28 October 2009

Tom Bedford 2h24m Marathon!

Tommy did it!
He ran the Dublin Marathon in 2h24m09s! A remarkable achievement from where he set out and I take my hat off to him for the dedication he put into achieving his goal and for putting some money into a good cause along the way (as well as paying off his student debts!)
To summarize his goal this is direct from his blog;

3 years to run below 2 hours 25 minutes for a marathon or I have to pay out £12,000 in bets!

The rules: I have as many attempts within this period to complete the set time. There are no out clauses I.e. If i get injured the bet will still stand. The marathon has to be a certified iaaf marathon (no downhill marathons). Completion date is 13th April 2011.

To put the time into perspective I have to run 5 min 30 secs for every mile of the marathon. If I ran that time at the Beijing Olympics I would have finished at least 52nd Place!

How did the bet come about?

Yes you guessed it. I was in a pub so I have nothing to blame but myself!

On top of the actual bet I am going to raise mon ey for the Entoto Foundation http://www.entoto.org/which is dedicated to helping Ethiopians gain access to medical care and treatment that is otherwise not available to them.

I am not taking personal bets anymore but I would like you to get involved by sponsoring me on this website!

There are some spectacular photos of Tom finishing the race in Dublin! Great crowd reaction and great personal satisfaction in just doing it!

22 October 2009

Tear to Medial Meniscus

I saw the consultant today who diagnosed a probable tear to the medial meniscus by the posterior horn in my right knee.
This needs to be confirmed by an MRI next week. Doctor said depending on type of tear could be a relatively simple snip via an arthroscope!
The tear is in all likelihood a degenerative tear - through age wear and tear!

Here is a more technical description of the injury;

Medial Meniscus Tear

(Also known as a Medial Meniscal Tear, Torn Medial Meniscus, Medial Cartilage Tear, Medial Meniscal Dysfunction, Bucket Handle Tear of the Medial Meniscus, Torn Meniscus)

What is a medial meniscus tear?

The knee joint comprises of the union of two bones: the long bone of the thigh (femur) and the shin bone (tibia) (figure 1). Between the bone ends are 2 round discs made of cartilage called the medial (inner) and lateral (outer) meniscus (figure 1). Each meniscus acts as a shock absorber cushioning the impact of the femur on the tibia during weight-bearing activity. Normally the surface of the meniscus is very smooth allowing easy movement of the femur on the tibia. Occasionally the meniscus can be torn or damaged so that the surface is no longer smooth. When this occurs to the medial meniscus, it is known as a medial meniscus tear. Injuries to the medial meniscus are more common than lateral meniscus injuries.

Medial meniscal tears can occur suddenly due to too much weight bearing or twisting force going through the meniscus beyond what it can withstand, or gradually due to repetitive or prolonged weight bearing or twisting forces.

Injuries to the medial meniscus occasionally occur in combination with injuries to other structures of the knee, such as the cruciate ligaments, the collateral ligaments, or the lateral meniscus.

Causes of a medial meniscus tear

Medial meniscus tears often occur traumatically in sports that require sudden changes of direction and twisting movements (sometimes in combination with excessive straightening or bending of the knee). These sports may include football, soccer, basketball, netball and snow skiing. Medial meniscal tears frequently take place when the foot is fixed on the ground and a twisting force is applied to the knee (e.g. when another player's body falls across the leg, or when a player is tackled) or following a forceful jump or landing.

Medial meniscal tears may also occur over time through gradual wear and tear. This may be associated with degenerative changes to the knee joint. In older patients where degenerative changes are present, injury to the medial meniscus may occur with a relatively trivial movement.

Signs and symptoms of a medial meniscus tear

Patients with a medial meniscal tear may report that they heard an audible sound at the time of injury or experienced a tearing sensation. There is usually pain with weight bearing activity and twisting movements of the knee. Patients may also experience pain when climbing stairs, attempting to kneel or when squatting. Swelling is usually present in patients with medial meniscal tears and may occur a few hours after injury or, more commonly, in the following days. It is usually tender to touch the joint on the inner aspect of the knee. The knee may also feel weak or unstable and may click or lock during certain movements.

In minor cases of medial meniscus tears there may be little or no immediate symptoms. In these cases, symptoms may develop gradually over the coming days, typically with an increase in weight bearing or twisting activity. In more severe cases there may be severe pain and significant restriction in knee range of movement. Intermittent locking, clicking sensations, and episodes of giving way or collapsing may be present. The patient may also walk with a limp or, be unable to weight bear due to pain.

Diagnosis of a medial meniscus tear

A thorough subjective and objective examination from a physiotherapist is usually sufficient to diagnose a medial meniscus tear. Investigations such as X-ray and MRI are sometimes used to confirm diagnosis and exclude the presence of other injuries to the knee. In rare cases, where an MRI has proven inconclusive, an investigative arthroscope may be performed to assist diagnosis.

Treatment for a medial meniscus tear

Most minor tears to the medial meniscus heal well with appropriate physiotherapy. The success rate of treatment is largely dictated by patient compliance. A vital aspect of treatment is that the patient rests sufficiently from twisting and weight bearing activities (such as standing, walking, lifting, squatting, and running etc) until they are pain-free. Once this is achieved a gradual return to these activities is indicated provided there is no increase in symptoms.

Patients with a medial meniscus tear usually benefit from following the R.I.C.E. Regime. The R.I.C.E regime is beneficial in the initial phase of the injury (first 72 hours) or when inflammatory signs are present (i.e. morning pain or pain with rest). This involves resting from aggravating activities, regular icing, the use of a compression bandage and keeping the leg elevated. Anti-inflammatory medication may also significantly hasten the healing process by reducing the pain and swelling associated with inflammation.

Patients with a medial meniscus tear should perform pain-free flexibility and strengthening exercises as part of their rehabilitation to ensure an optimal outcome. One of the key components of rehabilitation is pain-free strengthening of the quadriceps (vastus medialis obliquus muscle – VMO), hamstrings and gluteals to improve the control of the knee joint with weight-bearing activities. The treating physiotherapist can advise which exercises are most appropriate for the patient.

Surgery for a medial meniscus tear

Despite appropriate physiotherapy management, a small percentage of minor meniscal tears fail to improve and subsequently require surgery in order to get back to full activity. The majority of large meniscal tears also require surgery. This is particularly true in those cases where the knee is 'locked'. Surgery for medial meniscus tears is minimally invasive. The procedure is called a knee arthroscope and involves a surgeon cutting away the torn part of the cartilage via 2 small incisions so that the meniscal surface is smooth once again. The aim of surgery is to preserve as much of the meniscus as possible. The treating physiotherapist and doctor will refer to a specialist if surgery is indicated. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is then required following surgery to ensure an optimal outcome and enable a safe return to sport or activity.

Prognosis of a medial meniscus tear

Those patients with minor medial meniscus tears that are managed conservatively can usually expect to return to sport or activity in approximately 2 - 4 weeks. For moderate tears that are managed conservatively return to sport or activity may take 4 - 6 weeks or longer.

Minor medial meniscus tears that are managed surgically can sometimes return to sport or activity within 4 – 6 weeks, although most surgical repairs (especially when the meniscus tear is moderate to severe) will usually require a rehabilitation period of 6 - 8 weeks or longer. If there is damage to other structures in the knee, such as the anterior cruciate ligament, rehabilitation may require an extended period.It is important that medial meniscus injuries are managed appropriately, as inappropriate treatment may lead to the development of early knee osteoarthritis.

Physiotherapy for a medial meniscus tear

Physiotherapy treatment is vital to hasten the healing process and ensure an optimal outcome in all patients with medial meniscus tears regardless of whether they have surgery.

Physiotherapy treatment may comprise:

  • soft tissue massage
  • electrotherapy
  • taping or bracing to support the knee
  • mobilization
  • dry needling
  • hydrotherapy
  • the use of crutches
  • ice or heat treatment
  • progressive exercises to improve flexibility, balance and strength (especially the VMO muscle)
  • activity modification advice
  • education
  • biomechanical correction
  • anti-inflammatory advice
  • weight loss advice where appropriate
  • the use of Real-Time Ultrasound to assess and retrain the VMO muscle

For those patients who are undergoing surgery to repair the torn meniscus, physiotherapy and rehabilitation should commence prior to surgery. This may include treatment to reduce pain and swelling, electrotherapy, strengthening and range of movement exercises, the use of a compression bandage, and the use of crutches etc.

