31 July 2010

M55 Mile World Record

Sat 10.30am Nudgee 18 X 400m 120m Jog Recovery

I timed the first few 72, 74, 74 , 75 but with a gale force wind blowing down the back straight I decided that the massive extra resistant effort was going to be too much and slower times would get me down so didn't worry about timing . My left knee tendinitis was kicking up a bit : ( so have taken an anti inflam to settle it down.
It was, as forecast, a fabulous morning, really warm.
Maxey's team WON 1 - 0 !! , Oli's team lost a close contest 2 - 3 and Natalie's team play on Monday night.
Just saw news from Keith Bateman on facebook, he just missed a World Record in the M55 Mile by half a second! He ran 4m37.3 with the record being 4m36;94, as he says "NEXT TIME!" he is on fire! Remember this is the middle of our Winter!!

30 July 2010

A balmy mornings run

Fri 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 66m14

It was a balmy 17 O C at 5.00am and I ran in shorts rather than tights for the first time this Winter! Not as brave as Mr BodyBuilder who I ran past who was taking the opportunity to show his chiseled torso off to the World by running around topless!
Well he might have been seen by a couple of runners and a dog walker!
For the second day in a row my phone alarm clock was telling me it was foggy outside but we only had a few small fog banks here in North Lakes but when I took the train into the city it was blanketed till about 11.00am.
The first signs of Spring are here with tomorrows temp forecast to climb to 27 O C for you folks in USA that is 80 O F !! IN WINTER!!! - it got to about 25 O C today.

I was contemplating racing last weekend in Queensland CC Champs but family commitments and the persistent cough, got in the way. This weekend is the Brisbane Marathon festival but I have not entered any of the races (warm weekend for a marathon!).
So my next races are going to be the local race here in North Lakes a 10K on the weekend around 14th Aug and another 10K, the biggest Brisbane race of all = Bridge to Brisbane at the end of August . These races are just to keep me interested and I'm not expecting anything special. The plan is to keep the mileage up till summer then run 2 X interval type sessions a week and to race some track through the summer.
Hope all your plans are coming together! Chow

running free: 20 Second PR

running free: 20 Second PR: "The 5,000m at Nationals was the one race I thought I might come away from empty handed,while my trio of 5ks on the track in April,May and Ju..."

29 July 2010

Kevin Forde

Thurs 5.00am 16KM Failed to start the watch!

Thought I'd post up the remaining MD events from USA Masters Nationals
I was hoping I could pick up some race reports from Lets Run Message board
Masters Weekend Races and training but not found anything.
You should be able to read a personal account from Kevin Forde on his blog in due course when he finds time after having a blinder of a championship!!

All the results are here

Event 623 M45 10000 Meter Run
45 USATF: * 31:27.30
Name Age Team Finals
1 Deminter, Tyrus M47 Unattached 34:02.14
2 Adkins, Jeffrey M49 Golden West 34:08.33
3 Mickle, Iain M49 New Balance 34:52.12
4 Poulos, Ted M48 Potomac Vall 36:54.57
5 Gallego, Oliver M48 Elite Health 36:57.06
6 Keenan, Tim M48 Strawberry C 37:06.61
7 Young, Don M46 Unattached 37:43.46
8 Nichols, John M45 Buffalo Chip 37:48.28
9 McLaughlin, Terence M49 Potomac Vall 38:34.94
10 Rose, Carl M47 Strawberry C 40:12.82
11 Rowden, Bob M45 Golden West 42:23.10
-- Young, James M49 Golden Valle DNF

M45 800 Meter Run
USATF: * 1:54.18
Name Age Team Finals
1 Blackmore, Mike M48 Bowerman Ath 2:02.12
2 Forde, Kevin M46 Greater Phil 2:02.40
3 Mann, Jeff M47 Strawberry C 2:02.51
4 Parks, Terry M46 Asics Aggie 2:06.03
5 Watts, Jim M48 Greater Bost 2:06.38
6 Jones, David M45 Southwest Sp 2:07.23

M45 1500 Meter Run
USATF: * 3:56.39
Name Age Team Finals
1 Mann, Jeff M47 Strawberry C 4:13.90
2 Forde, Kevin M46 Greater Phil 4:14.44
3 Magill, Peter M49 Compex Racing 4:15.15
4 DiConti, Andy M47 Compex Racing 4:18.13
5 Burdett, Francis M45 Greater Spri 4:18.37
6 Adkins, Jeffrey M49 Golden West 4:24.64
7 FitzPatrick, Thomas M46 Central Park 4:26.98
8 Morrissey, Richard M49 Unattached 4:32.49
9 Anderson, Randy M46 Unattached 4:48.04
10 McLaughlin, Terence M49 Potomac Vall 4:58.87
11 Peterson, Dave M45 Eugene Running Club 5:09.16
12 Jackson, David M48 So Cal Track Club 5:09.71

28 July 2010

Running with Ian Dury

Tuesday 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 66m29
Wednesday 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 66m44

I was woken by heavy rain at 4.00am and was wrestling with my conscience about running in the rain but by 5.00am it had subsided so I was out the door. As I came past my house for the first time at 10K it started raining but it is never a problem. I had my ipod on shuffle and the selection that came out for the final 6K was ;
Hit me with your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury and the Blockheads (What a great front man Ian was and ohh for the days of Kilburn and the High Roads!)

