29 February 2012

Stroking the Koala

Sun Mon Tue I spent 50mins on the stationary trainer in the morning and ran a real easy 6K in the evening.
Last nights run was in the dark after getting home late from work. The usual warm and humid conditions. The pathway was over populated by Cane Toads which you have to judge which way they might be leaping to escape you as they are likely to take a direct path to your next foot step! Heard lots of rustling in the bush beside the path (Lizards/snakes?/toads) and at one stage thought I thought I saw a giant Monitor Lizard at the base of a tree. I stopped and realised I was face to face with a Koala ! I said how do you do and how are you going little fellow and he just sat there, I reached out and stroked his back and he growled back at me! Shouldn't really touch them but I wanted to impart just how close I was.
Have decided to see if I can pain manage the PF and with treatment get things going again. The pain factor is down from 8/10 to 5/10 (I'm not limping even after run).
This morning I got out and ran another 6K wore the watch just to see how fast/slow I was going = 4m33 K's but have decided I don't need to wear the watch much more I just wanted to compare my running heart rate with my cycling heart rate (130bpm running to 110bpm cycling).

25 February 2012

Getting chicked and weighing my bike

Ok so I have had two weeks break from running. A miserable time for me as I see the fitness eek away by the hour!
I tried to stay in shape getting out on my bike every morning for a 30km torture fest. I am keen to push it on the bike but had the unfortunate circumstance of ladies going past me seated whilst I am up and out of the saddle on an uphill. How can this be happening? I convinced myself that these must be semi pros and riding feather light carbon framed bikes. I got home and weighed my Woolies Special , it was some thing like 14kg! these ladies are riding 7kg and that must be the reason they were passing me!! (My wife says just accept it they are better cyclist than you)

I tested the heel today with my 10.6km Roo+Lake untimed. 
The rest has done nothing to improve matters so Monday I'll get booked in for the Lithotripsy 

Congratulations to my fellow M50 Bruce Graham down in Canberra, he ran 15;55.04 on Friday night. It is a shame I'm looking increasingly unlikely for Nationals this April in Melbourne as fit, we could have pushed each other to Championship bests if not age group records.

 I have morphed over these last two weeks , I have got all the bike gear but having a heavy bike means I am not competitive. Can you believe people have been telling me sandals and socks are not a good look!

And this one really is me with my first set of wheels in the back garden Colindale London NW9 in the early 1960's!

15 February 2012


Imaging appearances are consistent with plantar fasiitis with thickening and increased signal demonstrated of the proximal plantar fascia at its insertion on the medial aspect of the calcaneus. Reactive intraosseous oedema is also demonstrated within the calcaneus at the plantar fascia insertion. The calcaneus otherwise appears normal, in particular there is no evidence of a stress fracture or other pathology.

Which is a good result!, the PF was, as we expected and the oedema (bruising) will heal with rest. The PF is harder to treat and none of the additional techniques have a magic bullet or guarantee. I was thinking of giving the  lithotripsy a go but at $500 for 3 (or 4 if required) treatments , no rebate from medicare and possibly nothing from private health insurance it is an expensive 'possible' remedy! 
Other treatments suggested including injecting my own blood platelets into the area and sticking an 'angina' patch on the area.

I have been out on the bike the last three morning cycling 3 X Cadel (28km) each morning in 75mins. It burns up the same calories as my normal 10.5km run.
I shall take two weeks off running and assess things from there.

12 February 2012

3000m 9m13.53 M50 Qld Rec

Sat 8.25pm SAF Nathan Qld Open 3000m Championship 9;13.53  22nd

Insane? Maybe! 
The heel has really been painful and NOT just in the morning. 
I have to take time out and undergo treatment to get it better.
You my Running Brothers  can imagine how disappointing that is going to be?
Up until the last few weeks I was in top shape and though the injury has started to  impact training (significantly slowing me down and preventing me from training on the track this week).
However I knew I'd still have a respectable 3000m in me, so decided to give it one 'last Hurrah' before my holiday! 
The opportunity to race against the States best in evening conditions does not present itself often and even though mentally today I was 'impaired' (I didn't think I was in top form), I wanted to put a 3000m on my Seasons Best side bar below (you never know when your last race could be!).
Conditions were;


I arrived at the track at 7.00pm, Nathan is very elevated and you can see for miles, I looked out from the car park and saw a huge storm cell flashing every second with lightning. Far enough away I thought for it not to trouble us but it did cause the wind to lift above normal night-time levels. 34 athletes were entered so like the 5000m a fortnight ago it was going to a fast start and a huge crowded field. 
I got drawn #2 outside of Gerrard Gosens and his guide Dennis Fitzpatrick. 
The first 200m was 32s and that was the easiest 32 I've run in some time! 
Runners swarmed around me as I took the inside lane option and tried to resist starting too fast.
68sec for 400m, 2m58 for 1000m, 4m10 at 1400m must have got through 1500m in under 4m30. 
Gaps were opening up and as ever I felt pretty isolated in such a big field!
Ran through 2200m in  6m44 and 2600m in 7m58 as I slowed. 
Just up ahead of me at the finish was Clay Dawson who finished in 9m09 paying me back for my cheeky 5000m ! (nice to meet you Clay!)
Others who got payback over me from the  Qld 5000m Champs were;
Grant Williams 8m54, Adam Hulme 8m55, Drew Williams 8m59 and Peter Bock 9m06.
On face value you'd think I'd be disappointed but I know I am a better 5000m runner. The speed is going with age and even though the Age and VO2 Max equivalents ( See this ) suggest I might run 9m03 to 9m10 I am not so sure!

