20 July 2016

Track Racing Results

Here are my track Racing Results from age 15 in 1977 until age 30 in 1992.

09 July 2016

Dave is on the road again

I have been able to maintain my training now for 3 or 4 weeks, slowly trying to build up some base. I have added maybe 2kg, so not too much weight needs to be shifted. I am able to run at tempo , I am able to run long and this week i even managed my first interval session! I headed to the kids school oval and ran approximately 13x400 with 60secs recovery. It was tough going on a windy arvo on rough grass but it was joy to be getting back into the metronomic state of reps. I have got a long way to go to get back to running these reps 10seconds quicker and doing double the quantity with half the recovery but at least it was a start.
It is 15.5 weeks till Perth so I need to keep building every week, keep managing the PF and every other niggle, it feels like reaching 55 years of age in September is reaking havoc on my whole body.