31 July 2008

Martin Rooney

7.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 46m01

Cold and dark , slow going.

Doctor told me I needed to rest (like 3 months rest) to recuperate the patellars, will carry on to C2S and then take stock.

I'm in Mackay Thurs / Fri, so might get some R&R at Airlie Beach.

29 July 2008

Lance Armstrong

Tuesday 12.00noon 10.5KM Bridges 39m48s

Pretty quick time, pushed it specially last few K's. Close to flat out.
Inadvertently got shoulder barged by a runner coming in the opposite direction round a blind corner when at full pace. The other guy was built like a brick shite house and knocked me sideways, close to ending up in the lap of a person sitting on bench eating a cup of hot chips. I felt my fingers enter the cup as I tried to steady myself , however, I was not able to snag a chip for myself but I'm sure the person would have been put off having my hand fly into their lunch!

With the complete lack of variety I'm presently restricted to training wise, the only thing I can do, is go hard. I'm hoping this will at least allow me to maintain present form as it surely wont help me improve form.

Even though I might not be at my best I am excited about the City to Surf.
I managed to snag a Seeded Runners bib (it's amazing what World Masters Rankings can do for you!). So for the first time ever (that I can recall), I'm not running in a number but with my name plastered across my vest! Cool!

28 July 2008

Charlie Parker

Monday 12.30pm 10.5KM Bridges 40m44s

Boy was it cold today! 13.6 O C when I got out in the middle of the day! Almost unknown for it to be so cold (apparently a cold Southern air mass - things are due to stay cold till Thurs Fri when more typical 23 / 24 O C Temps are forecast. I went out in my long sleeved top and wrapped it around my hands! The cold weather certainly kept the normal hordes of walkers indoors. Most other runners out there this arvo were not Namby Pamby like me and were brazing it out in singlets or tee shirts. The funny thing about Brizzy in Winter is the amount of people who still wear thongs and shorts around town, regardless of the cold.
Doctor is booked for Wednesday, had physio this arvo.
Charlie Parker was another Loughborough runner who's step dad was Mr. Amey from 'Amey Roadstone' and various other construction companies. He once invited us to his dads estate in Oxfordshire. I remember being blown away by the Vintage car Collection in the 'Garage' - More like a museum!

27 July 2008

Carlos Lopez

Sunday 2.00pm 11KM(guess) 'Outlook' 45m58

Decided to try a new course today as I'd heard that a link had gone in around our estate, meaning I can run a true loop rather than Roo+Lake which doubles back on itself like a figure of eight. I was expecting the run to be much longer but it came in pretty much the same as Roo+Lake, I'd say about 11KM. However, the route was boring along new sub division roads . Not too many houses in certain sections, large swathes of yet to be released land. It did have some redemption providing slightly different perspectives of the golf course and more prolonged views of the distant ranges (out towards Mount Mee). It will be quite some time before the bicycle path which I prefer to run on, which is positioned away from the roads and traces the outside circumference of the estate connects up and around this soon to be huge estate!

Stayed awake for Cadel's timetrial. Disappointed of course. A combination of a lackluster performance from Cadel and a best ever timetrial by Carlos. I agree with a lot of sentiment that expressed the view that the strength of the CSC team combined with the weakness of Silence Lotto was THE telling factor in this years Tour result.

Back in 1976 I went to watch the World Cross Country Championships at Chepstow. I got to see Carlos Lopez in the flesh beat off a good challenge by Brits Tony Simmonds (2nd) and Bernie Ford (3rd). Calros went on to win these World CC Champs again in 1984 and in 1985, as well as picking up an Olympic Gold in the L.A. Marathon. What a fantastic and prolonged career he had.

An Ox!
Los Angeles, 12 August 1984. Competitors run through a mist during the men's marathon of the Games of the XXIII Olympiad. (L to R) Carlos LOPES of Portugal (bib 723) who the won gold medal in a time of 2:09:21, Robert DE CASTELLA of Australia (bib 25) who placed fifth and Charlie SPEDDING of Great Britain (bib 396) who took the bronze in a time of 2:09:58.
Getty Images

26 July 2008

Ray Smedley

Saturday 4.30pm 11KM Roo+Lake 41m24

I opened an email from Dr.JamieH who gave me some advice and recommendations about the knee.

