31 August 2009

Getting old - does it have to mean falling apart?

Sun Roo 6KM 24m41

I made a deliberate attempt to push harder during this run just to see what was in the tank and to see if there was any reaction.
I felt OK on the run no discernable problems. Happy enough with the time given hot and windy conditions. However, during my cool down laps in the pool I noticed my right knee felt odd. It seemed to swell up in an unusual manner and I was in pain and limping by this morning! I have taken Neurofen plus in order to reduce the pain and ease the swelling. Because of the way the problem came on I'm hoping it is just a temporary thing that should ease up in a couple of days!
The number of 'issues' I have suffered over the last 12months are; Knees, Achilles, Pelvis, Rib cage and Knee again!
I was thinking that perhaps all 47 year olds have issues and one should not necessarily expect to run pain free perhaps ever from now on. On the positive side 4 runs on the bounce did at least equal the 4 runs I strung together in June before I decided that the Pelvis was not fully mended.
At least the Pelvis appears to have held up OK on these 4 runs.

Last year I awoke on the morning of the Bridge to Brisbane (which I was never going to run anyway because of knee injury) with a swollen Achilles - right out of the blue! That problem stuck around for a good few weeks before dissipating. Is my body trying to tell me something?

Looking forward to seeing the B2B results in a day or so. Was really pleased to see Ronnie Peters son Jonathon finish 10th in the National CC Champs. It is good to see some Queenslanders challenging the predominance of the Victorians and NSW at the National level. What a great run by the diminutive Clare Geraghty - National Champion!
She is back from a year out with stress fractures = an inspiration!
As for Masters bloody well done John Meagher NSW (M46) - 29th in an Open National CC Champs! Also Lorraine Hince (W41) 6th in the Womens!! and 10th Fleur Flanery W40 ACT 11th Michelle Bleakley W42 VIC .

Event 15 Men 12k Run CC Open
Name Age Team Finals Points
1 Clint Perrett 26 VIC 39:13 1
2 Jeffrey Hunt 27 NSW 39:27 2
3 Liam Adams 23 VIC 39:56 3
4 Chris Hamer 20 VIC 40:18 4
5 Kane Wille 20 VIC 40:34 5
6 Steve Kelly 21 VIC 40:41 6
7 Bradley Croker 29 ACT 40:43 7
8 Nathan Hartigan 25 VIC AC 40:47
9 Sam Ellis 23 VIC AC 41:07
10 Jonathan Peters 25 QLD 41:20 8
11 Samual Dobson 24 NEW ZEALAND 41:23
12 Tim Morrison 20 SA 41:27
13 Shaun Krawitz 24 VIC AC 41:31
14 Scott McTaggart 32 ACT 41:42 9
15 Mark Warren 28 NSW 41:49 10
16 Benjamin Toomey 24 VIC AC 41:52
17 Craig Huffer 20 VIC AC 42:01
18 Duer Yoa 20 VIC 42:05 11
19 Rowan Hooper 29 NEW ZEALAND 42:05
20 Alan Craigie 26 ACT 42:19 12
21 Tim Page 22 NSW AC 42:21
22 Philo Saunders 33 ACT 42:27 13
23 Kevin Robertson 34 NSW 42:32 14
24 Earl O'Brien 24 NSW AC 42:35
25 Russell Dessaix-Chin 31 NSW 42:38 15
26 Jay Twist 21 QLD 42:41 16
27 Daniel Clark 24 VIC AC 42:51
28 Ryan Jackson 26 VIC AC 42:54
29 John Meagher 46 VIC AC 43:02
30 Chris Hartley 25 SA 43:16

Womens 8KM National Champs;
Event 12 Women 8k Run CC Open
Name Age Team Finals Points
1 Clare Geraghty 23 QLD 30:15 1
2 Angela Leadbeatter 33 NSW AC 30:19
3 Fiona Nash 22 VIC 30:22 2
4 Lauren Shelley 33 WA 30:50
5 Tamara Carvolth 19 QLD 31:10 3
6 Lorraine Hince 41 NSW 31:20 4
7 Jessamy Hosking 26 ACT 31:25 5
8 Tracey Austin 32 VIC 31:53 6
9 Emily Loughnan 21 WA 32:03
10 Fleur Flanery 40 ACT 32:13 7
11 Michelle Bleakley 42 VIC 32:29 8
12 Jessica Mitchell 20 NSW AC 32:46
13 Andrea Ilakovac 26 ACT 32:48 9
14 Lee Furst 26 VIC 32:52 10
15 Tarli Bird 23 VIC 32:55 11
16 Kathryn Smyrneos 24 QLD 32:59 12
17 Angela Grimmond 29 TAS 33:27
18 Angela Williams 37 NSW 33:44 13
19 Bridey Delaney 20 NSW 34:01 14
20 Elizabeth Orchard 22 NEW ZEALAND 34:08
21 Cristine Suffolk 39 NSW AC 34:41
22 Megan Tumminello 20 NSW 34:52 15
23 Emma Kraft 26 NT 34:57
24 Jillian Hosking 22 ACT 35:12 16
25 Jodie Barker 34 ACT 35:23 17
26 Charlotte McShane 19 VIC AC 35:46
27 Clare Durrant 32 QLD 35:54 18
28 Katherine Johnson 28 QLD 38:21 19
29 Michelle Wells 38 ACT 39:20 20

