sunny , I had yesterdays faster run still in my legs and it was morning!

54 y.o. Keith Bateman ran 10KM in 32m32 in NSW State Road Champs yesterday. For some perspective on that performance the Australian track 10,000m Record by Ronnie is 32m54 !

Photo is Keith and Nick Bellemore in Jan 2010 NSW State 5000m Champs
courtesy of Lew135's Photostream on flickr .

01 May 2010

Kangaroos at Sunset

Sat 4.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 46m33

Happy I was able to knock some time off!
I counted 9 Roos about 200m from my home on the side of the golf course.
This clan are now hemmed in on all sides by development!
At least they have the golf course for refuge.