Ronnie Peters 9m19 when set was the Queensland and Australian M50 Record before the devastation wreaked by Keith Bateman (8m59). 

Today up front Patrick Tiernan is fulfilling his young promise, State Champion at 18 in 8m20.
I was also impressed with Matt Carlsson's 3rd place in 8m29. I think that might be a breakthrough performance for him.
The results were;

Men 3000 Meter Run QLD CHAMPS Open
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1   322 Tiernan, Patrick    18 UNQ                    8:20.48
  2   104 Bulmer, Daniel      22 GCV                    8:25.96
  3  1030 Carlsson, Matt      21 UNQ                    8:29.14
  4  1194 Eastwell, Luke      19 GCV                    8:32.78
  5  2222 Craig, Anthony      32 DAC                   X8:33.31
  6   538 Plummer, Adrian     21 GCV                    8:33.87
  7  1106 Yarham, Glen        20 IPS                    8:38.76
  8  1123 Hosking, Michael    27 GCV                    8:39.78
  9   395 Chambers, Charles   19 GCV                    8:40.90
 10   486 Twist, Jay          24 UNQ                    8:41.73
 11   658 Labinsky, Neil      33 MAR                    8:48.96
 12   311 MacCronan, Ben      20 UNQ                    8:51.67
 13  1102 Williams, Grant     23 UNQ                    8:54.80
 14   736 Hulme, Adam         25 USC                    8:55.16
 15   682 Thomas, Jordan      20 QE2                    8:56.45
 16  1294 Whiting, Michael    35 PAC                    8:58.39
 17   981 Williams, Drew      23 PAC                    8:59.10
 18  1051 Laverty, Jamie      22 PAC                    8:59.95
 19   989 Bock, Peter         30 MAR                    9:06.29
 20   689 Zenonos, Aristo     19 QE2                    9:07.77
 21  1188 Dawson, Clay        31 IPS                    9:09.48
 22  1164 Sweeney, David      51 UNQ                    9:13.53
 23  1303 Bourke, Matthew     35 GFR                    9:38.09
 24  1122 Hall, Jason         37 QMA                    9:42.69
 25   401 Collins, Robert     23 MAR                    9:45.12
 26   472 Simmons, Barry      44 GFR                    9:45.53
 27   950 Gosens, Gerrard     42 TWH                    9:52.26
 28   660 Litfin, Tony        49 RNB                   10:11.25
 --   261 Crew, Andrew        32 MAR                        DNF

Seeing the Consultant on Tuesday.

11 February 2012


I had an MRI on Thursday, and will see the Consultant again on Tuesday to get the results. I am expecting a spell on the sidelines. There are some amazing treatments for PF and I hope one of them works for me. Probably going to have Ultra Sound guided shock wave treatment (cant remember the scientific name began with 'L')
Some beautiful pictures of my ankle, amazing clarity as you scroll through mm by mm of your insides.

05 February 2012

8 X 800m

Sun 5.23pm Nudgee 8 X 800m 200m jog recovery

27.7C/81.86F/65%/13kphGusting20kph = Windy!

#1. 2:30.79  149bpm
73.59  137
77.20  161

#2. 2:33.63  155
75.36  146
78.27  165

#3. 2:33.33  157
74.39  148
78.94  167

#4. 2:35.13  158
77.79*  150
77.34*  168

#5. 2:32.60  161
74.51  152
78.09  170

#6. 2:32.76  162
73.76  153
79.00  171

#7. 2:32.90  162
74.33  154
78.57  171

#8. 2:26.10  165
72.41  156
73.69  174

*Hit lap button late! 
Ran in flats with orthotics. Redoubling efforts to contain worsening PF- foot exercise (Ball rolling/Achilles stretches) and icing. Seeing consultant on Thursday. During rep session felt 'ok' but after is another story!
Considering the wind this session was fine.

Sat. 4.43pm 10.48km Roo+Lake  46;27  4.26 K's
Fri. 5.24am 10.57km Roo+Lake 47;22  4.29 K's
Thu. 5.28am 10.6km Roo+Lake  48;20  4.34 K's

Looking forward to seeing the Oceania Results  come out of NZ .


01 February 2012

10 X 400m @

Wed 5.00am Nudgee 10 X 400m 120m jog recovery


68.61  141bpm
70.67  149
71.08  149
70.20  149
69.00  152
69.38  153
69.88  154
69.24  156
69.50  156
67.54  157

This is amusing;

I thought they should make one about running! but they already have!!
and of course there is a whole raft of similar stuff;
It tickled me when I heard "planta fasciitis"  also' We better check McMIllans calculator for the equivalency conversion'