30 August 2009

Man Utd 2 Arsenal 1

Sat 6KM Roo 25m22

Trying to run through the stages where 'delayed onset muscle soreness' has kicked in, from not having run for so long. I tend to get out later in the day when my body has fully woken up and I also enjoy running when its hot, yesterday was high 20's C but rather windy.

Gutted about this mornings result but happy with the way we played.

28 August 2009

This is the Day - The The

Fri 6.00pm 6KM Roo 26m05

Of course I'm taking it real easy trying to determine if I'm OK and just getting used to running again. Today again aerobically I felt fine! still gauging the pelvis and knees. I finished off with a cool down in the pool but not quite the ice water you expect in Winter (water temp = 24 o C)!

My All Time favourite song came on the ipod as I enjoyed my afternoon stroll around the Botanical Gardens this arvo.
In trying to define why I like it, I'd say the melody is uplifting and joyful though the lyrics possess an amount of melancholy , introspection, as well as optimism and positivism = a heady mix!
Of course it also conjurs up memories of my youth , holidays with the lads Ibiza/Barbados/Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
I just watched the video on You Tube, the first time I'd ever seen it and this song was born in 1984! I decided not to post the video as
A) the quality wasn't great and
B) watching a video distracts you from the lyrics,
however, I shall spend the rest of the night watching The The videos on You Tube, sad man that I am!!

The Lyrics are;

Well... you didnt wake up this morning,
cause you didnt go to bed.
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red!

The calendar on your wall -- is ticking -- the days off.

You've been reading some old letters.
You smile and think how much you've changed.
All the money in the world couldn't buy back those days.

You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes.
You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky.
This is the day -- your life will surely change.
This is the day -- when things fall into place.

You could have done anything, if you'd wanted.
And all your friends and family think that your lucky.
But the side of you they'll never see
Is when you're left alone with the memories
That hold your life together like -- glue

You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes.
You watch a plane flying across a clear blue sky.
This is the day -- your life will surely change.
This is the day -- when things fall into place.

This is the day -- your life will surely change.
(repeat to fade)

Give yourself a treat and play the song, it has a quite intro that slowly builds and is one of those rare pop songs that features an accordion!

26 August 2009

Running but for how long?

6KM Lake
A pessimistic title perhaps but cant help feeling I've got some way to go!
I got out for a 6K run tonight (Yippee!) . I felt good aerobically but I could still feel vague weakness (not quite pain) in the pelvis! The knees were runable but I could feel the inflammation (pain) returning straight after. I'm hoping I can manage them with anti inflams, ice, etc and perhaps try some alternative remedies such as acupuncture.
The Pelvis is where I'm more concerned. Perhaps it is paranoia but after all these months I'm hoping to be free of this injury.
I guess some weakness in the area might be expected. I shall give it a few more runs and if the vague feeling become more concentrated / anything close to resembling pain, I'll get it MRI'd again, and take it from there!
Emmanuel <span class=Eboue celebrates">

The Lake stunk like an old cess pool three days of mid 30 O C temps have truly had an effect combined with a complete lack of rain - I cant remember the last time it rained!

24 August 2009

35.4 o C Winters Day (96 o F)

A Winters day in Brissy 35.4 O C (97 o F), at my place (North Lakes) it got to 33.4 O C , that's 92.1 O F. It was quite pleasant as we didn't have the normal sweltering humidity we get in the Summer. Global Warming!!?? It is still officially Winter!

I shall resume running in a weeks time hoping that the stress fracture in the Pelvis has finally mended. I've cracked a rib or torn a muscle doing my exercise a week or so ago .
I was limited in exercise last week, just a few bike rides, I have just resumed Press Ups and a few other core exercises but Chin Ups would exacerbate the problem .
On Sunday I took the mountain bike out bush around North Lakes, I can only do this during very dry periods as the track I use is very boggy/marshy when it rains. I scared a 3ft Lace Monitor up a tree (not sure who was more scared! - have you seen the claws on these dragons!). The photo is a Lace Monitor from our camping trip last Summer.
I got home and found a dead snake outside my house, it had been run over crossing the road, a shame for the snake but probably saved my kids Guinea Pigs!



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