11 August 2015

scintillating performances

My home PC is out of action so no uploads to Garmin Connect/Strava.

Tuesday(11/8/15) 6;03am 10.5km 44;04 - 4;12 K's
Monday 6;15am 5.69km 25;37 - 4;30 K's
Sunday 16;27pm 10.54km 44;33 - 4;14 K's
Saturday 11.21am 5.65km 23;35 - 4;10 K's
Friday 6;17am 5.62km 26;40 - 4;45 K's
Thursday 6;23am 2.62km 14;19 - 5;28 K's - With Sascha our beagle/staffy.
29th July - 5th August Recovery
Tuesday 28/7/15 6.00am 10.65km 50;05 - 4;42 K's

I took time out due to hip issue causing me to feel like I was limping around my whole run. Had an acupuncture session last week and will be seeing again this afternoon. Started some easy running again see how I go. Had bought flight tickets to Gladstone for this weekend so attempting to get back into some kind of running shape for the annual 8km hilly road race.

World Masters in Lyon has been fascinating. Very tough conditions (in the heat) some scintillating performances. My attention is divided between the M50's and of more relevance for me considering Perth October 2016 = the M55 category.