30 August 2010

Race photos

Monday 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 65m30

This photo is at the finish of the 8KM Botanic to Bridge at Gladstone
This is the finish of the ill fated 'win' in the 3K at Gladstone, the photographer migh not have moved but at least I changed my vest!

This is on route during the 8KM at Gladstone.

8KM at Gladstone

An unusual high level birds eye shot at North Lakes, its me in 2nd place on the Lake section of Roo+lake!

Another birds eye view at the Lake with Chris Rawlings leading me. I was hung over and feeling distinctly seedy!

I like this photo from the Jetty to Jetty. We are looming on an up slope, Monnas running alone on the outside edge with me taking the tangent on the inside edge. I thought that at 1.75m about 5ft9.5" I was an averaged size for a runner, but this photo makes me look like a short arse!

Another from the Jetty to Jetty, as ever I seem to be running by myself!

29 August 2010

Bridge to Brisbane 2010

29th August 2010 Bridge to Brisbane 10KM 34m27 21st & 1st

7th August 2005 Bridge to Brisbane 12km 44m10 75th & 9th
6th August 2006 Bridge to Brisbane 12km 41m36 27th & 2nd
5th August 2007 Bridge to Brisbane 12km 39m07 21st & 1st

It was cool and a little windy but fair running conditions. I started well and enjoyed the first 2K's running up and over the new Bridge, a really good running surface. The first lady past me at the top of the Bridge and gaped me going on the downward slope. I was working hard but feeling OK.
Perverse that amongst 40,000 other runners I should find myself running alone down Kingsford Smith Drive! I past 5K in 16m55 and was a little disappointed that the time did not matched the effort. The leading lady was staying about a 100m in front - I think she might have been the first lady in the City to Surf who Bruce ran with a couple of weeks ago (I was wrong, it was actually C2S 2nd placer Cassie Fien). One runner (Andrew Reeves) popped out the back of the group in front and I caught him up at the 8K mark, and ran all the way to the finish with him but ultimately losing out to his better kick at the finish.
Around the 7/8K mark I got a good shout from Matty Phillips (running the 5K later?)
" Come On You Gooner!" - it helped me push on - thanks!
An Army guy (Jared xxxx ?) was the only other runner interaction I had over the last 6K. He went past me and Andrew Reeves in the last K and this being my first time running the '10K', with the finish into the RNA Showgrounds being unfamiliar, I could not judge the finish line accurately (and that cost me two places!).
Disappointed with the time 34m27, however I think I probably made Top 20 (wrong 21st!)and it will be interesting to see the results to compare relative performances. I thought that the two previous times this course has been run the times were slow (34m27 would have got 11th place last year!).
(Comments on CoolRunning suggest the course was 200m long! this was actually the first running on this course as we started on the new bridge slightly further East)
Perhaps some solace can be had by comparing performances with others when the results come out. Michael Shelly probably won the race (he did in 29m35s he ran 28m53 at GC).
It will be interesting to see how Jackson Elliott went ( last weeks winner in Gladstone) (he was 4th in 31m09 he ran 30m17 at GC).Also up front would have been Peter Nowill (2nd in 30m49).

27 August 2010

Sebastien Squillaci

Thurs 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 65m09

Fri 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 63m59

Looking forward to a Saturday lie in!

25 August 2010

Bridge to Brisbane

Tues 5.00am Cadel+Roo 16K 63m17

Wed 5.00am Cadel+Roo 16K 65m52

Weighed myself after this mornings run, if I leaned forward onto my toes I could make the scales read 64kg, if I leaned back onto my heals I made it 66kg, I would be very happy to settle for 65kg which is getting me pretty close to racing weight. Not going to add any variety to my training till after Sundays BIG one, 10KM Bridge to Brisbane. I'm hoping to run sub 34mins and go top 20 place.

23 August 2010

a lazy grand in the bag!

Fri 12.oo noon 12KM Go Betweens 50m02

Sat Rest (drive to Gladstone)

Sun Botanical to Bridge Gladtsone 8KM(?) 25m24 4th 1st M45
3KM(?) 9m03 1st & 1st

Mon 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 66m45

The lure of $1000 had me driving 6hours!! to Gladstone for the inaugural 'Botanical to Bridge' 8KM event. A hell of a drive as beyond the Sunshine Coast the Bruce is a single lane highway with the occasional passing lane! I treated it like a race against my GPS trying to get to the destination before my original ETA at outset. One pit stop and 100 to 110K's all the way.