Following surgery, physiotherapy and rehabilitation is essential to assist the healing process and ensure an optimal outcome.

In the final stages of rehabilitation for all medial meniscus tears the physiotherapist can devise an appropriate return to sport or activity plan. Returning to activity too soon or without adequate rehabilitation will often lead to knee swelling and re-injury to the meniscus.

Other intervention for a medial meniscus tear

Despite appropriate physiotherapy management, some patients with medial meniscus tears fail to improve either conservatively or following surgery. When this occurs the treating physiotherapist or doctor can advise on the best course of management. This may include further investigations, pharmaceutical intervention, corticosteroid injection, or further surgery.

Exercises for a medial meniscus tear

The following exercises are commonly prescribed to patients with a medial meniscus tear. You should discuss the suitability of these exercises with your physiotherapist prior to beginning them. Generally, they should be performed 3 times daily and only provided they do not cause or increase symptoms.

Knee Bend to Straighten

Bend and straighten your knee as far as possible without increasing your pain (figure 2). This helps to restore your normal knee movement. Repeat 20 times.

Knee bend to straighten

Figure 2 – Knee Bend to Straighten (right leg)

Static Quadriceps Contraction

Tighten the muscle at the front of your thigh (quadriceps) by pushing your knee down into a towel (figure 3). Put your fingers on your inner quadriceps to feel the muscle tighten during contraction. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times as hard as possible without increasing your symptoms.

Quads static (VMO with towel)

Figure 3 – Static quadriceps contraction (left leg)

Physiotherapy products for a medial meniscus tear

Some of the most commonly recommended products by physiotherapists to hasten healing and speed recovery in patients with this condition include:

  1. Knee Braces
  2. Crutches
  3. Ice Packs or Hot Packs
  4. Protective Tape

To purchase physiotherapy products for a medial meniscus tear click on one of the above links or visit the PhysioAdvisor Shop.

As I said before I can't believe my body has failed me yet again in such quick succession to the other injuries but I will recover and I will run again!

19 October 2009

2009 World Masters Games - Sydney Australia - Half Marathon

2009 World Masters Games - Sydney Australia - Half Marathon
The following report on the race was on the official Web Site;

Swiss runner first to finish half marathon

Tarcis Ancay finished first overall in this morning’s half marathon race at the Sydney 2009 World Masters Games, to earn him the gold medal in the 35-39 age group..

His time of 1:08:45 was 15 seconds faster than Done Martinoski (AUS) who came in second in the age group, with third place going to Gerry Arthur (AUS) with a time of 1:25:24.

Perhaps the most interesting age group was the men’s 45-49 category. Overall second placed finisher, Strizhakov Filippovich (AUS) beat out James Harrison (AUS) and Olympian, Miroslav Vindi (SLO) to take gold with a time of 1:11:11.

Harrison, who is well known in the marathon circuit for keeping track of his life mileage, clocked 01:16:03, while 1988 and 1992 Olympian, Vindi finished in 01:17:46.

In the 50-54 category, Robin Grant (NZL) hung on to win by just 0:00:01 from second placed finisher Leonid Isaev (RUS).

Angela Williams (AUS), competing in the 35-39 age category, was the first woman and 43rd overall competitor to cross the finish line, with a time of 01:24:17. She was followed by Gyte Norgiliene (LTU) in 01:27:01 and Heidi Jones (AUS) with a time of 01:28:17.

In the women’s 45-49, first place went to Raewyn Harlock (AUS) who finished in 01:28:52. Second placed Sally Gibbs (NZL) came in less than one minute after Harlock, while third place went to Krystyna Pieczulis (POL) with a time of 01:30:47.

Other gold medallists in the men’s half marathon includes Alexey Korobov (RUS) in the 40-44 age group, Charles Chamber (AUS) in the 55-59 category and Trevor Ogilvie (NZL) in the 60-64 age group.

30038 CAROLINE SWEENEY W30-34 1 01:33:32 AUSTRALIA
30034 BRONWEN RUDOLPH W30-34 2 01:34:15 AUSTRALIA
30003 KIM BINDON W30-34 3 01:41:00 AUSTRALIA
30027 STACEY PASLEY W30-34 4 01:43:11 NEW ZEALAND
30016 KELLY FAULKS W30-34 5 01:46:06 AUSTRALIA
30023 CHRISTINA LEDIG W30-34 6 01:46:08
30006 SARAH BUCHAN W30-34 7 01:56:30 UNITED KINGDOM

35108 ANGELA WILLIAMS W35-39 1 01:24:17 AUSTRALIA
35069 GYTE NORGILIENE W35-39 2 01:27:01 LITHUANIA
35052 HEIDI JONES W35-39 3 01:28:17 AUSTRALIA
35027 SARAH DAVIS W35-39 5 01:32:33 AUSTRALIA

40117 JULIE NORNEY W40-44 2 01:29:50 AUSTRALIA
40051 NATHALIE GAUTHIER W40-44 4 01:36:21 CANADA
40160 SOPHIA YOUNG W40-44 5 01:36:43 AUSTRALIA
40075 NAINA JERATH W40-44 6 01:37:20 AUSTRALIA
40157 JO WILLIAMSON W40-44 8 01:40:26 AUSTRALIA
40127 SHEENA POLESE W40-44 9 01:41:18 AUSTRALIA

45066 RAEWYN HARLOCK W45-49 1 01:28:52 AUSTRALIA
45050 SALLY GIBBS W45-49 2 01:29:34 NEW ZEALAND
45122 KRYSTYNA PIECZULIS W45-49 3 01:30:47 POLAND
45092 CHERYL LEUTHART W45-49 4 01:31:15 NEW ZEALAND
45099 JANICE MCCAFFREY W45-49 5 01:39:27 CANADA
45018 LYN BRICK W45-49 6 01:40:03 AUSTRALIA
45027 ROZ CAVENDER W45-49 7 01:43:00 AUSTRALIA
45156 SHARON TRUEMAN W45-49 8 01:44:26 AUSTRALIA
45023 SHARON CALLISTER W45-49 9 01:46:13 AUSTRALIA
45102 SALLY MCKAY W45-49 10 01:49:42 AUSTRALIA

50192 SUSAN YACKULIC W50-54 3 01:37:23 CANADA
50051 THERESA FABIAN W50-54 5 01:38:02 AUSTRALIA
50034 JO COWAN W50-54 6 01:39:03 AUSTRALIA
50175 DEBBIE TONG W50-54 7 01:39:04 AUSTRALIA
50165 NATALIA SPEARMAN W50-54 8 01:40:57 NEW ZEALAND
50138 BETTY PERKINS W50-54 10 01:45:08 CANADA

55061 TERESA MCKENNA W55-59 2 01:45:39 AUSTRALIA
55075 ANNETTE PELGRIM W55-59 3 01:51:02 AUSTRALIA
55008 JOAN BENTLEY W55-59 5 01:56:56 AUSTRALIA
55016 SHARON CHIONG W55-59 6 01:59:22 AUSTRALIA
55002 DI ALPERSTEIN W55-59 7 01:59:34 AUSTRALIA
55012 CORAL BRIDGLAND W55-59 9 02:07:29 AUSTRALIA
55068 LYN O'MARA W55-59 10 02:07:44 AUSTRALIA

60004 SUE ARCHER W60-64 1 01:39:58 AUSTRALIA
60014 TINA CAMPBELL W60-64 3 01:52:45 AUSTRALIA
60077 BONNIE SKOV W60-64 4 01:52:58 CANADA
60031 JOAN GILSON W60-64 6 01:57:03 AUSTRALIA
60055 VIKKI LORD W60-64 7 02:04:00 AUSTRALIA
60086 VICKII WILLIAMS W60-64 8 02:10:01 CANADA
60052 MAUREEN LANUKE W60-64 9 02:12:40 CANADA
60060 NELLY MCEWEN W60-64 10 02:13:53 CANADA

65036 LAVINIA PETRIE W65-69 1 01:38:25 AUSTRALIA
65041 DOT SIEPMANN W65-69 2 02:04:16 AUSTRALIA
65014 NANCY DICKMAN W65-69 4 02:13:20 AUSTRALIA
65023 ADELHEID KESSNER W65-69 5 02:16:42 GERMANY
65049 MARIE ZOLLMANN W65-69 6 02:23:22 GERMANY
65024 MARTHA KING W65-69 7 02:28:26 UNITED STATE

