31 March 2011

Opposite way round

Thur. 5.20am 10.61km Lake+Roo 44m12 (4m10s K's) - Felt good

With daylight taking ever longer to arrive and the first part of Roo+Lake would be in total darkness so today I switched it to run Lake +Roo which has more pathway/street lighting. For a course so familiar, running it the opposite way round is a whole new landscape and unfamiliar. I didn't get the normal Garmin drop out in the first K (but I did get it in the ninth K)
4m33, 4m19, 4m08, 4m16, 4m14, 3m49, 3m59, 4m02, 4m14, 4m06, 2m32 (4m09 pace)

30 March 2011

De Levallois-Perret

Click on image for full view

Wed 5.40am 10.42km(? - should read 10.6km)  43m52 4m09 K's

I came across this result from a race I did in France in 1990. 
To set the context, I'd given up racing in the mid 80's, gone backpacking to Oz in  1988/89 where I started  running/racing again for fun. I got back to the UK late in 1989 and continued running until the early 90's when a couple of ankle operations and family commitments/work saw me taking another long sabbatical.
My Club Shaftesbury regularly received invites from the Continent to bring teams to race road and Cross Country. I rarely went but this event was a typical continental race. Ran over a 12.4km road course , at 9pm in the town center, I only have a vague memory of running with 1000 others, but by myself (alone again  naturally) . 
Anyhow I saw that in 31st place was Emile Puttemans (Belgium winner of Olympic 5000m Silver at Munich in 72) Obviously he was still at his peak so I'll add him to the litany of 'stars I have beaten ; )
Actually I did beat Mark Moughton (ran 30m23 10KM in 1990) and Richard Charleston (8m33 3000 SC) who were both good performers.
I have some more old results that I'll post.

29 March 2011

Steady State

Fri  5.35am 10.52km Roo+Lake 43m03  4m06 K's - Steady
Sat 5.13pm 16.25km Roo+Lake+Roo  64m24  3m58 K's -  Comfortable
Sun 5pm 6 X 1000m  200m jog recovery Nudgee - Worked very hard
Mon 5.52pm 5.69km  Roo  22m33   3m58 K's - Worked
Tues 5.36am 10.38km (??) Roo+Lake 44m03 - Steady - Garmin measured short 4m10 K's

27 March 2011

Keith Bateman 4th WR M55 10000m 31m53.86

NSW Championships - 25/03/2011 to 27/03/2011
Athletics NSW
Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre

Event 50 Men 10000 Metre Open
Name Age Team Finals Points
1 Russell Dessaix-Chin 33 Sydney Unive 29:35.80
2 David Criniti 33 Sydney Strid 30:48.06
3 Vlad Shatrov 33 Sydney Strid 30:54.74
4 Cale Bowd 22 Blue Mountai 31:10.47
5 Brad Milosevic 22 Girraween At 31:25.43
6 Liam Ridings 22 Rbh(Randwick 31:44.21
7 Nicholas Cope 42 Randwick Bot 31:46.47
8 Caleb Wegener 30 U.T.S. North 31:48.79
9 Keith Bateman 56 Sydney Strid 31:51.86
10 Kevin Robertson 36 Sutherland D 31:53.07
11 Chris Truscott 37 Sydney Strid 32:15.93
12 Earl O'Brien 26 Asics Wests 32:26.42
13 James Perrett 23 Asics Wests 33:01.51
14 Douglas Kelley 27 Epping Distr 33:55.47
15 Wayne Bulloch 44 Sydney Strid 34:48.50
16 Charles Brooks 19 Mingara Athl 35:50.97
17 Jason McIntosh 41 Sydney Strid 36:26.22
18 Dennis Wylie 59 Hills Distri 36:45.00
19 David McEwan 56 Hills Distri 37:53.63
20 Peter Byrne 52 Hills Distri 37:57.75
21 Jeff Aldenhoven 37 Sydney Strid 38:10.11
22 Ian David Rose 53 Hills Distri 38:17.44
23 Donald Mathewson 67 Hills Distri 38:22.60
24 Stephen Ball 58 U.T.S. North 39:17.11
25 James Barnes 59 Blue Mountai 39:44.07
26 EJ Davie 40 Sydney Strid 44:05.96
27 Robert Mason 46 Asics Wests 47:32.44

24 March 2011

More bounce to the ounce!