Dakota - Stereophonics

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones

One - U2

A finer selection of running music would be hard to match - in the dark and in the rain!

26 July 2010

Bunyaville Roaming

Easy weekend as Throat virus (cough) still playing havoc.
Fri 5.30pm 11km Roo+Lake 46mxx
Sat Rest
Sun 2.00pm 10km roaming around Bunnyaville Forest Reserve
Mon 12.00 12km Go Beweens 50m55
With the Tour finished I intend to get back in the habit of sleeping and morning running with perhaps additional evening track session as we head into spring.

23 July 2010

Pete Magill beaten!

Winner Mike Blackmore

Photo below shows Pete in the lead , Francis Burdett in 2nd, eventual winner Mike Blackmore in 3rd Kevin Forde in 4th.

Thurs 4.00pm Nudgee
18 X 400m 100m jog recovery - good session, ran hard the whole set in spikes!
Calves began to give gip so pulled the plug on the last two but was well capable of completing the Half Zatopek!

Extraordinary result from USA Masters National in Sacramento overnight, Peter Magill was beaten in the 5,000m!!! Is he human after all?? I'd love to hear the story.
Congrats to Mike Blackmore and great runs to from Pete (close thing out sprinted?) Kevin Ford ran an excellent 15m36 for 3rd, a big improvement, and Francis Burdett missed out on the medals 4th 16m07.
Here is a link to the Sacramento home page
David Cannon won the M50's in 16m08
Rick Becker won the M55's in 16m14 a new American record with his win in the M55 age group with his time of 16:14.55. His performance bettered the previous listed standard of 16:27.1 set by James O'Neill in 1981.

M45 5000 Meter Run
USATF: * 14:34.27
Name Age Team Finals
1 Blackmore, Mike M48 Bowerman Ath 15:25.79
2 Magill, Peter M49 Compex Racing 15:27.43
3 Forde, Kevin M46 Greater Phil 15:36.83
4 Burdett, Francis M45 Greater Spri 16:07.03
5 Adkins, Jeffrey M49 Golden West 16:19.08
6 DiConti, Andy M47 Compex Racing 16:20.54
7 Mickle, Iain M49 New Balance 16:21.37
8 Keenan, Tim M48 Strawberry C 17:14.27
9 Newsham, Bill M45 Gate City Striders 17:20.12
10 Anderson, Randy M46 Unattached 17:31.35
11 Nichols, John M45 Buffalo Chip 17:39.13
12 Poulos, Ted M48 Potomac Vall 17:43.00
13 Gallego, Oliver M48 Elite Health 17:56.51
14 McLaughlin, Terence M49 Potomac Vall 18:17.08
15 Peterson, Dave M45 Eugene Running Club 19:14.39
16 Young, James M49 Golden Valle 19:25.23
17 Melchor, Antonio M49 Bonita Road Runners 19:44.62
18 Kishi, Glenn M48 West Valley 22:18.16
-- Hongo, Jeff M45 Asics Aggie DNF

22 July 2010

Goodbye Eduardo

Tues 12.00 12KM Go Betweens 50m28 - better
Wed 12.00 12KM Go Betweens 49m17 - flat out

This is a really great feature on Eduardo.
I'm very sad to see him go. I will always remember that volley he scored with the outside of his foot. His career at Arsenal was recked by Stuart Taylor/British Media/Celtic/Uefa.
It is not often you say this when a player leaves but I truly wish him all the best.

20 July 2010

Cycling Etiquette

Monday 12.00 12km Go Betweens 52m42 - tough going

I woke up for to catch the all important last mountain section of Stage 15. I always thought cyclists were a funny bunch with this 'etiquette' about not attacking the Yellow Jersey when there is a crash or mechanical problem. The situation never seems to present itself in running though John Landy famously stopped and went back to assist a fallen opponent Ron Clarke during a track race, the same never happens these days. (That moment was acclaimed Australia's Greatest Sporting moment of the 20th Century!)
However, that is not to say that the etiquette thing is wrong for cycling! I was appalled at Contador and the others that they should attack when Schleck's chain jammed! It was real exciting to see Schleck remount and explode with fury as he tried to make his way back up the remainder of the mountain to catch Contador. He didn't quite make it and then lost out as the others descended faster then him with Contador taking 39 seconds off him to steal the leaders Yellow by 8 seconds.
There will be two more very exciting days in the Pyrenees and Schleck will attack with all he's got.