Gladstone is still a small country town but its natural gift is a deepwater harbour which makes it ideal for filling up huge ocean tankers with the abundant coal from this region. The Gladstone Port Authority sponsored this event and were very generous! Open Cat prizes were $2500, $1500 and $500 and what a turn up for the books they put on a $1000 for first over 45!!!!! If they keep that up I can see this race becoming a beacon for Masters runners from Brisbane to Sydney, to Canberra and to Melbourne!! The organisation was magnificent with an army of volunteers, closed off roads through the middle of town,courtesy buses to and from start/finish, bottled sports drink/water/fruit at the finish, helicopter local TV coverage. The race started on a steep hill and ran pretty much direct into town with a dogleg to send us through the main st of town Goondoon St. I started OK was very impressed with race winner Jackson Elliott as he took off over the first 2K leaving everyone else in his wake. I'm not sure if Jackson is from Sydney or the Gold Coast. 2nd place went to Jason Gerahty who is from the Gold Coast and 3rd was Neil Labinsky from Nambour. I was happy to finish 4th as I only got beaten by quality guys. To some degree I held back a little as I wanted to race the 3KM an hour later! I heard that the course only measured 7.7K's by Garmin and I am certain it was short! As was the 3K.

The 3K started about an hour later and the logistics of getting back to the start took some sorting . I felt OK and early on cautiously cruised into 2nd place and then into the lead up the hill at Goondoon. It felt good cruising into the crowded finish area clear , Jason Gerahty called out "$750", as he rubbed his thumb and fingers together in the age old 'money' sign! the announcer said "and here comes the winner - lets hope its a local - it's David Sweeney of North Lakes!" I was pleased that know one would have a clue where North Lakes was! It was a great stroke of luck (no competition) and my second race 'win' this year!!

The 3KM race had more prize money than you'd see at any but the biggest races! Open was $750 for 1st, $500 for 2nd , $250 for 3rd and $700 for first over45 !!! I only managed to get my second online entry in by changing my name from David to Dave. But no where did the terms and conditions say running in both races was not allowed . I was presented the $700 'M45' cheque on stage (I did realise that I would not be able to claim the Open prize having entered the M45 Cat) however the 2nd placed M45 kicked up a fuss and I had to hand back the cash! I didn't mind too much , I still had a lazy grand in the bag!

I raced back home another 6 hours with just the briefest of pit stops at Gin Gin (same spot as on my way up) , the return was a lot tougher than the drive up . I used the pain of busting for a waz as focus to stay alert! It was an epic 1075KM round trip and the kids were overjoyed with the $100 each I've promised. Just the smiles on their face made it all worthwhile.

19 August 2010

27.8 O C or 82 O F

Wed 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 65m07

Tues 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 64m40

The heat has returned to our days 27.8 O C today in Brisbane CBD that's 82 O F, how about that for a Winter's Day!! I cut short my lunchtime walk due to sweating! Still cold in the mornings. Plodding along for the time being, I will introduce a mid week interval session shortly. I'm going to be racing again this weekend and next!!

17 August 2010

Richard Goodman and Ryan Gregson

Mon 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 65m45
Tues 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 62m29

Soon after starting this mornings run I came out onto North Lakes main road = Discovery Drive at the same time as another runner on the opposite side of the road, so were running side by side (but separated by the road). I felt he was trying to race so I hit the gas! I thought that was that and I'd not see him for dust but about 2K's later I looked behind and saw him (I presume ) just about 50m back! This time I really took off going hard for another 2K. No sign of my imaginary competitor, I relaxed into a more sedate pace . That impetus gave me a significant improvement in my overall time.

As you know I have been championing the cause of young Richard Goodman who last year broke my 31 year old Under17 3000m Club record. Last weekend racing at an invitation U20 3000m at the Diamond League Meeting at Crystal Palace he broke a away from a field of 30+ runners over the last K to win in a time of 8m12.94 . See how many of those guys ran PB's!! Richard is now 17 years old and it will be interesting to see if he can emulate the improvement 'our' Ryan Gregson has shown. Ryan also running in the London Meet finished 5th in the Mile in a PB 3m52.24 (having broken the Australian 1500m record this year with 3m31.06 as a 20 year old!). Ryan ran 8m01.26 as a 17 year old.