70039 ANNE YOUNG W70-74 1 02:17:36 AUSTRALIA
70012 PAULINE HEWITT W70-74 2 02:22:34 NEW ZEALAND

30501 CAMERON ARNOLD M30-34 1 01:18:36 AUSTRALIA
30525 MICHAEL HENNESSY M30-34 2 01:22:23 AUSTRALIA
30554 SIMON WHITE M30-34 3 01:23:44 AUSTRALIA

35503 TARCIS ANCAY M35-39 1 01:08:45 SWITZERLAND
35581 DONE MARTINOSKI M35-39 2 01:23:03 AUSTRALIA
35540 GERRY GERRY ARTHUR M35-39 3 01:25:24 AUSTRALIA

40530 THAMAL COORAY M40-44 2 01:12:15 AUSTRALIA
40643 PAUL MURRAY M40-44 3 01:16:57 AUSTRALIA
40637 PAUL MICALE M40-44 4 01:17:13 AUSTRALIA
40554 MICK FERRIS M40-44 5 01:17:18 AUSTRALIA
40631 PAUL MCCLARNON M40-44 6 01:17:37 AUSTRALIA
40695 MURRAY SMITH M40-44 7 01:17:56 AUSTRALIA

45601 JAMES HARRISON M45-49 2 01:16:03 AUSTRALIA
45763 MIROSLAV VINDI? M45-49 3 01:17:46 SLOVENIA
45641 ROBERT KRZAK M45-49 4 01:19:06 POLAND
45728 MANU SIVARAJ M45-49 5 01:20:37 AUSTRALIA
45593 DAVID GUSS M45-49 6 01:21:49 CANADA
45550 PETER CRUTTENDEN M45-49 7 01:22:10 CANADA
45532 ROMAN BRZEZOWSKY M45-49 8 01:24:17 AUSTRIA
45803 JASON DUNN M45-49 9 01:24:19
45610 MURRAY HODSON M45-49 10 01:24:32 NEW ZEALAND

50614 ROBIN GRANT M50-54 1 01:17:02 NEW ZEALAND
50542 IAN CALDER M50-54 3 01:17:58 NEW ZEALAND
50512 MARCO BAREISS M50-54 4 01:18:24 AUSTRALIA
50640 STEPHEN JACKSON M50-54 5 01:19:28 AUSTRALIA
50547 JOSE CARVALHO M50-54 6 01:20:36 AUSTRALIA
50537 GARRY BROWNE M50-54 7 01:20:48 AUSTRALIA
50513 CARL BARKER M50-54 9 01:22:14 AUSTRALIA
50762 GREGORY SCOTT M50-54 10 01:22:15 AUSTRALIA

55537 CHARLES CHAMBERS M55-59 1 01:20:05 AUSTRALIA
55733 CHRIS TYE M55-59 2 01:20:46 CANADA
55572 HOSSEIN FAZELI M55-59 4 01:22:04 ISLAMIC REPU
55757 DENNIS WYLIE M55-59 5 01:22:45 AUSTRALIA
55563 BJORN DYBDAHL M55-59 6 01:23:42 AUSTRALIA
55706 RON SCHWEBEL M55-59 8 01:24:51 AUSTRALIA
55606 COLIN HEYWOOD M55-59 10 01:25:53 AUSTRALIA

60653 TREVOR OGILVIE M60-64 1 01:19:59 NEW ZEALAND
60684 FRANK SCORZELLI M60-64 4 01:24:41 AUSTRALIA
60627 RICHARD MAGEE M60-64 5 01:28:11 AUSTRALIA
60516 DAVID BEATTIE M60-64 6 01:29:57 UNITED KINGDOM
60636 DENNIS MCKEVENEY M60-64 8 01:30:51 AUSTRALIA
60540 PETER CASSETTARI M60-64 9 01:31:21 AUSTRALIA
60697 RON SMITH M60-64 10 01:31:46 AUSTRALIA

65507 VINCENT BASISTA M65-69 1 01:27:16 UNATTACHED
65613 PETER SANDERY M65-69 3 01:35:10 AUSTRALIA
65544 IAN GRAVES M65-69 4 01:36:34 AUSTRALIA
65622 LUDVIK STEINC M65-69 5 01:37:18 CZECH REPUBLIC
65535 ELIO FILIPPELLI M65-69 7 01:40:38 AUSTRALIA
65583 JEREMY MATHERS M65-69 8 01:44:34 SOUTH AFRICA
65503 ED ANTOS M65-69 9 01:45:20 CANADA

70571 EDWARD PAULIN M70-74 1 01:38:27 AUSTRALIA
70596 JOHN SPINNEY M70-74 2 01:47:36 AUSTRALIA
70502 KANI AIPIEV M70-74 3 01:50:19 KAZAKHSTAN
70505 BASIL BALDWIN M70-74 4 01:51:34 AUSTRALIA
70530 MANFRED FIEDLER M70-74 5 01:52:32 AUSTRALIA
70602 ABDON ULLOA M70-74 6 01:52:42 AUSTRALIA
70612 ROBERT WYNN M70-74 7 01:52:52 NEW ZEALAND
70555 JOHN MAITLAND M70-74 8 01:56:05 AUSTRALIA
70585 HEIKO SCHAEFER M70-74 9 01:57:47 AUSTRALIA
70578 TONY RE M70-74 10 02:02:25 AUSTRALIA

75506 BOB CHAPMAN M75-79 1 01:51:43 AUSTRALIA
75523 CHRISTIAN LARCHER M75-79 2 01:53:20 FRANCE
75514 LEO HOHMANN M75-79 3 01:56:53 GERMANY
75508 MARTIN COETZEE M75-79 4 02:01:07 SOUTH AFRICA
75531 KEN SAUNDERS M75-79 5 02:31:50 AUSTRALIA

80520 BOB LEWIS M80-84 1 02:13:35 AUSTRALIA
80507 RON DALY M80-84 2 02:21:48 AUSTRALIA
80504 ROGER CHURCHWARD M80-84 3 02:25:08 AUSTRALIA
80522 IAN MACKELLAR M80-84 4 03:03:56 AUSTRALIA
80534 JOHN RIGBY M80-84 5 03:41:30 AUSTRALIA

17 October 2009

World Masters Games 2009 Sydney 1500m

The Tall, the Proud and the French !
NSW Premier,Nathan Rees, himself a 31min 10K runner in his day, hands out the medals in M45 1500m final at the World Masters Games in Sydney.

This is not Valentino Rossi in the the Australian Moto GP at Phillip Island ,
this is the Real Doctor!
Winning the M45 1500m Dr Jamie Harrison with shadows closing in!

Jamie's sister Lisa picked up her 2nd Silver in the W40 800m

46 DrJH Won his 3rd Gold, and 5th medal in total running the 1500m in an impressive 4m11!
and was pushed by a very talented Frenchman and Allan Cook also showing he's not just an 800m specialist with an eye opening 4m13!
Keith Bateman has been partying in the UK and France for 5 weeks but still managed to add the 1500m Gold to his 5000m Gold though it must taste sweeter when the quality of the opposition pushes you to your limit.

I thought this performance was a stand out amongst all this afternoons results!!
Women 800 metre 45-49
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1 Finals
1 Nelyubova, Olga W45 Russian Fede 2:16.60

Jamie said on CoolRunning about his performance;

"The body is gradually (or rapidly!) falling apart, but managed to hold on for a win in the 1500. The calf strain I got after the 800 heats on Tuesday was at its worst on Wed-Thurs, and even improved after running the 5k in flats. However, I picked up a hamstring twinge after the 1500 heats yesterday and felt it almost 'go' with 2 laps to go. I thought it was going to be a DNF, but managed to get through it.

It was a bit disconcerting to see Don Matthewson beaten in the 65s (after winning the 800 and 5k), and Fossil run so close in the 50s - I thought the signs weren't good for the 5k winners!

Anyway, hopefully I won't have to use my hammies much in the half marathon tomorrow. I really want that 6th medal."

He added
"My post on Cool Running pretty much sums it up. I thought the easiest way for me to win would be to run fairly fast. I didn't think the rest of the field would get much under 4.20. Boy, was I mistaken!

The little French bloke won the steeple, and also in Lahti, with a world leading time. He is also ranked 14th in the 1500. I didn't know this until I got home and looked him up!

Hopefully I can make it to the start (and finish!) of the half marathon!

I should also mention my sister was 2nd in the F40 800 (behind the Chilean girl who beat her in the 1500) and my dad was 8th in the 65s 1500 (which was won in world leading time).