18 July 2010

Monnas wallops me!!

Fri 5.00pm 6km Roo 24m49
Sat 8.00am Jetty to Jetty 10km 34m48 8th + 2nd Cat!
Sat 5.00pm 6km Roo 24m39

2006 33m37 10th + 1st
2007 34m02 7th + 1st
2008 32m36 5th + 1st
2010 34m48 8th + 2nd

I got to the race start feeling OK (throat infection did not impact), Monnas lined up beside me! We had a little chat but the combination of pre race jitters and being in the presence of true genius had me speaking gibberish.
Went off, as per normal , fast but it didn't feel that hard - a good thing, though taking a lead in a big race like this is slightly uncomfortable , where are all the guns?? though it was to be only a very short spell! Monnas cruised past me after about 500m! Not many people can say that!
I very quickly got isolated as a group of kids and Monnas headed off down to Redcliffe. I was happy with my pace and though I only checked my 5K split (17m05) I felt that I was pushing the whole way (unlike at GC). At 9KM I caught two guys, I went passed one and ran with the other.
The course was slightly different from previous years as we didn't run down the Redcliffe Jetty but this year we did run down the Woody Point Jetty for the first time. It made the 'run in' seem to go on for ever and though I crossed the line in the same time as Thomas McKean he took 7th and I got 8th. Overall I'm slightly disappointed not to have improved upon the GC's 34m32 though this course is tougher (it has Hills) and perhaps 'no mans land running' (by myself) make the effort comparable.

How good is Monnas ???

He won the race by 2 mins from Neil Labinsky in 30m51 ! He was running by himself after the first few K on a course he didn't know. He said a few words after the event , his public speaking and persona as an ambassador for our sport are so well merited.
He is my age group World Record Holder for 10 K (30m00).
My Age Category defeat is my first ever over 10K, but not a bad guy to lose it to!
I got to catch up with Craig Welsch aka Bellthorpe (coolrunning Australia) after the race! He finished 3rd in Cat and ran a new PB just over 45m00 , he seems to have reinvented his running career, post heart attack and cardiac surgery!

JT Press 10km
# Bib # Name Finish Time Net Time Place Gender G/Place Division D/Place
1 7500 STEVE MONEGHETTI 00:30:51 00:30:50 1 M 1 M40-49 1
2 0953 NEIL LABINSKY 00:32:55 00:32:54 2 M 2 M30-39 1
3 1195 MATT CARLSSON 00:33:03 00:33:01 3 M 3 M18-29 1
4 0838 BENJAMIN DUFFUS 00:33:21 00:33:20 4 M 4 M18-29 2
5 1102 MICHAEL WHITING 00:34:07 00:34:06 5 M 5 M30-39 2
6 0753 KEITH WILLIAMS 00:34:07 00:34:06 6 M 6 M18-29 3
7 0817 THOMAS MCKEAN 00:34:48 00:34:46 7 M 7 M18-29 4
8 0310 DAVID SWEENEY 00:34:48 00:34:47 8 M 8 M40-49 2
9 0866 DAVID STRICKLAND 00:35:51 00:35:49 9 M 9 M18-29 5
10 0906 BARRY SIMMONS 00:35:58 00:35:57 10 M 10 M40-49 3
11 0116 JASON CLARIDGE 00:36:24 00:36:21 11 M 11 M30-39 3
12 0913 SARAH CROWLEY 00:36:29 00:36:28 12 F 1 F18-29 1
13 0380 ROBERT COLLINS 00:37:12 00:37:11 13 M 12 M18-29 6
14 0500 KEVIN HILL 00:37:26 00:37:25 14 M 13 M50-59 1
15 0543 MARK HEALY 00:37:36 00:37:33 15 M 14 M18-29 7
16 1048 BRYAN MCMANUS 00:37:40 00:37:27 16 M 15 M18-29 8
17 1027 ROBERT TABUTEAU 00:38:00 00:37:56 17 M 16 M30-39 4
18 0920 ELLIOT CARR 00:38:08 00:38:06 18 M 17 M18-29 9
19 1260 STEPHEN CONNOR 00:38:15 00:38:12 19 M 18 M40-49 4
20 0138 PIERS EULER 00:38:21 00:38:15 20 M 19 M18-29 10
21 1206 ANDREW KENNEDY 00:38:30 00:38:25 21 M 20 M18-29 11
22 1009 IAIN MCKEE 00:38:35 00:38:33 22 M 21 M40-49 5
23 1129 ADRIAN WELLS 00:38:41 00:38:36 23 M 22 M40-49 6
24 0922 MARK SKILTON 00:38:50 00:38:47 24 M 23 M18-29 12
25 0506 PETER TNWAN 00:38:51 00:38:45 25 M 24 M40-49 7