World Record 7:20.67 Daniel KOMEN KEN Rieti 1 SEP 1996
Area Record 7:26.62 Mohammed MOURHIT BEL Monaco 18 AUG 2000
World Lead 7:31.68 Yusuf Kibet BIWOTT KEN Ostrava 27 MAY 2010
National U20 Record 7:48.28 Jon RICHARDS GBR 1983

Rank Athlete Nation Result
1 GOODMAN, Richard GBR 8:12.94 PB
2 HAY, Jonny GBR 8:15.96
3 MCDONNELL, John GBR 8:16.02 PB
4 BITCHELL, Adam GBR 8:16.93 PB
5 CURR, Tom GBR 8:21.32 PB
6 GORECKI, Joshua GBR 8:23.41 PB
7 REED, Mickey GBR 8:23.80 PB
8 CONNOR, Ben GBR 8:23.97 PB
9 BERGIN, Matt GBR 8:24.09 PB
10 BENSON, Gordon GBR 8:24.42 PB
11 BAILEY, Ian GBR 8:25.27 PB
12 GRAY, Jack GBR 8:25.84 PB
13 MACLEAN, Charlie GBR 8:28.59
14 RIDLEY, Andrew GBR 8:28.66 PB
15 ROBINSON, Alex GBR 8:29.67 PB
16 BUTCHART, Andrew GBR 8:31.02 PB
17 WHITE, Liam GBR 8:31.57 PB
18 ABDI, Harun GBR 8:31.95 PB
19 CALDWELL, Luke GBR 8:33.13
20 WORTON, Dale GBR 8:34.63
21 ATKIN, Sam GBR 8:34.76
22 CORNWELL, Alex GBR 8:35.20
23 THOMPSON, Paul GBR 8:35.60
24 GRACE, Joshua GBR 8:35.88
25 PALMER, Elliot GBR 8:38.03
26 HENDRY, Alexander GBR 8:39.89 PB
27 CLARKE, Adam GBR 8:39.99
28 FARNHAM ROSE, Robbie GBR 8:42.74
29 MONAGHAN, Andrew GBR 8:44.25
30 MCCARTHY, James GBR 8:53.46

Intermediate times:1000mConnor, Ben (GBR)2:48.98 2000mGoodman, Richard (GBR)5:33.07

15 August 2010

familiar yet unfamiliar

Sun 8.20am Lakes College Fun Run 10KM 34m18 2nd (no Cat)

Saturday night had drinks with friends - very poor preparation for todays race !
Ideally I'd have had an early night but my wife would not have appreciated that.Social conformity! I had way too many beers! slept through my alarm, so was lucky this was a local race!
Tried to drink lots of water when I got up but felt pretty lousy.
I jogged up to the start and was impressed by the large turn out for this event.
Started off fast 2nd behind former winner David Strickland. Chris Rawling a local tri
athlete/runner took up the pace and gaped me between 1K and 5K probably pulling out
to 50m with no one in sight behind. I realized that I was gaining on Chris and by 5K had caught him up. Briefly flirted with idea of pushing on by myself but bottled it and took the easy option of running along side Chris for a couple of K's. I decided and didn't feel good so eased back the pace.
On the long hill up to the 7K mark Chris gaped me and I wasn't racing . Just ran home steady and finished 10secs behind him. The course was quite twisty, not good for fast times, familiar yet unfamiliar (running roo+Lake backwards).
Marcia Sheer Queensland Masters W50 is running really well and today ran sub 40, 39m18.

13 August 2010

Premier League Dreaming

Fri 5.00am 16km Cadel+Roo 64m26

Cold again this morning - made worse with those traditional EKKA August Winds.

It's got to start warming up soon! Where is Spring? I am happy with this weeks work .

Should have an easy day tomorrow and then for my really local Lakes College 10K on Sunday morning!

I'm looking forward to the new football season starting this weekend. Will I get up and watch the games live? I saw this list of Top Four predictions that the BBC put together; It will be intersting to revisit it next May. For the record , I'll chip in with ;

1 Chelsea, 2 Arsenal, 3 Man U, 4 Man City

Premier League: BBC poll predictions in full
A poll of football experts has been conducted by the BBC Sport website to produce a predicted top four for the 2010-11 Premier League season.

We asked for their one-two-three-four selections ahead of the new campaign, which starts on Saturday.

