29 December 2011

20 X 400m @ 71.75

Thurs 1.14pm Nudgee 20 X 400m Nudgee 120m jog recovery @ 71.75
Wed 3.59pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m06  4m17 K's 138bpm
Tues 4.46pm 10.50km Roo+Lake 42m35   4m03 K's
Mon 9.28am 10.65km Roo+Lake 45m51  4m18 K's
Sun 5.12pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 45m--  Garmin switched itself off 4m17 K's

At Nudgee this afternoon by myself;


72.86  135bpm
72.50  145
73.13  147
71.40  149
71.02  152
70.83  153
71.77  156
71.78  153
71.98  153
71.41  156
72.53  155
72.50  155
72.20  156
71.44  157
72.20  157
72.08  157
71.98  159
71.41  159
71.57  158
68.53  161

A tough old session! Ran them in flats as usual. Quite breezy but seemed to be able to cut through the wind somehow. Was starting the reps with a heart beat up around 120bpm. A good set in difficult conditions, clouds rolled over the sun to give some reprieve from the heat. PF in right foot and tendinitis in left knee are continuing slight factors , the PF tends to get real bad as I drive back home. I get out the car and can barely walk! eventually able to walk it off and tend to pay the price again tomorrow morning. 
I have only been doing steady runs through the holidays up till now fitting runs around the family. 
Might do ParkRun (5km Road) on Sat morning. 
Other races coming up;
A UQ Track meet (Open) on 6th Jan on a Friday evening (!) 3000m if I rejoin University of Queensland T & F team in time.
Queensland 5000m Championship (Open) 21st Jan Sat eve (!).

Saw 127 hours recently and am now reading the book having downloaded the soundtrack! Liked all the tracks but in particular liked Free Blood - Never going hear surf music again and Band of Horses - The Funeral


24 December 2011

127 Hours

Sat 5.05pm 10.58km Roo+lake 40m02 3m47 K's
Fri 4.09pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 43m34 4m07 K's
Thu 5.54pm 10.52km Roo+Lake 41m23 3m56 K's

23 December 2011


2011 was a good year for me. I have managed two years without significant injury so to go 24 months and just to run consistently will bring you back into shape . 
This year I have continued my training regime of steady runs (10.5km) and interval sessions which I do because it doesn't impact too much on 'family time' and it seems to work for me. I did have a brief spell this year where I tacked on an extra 6KM to my morning run to make it a 16.5KM  but with niggles (Mainly PF in the right foot) caused me to revert to form (10.5km Roo+Lake).
The year actually started out with a niggle and I took a fortnight off because  of a dodgy hip but was able to pick things back up quickly and started to run well again in training.
I did an amazing 3 X 2mile session that gave me confidence and belief that I was going well again combined with some rare fast early morning runs over Roo+Lake.
This period culminated in the National Masters Champs here in Brissy in April . Back in February when I was out, I thought I wouldn't even line up but  on a warm humid night I won the M45 10,000m in 32m53. This was a great 'race' as Bruce and myself were always going to be very close and I felt good enough to kick, after going through 5000m in about 16m04 . Perhaps my performance of the year. 

Who wants to see my ugly mug anyway I love this shot with my typical gaping mouth, profuse sweating and Bruce shadowing me ready to move out for some water!

The 5000m two days later was another season highlight. To have 4 X M45's all capable of running sub 16m in one race in Australia must have been a first.
 Along with Bruce we had Robert Schwerkolt  who had recently run  Australian M45 Records with 1500m in 4m00 and 3000m in 8m49 and Shane George who had trounced me in a Queensland Masters 3000m earlier in the year. As the race transpired I think we were all a bit in awe of Robert and perhaps paid him too much respect, though saying that, Shane did a great job, really sticking it in and trying to  pull away. He paid the price and I managed to overtake him and gap him and Bruce but I did not have the balls to really take on Robert scared of his renowned kick, I followed him and paid the price as first he kicked away and then Shane overtook me in the last 150m . Saying that, I was proud to run 15m50 after the sapping 10,000m . 

Shane must be leading and I'm following Rob, Bruce was just getting gapped.
Shane taking it on, Robert sitting pretty, Me just concentrating on those heels!

Winter saw the return of me running the Sunshine Coast Cross Country series 12km and 3km races and I even managed an open win though was soundly beaten by M40 Mark Richardson in the season opener. He is going to be major competition if he remains competitive (he suggested to me he may retire).

