28 February 2011


It's only a game!

Thurs 5.22am 10.53km Roo+Lake 46m04 (4m22 K's)
Fri 5.22am 10.52km Roo+Lake 46m18 (4m24 K's)
Sat eve 10.69km Roo+Lake 43m42 (No Garmin)
Sun 5.43pm 10.33km Roo+Lake 42m16 (4m05 K's) 

Still feeling my way back into it. 
Not sure if I'm recovered from the hip thing as it is hanging in there.
More steady running for the time being.
Much howling heard into the early hours this morning at the Sweeney household due to Gooners misfiring!
Still it's only a game!

23 February 2011

Life in a Northern Town

Sun 6.00pm  10.52km Roo+Lake 43m40 (4m09 K's)
Mon 6.23pm 5.74km Roo 24m30 (4m16 K's)
Tue 5.27am 5.70km Roo 25m30 (4m28 K's)
Wed 5.15am 10.44km Roo+Lake 44m03 (4m13 K's)

20 February 2011

A hot one

5.24pm 10.56km Roo+Lake 39m30 (3m44 K's)

3m56, 3m52, 3m38, 3m46, 3m44, 3m47, 3m41, 3m40, 3m43, 3m46, 1m56 (3m28 pace 560m)

It was still pretty hot at 5.30pm yesterday, the sun was just setting, 29 O C (84 O F) and humidity about 60%. 
I had spent the day limbering up (Whipper Snipped the whole garden! and swam) . I started out fast but with no real intention other than to run Roo+Lake.
Having had two weeks off and a very easy week I wanted to test the hip and see how much fitness I'd lost. 
The hip was still niggling but I could cope with it.
It was a pretty mental thing to push myself so soon (sorry Jim!!) but I enjoyed the feeling of pushing myself and was rewarded with equal 11th fastest time over Roo+Lake, going through 10K in 37m34.
If things hold together over the next month I'll be racing the National Masters Champs in Brisbane at the end of April, probably 10K, 5K and 8K XC

18 February 2011

Arsenal 2 - 1 Barcelona

Thurs 5.21am 5.69km Roo 24m27  (4m18 K's)
Fri 5.29am 10.59 Roo+Lake 44m52 (4m14 K's)

Still sore but runable so I'll see how I go!
Still getting over yesterday's game - what magic!

16 February 2011

Mon 5.19am 5.69km Roo 25m37 (4m30 Ks)
Tues 5.29am 5.69km Roo 25m23 (4m28 Ks)
Wed 5.36am 5.59km Roo 24m04 (4m18 Ks)

Contador is cleared. A Verdict, not a proposal...

Contador is cleared. A Verdict, not a proposal...

07 February 2011

Peter Magill, 1st Place Masters - 2011 USATF Cross Country Championships

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I love how they seem to shove a mike at Pete as he is coming down the finishing tunnel/shoot. Pete just having won the overall Masters Title (M40+) at age 49 is still lucid enough to give fellow Masters some good advice about training/racing, states his only aim this year when he turns 50 is to run 5K on the road in sub 15m and he is able to answer what his does for a living!
Mens Results
Womens Results

I've had a week off running feeling sorry for myself I eventually did a few core session, swam, and went out on the bike for an hour. I can just about still feel the hip so will take another week off and see how it is - fingers crossed!

01 February 2011

Out of Action

Monday morning at 5.00am trotted around Roo with more than the acceptable level of pain in my hip so cut run short. The rest of the day I was limping around and again this morning in quite some discomfort as I walked the dog. This injury has slowly built up since I think 3rd Jan when I did the 2hour trail run at Mount Mee. It has got worse and the only thing for it is rest. It is an undefined pain somewhere around the ball and socket joint. I have weakness in bearing weight on that side. My suspicion is that it could be another stressie. I'll take some time off see if it's still there and if so seek consultation.