Here are their selections in full:

Neil Ashton News of the World football reporter

1 Chelsea 2 Man United 3 Arsenal 4 Manchester City

Patrick Barclay The Times chief football commentator

1 Arsenal 2 Liverpool 3 Chelsea 4 Man Utd

Matt Barlow Daily Mail football correspondent

1 Chelsea 2 Man City 3 Arsenal 4 Man United

Alan Brazil Ex-Manchester United and Scotland striker

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Man City

Simon Caney Sport magazine editor-in-chief

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Man City

Steve Claridge Former professional player, BBC pundit

1 Man Utd 2 Chelsea 3 Man City 4 Liverpool

Ben Clissett Daily Telegraph Head of sport

1 Chelsea 2 Man City 3 Man Utd 4 Arsenal

Stan Collymore Former Liverpool and England striker

1 Chelsea 2 Manchester United 3 Arsenal 4 Manchester City

Ian Dennis BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter

1 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 3 Man Utd 4 Liverpool

Lee Dixon Former Arsenal defender, BBC Sport pundit

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Man City

Simon Gleave Infostrada sports desk manager

1 Manchester United 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Liverpool

Michael Gray Former England and Sunderland left-back

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Man City 4 Arsenal

Rodney Hinds The Voice Sports editor

1 Manchester City 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Man Utd

David Hall FourFourTwo editor

1 Chelsea 2 Man City 3 Man Utd 4 Liverpool

Antony Kastrinakis The Sun football writer

1 Chelsea 2 Man United 3 Arsenal 4 Tottenham

Ian Ladyman Daily Mail football writer

1 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 3 Man Utd 4 Man City

Darren Lewis Mirror Sport football writer

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Liverpool

Martin Lipton Chief football writer Daily Mirror

1 Chelsea 2 Manchester City 3 Manchester United 4 Arsenal

Sid Lowe Spanish football expert

1 Man City 2 Arsenal 3 Chelsea 4 Man Utd

Kevin McCarra Guardian football correspondent

1 Arsenal 2 Man Utd 3 Chelsea 4 Man City

Louis Massarella FourFourTwo features editor

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Spurs

Guy Mowbray BBC TV commentator

1 Man Utd 2 Arsenal 3 Chelsea 4 Man City

Paul Plunkett Lancashire Telegraph sports editor

1 Chelsea 2 Liverpool 3 Manchester United 4 Arsenal

Micky Quinn Ex-Newcastle and Coventry striker Micky Quinn

1 Liverpool 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Manchester City

Lee Ryder Newcastle Evening Chronicle chief sports writer Lee Ryder

1 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 3 Manchester United 4 Tottenham

Robbie Savage Wales/Derby midfielder, BBC Radio 5 live pundit

1 Chelsea 2 Man City 3 Man Utd 4 Arsenal

Mike Sewell BBC Radio 5 live commentator

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Man City 4 Arsenal

Mark Saggers TalkSport presenter Mark Saggers

1 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 3 Manchester City 4 Manchester United

Martin Skrtel Liverpool defender

1 Liverpool 2 Arsenal 3 Chelsea 4 Man Utd

Daniel Taylor Guardian football writer

1 Man United 2 Chelsea 3 Man City 4 Arsenal

Graham Taylor Former England manager, BBC Radio 5 live analyst

1 Man United 2 Chelsea 3 Man City 4 Arsenal

Chris Waddle Former England winger, BBC Radio 5 live analyst

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Tottenham 4 Man City

Sam Wallace Independent chief football writer

1 Chelsea 2 Manchester United 3 Liverpool 4 Arsenal

Duncan White Sunday Telegraph football correspondent

1 Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3 Arsenal 4 Man City

Steve Wilson BBC TV commentator

1 Man Utd 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Liverpool

12 August 2010


Wed 2.00pm 17KM Roo+Lake+Roo 66m38 went through roo+lake in 43m26 - strong

Thurs 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 65m46

Wed was a Public Holiday - Brisbane Show Day = Exhibition, known as the "EKKA" !It rained throughout Tues we had 69mm at home but Brisbane recorded 78mm a record rainfall for an August day. It rains very seldom here in the Winter months. The Summer tropical thunder storms provide the bulk of our water. Today is very windy ! I'm glad I got my run in early during the always benign part of the day.