He suggested that perhaps Rest might not be what's required, which was all I needed to hear, I was heading out the door within half an hour! Knees remain about the same, the thing is I can run (with some pain), they don't appear to be getting progressively worse and I really don't want to lose my current form if I can just see out the road season. So happy to hit the road again! Felt slightly rusty and a few other aches and pain from backyard jobs this arvo. Was steady up till about half way then really opened up the engine and felt good, form and time was pretty good. Dipped the legs into the freezing cold water in the pool after the run.

I will book an appointment with Dr. Peter Friis who diagnosed my 'sports' hernia and referred me to specialist Dr.Nick O'Rourke last Winter.
I'm praying that Cadel can do it tonight. It is so exciting and it will be so close.
The trouble is I can see Cadel doing it buy a few seconds but then he is going to be under serious attack by CSC all the way up the Champs-elysees !!

25 July 2008

Colin Pearson

17th September 1978 Young Athletes League Final Crystal Palace - Age 16

3000m 70, 2;20, 3;30, 4;40, 5;50, x, 8m39.6

"M.Weaver (Birchfield) picked up pace - I sprinted past in last 100m after running behind him. Last 200m in 29.6 (last 400m aprox 63) My Time 8m39.6, Weaver 8m41.6, 3rd place 18sec behind my time Colin Pearson 8m57
Also 'B' 800m 2m05.7 5th place"

"Week Starting 24th September 1978 - Aged 16

Wednesday Race 5000m First ever - took it steady in first half 70's - on my own second half slowed to 72-3's 3000m aprox 8m55 5000m 14m59"

Two days rest but still feeling knee pain walking.

22 July 2008

Dave Spence

Tuesday 1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges 41m08s

I have decided that managing my knees is going to have to include 'rest' now.
Hobbling along in pain at the start of every run is no fun, things are not getting any better, the pain is staying for longer. I'll continue with my massage/phsyio/glucosomine/strengthening but rest up for a week and see if there is any improvement.
In order to entertain my self here I shall put up triumphs and disasters of yesteryear straight from the training diary.

21 July 2008

Alastair Stevenson

Monday 1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges Easy/slow -Not timed

Felt pain nearly every step of the way in contrast to yesterday.
I was silly and didn't do a proper warm down, as I was truly enjoying just walking along the waters edge back to the car.
Didn't bring in the magical Nurofen gel to work so that also didn't help.

My next objective is to 'manage' the injury till the City to Surf August 10th.

20 July 2008

Josh Amberger

Sunday 9.00am Jetty2Jetty & Queensland Open 10KM Championship

5th Place (1st M45) 32m36s (official)

Got to Woody Point in plenty of time for warm up and got slightly distracted watching the Half Mara runners come home - meant I wasn't standing around on the start line with everyone else for 15 mins prior! Race started and I went off pretty quick as normal and immediately was happy that my knee wasn't an issue (the Nurophen gel and Panadol must have dossed me up a treat!)
Settled back into a pack and watched Hintsah and Chris Reeves pull away. Michael Reeves pulled away and I was left in a pack another small pack that changed places a few times as first the younger guys pushed on ahead of me then I came through and towed them along behind me.
We caught the 4th place guy at about 5K turnaround which was along the Redcliffe Jetty and continued to run in a small pack for a few K's before 4th Place guy took off again and by 6K I was in no mans land running alone. Didn't where a watch as I didn't want to get distracted by times but felt pace was OK. At about 7K there is a Hill which really knocks the stuffing out of you, and what was a good momentum became a struggle before I managed to pick it up again as the course headed downhill. We were beginning to run into the back of the Half Mara finishers which affected vision a little. There were signs along the way giving good encouragement. ('Hills are your friend'), a few bagpipe players and singers added to the atmosphere. The conditions were perfect NO wind Bright and sunny with the temp picking up all the time. When I got up it was a chilly 9 O C but by the start of the race it was 14.7 O C and felt nice and warm in the sun. At the finish I was drenched from sweat and happy to cross the line in 32m34 which was about what I had hoped for! I felt that the lack of any intensive training and an effect upon my performance but I gotta be happy with a time approx 90secs quicker than last year (suffering hernia!). Bramble Bay looked its best calm glassy water reflections, magical stuff.
I said Caloundra was gorgeous but so was this.