Wed 5.30am 10.52km Roo+Lake 43m33  (4m08 K's)
Thurs 5.29am 10.53km Roo+Lake 42m00 (3m59 K's)

Dare I say it, this morning was relatively pain free!
Through the day I got some reference back in the hip and the knee but the light might be shining at the end of the tunnel. I did 'race it' a bit today, I was working out, as I went along, if I could bring it home in 4min K's which for me, in a morning, is really moving it.
K's were;
4m36, 4m15, 4m01, 4m04, 3m54, 4m00, 3m51, 3m40, 3m50, 3m41, 2m08(4m03 K Pace) 
10KM was 39m52

I had to post the 12 inch version of Loopzilla last time out but the truth is, that is only half the story! You have to see the guy in action to believe it, check out the single version below - check out the gear and the platforms ; )
Freddie Mercury meets Pimp

22 March 2011

Loopzilla - George 'Dr Funkenstein' Clinton

Tues 5.26am 10.56km Roo+Lake 44m55  (4m15 Ks)

Outrageous humidity again this morning in fact these last few days it has been heaving. This arvo on the train back from Central to Petrie the air con was broken and the carriage was a sweat box, didn't help having to stand the whole journey.

My gadget told me it was 90% humidity and 24 O C  (75 O F) when I  ran this morning.

Today I have entered the Nationals, nearly got tempted into entering the 1500 as well as the 5, 10 and 8K CC, but for once I have seen sense. Gone are the days like Hobart in 2006 when on the first day of competition I ran a flat out 10K and followed up an hour later with an 800m of all events! Next day was 1500m, followed by 5000m on third day and fourth day was 8K CC. 
A days recovery after the 10K will do me good.

Can anyone out there say they bought Loopzilla on 12inch back in 1980? 
Yeah I did!

dont touch that radio
dont touch that radio
dont touch that radio
dont touch that knob

more bounce to the ounce
more bounce to the ounce

21 March 2011

Rough Ride

Mon 5.50pm 5.65km Roo 21m15  3m44s K's

Slightly sore calves, popped an anti inflam yesterday to lessen the after effects from yesterdays track session on the hip (more on that later!!)
For tonights run It was 29 O C and 87% humidity!
I  Jumped into the pool after - this is supposed to be Autumn.

Just finishing Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage. 
I had my eyes opened after reading David Walsh's  Lance to Landis. 
Rough Ride is good because it is from a cyclists perspective rather than a Journalist and gives a day to day account of him riding the Tour and how drugs and doping became the norm for Pro Cycling . 
It is really quite an old book (mid 80's) but it is interesting to see how doping became so pervasive in the sport absolutely nothing like non elite distance running as far as I'm concerned but I'm sure at the top level, EPO would have been used and the finger is pointing at Spain and Italy and of course others. I mean has anyone written a book about Cacho (?) the Spanish guy who seemed to do nothing but win an  Olympic 1500m Gold and Silver ?? !! (yeah I know he did more but he seemed to shun competition!)
Interestingly for me Kimmage quotes a passage where he is updating his book for a reprint and sitting in David Walsh's  office when he picks up Jack Buckner's (Lufbra Student and European Champ 5000m) book Running the Distance. Jack is describing the Seoul Olympics ( 6th in 5000m 13m23) where the BIG news story was Ben getting caught! Jack offers his perspective which like all of us is wouldn't recognize a Performance Enhancing Drug from a packet of Smarties. However, certain sports have there issues and cycling recognize they have a 'sore toe' but don't believe they have 'cancer'. Their (UCI) claim refuting drugs being rampant in the sport is always that they are the most tested sport ...... But the truth is these guys have the best doctors and they know absolutely how not to get caught. 
I think that cycling has very much improved its testing and the recent two cases where bans were imposed from irregularities in blood testing via the Blood passports is a significant step forwards.
However the more I read the more I'm amazed. I thought that David Millar who served a two year ban when his home was raided and EPO found and he admitted use (EPO is still undetectable?), came back as an evangelical anti doper, however, from what Kimmage says Millar is still as culpable.And what of my other 'heroes'? 
Ullrich, Roach, Indurain, Armstrong?
I'm rambling but it is an area of sport I'm finding very interesting at the moment. 
I know an anti inflam drug is far from 'performance enhancing' but makes you wonder what other guys might do!
Photo is courtesy of young Timmy at his Husky Beach Tri, when I first saw the photo I thought it was pebbles or sea weed on the beach - had to click on the photo to see it was all those tri guys and gals. Great photo!

20 March 2011

Saint Josephs

Sat 3.45pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 43m14  4m05 K's
Sun 10.25am 10 X 400m Nudgee  75sec jog recovery

#1  69.20  146bpm
#2  70.36  153bpm
#3  71.94  154bpm
#4  70.81  156bpm
#5  70.60  157bpm
#6  69.57  157bpm
#7  69.77  159bpm
#8  70.86  160bpm
#9  71.71  159bpm
#10  68.15  162bpm