10 August 2010

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke QUEEN II

Mon 12.00 12km? GoBetweens 51m38 - easy

Tues 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 65m29 - steady

17 O C this morning = very warm as we had cloud cover and light rain over night. I still togged up for cold weather running so sweated profusely. More Roo spooking this morning!

An up to the minute Keith Bateman interview here

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke by Richard Dadd.
Mercury was inspired to write "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" after seeing
Richard Dadd's painting The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke. For the intricately-arranged studio recording, Mercury played harpsichord as well as piano, and Roy Thomas Baker played the castanets. Taylor called this song Queen's "biggest stereo experiment", referring to the intricate use of panning in the mix.
The song, like most of the songs on the album, features medieval fantasy-based lyrics, and makes direct reference to the painting's characters as detailed in Dadd's poem, such as
Queen Mab, Waggoner Will, the Tatterdemalion, and others. Apparently whenever Queen had spare time, Mercury would drag them to the London's Tate Gallery, where the painting was, and still is today.
The complex arrangements are based around a backing track of piano, bass guitar and drums, but also included harpsichord, multiple vocal overdubs, and overdubbed guitar parts. The lyrics follow the claustrophobic atmosphere of the painting, and each of the scenes are described. The use of the word "Quaere" has no reference to Mercury's sexuality, according to Taylor. The band never performed this song live.

08 August 2010

Seven and two - 72

Sun 1.00pm Nudgee 18 X 400m 120m jog recovery > 72's

Started off with 73's and 74's but by rep 10 I was trying to control the effort and run relaxed without the tension in the upper torso. Amazingly I dropped a couple of seconds per rep and managed 71's & 72's which I was very pleased with. Warm conditions some wind but nothing like last week. All I had for company was a 100 or so bingo players along the back straight (in the neighbouring bingo hall) with a droning voice calling Seven and two - 72!

Well done to all in this mornings C2S , I saw Keith Bateman and Tom Highnam running with Lara and Bruce Graham running most of the the latter half of the race with her for a superb sub 47m. Hats off for a super run!

07 August 2010

Roo+Lake PB!

Sat 5.00pm 11km Roo+Lake 38m20

In yesterdays post I said

"Now I'm not going to be silly and race Roo+Lake tomorrow because I know I would still be disappointed (I'm not even close to top 5 on Roo+Lake) "

So what do I do today?
I race Roo+Lake and set a new course record!!
With other family commitments (3 games of football spread though out the day and Natalie going out for the evening )meant I did not have time to get down the track or do anything other than a quick run from home.
I wanted an intensive session so I thought 'why not' do what I said I wouldn't and run Roo+Lake as hard as I could?
I have done this run hundreds of times so to set a fastest ever run time took full commitment. It was pretty cool and no wind, also it was afternoon (body warmed up) , so for me it was prime running conditions .
I stress at times I believe I can go faster that standard race pace on a course I know inside out.
38m20 is a fantastic time when I consider just a few short months back on my return from injury I ran this course in a demoralizing 52mins! I consider anytime under 46min a pretty good hit out. Funny thing is next weekends race Lakes College 10KM fun run includes a large portion of Roo+Lake but is run in the opposite direction and of course does not start and finish at my house!!
For the record these are all my sub 40;00 runs;

7-8-10 38;20
14-4-08 38;55
7-5-08 38;55
13-1-08 38;56
7-7-07 39;04
15-3-08 39;12
14-6-08 39;16
28-12-06 39;23
4-7-08 39;28
18-11-06 39;30
24-12-06 39;36
22-12-07 39;38

Next weeks 10KM course map is;

06 August 2010

the runners rush hour

Fri 12.00Noon 12KM ? Go Betweens 50m00

I slept though my 5.00am alarm (yes I felt guilty, but it is always nicer waking up, as nature intended ,with your wife) and so ended up with a lunchtime run from work.
Nice and warm around about 20 O C.
I get 'on the run' motivation from seeing other runners ahead and I'm slightly ashamed to say 'racing ' them! I very rarely get this opportunity in early morning runs (nobody about) so I make the most of it when I'm running during the runners rush hour at lunchtime in the CBD .
I also have this fear of being overtaken myself whilst on a training run (it's never going to happen!) Today I was motoring along quite serenely and at one point I thought I heard footsteps quite close behind me!! I took off like a bat, never turned round and never heard anyone beyond the initial 'that sounds like footsteps!!!' but I used the motivation to continue to push it over the final 2K's.
Now I'm not going to be silly and race Roo+Lake tomorrow because I know I would still be disappointed (I'm not even close to top 5 on Roo+Lake) but, truth is, I am, slowly but surely coming back!
I'm currently weighing in at about 66/67kg so I still have work to do.
Good luck to all you racers this weekend in Townsville and Sydney and where ever!
I shall be watching out for your results.