5th in the Queensland Open 10K Championship!!
32m36 on a course with hills!

Chris Reeves finished 1st in 31m16, Hintsah was 2nd 31m30s.
3rd was Josh Amberger (32m01) overtook Michael Reeves (32m13) in the final couple of K's.

19 July 2008

Malcolm Smith

Saturday 3.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 42m34secs - Steady

Temperature about 23 O C warm and sunny, still in pain!
Have got some Nurofen Gel with ibuprofen to rub in. Physio says we should be able to "manage" injury till end of season, and current steady training is unlikely to make things worse. Strapping doesnt seem to work, even when place a sorbent tape layer beneath traditional tape on shaved knee, sweat 10 mins into any run and its gone.
Thanks to Matty for the clip below. We both feature!....

18 July 2008

Jesus Borrego Llamas

Friday 1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges 41m34s Medium

Another day in Paradise (24.3 O C today in the middle of Winter!), wish my body felt the same! Seeing the physio again this arvo.

I've mentioned Jesus before but he gets star billing again because the Spaniard has just broken the WORLD M45 1500m RECORD for my age group.
Masters News and Muse report he has just run an incredible 3:52.43 !!!!!!!!!

Knocking 4 secs off the previous WR of John Hinton (3:56.39) set in 2007.
Hopefully your currently listening to David Cassidy, perhaps a surprise inclusion in my endless list of favourite artists for sure but I love this track from my youth - The Partridge Family and all that !!

17 July 2008

Peter Hallinan

Thursday 12.30pm 10.5KM Bridges - not timed

I've been staying up real late to watch the Tour, actually what tends to happen is I fall asleep soon after it starts at 10.00pm, then wake up around midnight and watch the final two hours.
Cadel in Yellow was magic, Mark Cavendish has taken over from SuperMario and Robbie as The Sprint King. Phil Liggert and Paul Sherwin continue to provide great commentary though it was funny when they miss called Cavendish's first Stage win giving it instead to a team mate which slightly put the damps on what otherwise could have been a near hysterical exaltation for a rare Pommie Win!
The best coverage is on SBS check it out !

Errol Holmes

Wednesday 6.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 44m12s

It was one of the rare occasions where I didn't run just how I felt as I looked at my time half way around and thought I should see what I could do to pick things up as I was on course for say 46m! So I did put in the effort and brought it home in an ave time. I have shaved my knees in order to ease the pain of taping them. My knees look really funny to me with out having the familiar fuzz of hair. Feels uncomfortable to tape them and still undecided as to whether I feel any benefit from doing so.I am resigning myself to the fact that it will probably only be an extended period of rest that will get them right, but will see if I can get through my next few planned races first and take a break between transition for track season.

15 July 2008

John Searston

Monday 4.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 43m30secs

Tuesday 12.30pm 10.5KM Bridges 42m22secs

Went to physio on Monday who said I might be suffering from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.

She prescribed Strengthening exercises, massage, ultra sound, strapping, and of course rest! I'll give the other components a go.

The weather was gorgouse today and yesterday 24 & 25 O C respectively. Nicely humid . Even this morning it was 17 O C which might tempt me back into morning running again soon. It rained this evening which so long as not running in it is always welcome. Check out the latest observations right here

13 July 2008

Brendon Seipolt

Sunday 1.00pm 22KM 2 X Roo+Lake 1H23M55
- Pushed it from 1/4 way around.

Went through 1/2 way in 42m12. So second lap was 41m55 = good going!
Beautiful warm and sunny (23 O C) Winters day.
I saw a small snake crossing the pathway, stopped to see it close up. Finger thin only about a foot long, green grey with red/orange colour close up towards it head.
Unusual to see one in Winter.