Women 800 metre 40-44
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1
1 olivari, paola W42 Chile 2:21.80
2 Harrison, Lisa W43 Australia 2:23.46
3 Herrmann, Karen W40 Australia 2:24.72
4 Newsome, Nancy W43 Australia 2:24.86
5 Norney, Julie W41 Australia 2:26.41
6 Hewitt, Delwyn W44 Australia 2:26.67
7 Lange, Katrina W41 Australia 2:27.98
8 Coombe, Amanda W42 Australia 2:31.97
9 Alexander, Felicity W44 Australia 3:08.52

Women 800 metre 45-49
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1 Finals
1 Nelyubova, Olga W45 Russian Fede 2:16.60
2 Mogentale, Gianna W45 Australia 2:23.48
3 Gibbs, Sally W46 New Zealand 2:23.74
4 Gunn, Vicky W48 Australia 2:30.05
5 Stewart, Wendy W47 Australia 2:30.89
6 Boyd, Jane W45 Australia 2:31.21
7 Philip, Katrina W47 Australia 2:35.80
8 Gore, Suzanne W47 Australia 2:37.53
9 Willis, Mary W47 Australia 2:43.61
10 Peksis, Julie W49 Australia 2:56.14

Men 1500 metre 30-34
Name Year Team Finals
1 Mellish, Daniel M31 Australia 4:21.30
2 Palethorpe, James M34 Australia 4:24.36
3 Schmidt, Heiko M33 Switzerland 4:26.93
4 Browell, Leigh M34 Australia 4:58.55
5 Grogan, Michael M34 Australia 5:17.89

Men 1500 metre 35-39
Name Year Team Finals
1 Webster, Matt M35 Australia 4:17.84
2 Doggett, Michael M36 Australia 4:18.62
3 Martinoski, Done M39 Australia 4:19.93
4 hughes, john M38 Australia 4:21.19
5 Jeffery, James M38 Australia 4:21.85
6 McIntosh, Jason M39 Australia 4:52.29
7 Gerry Arthur, Gerry M39 Australia 4:55.03
8 Davie, EJ M38 Australia 5:15.73

Men 1500 metre 40-44
Name Year Team Finals
1 Cepek, Robert M41 Czech Republ 4:18.42
2 Davenport, Andrew M42 New Zealand 4:18.95
3 Rush, David M44 New Zealand 4:27.48
4 watson, john M40 Australia 4:31.10
5 Zero, Nick M42 Canada 4:32.87
6 Brooker, Andrew M40 Australia 4:34.13
7 forbes, shane M40 Australia 4:37.26
8 Scott, David M42 Australia 4:45.77
9 Berry, Charles M42 Australia 4:46.15
10 Brydges, Paul M41 New Zealand 4:50.88
11 Duncan, Peter M40 Australia 4:52.11
12 archer, peter M40 Australia 4:53.66
13 Grady, Paul M44 Australia 4:56.71
14 Monro, Geoff M44 Australia 4:57.76
15 Free, Michael M43 Australia 4:58.32
16 Chamberlain, Nick M40 Australia 5:20.45

Men 1500 metre 45-49
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1 Finals
1 Harrison, James M45 Australia 4:11.82
2 pelletier, gilles M46 France 4:12.84
3 Cook, Allan M46 Australia 4:13.74

4 Lawrence, Scott M47 Australia 4:21.26
5 Komel, Branimir M47 Slovenia 4:22.26
6 Guss, David M48 Canada 4:24.49
7 Stacey, Alan M46 Australia 4:38.24
8 Moore, Barry M46 Australia 4:39.79
9 Kellett, Richard M45 Canada 4:41.56
10 Standen, Roy M45 Australia 4:43.12
11 Sharpe, Bradley M48 Australia 4:48.29
12 Bourke, Steve M46 Australia 4:54.01
13 Jones, Alan M46 Australia 4:58.88
14 Jackson, David M48 United State 4:59.27
15 Anderson, Michael M48 Australia 5:04.21
16 Thompson, John(2) M47 Australia 5:06.10

Men 1500 metre 50-54
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1 Finals
1 Bateman, Keith M54 Australia 4:21.55
2 Calder, Ian M52 New Zealand 4:23.36
3 Dooley, Peter M52 Australia 4:28.68
4 Dryps, Ryszard M52 Poland 4:38.41
5 Bickley, Ed M51 Canada 4:41.22
6 Morton, John M51 Australia 4:41.71
7 Keeghan, Tony M51 Australia 4:43.41
8 Martin, Rick M54 Australia 4:43.50
9 Morfitt, Neil M53 Australia 4:44.15
10 Bustos, Beto M51 Canada 4:45.00
11 Byrne, Peter M50 Australia 4:45.57
12 McDonnell, Ross M52 Australia 4:45.59
13 Barker, Carl M50 Australia 4:49.59
14 Bjorkman, Lennart M50 Sweden 4:54.72
15 Johnson, Dennis M54 Australia 5:05.43

Men 1500 metre 55-59
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1 Finals
1 Pushilin, Nikolay M55 Russian Fede 4:43.23
2 Roganov, Boris M58 Russian Fede 4:44.48
3 Collie, Jason M59 Australia 4:45.52
4 Burr, Noel M55 New Zealand 4:46.34
5 Kravcik, Miroslav M56 Czech Republ 4:46.75
6 Ball, Stephen M56 Australia 4:49.33
7 dybdahl, bjorn M56 Australia 4:50.14
8 Russell, Cliff M56 Canada 4:59.56
9 Antoniolli, Rob M57 Australia 4:59.70
10 Westrmaier, Jiri M55 Czech Republ 5:23.45
11 Wills, Kevin M58 Australia 5:37.33
12 Saunders, Ken M55 Australia 5:39.81
13 McKenzie, Dan M55 United State 5:58.35
14 gluckman, john M58 New Zealand 6:01.32
15 Bocian, John M58 Australia 6:03.19

Men 1500 metre 60- 64
Name Year Team Finals
Section 1
1 McManus, Tony M60 New Zealand 4:43.28
2 Ogilvie, Trevor M61 New Zealand 4:43.56
3 Solomon, Kevin M62 Australia 4:45.43
4 Wigger, Tim M61 United State 4:49.08
5 Box, Jim M63 Australia 5:14.58
6 Wright, Noel M62 Australia 5:16.06
7 Romanov, Anatoly M62 Russian Fede 5:16.91
8 Wakelin, Neil M62 Canada 5:21.31
9 Talib, Salih M64 United State 5:33.53
10 Araujo, Lutero M64 Brazil 5:37.79
11 Maskiell, Peter M60 Australia 5:45.48
12 Milne, Peter M60 Canada 5:49.95
13 Blakely, Doug M62 Canada 7:02.97
-- Hermes, Alfred M63 Germany DNF

Men 1500 metre 65- 69
Name Year Team Finals
1 Dargie, Barrie M65 Canada 4:54.75
2 Mathewson, Don M65 Australia 4:56.99
3 Carse, Bert M68 Australia 5:03.88
4 Sandery, Peter M68 Australia 5:18.13
5 Renwick, Doug M67 Canada 5:26.41
6 Makhmut, Shakirov M66 Russian Fede 5:32.75
7 Kaill, Bob M66 Sweden 5:37.39
8 Harrison, Jim M68 Australia 5:38.05
9 Mathers, Jeremy M66 South Africa 6:02.75
10 Nakano, Takuo M69 Canada 7:01.21
11 Hebel, Carl M69 Australia 7:40.37
12 Hube, Doug M68 Canada 7:53.09
13 Groulx, Patrick M67 Canada 9:35.68

Men 1500 metre 70-74
Name Year Team Finals
1 Warren, John M71 Australia 5:19.85
2 Spinney, John M70 Australia 5:52.76
3 Paulin, Edward M71 Australia 5:53.29
4 Hirabayashi, Eiji M73 Japan 6:36.40
5 LeVasseur, Jerry M71 United State 6:37.32
6 Murley, Barry M70 Australia 6:46.55
-- McFall, Jim M70 Australia DNF

Men 1500 metre 75-79
Name Year Team Finals
1 Aulakh, Harbhajan Singh M77 Australia 6:46.46
2 Coetzee, Martin M77 South Africa 6:50.60
3 Schubert, Ralph M79 Australia 6:52.09
4 Daniels, Frederick M76 Australia 6:57.71

