30 October 2011

20 X 400m @ 72.29

Half Zatopek 20 X 400 @ Nudgee 72.29 ave 110m jog recovery (75 sec?)
73.28 - 137bpm

Humid and warm at 1.00pm breeze on first bend swung around to back straight. After first couple vot me into the groove felt comfortable enough, concentrated on blocks of 5 and starting fast working into the wind staying relaxed upper body, breathing comfortably, good session. Met Mathew a Kiwi runner who was doing a few laps - might join his goup for intervals back at Nudgee 5.00am Tues!

3000m 9m29.76

Sat 8.00am Nathan 3000m  9m29.76

Attending the API property conference dinner Friday (Late night and lots of booze) was not ideal preparation for running masters early Saturday morning but I'm still glad I finally got to race a 3000m as a 50 year old.
Conditions were OK, not much breeze, cloud cover, warm 22 O C but humid as ever. Started well but maybe  a touch too fast for the first K was about 3m06, it is the 2nd K that is always the toughie and I must have run it in around 3m12 , bringing it home in 3m11 for 9m29.7. 
I feel the need to race myself into form and in the right race with the right preparation hope to run sub 9m19.
In fact my 16m08.41 a fortnight ago is worth a 9m10 on the same age grade % and 9m17 based on the equivalent VO2 max  see this web site. Or perhaps I am better suited to 5 than 3 as my speed ebbs away but my stamina endures.

28 October 2011

Running with Koala's again!

Fri 5.20am 16.27km Roo+Lake+Roo 70m10  4m19 K's
Thur 5.13am 16.28km Roo+Lake+Roo 68m39  4m13 K's

I saw a koala running along side the path in search of a preferred tree. A rare sight these days and even rarer to see them out of a tree. Second time in two years I have seen one running alongside me!
I am down the coast today and tomorrow at Jupiter's for the annual Property Conference. I might still make it to Masters on Sat.

26 October 2011

Tim Sweeney

Wed 5.00am Roo+Lake+Roo 16.27km 70m41  4m21 K's
Tues 5.32am Roo+Lake 45m46 4m21 K's
Mon 5.57pm Roo+Lake 10.53km 4m26

My youngest Brother Tim's 49th birthday today! Happy Birthday Bro x

24 October 2011

Wild Horse Mountain

Well I chose the wrong option on Sunday, had a lie in, gave Masters a miss and headed up to the Uni of Southern Queensland at Sippy Downs in the arvo. Magnificient sporting facilities there but sadly very under utilised. That goes for the track and the meet! I entered the 3000m last event of the day, did a warm up in the grounds of the uni and got back to the track and noted how few athletes were around . Did a few strides and still no sign of other runners and no starter or timekeepers! They had decided to cancel the event as I was the only entry! Wish they'd have told me and even given me the choice of running by myself! 
Hey ho my debut as a 50yo 3000m runner can wait another week.
I pulled into Wild Horse Mountain on the way back and did a hill session.
The track to the top from the gate on the pathway is signed as 700m but my Garmin had it at 665m, with the climb aprox 75m according Garmin. Doesn't sound much but it is a real killer 3m50sec for the first rep so you can tell just how hard it was! I wish I had my heart monitor on as the BPM would have been off the scale! The hill has a real nasty kick at the 2/3 mark, jogged back down in 4m10 and back into it for 3m46sec of agony and had just enough left to finish another in 3m42.
It worked parts I dont normally touch so quite a bit of pain today and could only hobble around 10.6km Roo+Lake in 46m30.
I intend to put in a mid week session and increase the K's but that will have to wait another day till I'm properly recovered from Sunday.

22 October 2011


Do I race 3000m @ Masters on the Gold Coast on  Sunday morning or do I run with the kids at a QA Meet. on the Sunshine Coast  Sunday  afternoon?
Each has their merits, Masters starts at 7.30am so no wind likely but also no competition, QA on Sunshine Coast could throw up some good young guns and my body is normally more awake in the afternoon. Hmm not sure yet~!

19 October 2011

Gary Artuso - Gold

Sun 12.55pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m46 4m21 K's Really hot day
Mon Rest
Tue 5.22am 10.56km Roo+Lake  44m50.39 4m15 K's
Wed 5.24am 10.55km Roo+Lake 44m50.55 (!!) 4m15 K's

My friend Gary Artuso got me into John Stewart by singing a Gold - only his lyrics have rather a different flavour!
John Stewart is yet another rock/pop/folk star who has sadly passed away.
Always loved Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham too.
One day I'd love to be driving over Kanan...

There's people out there turning music into gold!