05 August 2010

Sunrise Sunset

Thurs 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 63m45

I pushed hard around the final 6k. I came across Helen Stanton who was just starting her run, I didn't slow down to chat as I wanted to get a new fastest time.

Great news at the Southern Hemisphere tilts closer to the Sun on it year long elliptical journey, I start to see first light in the sky around 5.45am and the prospect of running morning runs in daylight on the grass verges gets closer!

Official Sunrise/Sunset figures for Brisbane are below;

Rising and setting times for the Sun
Length of day
Date........ Sunrise.. Sunset. This day....... Difference
5 Aug 2010 6:27 AM 5:21 PM 10h 54m 33s + 1m 12s
6 Aug 2010 6:26 AM 5:22 PM 10h 55m 47s + 1m 13s

7 Aug 2010 6:25 AM 5:22 PM 10h 57m 02s + 1m 14s

8 Aug 2010 6:25 AM 5:23 PM 10h 58m 18s + 1m 15s
9 Aug 2010 6:24 AM 5:23 PM 10h 59m 34s + 1m 16s
10 Aug 2010 6:23 AM 5:24 PM 11h 00m 52s + 1m 17s

11 Aug 2010 6:22 AM 5:24 PM 11h 02m 11s + 1m 18s

For comparison, have a look at Melbourne!! Their days will get longer and longer whilst by comparison we have really short Summer days. There daylight is currently increasing by close to 2 mins a day, whilst ours is increasing by 1m18s.

Rising and setting times for the Sun
Length of day
Date ........Sunrise.. Sunset.. This day..... Difference
5 Aug 2010 7:17 AM 5:36 PM 10h 18m 59s + 1m 50s
6 Aug 2010 7:16 AM 5:37 PM 10h 20m 52s + 1m 52s

7 Aug 2010 7:15 AM 5:38 PM 10h 22m 45s + 1m 53s
8 Aug 2010 7:14 AM 5:38 PM 10h 24m 41s + 1m 55s
9 Aug 2010 7:13 AM 5:39 PM 10h 26m 37s + 1m 56s
10 Aug 2010 7:12 AM 5:40 PM 10h 28m 35s + 1m 57s

11 Aug 2010 7:10 AM 5:41 PM 10h 30m 34s + 1m 59s

04 August 2010

Racing the Roos

Tues 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 67m38
Wed 5.00am 16KM Cadel+Roo 65m26
The Winter cold has returned with a vengeance ! Both mornings it was about 10 O C .
I found that me face (mouth) seemed to freeze up, so as I ran past the occasional walker/dog walker/runner! my "G'Day" or "Good Morning" was slurred like a 10 pint Saturday night. I ended up calling "Right" (as in the shortend version of 'alright') to appear slightly less drunk.
On Tues I ran up to two roos that were right beside the path. Normally they get spooked when you get close and hop off to safety, but these two just stood there and let me pass within touching distance! This morning as I headed down my road I must have spooked a family of roos as I suddenly found I had a whole family of roos bouncing along right beside me! I could see that the lead roo was trying to cut in front of me to head up a side road which was not a good idea as it was all residential up that road. I tried to keep them penned in, to stay within the nature verge in my road but unfortunately the leading two roos managed to 'gap me' and head up the side road! In all likelyhood they all probably regrouped and headed back to the safety of the golf course after being frightened off by a 48yr old male in tights and long sleeved top, wearing a beaney and slurring "G'Day/Good Morning/Right" !!

02 August 2010

Easy Monday

12.00 12km (?) Go Betweens not timed

I had in mind to take it easy but belted around, back to the early mornings for the rest of the week .

01 August 2010

Loveday's Road

Sun 7.00am 25KM(??) Lovedays Road 2h03;39

Got up at 6.00am and drove to Mount Mee for another mountainous trail run.
Took it quite steady, the rough stretches of track (rocks and stones) can easily twist the ankle and having had two ankle ops 20 years ago I am still prone to weakness and soreness.
Turned around at 60mins.