Men 1500 metre 80-84
Name Year Team Finals
1 Matsuoka, Hiroshi M80 Japan 6:56.46
2 Lewis, Bob M81 Australia 7:01.59
3 Matzner, Karel M80 Czech Republ 7:26.50
4 Churchward, Roger M84 Australia 8:36.69
5 Martin, Allan M84 Australia 9:26.59

Men 1500 metre 85-89
Name Year Team Finals
1 Nel, Lucas M86 South Africa 7:26.11

World Masters Track and Field Rankings

The World Masters Track and Field Rankings for 2009 have been posted here
There are some obvious updates still required but the work that goes into producing these must be enormous!
Great to see Jamie topping the list for the 10,000! his times for 1500 and 800 are missing as is Allan Cookes 2m00.7 M45 800m.
Keith Batemans 1500m isnt posted yet. Ronnie Peters tops the M55 10,000m.
Really good to see Brett Winter and Bruce Graham feature prominently.
Visit the site for the full selection but here are a few of the current lists.
Sorry about the layout but its difficult to get the configuration to display!
Masters Athletics - Track and Field
World Rankings 2009 - 5000 metres

Men - M 35 - 39

13:31.30Kevin Sullivan CANBerkeley24.04.2009
13:43.80Martin Lauret NEDHeusden18.07.2009
13:52.21Mokhtar Benhari FRARabat23.05.2009
13:57.81Lee Troop AUSMelbourne05.03.2009
14:00.73Rachid Chekhemani FRACarquefou19.06.2009
14:01.0Gareth Raven GBRStretford25.07.2009
14:02.45Mohamed Serbouti FRACarquefou19.06.2009
14:05.82Vital Gahungu BDIHeusden18.07.2009
14:06.32Takeshi Arisumi JPNNobeoka30.05.2009
14:07.94Ian Hudspith GBRStretford27.06.2009
14:10.31Daniele Caimmi ITAPescara24.05.2009
14:12.33Maksym Yanishevskyy UKRYalta03.06.2009
14:13.42Driss El Himer FRABeograd29.05.2009
14:14.03Guy Fays BELOordegem02.08.2009
14:14.97Gareth Raven GBRManchester30.05.2009
14:17.32António Travassos PORCastellon30.05.2009
14:27.68Piotr Drwal POLBydgoszczy31.07.2009
14:27.71Larbi Zeroual FRAMontreuil17.05.2009
14:30.26Stephane Hannot FRALamballe03.06.2009
14:31.02Lhoussine Jarri MORMiramas17.05.2009
14:34.15Leszek Zblewski POLBydgoszczy31.07.2009
14:35.35Karim Foulouh MORThaon les Vosge03.05.2009
14:35.95Moussa Barkaoui FRAVillefranche27.06.2009
14:41.00Andrew Letherby AUSCanberra27.01.2009
14:43.30Taoufik El Housni FRATremblay03.05.2009
14:44.61Ismail Sghyr FRABordeaux17.05.2009
14:49.86Moulay Ouadih FRAVernon03.05.2009
14:54.02El Mosatfa El Khadraoui MORVernon03.05.2009
14:54.6Richard Taylor GBRCoventry22.08.2009
14:56.09David Morwood GBRDublin02.08.2009
14:57.66Ian Grime GBRSheffield07.06.2009
14:57.68David Antoine FRATomblaine02.05.2009
14:58.3Chad Newton USADurham03.05.2009
15:00.0 end

Men - M 40 - 44

14:03.86Jose Ramos PORSeixal25.07.2009
14:36.71Hakim Bagy FRATaon les Vosge03.05.2009
14:39.19Christian Cushing Murray USAFullerton07.03.2009
14:46.22Valerio Brignone ITAWCLahti28.07.2009
14:46.27Mustapha El Ahmadi FRABlois17.05.2009
14:48.01Robert Quinn GBRWishaw10.05.2009
14:50.47Tim Hartley GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
14:58.76Patrice Perrais FRASt. Maur des Fos08.07.2009
15:00.24Jean Marc Leandro FRALa Garde03.05.2009
15:07.17Noreddine Khezzane FRASt. Maur des Fos08.07.2009
15:07.76Nabil Bouchelaghem FRAMontreuil17.05.2009
15:08.00Cesar Troncoso ARGWCLahti28.07.2009
15:09.44David Heath GBRCarcassonne03.05.2009
15:10.77Abdel Azi Tayss FRARemiremont14.06.2009
15:12.50Aissa Dahou MORCompiegne27.06.2009
15:13.5Paul Ward GBRTipton02.05.2009
15:14.17Abdelghani Mesbah FRALomme03.05.2009
15:14.69Francis Burdett USAWCLahti28.07.2009
15:16.31Nicholas Cope AUSSydney22.01.2009
15:19.38Jean Luc Devroute FRAMoulins03.05.2009
15:20.30James Atkinson AUSMelbourne28.03.2009
15:22.2Alain Douguet FRAHaubondin17.05.2009
15:22.80Michel Ribeiro FRAVillefranche27.06.2009
15:25.09Jean Marc Jousseaume FRATalence01.05.2009
15:29.05Francis Marsh GBRAntrim14.06.2009
15:30.55Christophe Loorius FRALamablle03.06.2009
15:30.66Stephan Lamers GERSt. Wendel27.06.2009
15:30.0 end

Men - M 45 - 49

14:47.66Peter Magill USALos Angeles09.05.2009
15:11.82Tony Young USASeattle08.05.2009
15:14.90Ben Reynolds GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
15:21.65Daniel Gonzalez USAForest Grove02.05.2009
15:24.04Taieb Tounsi TUNSt. Maur des Fos24.06.2009
15:24.1Guy Amos GBRCambridge02.05.2009
15:29.22Helge Dolsvåg NORWCLahti28.07.2009
15:33.0Jon James GBRExeter04.07.2009
15:33.19Stephane Jechoux FRARemiremont14.06.2009
15:33.37David Olds USAFullerton07.03.2009
15:33.96Christian Alexandre FRAFranconville03.05.2009
15:33.99Phillippe Remond FRADijon17.05.2009
15:37.15Mustapha Berri FRABlois03.05.2009
15:37.60Mike Blackmore USAPortland18.04.2009
15:37.78Simon Anderson GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
15:38.26David Taylor GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
15:40.98Pascal Fetizon FRAReims01.06.2009
15:42.83Jose Ramon Torres ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
15:44.1Keith Newton GBREltham02.05.2009
15:44.6Dave Buzza GBRCarn Brea09.05.2009
15:44.7Phil Parry GBRWigan12.08.2009
15:46.05James Harrison AUSSydney29.03.2009
15:49.85Claude Rebischung FRAMulhouse27.06.2009
15:50.07Philippe Collomb FRAMiramas17.05.2009
15:51.45Philippe Pividori FRATaverny18.07.2009
15:51.54Brett Winter AUSBrisbane23.03.2009
15:53.51Hamid Meziani FRAReims17.05.2009
15:53.81Jean Bernard Grondin FRANice21.05.2009
16:01.0Bill Nock GBRTipton02.05.2009
16:02.4Iain Campbell GBRHillingdon01.08.2009
16:02.56Bruce Graham AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
16:03.6Julian Critchlow GBRColchester02.05.2009
16:04.00Philippe Eymard FRATarbes17.05.2009
16:04.28Marc Cornec FRAVannes03.05.2009
16:04.7Ian Crampton GBRMiddelborough06.06.2009
16:05.0 end

Men - M 50 - 54

15:46.9Brian Pilcher USASan Francisco07.03.2009
15:55.7Mike Cadman GBRLeicester10.05.2009
15:56.35Sergio Fernandez Infestas ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
16:00.83Dominique Chauvelier FRALe Mans03.05.2009
16:05.08Keith Bateman AUSSydney22.01.2009
16:10.48Seppo Kykkänen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
16:14.68Charles Merouane FRALomme03.05.2009
16:16.48Francisco Javier Delgado ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
16:16.94Pascal Haudicot FRASankt Wendel27.06.2009
16:17.0Michael Smith USASeattle27.05.2009
16:21.5Andy Wetherill GBRMansfield02.05.2009
16:21.7John Telford GBRExeter06.09.2009
16:22.59Alain Delbruel FRACarcassonne03.05.2009
16:24.44Jeff Farquhar GBRGrangemouth30.08.2009
16:25.18Jukka Kauppila FINWCLahti28.07.2009
16:26.89Yves Grare FRALe Plessis Robi25.04.2009
16:27.13Pier Mariano Penone ITAWCLahti28.07.2009
16:31.15Bill Foster GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
16:31.80Tom Ryan USAOshkosh09.07.2009
16:31.85Malcolm Eustace GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
16:34.59Roberto Ramos Rosario PURWCLahti28.07.2009
16:34.7Richard Holland GBRHendon22.06.2009
16:35.27Jean Denis Marechal FRAHaubourdin03.05.2009
16:35.87Steve Kemble GBRWatford23.09.2009
16:37.1Richard Drage GBRPlymouth09.05.2009
16:37.20Bruno Dipierro FRAFranconville03.05.2009
16:37.48Frank Karotsch GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
16:40.59Phillip Bowes AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
16:42.41Rudy Munoz USASan Mateo24.05.2009
16:44.25Alex Rowe GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
16:47.69Steve Gallegos USAOshkosh09.07.2009
16:49.90Brian Green GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
16:50.0 end