15 October 2011

5000m 16:07.93

I woke at 5 and it was pi$$ing down and thunder was rolling a repeat of last week! I switched off the alarm and tried to get back to sleep another session at Nudgee and debut as a 50yo would have to wait! Woke again at 6.30 and the rain had stopped I got up went downstairs, knocked Max off Mineshaft to have a look at the BOM radar, to see the storms heading out to sea. So headed down to SAF @ Nathan.
3k warm up= 3 laps around QEII, or ANZ.
plan was to run even pacing rather than the normal fast/slow down.
72 first lap, 3m10/11 at K,9.48 at 3k no wonderI felt good!conditions were warm about 22c and very humid as the sweat poured off me.
I seemed to pick it up over the last 2k and hit the bell 14.54 and finished with only a 74 for 16m08.41 official 89% age graded.
happy enough considering the humidity and early season, it felt quite easy and I lapped the field including Peter Reeves.
Garmin readings were;
+ 25s @ 2:49 pâce - 16:07.93 on my watch.
5Km warm down with the boys, Peter, Phil and Con.

13 October 2011


Tue 5.37am 10.60km Roo+Lake 44m46  4m13 K's
Wed 5.42am 10.60km Roo+Lake 43m44
Thu 5.39am 10.56km Roo+Lake 44m08 4m11 K's
I really should try and add some variety but at the moment I feel like I am still just holding it all together.
PF in right foot is an issue, knee and hip are acceptable/ok.
So just steady running and a race or track session a week.
This morning was really humid and may need to swap from tee to singlet pretty soon -  was wearing long sleeves only last week -  Summer is settling in.

Tearin' off tights with my teeth

10 October 2011

the boys are back in town

And that time over at Johnny's place
Well this chick got up and she slapped Johnny's face
Man we just fell about the place
If that chick don't want to know, forget her

Thur 12.36pm Brisbane River 11.76km 47m59 4m06 K's
Fri 5.38am Roo+Lake 10.57km 44m23 4m12 K's
Sat Nudgee
Sun 2.36pm Roo+Lake 10.48km 44m12 4m13 K's
Mon 5.57pm Roo+Lake 10.62km 43m18 4m05 K's

08 October 2011

washed out!

i was up at 5am to properly wake myself up for my first race as a 50 year old. Masters @ SAF Nathan, a 3000m at 8.00am, left the house for the drive down wearing sunnies but sky was getting darker and befkre the Gateway Bridge the rain had started! Warmed up with 4k in the rain but as the thunder and lightning increased so did the wind and at start time a full own storm was turning thr track into a pool with the wind knocking over wheelie bins and obviously preventing set up.
Nat was doing a pump class at 9.30 and I needed to be home so I pulled the pin at 8.10am.
I got out to Nudgee this arvo, remarkably the weather had completely turned around and it was hot (humid) and sunny!slight wind but not like last weekend.
Ran 3000m,2000m,1000m with 400m jog recovery:
9:31.98 168bpm
6:29.97 172bpm
3:07.26 168bpm

Conditions were too warm for a long interval session, either that or old age is getting to me!

Here are my predictions for the RWC Quarters about to kick off;

Hope you enjoy the games, I certainly will.

05 October 2011

More of the same

Wed 5.21am 10.54km Roo+Lake 45m01 4m16 K's

04 October 2011

Twenty Years

Sun 3 X 2000m @ Nudgee 400m Jog recovery
Mon 5.33am 10.53km 46m48  4m27 K's
Tues 5.24am  10.57km 44m01 4m10 K's

Sunday at Nudgee, very windy BOM said 20kmph wind speed gusting 50kmph (worth at least 10secs per 2K)
#1. 3m11.94 155bpm 3m17.19 167bpm = 6m29.15 161bpm
#2. 3m13.45 159bpm 3m17.23 171bpm = 6m30.44 165bpm
#3. 3m08.53 163bpm 3m14.16 175bpm = 6m22.69 169bpm

I have been married to the beautiful Mrs for TWENTY years today, along with our children, my proudest achievement.

02 October 2011


Thurs 5.32am 10.47km (!) Roo+Lake 45m25  4m20 K's
Fri 5.31am 10.56km Roo+Lake 43m53  4m09 K's
Sat 2.23pm 10.60km Roo+Lake 42m37  4m01 K's
Just keeping it steady, managing the niggles. Would like to get back to the track for some speed work but wary of pushing too much. 
Track Season has started at Queensland Masters and will run some Queensland Athletics (Open) events as well.
Imagine being at a Club and this track coming on - I'd be dancing like a Zombie (which is how my wife says I dance ; -)