26 February 2009

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Still no good!
Went to see the Sports Consultant again  this evening with a view to getting a further diagnosis on the knee and the Buttock issues. I got through the full range of motion without a real identifiable problem pinpointed! I'm going to have an MRI on the hip/pelvis area Monday to check things out. If no identifiable problem presents I will probably be referred to a Physiotherapist who specialises in recovery from hip replacement patients (Apparently presently doing a doctorate in this particular area). As it stands I'm completely unable to run but I am able to pursue my core exercises and so I'm devoting myself to strength work twice a day! If nothing else comes of this, my upper body strength is much improved (500 push ups a day!). Here is a photo of me after a session this morning
I guess the plan is sort out the buttocks then see what can be done about the knee. Right now the idea of ever running pain free sometime in the future seems a long long way off. In the meantime I've also enjoyed reading a new blog created by none other than Pete Magill!! Check it out here.
My reader will know how highly I rate Pete as a M45 performer (Best in the World) and his blog is full of interesting articles (health and training) and interviews with top (Mainly American) masters runners. He has been phenomenally busy putting up post after post. The only thing I'd mention is Pete should put up more details on his training and performances.

15 February 2009

Hotel for Dogs

I got out for a run this morning at 9.00am it was hot and I was in no shape to run but I was interested to see if I could get around and what the damage would be! Well I limped around in pain the whole way. Saw Helen Stanton just as she was finishing her run. Finished my run and jumped into the pool. I could hardly get out as the sciatica gripped, a strange sensation where you feel you cant bear weight on your leg. I was in all sorts of trouble. Natalie, Max, Lily and I were off to the Movies to see Hotel for Dogs and I was thinking I wouldn't be able to make it without a walking stick!! Desperate measures were called upon and so I 'took' a suppository pain killer I had left over from my Hernia op! It did the job, I slept through the movie and by the time we had to go I was able to walk OK again! The good thing about the run was I was in so much pain with the  Sciatica I didn't even consider how my knees were!
I'm off to Cairns/Townsville/Mackay for business Mon to Wed. 

Jamie Harrison 10,000m 31m43.17

Well Friday we had another 45mm of rain and Saturday a further 6mm. So Sat was spent cutting the grass which most unusually for Brizzy is rich and verdant. Nice to have the pool completely brimming!
Today has dawned with a beautiful blue sky and temps forecast to hit 31 O C.
Yesterday I went out on the bike to see how my 'sciatica' reacted. The answer is OK so I will try and go for a run and see if I can make it around 6KM of Roo. I have stopped taking the anti inflams as I was doing no running and I also wanted to see what reaction I get from the knees.

Last night Jamie Harrison ran another M45 Australian Record this time 10,000m in 31m43.17.
A fantastic effort and shows Jamie is in sparkling form.
I remember looking at the old record by Ronnie, 31m48, when I ran my first 10,000m as a 45 y o and ran 33m03 and thought that record was out of sight. I did manage a 32m12 solo effort in Hobart in 2007 and realised that if you get the right conditions it does make a lot of difference.
Jamie sure has the form to take the 1500m record (4m02.1) and the Mile is softer (4m29.3), however, the 5000m record is a stonking 14m59.0 from 1997 Steve Austin (was he the $6M Man!!?). I ran 14m59 when I was skinny 16 y.o. , if I was fully fit I'd say my current ability is the equivalent of me when I was a 14/15 year old.

13 February 2009

86mm of rain overnight

86mm of rain overnight till 5.30am!!

I had to empty out the rain gauge or it will have spilled over the top!
The pitch at the Gabba will be very interesting for the One Day'er!

I'm still feeling liked someone kicked me up the Jacksie! I'm able to weight bare OK but still going through spells wear just sitting or standing (like on the train) leave me limping.
Still doing twice a day core exercises and will see if rowing and or cycling are possible.
I feel like the clock is counting down and I so want to be fit for Europe at end of May

48 Hours - Clock DVA

08 February 2009

Jamie Harrison 1500m 4: 07.90

Still in pain! Though not quite limping. At this rate of progress I might be running in a weeks time.
Depressing not being able to run but at least I'm trying to convert that angst into something positive with my core exercises twice daily. Press ups, Sit ups, Bicep Curls. I did a 100 push ups as part of a set (50, 100, 50, 50, 50 ).
Dr.Jamie well done on the 4m07.9 last night, great running (would have ranked you 8th in World list based on last year) and if you race 1500 at the Nationals you will deprive the hence to unbeatable, John Jago, of a 4th title in a row!

03 February 2009


The sciatic issue still has me limping around! I think I probably aggravated it doing my stretching and compounded it on Sunday when I did the straight leg touchy toes bouncy thing that I remember from as long ago as my Lufbra days is not good practise! On a supple youthful body perhaps you can get away with it but what I'm beginning to learn now, is that at 47, you have just got to think about every stress and strain you put your body through. 
Ah well, it's more rest for the knees!

01 February 2009

Keith Bateman 8m59.62

Sunday  11.00am  Nudgee  8 X 400m - 60sec jog recovery Ave 72s

The mountains got put off due to; Natalie telling me not to , rain at 5.00am, a sciatic type pain I've experienced over the last few days high up in the left buttock or lower back. Instead I decided to head off to the track and do a set of 10 X 4. Rain and windy conditions, very humid only a gaggle of ducks for company on the track.
Went OK considering all, up to 8th rep, when I felt the sciatic pain grip. It is always disappointing to cut a session short specially when only two reps to go. In the past I might have limp around the last two but that would have achieved nothing much in particular so happy enough to just get a track session in.

Keith Bateman (Page 2 here)ran 8m59.62 for 3000m last night in Sydney knocking 10 secs off his Australian M50 3000m record! Amazing performance for a M54! He is certainly raising the bar with truly World Class performances. His 4m11s 1500m last year blew my mind but made me suspect that his 3K and 5K times could do with major revision. 
Scintillating stuff from a boy from Watford!