The 10K road races were all good, my best performance was the 33m22 at the Gold Coast.
Gold Coast 10km 26th Open 1st M45

I thought I'd improve on GC but didn't! No races against Monna's this year so I went unbeaten in Cat at Gold Coast, Redcliffe, Noosa, and Bridge to Brisbane. 

 The start I very nearly missed Bridge to Brisbane, 13th Open 1st Cat 34m07 (I'm far left in a Tee Shirt!!)

 Bridge to Brisbane

Jetty To Jetty 3rd Open 1st M40 34m10 

 Noosa 10km   33m43   8th Open  1st M40-49

Outright Open wins at 50 years of age are to be celebrated as they will become increasingly rare! Open wins at the Queensland Corporate Games 10K and Cairns Post 5k Challenge and the Titirangi 10K in NZ were great days. Check out my finish in this video!

Gladstone 8K was again a happy hunting ground 4th Open and 1st M45 for another $1000 prize, a tangible reward for an old geezer! 

Gladstone 8km (7.74km Garmin) 25m21 4th Open 1st M45 kicking to stave off a youngster!

Yes I turned 50 in September and my goal was to try and beat as many M50 Category records as I could.
The Cool Night Classic 5K 3rd place $500 watch was another amazing prize when we would gladly compete for nothing (like we mostly do!).
So to this Summer and my track season has been rewarding. Running 15m55 and 15m56 in tough conditions by myself suggest I can go on to run sub 15m49 but we shall see.
Breaking Ronnie's Queensland records 3000m 9m15.98 and Mile 4m44 meant I achieved some goals this year. The 4m22 1500m last week on a windy day was possibly better than I expected or hoped for and perhaps I can still run under 4m20. 
To all you fellow Masters I wish health and happiness for the holidays and  for 2012  without the thought of you guys where ever you are in the World  spurring me on , there would be no competition and without that what would be the point?

21 December 2011

10 X 400m @ 69.36

Sun 7.43am 80m11 Jinker Trail Bunya State Forest 15.27km trail running
Mon 5.29am 49m11 10.56km Roo+Lake 4m39 K's
Tue 5.22am 46m31 10.55km Roo+Lake 4m22 K's
Wed 5.00am Nudgee 10 X 400m 120m jog recovery 21.8C/71.2K/4kph/86%

72.30  135bpm
71.79  141
70.79  144
69.74  148
69.52  149
69.22  152
69.28  153
67.63  156
67.63  157
65.71  158

17 December 2011

1500m 4m22.15 91.98% Age Grade

Thur 6.00pm 42m04 Roo+lake 10.58km  3m59 K's
Fri 5.31am 45m05 Roo+Lake 10.51km 4m17 K's

Sat 9.45am QE11 Nathan 1500m 4m22.15

Not worried about the heat today, it was only 25.4C/77.7F, or the humidity at just 45%, but the wind certainly affected conditions 13kph from the SE gusting 24kph.
I set off at 48 for 300m, 1m58 for 700m 3m11 for 1100m and 4m22.15 for 1500m
I wanted to get a performance in for 2011 World Rankings and that time will slot me into 12th place in the current lists ( that will go down as the compiler completes the analysis of the years results).
I am happy with 4m22 as it is only 4 secs off my best Masters performance and according to Queensland Masters Age % performance 91.98% is my best ever performance in any distance!. I do actually find that hard to reconcile as 15m55 is a far better performance in my eyes but only merits just under 91% (according to QMA).
The wind was the  real killer and I will run under 4m20 in calm conditions.
I take my hat off to Peter Reeves (58) who caned me in the Age % by running a World Class 4m34 which is 94.19% !

14 December 2011

4 X 1000m @ 3m06.54 The long and the short

Tues 5.45am 10.49km Roo+Lake 44m17  4m13 K's

Wed 5.00am Nudgee 4 X 1000m - 200m jog recovery - 20.3C/68.5F/91%/2kph

3m11.33 146bpm 74.57 (127) 80.86* (159) 35.90* (161)
3m10.53 157bpm 75.49 (144) 77.10 (166) 37.94 (169)
3m05.54 164bpm 72.39 (152) 76.00 (172) 37.15 (173)
2m58.88 168bpm 71.21 (155) 72.95 (177) 34.72 (180)

*Garmin took lap time late at '800m' making 2nd lap 'long' and last 200'short'.