12 July 2008

Rina Hill

Saturday 4.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 42m56 Medium-Hard

Pushed second half of run and was moving OK.
I have entered the Jetty 2 Jetty 10K next Sunday. It will be interesting to see what the addition of a Half Mara does to both the quality and quantity of this event - My biggest local Race. The 10K course takes in a few 'rises' along the way but has still been quite a fast course.
Traditionally won in around 32mins, I hope to run sub 32m30.

11 July 2008

Pat Carroll

Friday 8.00am About 10K 36mins

Thursday 4.00pm 1h10m

In Cairns Thurs/Fri no where near the extreme humidity of my last trip to Far North Q'land.
Thurs. arvo my colleague who grew up in Cairns suggested I go for a run up the Blue Track by the Botanical Gardens in Edge Hill. Edge of Hill it was!! first few K's were up well formed 'steps' but once past the tame Red Track things became wild, it was still climbing ever upwards but 'steps' here consisted of tree root after tree root with the occasional boulder 'step', not the sort of run someone with saw knees should really have even considered doing but I thought of it as a challenge! I went past a sign that I didn't bother reading but on the way down I read it. It said,

"Extreme danger !- Take great care on this track, serious injury and death have resulted from people going off track - Do not start attempt this track after 4.00pm - Jogging Prohibited"!!!

I did not enjoy it at all, every step had the potential to break an ankle or leg and I had visions of having to crawl back on hands and KNEES! to humanity to raise the alarm as only saw Walkers out on the lower sections of the trail. I also had visions of venomous snakes and spiders attacking me and again I'd have to make it back to Humanity half conscious! Well I survived and ran for an hour and ten minutes!
This morning I thought I'd join all the joggers and ran two 'laps' of the Esplanade, much more mundane but at least was able to stretch out and get some speed going, and enjoy the Deception Bay lookalike Trinity Bay but at least there was talent on the pathways to make up for the muddy mess of a Bay!

Cairns weather was 26/27 O C - now that's the kind of Winter weather I'd be happy with -Beautiful!

Today after we'd finished 'work' we drove the 16KM from the Bruce up to Lake Morris Reservoir, which is World Heritage Listed Rainforest around the Cairns reservoir.- Beautiful!

Made a mental note that next time I'm in Cairns will run the 16K uphill road and have someone meet me at the top (there is 'Kiosk' and facilities with seating overlooking the lake - really like a Shangri La experience after the twisting winding road this restaurant has the best view in town).
I found this video clip on YouTube which gives an impression of the scenery as you climb up the 16KM road.

09 July 2008

Martin Dent

Wednesday 6.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 46m37 -steady

Very cold 13.5 O C! Wore a beaney, vest/tights/long sleeved top! Fortunately I'm in Cairns for two days from tomorrow so will luxuriate in the heat and humidity of Far North Queensland.
Have been too busy at work to do anything about arranging to see anyone about knees!

Lee Troop

Tuesday 6.00pm 11km Roo+Lake 45m28 - in pain

08 July 2008

Michael Shelley

Monday 12.30 10.5KM Bridges - Steady

Felt stiff and aching. Knee hurt, will seek out medical advice.

06 July 2008

James Atkinson

Sunday 6.30am Gold Coast Half Marathon 72m26 27th (1st M45)