Men - M 55 - 59

16:38.78Nigel Gates GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
16:44.44Martien Van der Hoorn NEDWCLahti28.07.2009
16:47.74Wilhelm Schüttler GERWCLahti28.07.2009
16:51.36Philippe Bessiere FRATours26.04.2009
16:59.10Heimo Kärkkäinen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
17:06.84Tom Bernhard USAOshkosh09.07.2009
17:07.93Alexey Krivonosov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
17:10.18Klaus Goldhammer GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
17:15.4John Shapland GBRPlymouth16.08.2009
17:24.90David Oxland GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
17:25.51John Bermingham AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
17:29.37Dennis Lang CANWinnipeg26.05.2009
17:30.05Willi Bernecker AUTNeuhofen/Krems11.07.2009
17:30.0 end

Men - M 60 - 64

16:58.66Winfried Schmidt GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
17:00.70Franz Herzgsell GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
17:10.87Gregori Fuks ISRWCLahti28.07.2009
17:13.83Armand Tande FRAFougeres30.05.2009
17:38.36Klaus Augustin GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
17:55.05Kauko Kuningas FINWCLahti28.07.2009
17:56.44Trevor Ogilvie NZLTauranga06.03.2009
18:07.6Paul Gourdet FRATorcy07.04.2009
18:08.63Jean Thomas FRATomblaine02.05.2009
18:10.9Niels Erik Nielsen DENOdense09.06.2009
18:13.40Philippe Priez FRASt. Leu D'Essere30.05.2009
18:15.34Mike Mann GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
18:19.04Alfred Hermes GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
18:20.64Josef Konrad GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
18:21.44Ulrich Grönhardt GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
18:22.02Jim Wright USAOshkosh09.07.2009
18:25.6Jim Bel GBRLoughborough17.09.2009
18:26.63Alexey Gavrilov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
18:30.24Kevin Solomon AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
18:32.39Omer Van Noten BELWCLahti28.07.2009
18:36.8Andre Ozanne FRACenon18.04.2009
18:39.38Donald Matthewson AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
18:42.75Anatoli Romanov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
18:45.0 end

Men - M 65 - 69

18:33.27Stig Haglund FINWCLahti28.07.2009
18:34.43Peter Sandery AUSAdelaide24.01.2009
18:36.23Peter Lessing GERWCLahti28.07.2009
18:46.66Donald Matthewson AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
18:48.44Vincent Basista SVKWCLahti28.07.2009
19:06.17Albert Carse AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
19:15.69John Batchelor GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
19:20.54Jan Frisby USAOshkosh09.07.2009
19:21.32Herb Philipps CANKamloops19.07.2009
19:21.5Peter Giles GBRKingston30.08.2009
19:22.16Vladimir Malykh RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
19:28.28Jose Antonio Arias ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
19:30.0 end

Men - M 70 - 74

19:22.27Hernan Barreneche COLWCLahti28.07.2009
19:28.29Klemens Wittig GERWCLahti28.07.2009
19:40.14Manuel Rosales Touza ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
19:49.57Azadihertekei Hatan IRNWCLahti28.07.2009
20:10.73Bernardino Pacheco Pereira PORWCLahti28.07.2009
20:22.93Joe Burgasser USAOshkosh09.07.2009
20:25.78Colin McLeod AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
20:26.02Manfred Busse GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
20:27.27Fred Gibbs GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
20:33.17Tarverdi Aliev RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
20:36.98Alan Bradford AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
20:52.83Bent Lauridsen DENBagsvaerd21.06.2009

Günter Braungart

21:18.85Kaspar Scheiber SUIWCLahti28.07.2009
21:19.70Garfield Saunders CANRichmond16.09.2009
21:19.85Karl Nothdurfter AUTWCLahti28.07.2009
21:22.7Ian Barnes GBRJarrow23.09.2009
21:30.30Roger Davies CANWCLahti28.07.2009
21:30.77Jens Myrup Noe DENHvidovre23.08.2009
21:30.0 end

Men - M 75 - 79

21:20.07Kunio Ichikawa JPNWCLahti28.07.2009
21:41.86Werner Beecker GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
22:02.34Ron Stevens NZLTauranga06.03.2009
22:42.19Francisco Vicente PORWCLahti28.07.2009
22:44.80Maurice Tarrant CANRichmond16.09.2009
22:54.30Eric Berglund SWEWCLahti28.07.2009
23:09.66Alfred Girault GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
23:11.62Sidney Pavett NZLTauranga06.03.2009
23:50.52Bryan Rogers GBRBirmingham05.07.2009
24:00.0 end

Men - M 80 - 84

25:07.41Irwin Barrett Lennard AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
25:32.16Gunnar Linde USAAliso Viejo20.06.2009
26:45.17Bob Koch USAAliso Viejo20.06.2009
27:00.0 end

Men - M 85 - 89

29:52.41Pentti Saukkosaari FINWCLahti28.07.2009
30:04.14Soichi Tamoi JPNWCLahti28.07.2009
32:00.0 end

Men - M 90 - 94

35:50.80Julian Bernal Medina ESPWCLahti28.07.2009

10000m Men - M 40 - 44

28:47.49José Ramos PORRibeira Brava06.06.2009
31:22.2Gordon Lee GBRLeicester09.04.2009
31:27.88Cesar Troncoso ARGWCLahti28.07.2009
32:26.3Stewart MacDonald GBRWigan25.07.2009
32:29.76Gary Hope GBROxford13.09.2009
32:33.14Miguel Angel Fernandez ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
32:35.71Jouko Mahlamäki FINWCLahti28.07.2009
32:44.37Grant McLean NZLTauranga06.03.2009
32:48.35Ian Johnston GBROxford13.09.2009
32:51.80Frederic Bonotto FRABlagnac12.06.2009
33:00.0 end
33:02.32Hubert Maier AUTSt. Georgen18.04.2009

Men - M 45 - 49

31:43.17Jamie Harrison AUSSydney14.02.2009
32:20.36Jose Ramon Torres ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
32:36.97Stanislaw Marzec POLBiałystok27.06.2009
32:46.84Helge Dolsvåg NORWCLahti28.07.2009
32:55.31Bruce Graham AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
33:14.95Mike Blackmore USASalem03.04.2009
33:15.76Philippe Pividori FRAEaubonne22.05.2009
33:20.3Loic Buffet FRALaval05.04.2009
33:22.2Sylvain Dupont FRAChatenois04.04.2009
33:32.8Jean Claude Vitali FRAChatenois04.04.2009
33:33.4Simon Wright GBRHull25.07.2009
33:36.78Paul Lemmon GBROxford13.09.2009
33:47.49Stuart McLay GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
33:56.46Claudio Ubaldi ITAWCLahti28.07.2009
33:57.5Hassan Faiz MORVal de Reuil18.03.2009
34:00.0 end

Men - M 50 - 54

32:58.18Sergio Fernandez Infestas ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
33:27.41Mike Cadman GBRBirmingham22.08.2009
33:32.13Francisco Javier Delgado ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
33:35.46Seppo Kykkänen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
34:11.21Jeff Farquhar GBRGrangmouth26.08.2009
34:17.57Leonid Tikhonov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
34:20.02Jukka Kauppila FINWCLahti28.07.2009
34:25.24Phillip Bowes AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
34:28.14Malcolm Eustace GBRBirmingham22.08.2009
34:45.25Bill Foster GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
34:46.42Siegfried Haas GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
34:50.94Michael Bridgeland GBROxford13.09.2009
34:57.94Mykola Derkach UKRWCLahti28.07.2009
34:57.95Richard Holland GBROxford13.09.2009
35:20.68Francisco Ardila COLWCLahti28.07.2009
35:21.58Lutz Kuhardt GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
35:21.74Maurice Pointer USAFalls Church05.09.2009
35:29.16Jeff Rawlins USAOshkosh09.07.2009
35:38.60Ken Masarie USAOshkosh09.07.2009
35:43.67Brian Pilcher USAOshkosh09.07.2009
35:44.3Tim Soutar GBRBromley27.05.2009
35:44.54Richard Gray GBROxford13.09.2009
35:46.2Luc Lenoury FRAVernon22.07.2009
35:49.48Richard Przybyla GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
35:51.8Alain Labbe FRALaval05.04.2009
35:55.61Nikolay Zaytsev RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
36:00.0 end