12 December 2011

8 X 400m @ 67.04

Sat 3.45pm  10.52km Roo+Lake 42m04 4.00m K's 146bpm

Sun 5.08pm  8 X 400m Nudgee 120m jog recovery

Mon 5.30am 10.5km Roo+Lake no time (Garmin switched itself off)

Sundays session was conducted after a storm had moved through and  taken the heat out of the day, 30C/86F at noon down to 22.5C/72.5F at 5.00pm, however, the humidity was 95%. I decided on more of a speed session as will race 1500m at the weekend for the first time (other than the relay) in about 4 years!
With no wind  (2kph) and warm conditions, I felt good before the start and knew I would go well, even on a wet track with puddles!.
Concentrated on form and trying to stay relaxed (while putting in maximum effort) .
Was nearly tempted to tack on two more reps just to compare it with my sets of 10 X 400's.
The sweating was unbelievable cascading down my head by session end.
Probably the same sweat this morning with 98% humidity that caused the Garmin to switch itself off!

Overnight in the States they had the National Masters Cross Country Championships.
Results here.
350 Masters competing in one race! what a fantastic celebration of Masters running.

09 December 2011


I love this photo of our Maxey 2005 Noosaville 

Thurs 5.35am 10.53km Roo+Lake 46m22  4m24 K's
Fri 5.21am 10.53km Roo+Lake 45m49 4m21 K's

07 December 2011

5x1000m - @ 3m08.92

Mon 5.17am 10.53km Roo+Lake 48m14 4m35 K's
Tue 5.15am 10.53km Roo+Lake 47m25 4m30 K's
Wed. Up at 4.30am to get to Nudgee at 5am.
1 mile warm up, cool (17.9C/64F) and windy (4kph gusting 9kph), leaden skies eventually started to rain.
3m11.32     (152bpm)    74.89   (139)      77.60   (161)      38.83  (161)
3m10.83     (156bpm)    75.39   (143)      78.20   (165)      37.24  (168)
3m10.53     (160bpm)    74.29   (149)      78.45   (168)      37.79  (169)
3m07.67     (165bpm)    73.09   (155)      76.63   (171)      37.95  (173)
3m04.28     (167bpm)    72.17   (158)      75.85   (173)      36.26  (175)

The wind probably cost 2 or 3 secs, the recovery was 200m  jog .

04 December 2011

Mile 4.44 Qld M50 Rec

Down to the Gold Coast this morning for a Mile.
Good conditions (the heat and humidity are lesser factors when your only running 4 laps).
Brendan Wheelan was out to demolish the Qld M35 Rec.
so at least i had someone to draw upon
First lap plus 9m was about 67/68, with Brendan running 65/66.
2nd lap Brendan cleared off (2.12) with me about 2.18.
3rd lap I think I went through in 3.32? so was tieing up big time!
It is amazing how different running a mile is compared to the 3 & 5k !.
Brendan started to come back to me on the last lap - it was his first track race of the
season. He ran 4.39,
I timed myself at 4.43.5 no electronic timing but had three watches clock me at 4.43:5, 4.44:2 and 4.44.2 - I'm not sure if they give the median time or the average.

Ronnie wont mind me taking this record off him - a sprint by his (and mine) standards!

03 December 2011

3000m 9:23.59 Australian 4x1500m M50-59 18m37.91

Very windy, 13kpm gusting 26kpm , it was cool when I got up just 16C in the city but by race start it had climbed to 23C, was tempted to give the 3000m a miss and concentrate on 4x1500,
but gave it a go anyhow.just too tough with the wind and ran 9m23.
90mins later I started off the relay, ran 68, 2.22,3.36,4.32.
Con,Phil and Pete all ran blinders in really tough conditions. Our time beat the Australian listed record by 4secs and the 'listed' World Record by about 30secs. I think we could shave another 20secs in calm conditions.4x1500m is no longer kept as a currently listed 'record'.
It was really nice to be part of a team doing something together worthwhile as so much of our sport is run as individuals.

02 December 2011

Cool Morning

Fri 4.54am 10.57km Roo+Lake 45m48 4m20 K's
Thur 5.19am 10.53km Roo+Lake 47m01 4m28 K's

Only 18 O C this morning, much cooler than of late, much better running conditions.