Drove down from Brizzey with Geoff H and arrived in plenty of time for a slow warm up.
Knees felt OK after a while so was happy! The start was fairly tightly squashed in so when the gun went I wanted to get into clear space asap so really gunned it! I managed to get into the top ten! Aidan H running in full Superman outfit went flying past me! I think I would have gone through the first K in around 3 Mins! People still seemed to be going past me with ease as I tried to settle back into a sane pace, so much so that I was questioning my fitness!
3K was 9m25 which for me was pretty fast running, I didn't see the 5K mark but I past 6K in 19m20 which suggests I went though 5K in about 16mins, 8K was 26m10, and 10K was 32m55. That 10K was my fastest 10K all year and I had 11k to hang on! I was feeling OK but as we reached the turnaround we started running into a strong headwind. Runners were pretty spaced out so there was no shelter! A runner did come through and overtake me and I snuck in to take shelter. Funny thing was it felt like the guy overtook me and then seemed to slow down as I was having to cut my stride to stop myself running into him! The pace at this point felt very ordinary and I was regretting the lack of long runs in my build up! 32m55 had me believing I could run 70/71 but now I was not so sure! At other times (maybe out of the wind) the pace felt reasonable. I was convinced that I'd at least run sub 72, but in the end that just didn't happen.
The general consensus was that the wind affected times so I can console myself with running 13secs slower than Doomben was at least a comparable performance. I don't really know what to make of the extra training I put in for that 3 or 4 week spell, or with my knee concerns (did take pain killers in an effort to alleviate). On the drive back home my knees ached pretty badly.
The best thing about the race was I beat Tom H from Sydney! (73m09) [and most of the HuRTS Squad], and sadly for Tom, I shall of course, only run better at the City to Surf in August!!!!!!

Results are up - How good is that?
Race winner Michael Shelley 62m41, 2nd Lee Troop 62m57, 3rd Martin Dent 63m49.

04 July 2008

Sean Butler

Friday 5.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 39m28s

I ran a super fast session tonight. I had Sunday on my mind. When I think about Racing I run quickly. I tried to keep it fairly steady for the first half (still in pain for 3K's), it was good conditions, cool and no wind and I start going over the race in my mind and the speed just seems to go into my pace. I felt pretty comfortable at this pace which would be equivalent to my all time top SIX performance on Roo+Lake. This performance gives me a boost in confidence though I do still worry that perhaps I'm going to be run out of steam due to lack of long endurance runs. The photo above is from GC last year - I don't think it is going to be a Blue Sky day on Sunday. Forecast is showers which is OK as at least the cloud cover means it wont be freezing cold at 6.00am.
Mostly Sunday for me will be about me racing the clock running the fastest time possible and hoping that the competition gives me a push through out the race. However, there is a young lad from Sydney called Tom Highnam who just nipped past me in last years 10K. He is running the Half this year, check out his blog here and look at his dads PB's and age performed - very impressive hey? I think we will run pretty close to each other again, hopefully this time I can prevail!

03 July 2008

Bob Parker

Thursday 12.00noon 10.5K Bridges 40m26s

The rest did not make the knees any better. It is about three K's running before the pain settles down. Probably some form of tendinitis which I'll get looked at after Sunday. Don't want a Doctor or a Physio telling me before Sunday not to race! So if it were not for the bloody knee issue I would say I'd be flying. I still think I'll do OK but when it starts to hurt on Sunday my defences , resolve and fight will have been weakened.
I have been fantastically paranoid over the last two weeks. Trying to keep away from the cough/cold doing the rounds. I sat opposite a girl on the train who was yapping away on a hands free and coughing, I got up and walked down the carriage for another seat. I'm holding my breath when standing at the traffic lights to cross the road in the CBD and people are coughing in the crowd. I travelled up to Townsville with a colleague but sat away from him on the plane because he has been coughing for the last THREE weeks!! There again, I sit next to him at work and shared a car with him 5 hours to Bowen and back! Actually the guys who sit either side of me at work both have coughs, I'm trying not to breath!! I have the relief of a Property Conference tomorrow - oh no, 200 people sat together in a conference hall all day!!

02 July 2008

Jake Storey

Monday 12.00 Noon Bridges 40m06


Oooh to be ah Queenslander................!

I've been up in Townsville for last two days.
I decided not to train as in particular my left knee is pretty sore. I can still feel pain and shall just hope that I can make it through the GC Half. The rest of course will do me good but psychologically I will be compromised and come Sunday it may be hard to go out real hard we will see!
Townsville was beautiful weather 27 O C, today we drove 2.5 hrs down to Bowen to take a look at a site we'd acquired . Spent 15 Mins there, turned around and drove back to Townsville! Bowen is a lovely town overlooking the Coral Sea, and is one the settings for the new movie due for release "Australiana". Sign on towns water tower reads "BOWENWOOD"!