Back to the track at St.Josephs Nudgee. Teaming rain (it has rained all weekend) but still feels warm and humid, could still feel the sun breaking through even heavy cloud and the heat bouncing off the track.
How would the hip hold up? If anything as I was warming up I had more gip from my knee (tendinitis), warmed up with 6.5 laps of the track, some stretching and some strides.
Hit the first interval and was pleased to be running OK if a little rusty. I aways know #2 and #3 tend to get away from me a bit as I work into the set and start to loosen up. 
After 3 my vest was saturated and heavy so dispensed with it. Feet were slightly slipping in my spikes but decided to plough on rather than stop and retie my laces as that would bugger up my recovery and I felt that was more important.
#4 was more like it, remembering the mantra start quick, work hard down the back straight, think about leg turnover in the bottom bend and concentrate on staying relaxed down the finishing straight. The next few intervals came along pretty well but I did bottle it on #9 as ever subconsciously trying to hold myself together (hold back) so that I can complete the session. #10 was again repeat the mantra and stick it down the home straight treading serious lactate pain.
All up I'm happy with that session and will build on it with some 800's or 1000's. Hip is a little sore following.
Did not stay up to watch the Gooners , I expected an away draw and given we've got Aluminia in goal watching a game can be stressful! How can our No.1 goalie be out for 6 weeks??? with just a dislocated finger??? I'm hoping that some of the other injured players can start to make it back into the side now that we have the international break coming up , this is the business and of the season.
Great performance from  Matty Goss winning the Milano Sanremo overnight? terrific result on top of Cadel's victory in the Terrino-Adriatico last week.

19 March 2011

Rob Schwerkolt set a new M45 1500m Australian Record 4m00.2

Fri 5.34am 10.49km Roo+Lake 44m30  (4m14 K's)
Thurs 5.27am 10.55km Roo+Lake 44m40 (4m14 K's)
Wed 5.37am 10.52km Roo+Lake 42m53 (4m05 K's)
Tues 5.42am 10.54km Roo+Lake 43m53 (4m10 K's)

A good week of steady running in very very humid conditions. It is really staying dark a lot later these days and soon alas I will need to revert to my 10K Cadel route which has street lights.
Still not close to 100% but shall try some interval work this weekend before making the decision on whether to enter the Nationals.
Thanks Scott for the news that Victorian Rob Schwerkolt set a new M45 1500m Australian Record 4m00.2
The previous record had stood since 1989 Keith Wheeler 4m02.1
That's Rob #1126  ; Very impressive.

14 March 2011

The Brisbane Roar

Mon 6.00pm 6km 23m57 Struggled with hip!
Sun 5.12pm 10.61km 39m19  3m42 K's Worked Hard
Sat 5.50pm 10.66km  42m19  3m58 K's Felt strong
Fri 5.34am 10.61km  46m 03  4m21 K's Took it easy
Thur 5.19am 10.63km 46m41  4m21 K's Struggled
Wed  3.35pm  10.58km  41m06  3m53 K's - Pushed it

It goes without saying that events in Japan put your life in perspective and though it seems perverse -  life carries on and as such ,might as well carry on blogging.

Did you hear Pete Magill ran 5000m in 14m 45.88  !!
He is 49.9 , it is a WR for a 49 y.o , Pete's real focus is breaking the M50 WR which stands at 14m53.2, Pete is 50 in June. He is a phenomenon! 

Good running at Queensland Masters on Sat, below are the results of the 3000m;
Would have been a good race between Shane and Geoff  and I'd have thought that Anne Ryan had Performance of the Day, that is before I saw M57  Peter Reeves  9m52  89.91% age grade!!

The Brisbane Roar ? - well that was me on Sun arvo watching my local side clinch the Australian Major Prem /Grand Final after being 0 -2 down into the second half of extra time.
Two late late goals had me screaming like it was Arsenal and the whole family was transfixed by the penalties and there could only be won winner - well actually Australian Football and Brisbane Football have all won from this famous Roar Victory.
Like Arsenal Roar have gone undefeated this whole season ! ( though Arsenal had to play 38 games in their season with Roar only having to play 28).

QMA Brisbane Metropolitan - 12/03/2011 
  South Qld Championships Day 1 
  State Athletics Facility Nathan 
  Results - Saturday 12th March