Men - M 55 - 59

34:50.57Ron Peters AUSBrisbane23.02.2009
34:53.19Heimo Kärkkänien FINWCLahti28.07.2009
35:02.5David Cox GBRBattersea02.09.2009
35:07.42John Shapland GBROxford13.09.2009
35:19.28Xose Luis Otero ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
35:19.33Krzysztof Borowski POLBiałystok27.06.2009
35:55.07Klaus Goldammer GERWCLahti28.07.2009
36:07.03Wilhelm Schüttler GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
36:14.73Elmar Fries GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
36:22.73Jochen Grob GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
36:23.13Charles Chambers AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
36:23.82Doug Winn USAGresham27.06.2009
36:27.58Manfred Dormann GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
36:31.32Ovstein Syversen NORWCLahti28.07.2009
36:37.66David Oxland GBROxford13.09.2009
36:39.60Tom Bernhard USAOshkosh09.07.2009
36:50.5Raymond Roux FRAPessac04.04.2009
37:00.0 end

Men - M 60 - 64

35:14.10Gregori Fuks ISRWCLahti28.07.2009
35:28.38Albert Anderegg SUIWCLahti28.07.2009
35:32.37Franz Herzgsell GERWCLahti28.07.2009
35:47.14Winfried Schmidt GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
37:03.92Klaus Augustin GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
37:43.74Egor Abramov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
37:57.6Andre Ozanne FRAPessac04.04.2009
38:14.06Kevin Solomon AUSMelbourne19.05.2009
38:22.45Alexey Gavrilov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
38:36.5Liam O'Hare GBRBattersea02.09.2009
38:40.75Börje Nilsson SWEWCLahti28.07.2009
38:42.57Omer Van Noten BELWCLahti28.07.2009
38:51.72Herbert Werner GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
38:53.09Erling Ammentorp DENRoskilde05.06.2009
38:56.50Rufino Chavez BOLWCLahti28.07.2009
39:02.81Peter Moore AUSMelbourne19.05.2009
39:03.32Paavo Kettunen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
39:08.77Raimo Hartonen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
39:19.05Pjotr Itrustsov ESTWCLahti28.07.2009
39:29.55Kaj Dewens DENRoskilde05.06.2009
39:30.0 end

Men - M 65 - 69

38:22.58Peter Sandery AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
38:43.01Peter Lessing GERWCLahti28.07.2009
39.03.49Jose Antonio Arias De La Cruz ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
39:35.05Peter Giles GBROxford13.09.2009
40:02.35Herb Phillips CANKamloops17.07.2009
40:48.14Bob Dover GBROxford13.09.2009
40:51.97Angel Martínez Cartagena PURWCLahti28.07.2009
41:08.53Elias Dobre GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
41:15.0 end

Men - M 70 - 74

40:50.87Manfred Busse GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
41:25.31Klemens Wittig GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
41:26.40Tarverdi Aliev RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
41:38.54Manuel Rosales Touza ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
42:10.83Colin McLeod AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
42:16.34Klaus Matern GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
42:40.73Bernardino Pacheco Pereira PORWCLahti28.07.2009
42:46.73Joe Burgasser USAOshkosh09.07.2009
43:24.94Bent Lauridsen DENWCLahti28.07.2009
44:20.65Alan Bradford AUSBrisbane23.02.2009
45:00.0 end

Men - M 75 - 79

44:40.13Werner Beecker GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
44:45.42Kunio Ichikawa JPNWCLahti28.07.2009
45:49.79Ivan Osipov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
46:43.10Sidney Pavett NZLTauranga06.03.2009
49:33.54Konrad Schneiderbanger GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
49:37.60Gury Sitskiy RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
50:00.0 end

Men - M 80 - 84

51:34.24Irwin Barrett Lennard AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
53:17.47Gunnar Linde USAAliso Viejo20.06.2009
54:08.54Bob Lewis AUSMelbourne19.05.2009
55:00.0 end

Men - M 85 - 89

1:05:00 end

Men - M 90 - 94

1:17:06.10Julian Bernal Medina ESPWCLahti28.07.2009

1500m Men - M 40 - 44

3:46.92 iDavid Martinez ESPValencia14.02.2009
3:53.95Jim Sorensen USADavis11.04.2009
4:00.26David Heath GBRCarcassonne20.06.2009
4:01.39Hassane Zouhal FRACompiegne27.06.2009
4:03.39Patrice Perrais FRALa Baule24.05.2009
4:03.62Charles Kern USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:04.23Flemming Bjerre DENArhus23.08.2009
4:04.42Frederic Degorce FRASaran01.07.2009
4:05.10Eric Dupont FRACompiegne27.06.2009
4:05.43David Cowlishaw GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:06.63Stuart Campbell GBREdinburgh19.04.2009
4:08.14Matthias Luck GERWCLahti28.07.2009
4:08.50Julian Emery GBRExeter26.05.2009
4:08.54 iChristopher Simpson USABoston01.03.2009
4:08.59Gianni Bruzzi ITAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:08.64John Scott GBRParliament25.07.2009
4:08.67Fabien Manzanares FRARemiremont13.06.2009
4:08.70Arnaud Besnard FRARemiremont13.06.2009
4:08.72Germain Jacq FRASt. Maur des Fos15.07.2009
4:08.78Matthew Bland GBRDunfermline06.06.2009
4:08.79Robert Quinn GBRGrangemouth31.05.2009
4:08.80Thomas Brannon GBRStretford21.07.2009
4:08.91Francis Burdett USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:09.26Per Björkman SWEWCLahti28.07.2009
4:09.38Sean Messiter USASeattle08.05.2009
4:09.68Francis Marsh GBRParliament Hill25.07.2009
4:09.73Xander Van Rijen AUSPerth07.12.2008
4:10.1Alan Rowe GBRSt. Peter Port16.06.2009
4:10.84Robert Cepek CZEWCLahti28.07.2009
4:11.02 iPeter Barker GBRLee Valley07.03.2009
4:11.16 iSören Persson SWEHuddinge15.02.2009
4:11.1Les Ball GBRGrantham05.07.2009
4:11.42Maximillian Freund GERSt. Wendel27.06.2009
4:11.4Stephen Allen GBRGlasgow01.09.2009
4:11.74Rachid El Attar FRASt. Maur des Fos17.06.2009
4:12.0 end

Men - M 45 - 49

3:57.91 iTony Young USABoston01.03.2009
4:01.35Abbas Tehami ALGTaverny31.05.2009
4:01.66Jesus Borrego Llamas ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
4:05.6Simon Anderson GBRPlymouth09.05.2009
4:07.19Paul Osland CANWCLahti28.07.2009
4:07.46Markus Zerres GERWCLahti28.07.2009
4:07.47Scott Hartley USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:07.49 iKevin Forde USABoston28.02.2009
4:08.93Michael Sherar CANToronto30.06.2009
4:09.78 iAhmed Wasfi FRAAubiere31.01.2009
4:10.33Dave Taylor GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:11.2Guy Amos GBRNorwich11.05.2009
4:11.95Tobias Phillander RSAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:13.34Gilles Pelletier FRARemiremont13.06.2009
4:13.58Didier Darcel FRASt. Brieuc21.05.2009
4:14.36Brett Winter AUSBrisbane04.04.2009
4:14.46Boris Dubois FRARemiremont13.06.2009
4:14.96Mike Egle USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:15.94 iXavier Lefay FRAEC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:16.03Habib Abdellaoui FRAHaubourdin17.05.2009
4:16.19Jeff Mann USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:16.5Dave Buzza GBRExeter05.07.2009
4:16.71Jean Etienne Jeannot FRAFort de France21.03.2009
4:17.07Mohamed Ramdani FRALaval03.05.2009
4:17.73 iMichel Fabre FRAEaubonne28.02.2009
4:17.91 iStephen Smith GBREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:17.93 iIon Arzubialde Elizegi ESPZaragoza01.03.2009
4:18.0 end

