28 March 2012

Brandalees coming on strong

This morning I ran to my local oval  and ran 8 X 400 with 100m  float recovery as recommended to me by Queenland Masters Superstar Peter Reeves. The grass was saturated and quite soft and I ran bare footed.
In the past my interval sessions have perhaps been too intense and too long so I thought just 8 efforts was an excellent compromise. In the past I have really concentrated  on the interval and eeked the most out of each and every second of recovery. This session will replicate racing conditions much better as the float will become a change down in effort from the all out race to the line of an interval. To herald the 'overall nature' of this session I didn't time laps or rest just start to finish of session. Of course it will take me some time to properly adapt to running this session as after running my first rep I immediately fell into my 'slow as' jog recovery.
Note the serrated edge on the timing peaks from Garmin which probably represented the slow down at the 'corners'. Heel felt OK during and after session but kicked in a bit later in the day.

Why 'Brandalees coming on strong'?
Back in 1973 when I was what, 12 years old! Golden Earring from Holland released Radar Love, a cracker of a song  with a driving beat. Not sure if it was the Dutch accent but for years I thought the lyric was 'Brandalees coming on strong' - what ever that was supposed to mean. I'd probably never heard of Brenda Lee which of course is the correct lyric and obvious now when I listen to the song and lyrics in context. Also I never picked up 'last car to pass' I thought it was 'las cas de pas'!!

25 March 2012

Good Feeling

Good Feeling -  not my heel but I'm still managing to run.

Sun 4.06pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 4m17 K's
Sat 4.58pm 10.61km Roo+Lake 4m13 K's
Fri 5.23am 10.70km Roo+Lake 4m27 K's
Thu 5.25am 5.35km Lake 4m21 K's
Wed 5.49pm 5.65 Roo 4m15 K's
Tue 6.11pm 5.69km Roo 4m17 K's
Mon 5.42pm 5.62km Roo 4m18 K's
Sun 5.46pm 5.67km Roo 4m11 K's
Sat Rest
Fri 5.36am 5.65km Lake 4m36 K's
Thu 5.31am 5.65km Lake 4m45 K's
Wed Rest
Tue 6.07pm 5.71km Roo 4m20 K's
Mon 5.44pm 5.68km Roo 4m33 K's
Sun 4.57pm 10.53km Roo+Lake 4m28 K's

23 March 2012

Heaven knows I'm not miserable now

Good news the calf is fully ok now. The PF is in management mode. Just been jogging 6K a day though today thought it was time to step up and ran a full Lake+Roo (yes it is pitch dark at 5.00am so have to run the reverse way to get street lighting over first half of run.
Might try a grass workout if no reaction in heel to increasing distance.
Running again so Heaven knows I'm not miserable now!

14 March 2012

Lonley Boy

More steady stuff trying to get back into it very slowly as the calf is at odds with going over 6K or anything faster than 4m30 K pace.
Ran 10.5k Sun
6K Mon
6K Tue - ran around 4m20 K pace and calf said that is too fast. Heel is better than it was. I'm not limping around after a run like I was.
Wed Rest!
Great Victory by the Gooners over the Toon Army on Tues. I'm not sure if I get more joy from Arsenal's ascendency or from Spuds descendent!
I enjoyed this video, I think it represents my style but this guy has gone so much more class than me.
Check out the leg kick at 1m35 - I could not do that.

10 March 2012

father to son

First day of the football season today for Oli. 
As I drove him I was playing some Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond
not a music track you expect the youth of today to even have the patience to listen to,anyhow, after about 20 mins of listening to the intro, Oli asks me what is was as it sounded like 'airplane music', by which he meant Muzak like in a 'lift' or shopping centre. I told him to wait for the lyrics! 
I did not tell him it was an ode to their former front man Syd Barrett, but I was chuckling to myself how my music taste will inevitably rub off on Oli.
I remember after one long road trip to Sydney when we got home I heard Queen - 'Dont stop me now' blaring from his room, time after time.
Look what I have done to him with Arsenal - he is as obsessed if not more so these days as me!
Anyway, typical (not) football season weather, not a cloud in the sky and 30c (86f?). Grading games 3 X 30 min matches, we lost them all but at least Oli scored a cracker and might have bagged 2 more. 
For any of you with teenage kids, Oli is about to turn 18 and is just coming out of the 'wilderness years' where they hardly talk to you! he has just started Uni at Uni of Queensland, a good looking, tall gangling man, we are very proud of. 
Mind you he still has the teenage tendency to mumble, I have to ask him to repeat nearly every sentence! 
Running wise, I was sick of cycling on the stationary trainer,  my ar$e hurt real bad so on Fri, a day earlier than planned, I jogged around Roo 6K in my cycling shorts! 
Must admit I was very wary of my calf having had to turn around in my previous two outings , walking in the last. 
But I managed ok,  but did feel it both during and after. 
The PF was about 5/10 = pretty good! 
Today another 6k jog, good news, no calf issues during or after, PF was about 6/10 - think I forgot to take an anti inflam. 
Thought about posting a Floyd video but in the end decided upon an old Queen great as it reflects this post. 

05 March 2012


Calf strain on my left leg is keeping me from running which is a good thing as it allows more time for the PF on the right heel to mend. Could have strained calf 'compensating' for right side or could have been any number of other things. Hope it wont keep me out for more than another week.
I failed to get the 'One Direction' tickets much to the disappointment of my daughter Kate. I had 2 guys with me on the net and on the phone trying to get through. Apparently got sold out in 3 mins! 
Lily was 9 yesterday x

02 March 2012

One Direction

I rested yesterday as I felt a slight twinge in my left calf. I ran this morning but turned around at 1.5K as I could
still feel the sight tweak. Past experience has told me that running on when the calf is like this is no good. A few days rest normally does the trick with lots of massage. On the bright side PF not bad!
The main task for today is secure two 'One Direction' tickets for Kate when they go on sale at 9.00am. If I don't get them I am going to be in big trouble !
My goodness these lads are just kids not much older than my daughter!