  Event 1  W45 3000 Metre Run 
    Name     Age Team      Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Banaghan, Glenda   W47 Metro Central   10:41.79  9:28.25 88.24%   
  Event 1  W55 3000 Metre Run 
    Name    Age Team     Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Ryan, Anne    W55 Metro Central    11:41.94    9:20.43 89.47%      
  Event 1  M40 3000 Metre Run 
    Name      Age Team     Finals       Age-Grading 
  1 Berkeley, Geoff   M42 Metro Central    9:13.28    8:35.11 85.42% 
  2 Wood, Neil     M44 Metro South     11:35.27   10:37.50 69.02%   
  Event 1  M45 3000 Metre Run 
    Name     Age Team    Finals    Age-Grading 
  1 George, Shane   M45 South Queensland   9:11.08    8:21.43 87.75% 
  2 Daly, Gerard   M49 Metro North     11:15.50    9:55.59 73.88%   
  Event 1  M50 3000 Metre Run 
    Name  Age Team   Finals    Age-Grading 
  1 Davies, Phil M53 Metro Central   10:17.80    8:47.36 83.43% 
  2 Dimauro, Con   M52 Metro South  10:26.80    8:59.43 81.57% 
  3 Coulter, Greg  M53 Metro South 10:38.80  9:05.30 80.69%   
  Event 1  M55 3000 Metre Run 
    Name   Age Team    Finals  Age-Grading 
  1 Reeves, Peter   M57 South Queensland  9:52.89 8:09.38 89.91%      
  Event 1  M60 3000 Metre Run 
    Name   Age Team  Finals  Age-Grading 
  1 Sheer, John   M63 Metro Central  11:29.65  9:00.14 81.46% 
  2 Chippendale, Paul   M64 Metro South  18:18.49 14:12.54 51.61%   
  Event 1  M65 3000 Metre Run 
    Name Age Team    Finals   Age-Grading 
  1 Ryhanen, Erkki  M65 Coastal North  13:26.25  10:20.09 70.96% 
  2 Dominish, Rod   M66 Metro North   13:47.20   10:30.33 69.81% 
  3 Nixon_Smith, Derek  M65 Unatta  14:01.23   10:46.99 68.01% 

09 March 2011


Wed 3.35pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 41m06  (3m53 K's)

Lily was sick for the second day which meant it was my turn to stay home to look after her, hence got out this arvo for a spin around the usual. 

Barca V Arsenal left me distinctly 'derezzed' this morning. Couldn't take it after Robin got sent off, had to take the dog out for a long walk. Still hopeful when I got back, I might see a smile on  my son's or wife's face but no !
It was a look of pity - damn it! I wish it didn't mean that much to me!

Derez (also spelled as "Derezz", short for "Deresolution") is a term to describe someone or something disappearing or dissolving, essentially resulting in deletion. It is a program's equivalent of death. The opposite of derez is resolution, the program equivalent of birth, or loading/starting a program in the system; and reresolution, or rebirth.
= Arsenal's Cup chances this year.

08 March 2011

Barca in the morning

Mon 5.51pm 5.66km Roo 23m26 4m09 K's
Tues  5.21am 10.59km Roo+Lake 46m06  4m21 K's

On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat it developed into full man flu as the congestion plus running nose sneezing took hold through Sunday. Still had it Monday but today it is on the wain.
Late night Sunday (Liverpool V Manu = great game for a Gooner!) so Monday was evening run and no time as Natalie was off to Soccer training and what with the cold =  just a short run.
I have gone through some ups and downs with the hip thinking it is coming good and then suffering relapses but I'm hanging in there for the moment.
Barca in the morning , I'm not too optimistic but hey! we have a chance and how many teams even get the opportunity to play the Worlds best team? Come on you Gooners!

07 March 2011

Level 42

Sun 4.07pm 10.45km Roo+Lake 41m31 3m58 K's
Sat 2.21pm 10.58km Roo+Lake 43m28 4m07 K's

04 March 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Lily Nicole x

5.00am Roo+Lake 45m24 Roo+Lake 10.6km  4m17 K's

03 March 2011

Up at 3.45am

I got up at 3.45am for my run this morning! 
Somehow the Garmin has jumped forward an hour so rather than getting the alarm at 4.45am, 
I was up, stretching, watching the news when I noticed the time! Couldn't go back to bed and risk waking the Mrs so had 30mins kip on the sofa before getting out the door eventually at 5.15am. (Only just getting light).

It has been fantastically humid over the last few days, it really was a morning for running without a top but I wore my Salford Harriers vest the whole way (I joined Salford for a year in 2008 when I was going to run British Masters Road Relay with former Shaftesbury club mate Paul Simons team - The Pelvic stress fracture put paid to those plans).
I find when I top and tail runs that I invariably suffer and this morning was no exception a combination of last nights run, early morning stiffness, the humidity and the hip but actually 46m12 for 10.58KM and 4m22 K's is OK! Jumped in the pool to cool down after.
The night before (Weds) I was woken at 3.00am as the wind picked up preceding a storm. I had to get up as I had left our shade umbrella up and I needed to get it down before the wind destroyed it.This was no simple task as the locking pin is missing so it is no simple 'wined in' task , more like get pavers off lay whole assemblage on ground, gather shade then wind in! Anyhow I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and when my alarm went 45mins later the lack of sleep meant I changed plans and went for a run after work. 
As I have said before I run better in the evening, and even though it was again humid I was able to push the pace around Roo+Lake to sub 4min K's with a 41m54.
Tues morning was a 46m20 sec effort around Roo+Lake 10.55km for 4m24s K's
Mon 6.00pm 10.46km Roo+Lake 43m23 for 4m09 K's