Men - M 50 - 54

4:11.58Anselm LeBourne USAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:13.98 iBill Krohn SWEStockholm21.02.2009
4:14.51Steven Smith GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:16.08John Telford GBRExeter26.05.2009
4:16.37Andrew Stark NZLWCLahti28.07.2009
4:18.79Olexandr Byelym UKRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:19.07Pierre Faucheur FRAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:19.23John Thomson GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:19.34Ian Calder NZLWCLahti28.07.2009
4:21.61David Cannon USAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:21.67Pascal Haudicot FRAAubagne21.05.2009
4:22.00Alain De Pessemier FRACoulommiers16.05.2009
4:22.47Steve Gallegos USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:22.81Michel Fabre FRASaintes03.05.2009
4:25.52 iFrank Karotsch GEREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:25.84Bill Foster GBRWatford17.06.2009
4:26.16Pierre Marique FRASt. Maur des Fos15.07.2009
4:26.67 iFranco Maffei ITAAncona28.02.2009
4:27.88 iAntonio Navas Sanchez ESPEC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:28.87Chuck Shields USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:29.40 iInaki Martinez Lekerika ESPSan Sebastian31.01.2009
4:29.65Stanislaw Lancucki POLWCLahti28.07.2009
4:30.0 end

Men - M 55 - 59

4:24.39 iAlastair Dunlop GBRGlasgow17.01.2009
4:25.63Jorge Ortiz Rivera PURWCLahti28.07.2009
4:25.89Walter Rentsch GERWCLahti28.07.2009
4:26.35David Bedwell GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:26.81Nikolay Pushilin RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:26.84Francois Martel CANWCLahti28.07.2009
4:32.71 iKevin Archer GBRLee Valley07.03.2009
4:32.83Yves Levasseur FRAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:32.98Dave Clingan USAPalo Alto08.07.2009
4:33.70Masao Sono JPNWCLahti28.07.2009
4:34.39Igor Vakin RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:34.48 iDavid Wilcock GBRLee Valley07.03.2009
4:34.55Bernd Bächle GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:35.01Dennis Lang CANWinnipeg03.07.2009
4:35.14Thomas Hartshorne USAWCLahti28.07.2009
4:35.73 iNigel Gates GBRLee Valley22.02.2009
4:36.53Peter Reeves AUSBrisbane04.04.2009
4:36.73James Robinson USAOshkosh09.07.2009
4:36.82Ron Peters AUSBrisbane04.04.2009
4:37.62John Herridge AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:37.78 iDavid Oxland GBRLee Valley07.03.2009
4:38.85 iØyvind Trongmo NOREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:39.20Alexey Krivonosov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:39.29 iDavid Oxland GBREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:41.1Steve Knight GBRKingston02.05.2009
4:41.26Joe Burno USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
4:41.96Bernard Rousseau FRACholet04.07.2009
4:42.22Alain Aguero FRASt. Maur des Fos15.07.2009
4:42.73 iKen Daniel GBRLee Valley07.03.2009
4:43.17Tom Bernhard USAFolsom13.06.2009
4:43.44Willi Bernecker AUTNeuhofen/Krems11.07.2009
4:43.46Klaus Goldammer GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:43.93Bjorn Dybdahl AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:44.94John Bermingham AUSAdelaide10.04.2009
4:44.94 iFranz Josef Schmidt GEREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:45.0 end

Men - M 60 - 64

4:36.52 iRaymond Zembri FRAEaubonne28.02.2009
4:40.25Franz Herzgsell GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:42.33Johann Schrödel GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:43.62Winfried Schmidt GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:43.99 iDario Rappo ITAPadova31.01.2009
4:44.39Kevin Solomon AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:44.39Hans Smeets NEDWCLahti28.07.2009
4:46.05Viktor Soloviov UKRWCLahti28.07.2009
4:47.36Trevor Ogilvie NZLTauranga06.03.2009
4:47.82Markku Veijalainen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
4:49.35Yorimitsu Aoyagi JPNWCLahti28.07.2009
4:52.84Karl Heinz König GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:54.35Tim Wigger USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
4:54.55Mike Mann GBRBirmingham04.07.2009
4:54.87Klaus Augustin GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
4:56.01 iDaniel Galindo Atienza ESPZaragoza08.02.2009
4:56.03Donald Mathewson AUSSydney29.03.2009
4:57.99 iGeorge Hunter GBREC-iAncona25.03.2009
4:58.42Josef Konrad GERWCLahti28.07.2009
4:58.51Gary Patton USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
4:59.1 Mark McNally GBRJarrow20.06.2009
4:59.75Harry Nehus USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
5:00.1Jacques Pairo FRAPort la Nouvell15.05.2009
5:01.37Jerry Learned USAMarietta19.07.2009
5:01.64Girard Learned USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
5:02.0 end

Men - M 65 - 69

4:59.04Donald Mathewson AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
4:59.47Peter Sandery AUSAdelaide28.02.2009
5:00.00Ragnar Jakobsen NORWCLahti28.07.2009
5:00.44Tom Tushingham CANToronto19.05.2009
5:02.34Jaakko Heikkinen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
5:02.84Barrie Dargie CANEdmonton04.07.2009
5:04.79Michael Dixon GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
5:05.71Frank Condon USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
5:07.39Stig Haglund FINWCLahti28.07.2009
5:08.54Charles Lawson USALos Gatos06.08.2009
5:08.73Bert Carse AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
5:09.25Jan Frisby USAOshkosh09.07.2009
5:10.02Ron Robertson NZLTauranga06.03.2009
5:11.23Michael Smith GBRWCLahti28.07.2009
5:13.09 iKarl Walter Trümper GERDüsseldorf11.01.2009
5:14.20 iVladimir Malykh RUSEC-iAncona25.03.2009
5:14.67Gerhard Flachowsky GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
5:15.0 end

Men - M 70 - 74

5:19.51Sidney Howard USAWCLahti28.07.2009
5:20.60Alan Bradford AUSWCLahti28.07.2009
5:23.01Yury Savenkov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
5:23.16 iKarl Nothdurfter AUTEC-iAncona25.03.2009
5:23.26 iJiri Libra CZEEC-iAncona25.03.2009
5:24.92Manuel Alonso Domingo ESPWCLahti28.07.2009
5:31.31Klemens Wittig GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
5:31.79Horst Schlecht GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
5:32.1 iThomas Weddle USAArden Hills07.12.2008
5:37.04Hans Joachim Rother GERWCLahti28.07.2009
5:40.43 iManuel Rosales Touza ESPZaragoza01.03.2009
5:41.91 iGiulio Natale Ambruschi ITAEC-iAncona25.03.2009
5:42.33Thomas Bartling GERWCLahti28.07.2009
5:43.16Roger Davies CANWCLahti28.07.2009
5:43.28Bernard Vantours FRAWCLahti28.07.2009
5:43.69Jorma Hirvonen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
5:45.0 end

Men - M 75 - 79

5:44.50Charles Rose USAOshkosh09.07.2009
5:59.70Pauli Ahokas FINWCLahti28.07.2009
6:06.24Ron Stevens NZLTauranga06.03.2009
6:06.83George Mathes USAOshkosh09.07.2009
6:07.10Werner Beecker GERVaterstetten10.07.2009
6:09.05Francisco Vicente PORWCLahti28.07.2009
6:17.10Ivan Osipov RUSWCLahti28.07.2009
6:18.77Maurice Tarrant CANRichmond16.09.2009
6:19.29 iEnrique Moreno Martinez ESPZaragoza01.03.2009
6:20.0 end

Men - M 80 - 84

6:43.32Rainer Pelkonen FINWCLahti28.07.2009
6:46.16Yrjö Torikka FINWCLahti28.07.2009
6:52.05 iÅke Kant SWEHuddinge14.02.2009
6:53.38Gunnar Linde USAWCLahti28.07.2009
7:15.0 end

Men - M 85 - 89

7:51.43Charles Dotson USAPalo Alto05.08.2009
7:57.82Pentti Saukkosaari FINWCLahti28.07.2009
8:15.0 end

Men - M 90 - 94

8:07.17Holger Josefsson SWEWCLahti28.07.2009
9:42.49 iEmiel Pauwels BELEC-iAncona25.03.2009