16 July 2010

Zombie State

Fri 4.30pm 17KM Roo+Lake+Roo 71m17

I have an irritable (dry) throat turning into a cough!
Enough of this cold weather!
It only got up to about 20 O C today but as soon as that sun goes down (about 5.00pm) it gets real chilly!
I stayed awake till about 50K to go in last night Stage. I did wake up just as Cavendish was crossing the line but was in a zombie state and missed all the Renshaw shenanigans!
Today I sat through a property conference and nodded off during a particularly exciting history of the Land Sales Act!

15 July 2010

Stephen Roche

Thurs 12.00 noon 12/13KM Go Betweens 49m16

Flew around the run today, I one point I got a niggle in the knee that came on quickly and I was thinking 'it better not be!', but pain seemed to ease off and I continued hard.
Last night I made the right choice to go to bed early as the Tour looked like being a non race day for the main contenders.
The attacking up the Madeleine between Schleck and Contador on Wednesday morning was classic.
I don't know what to make of Cadel's performance - did he crack mentally, was it the fractured elbow, was it the effect of riding the Giro. Felt really sorry for him. He did descend very well as he was about 10mins behind going over the top of the Col but ended up 'only' 8m07 behind after the decent. Now I suppose I will throw my support behind Schleck - the young pretender, though I'm also impressed by Stephen Roches son Nicolas's performance and aim for a top 10 on GC.

Does anyone remember the commentary Phil Liggett gave when Stephen Roche fought back, going up La Plagne to nearly catch Pedro Delgardo. He had been dropped and Phil is calling Delgardo over the line and says at 2m08,

"Just Who is that rider coming up behind - it looks like Roche? It looks like Roche !!! It looks like Stephen Roche, IT IS STEPHEN ROCHE!"

That was my all time favorite memory from the Tour!
Stephen of course went on to win the Yellow in Paris, the first and only Irishman to do so.

14 July 2010

Hyde park Relays

Weds 12.00 Go Betweens 12/13K 50m39sec

Jim Beisty's comment about the 1;44.49 800m performance of Michael Rimmer of the Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton club from his former club reminded me of 1981 when Seb Coe set three World Records in 41 days. Somehow it passed me by that Seb's record (1;41.73) had been broken by Wilson Kipketer with 1:41.11 on
8/24/97. However, Seb's time was some performance to have lasted for 16 years!!!

The photo above is the Loughborough teams that competed at the Hyde Park Relays in 1981 (I think) , I remember running in the 'B' team, with Lord Coe handing over to me!!!
Besides Seb , there are 4 other Sub 4 Minute milers in the photo.(Steve, Tim, Jack and Omer).Here is the current All Time Top 800m performance list.

1.1:41.11Wilson KipketerDENKöln1997-08-24
2.1:41.51David RudishaKENHeusden-Zolder2010-07-10
3.1:41.73Sebastian CoeGBRFirenze1981-06-10
4.1:41.77Joaquim Carvalho CruzBRAKöln1984-08-26
5.1:42.23Abubaker Kaki KhamisSUDOslo2010-06-04
6.1:42.28Sammy KoskeiKENKöln1984-08-26
7.1:42.34Wilfred BungeiKENRieti2002-09-08
8.1:42.47Yuriy BorzakovskiyRUSBruxelles2001-08-24
9.1:42.55André BucherSUIZürich2001-08-17
10.1:42.58Vebjørn RodalNORAtlanta (OG)1996-07-31
11.1:42.60Johnny GrayUSAKoblenz1985-08-28
12.1:42.62Patrick NdururiKENZürich1997-08-13
13.1:42.67Alfred Kirwa YegoKENRieti2009-09-06
14.1:42.69Hezekiél SepengRSABruxelles1999-09-03
Japheth KimutaiKENBruxelles1999-09-03
16.1:42.79Frederick OnyanchaKENAtlanta (OG)1996-07-31
Youssef Saad KamelBRNMonaco2008-07-19
18.1:42.81Jean-Patrick NduwimanaBDIZürich2001-08-17
19.1:42.85Norberto TéllezCUBAtlanta (OG)1996-07-31
20.1:42.86Mbulaeni MulaudziRSARieti2009-09-06
21.1:42.88Steve CramGBRZürich1985-08-21
22.1:42.91William YiampoyKENRieti2002-09-08
23.1:42.97Peter ElliottGBRSevilla1990-05-30