30 March 2010

Pesky calf

The Pesky calf is taking longer than expected to come right!
No running since my aborted run last Thurs.
Three Weights sessions since.

26 March 2010

Cross Country Season

Wed 6KM Roo 24m05
Thurs 3K

I put some effort into Wednesday's run .
Thursday was going to be a 10K from work around my Bridges course but about 2K into the run I felt my calf muscle start to tighten(cramp), I stopped to try and massage it out but it took hold and I had to stop and walk back!
At least I was on the South Bank and had to walk past the "beach", it's amazing how many people use this facility on the Brisbane River!, then back across the Goodwill (Bridge).
I used to have a problem with calf cramp or tightening but I found self massage used to cure the problem. I have neglected the massage recently so paid the consequence .
I'll rest up today and get back into some longer running Saturday.
The Cross Country Season starts next week and I shall try and run for some variety in my training.
( our current daily temp is still getting to 29 O C {about 88 O F} so it doesn't feel like Autumn!)

24 March 2010

Dr Jamie Harrison's 2009/2010 Track Season Summary

Well, my season started on 2nd October with a 4.17.87 1500 and
ended on
Thursday with a 4.09.62. It was a long 6 months.

My plan was to do as well as possible in the World Masters Games and
then work on shorter stuff until Christmas with the hope of improving
times over 8, 15 and 3000. After Christmas I wanted to get stuck into
longer work and aim for times over 5000 and 10000. WMG went okay. I
really pleased to win the 800, but really disappointed with the cross

My subsequent races were:

25 5k road race 1st 15.49

31 1500 4.13.2 (windy)

1 5k road race 1st (win number 299)

8 10k road race (Fishers Ghost, a race I am a 6 time
winner of since
1986) 2nd 33.57 (hilly - I like the fact in a report like this I
can put
in all the excuses!).

14 State 3k 8.55.61. An improvement on my record but still
than I'd like.

21 State relays. Team 4th. Ran last leg in about 4.24. Hot,

28 1500 4.11.88. Believe it or not this was probably my
best run of
the season. It was over 40 degrees and windy. I'm sure a sub 4.05
equivalent in good conditions.

12 800 2.01.63. Faster than last season so pleased. Again

19 800 2.03.44. Solo run in windy conditions.

The new year didn't go as planned. I was running well post WMG, but a
series of poorly paced races in ordinary conditions meant not much to
speak of in terms of times. Being old and slow means we have a lot
people to race against. However, they have no idea of pace judgement!
These young blokes go out hard, but then die a death, meaning you have
to constantly counteract the slowing down and go past them -

Anyway, a combination of work stress and de-motivation meant I really
just went through the motions in the new year. Last year I ran twice
every day leading up to the state 10k. I did 336 miles in Jan and
341 in
Feb. This year I did 267 and 255. I ran the state 5k on 28 Jan (I
shouldn't have started as I was nowhere near in the right state of
mind) and DNFed. On 6 Feb I ran a masters 800 at the 'Hunter Track
Classic' that turned out to be a handicap! I just ran round with no
chance of catching the leaders in about 2.07 (no proper times, which
hardly made me enthusiastic about running hard).

I ran a small race on Feb 27. 5 laps of '1k' that took 27.31! More
a mile per lap! It was win number 300, but it was the smallest race
can imagine. I won a ribbon, a T-shirt and a computer mouse!

I only entered the state masters because I thought I might have more
enthusiasm by the time the event came round - I didn't, but ran

That was March 6 and 7. On the Saturday (1500) they ran 40s and 45s
together with the sole entrant in the under 23 state championship
on in conjunction). The young bloke went out hard, so I went with him
thinking he would carry me away from the oldies. He did, but
- you guessed it - he began slowing after 400. I was tempted to go round
him but didn't. He ran away at the finish and I didn't really
chase. The
4.15.95 I thought was reasonable considering I was barely blowing
at the
finish. Conditions were quite good though.

I probably should have mentioned that as well as minimal volume my
intensity of training was even worse. I did one session (5 x 1k) on 5
Jan, 4 hill sessions and some sprints with the kids.

Anyway, my lack of hard running meant my calves were sore after the
1500. Starting Sundays 5k/800 double with already sore calves meant
following week was going to be ugly! I just went round in the 5, 4th
behind some young blokes but winning my age by a couple of minutes in
16.28. In the 800 2 hours later I really struggled to get my legs
Barry Moore, a WMG finalist went out hard and I really couldn't get
him. My first lap was about 67! On the second lap the legs started to
move and I passed him with about 150 to go, winning in 2.09 to his
Sunday was hotter and windier than Saturday. I got pretty badly sun
burned waiting for the presentation.

After this I thought I'd just get ready for the winter. The good thing
was (is) the motivation is starting to come back. However, there
was an
allcomers meet on Thursday night. They had a 1500 at
8.25 at night. I thought conditions would probably be good and it
be a chance to slip under 4.10. I was up at 5, did an easy 3k on the
treadmill (dark outside), spent from 7 til after 4 standing in the
operating theatre, came home and had an hour's 'nanna nap', woke up
went to the track!

Again, the young blokes went hard and I had to pick them off as they
slowed. I went to the lead with about 600 to go and got to the bell in
about 3.02 or 3.03. I was tightening up over the last lap but
managed a
4.09.62. I cracked the 93% age grading for the first time!
Just shows what half decent conditions can do. My throat was burning
(and was still sore during yesterday morning's 10 miler) like it
was my
first race of the season.

Anyway, I'm pleased my age grade seems to be getting better as I age.
My mojo seems to have returned.
I've managed to get a seeded start in the Sydney Morning Herald half
marathon, so I'll have to get stuck into some hard training for that.

23 March 2010

There's only One Aaron Ramsey

Sat 6KM Roo 28m00
Sun 6KM Roo 27m24
Mon 6KM Roo 26m14

Tues 6KM Roo 25m54

I'm taking it very steady as the 'ache' in my lower back right side pelvis is still there in the background.
I spent more than half Saturday being a 'Soccer Dad' and a 'Soccer Husband'.
Oli injured his wrist first game of the season (Maybe sprain maybe fracture X Ray inconclusive). He has broken them three times previously! Thankfully no Arron Ramsey or Eduardo type fractures.

18 March 2010

Walking Tall

Well I got out tonight, felt OK for 4K but that ache in the pelvis came on again but not enough to cause me stop. Feels quite sore now but I'll manage it!
6KM Roo 28m08 Slow on Doctors orders!
Incidentally I ran past a family of 10 Roos about 300m from home!

I saw the Consultant this morning. His assessment is its not a stress fracture. I am able to weight bear without any issues. Not really sure what it is but suggested perhaps it might be lower back wear and tear of vertebrae (which is pretty common in near half Centurions!). His suggestion was to take it easy, run alternate days, stay away from hills, get in the pool and work the lower back/abdominal muscles (lying on back and kick using flippers), walking 'tall', forget about doing crunches! Which is all encouraging. I shall go for a slow Roo 6K when I get home this evening (and keep my fingers crossed!))

16 March 2010

La Légende d’Alain Mimoun Video Clip

I found this little taster of the doco on Alain Mimoun. You know the film is going to be very classy.

14 March 2010

La Légende d’Alain Mimoun

We had a long weekend in Miami, staying at the Ocean Tourist Park Resort . A great cabin (equivalent of 4* Hotel rooms), right on the beach front and next to Don MacSween Park.
My back has felt fine but when those couple of days of back pain wore off I was still left with the ache in the pelvis!
Friday afternoon was a beautiful day, and I watched a succession of runners running along the esplanade I felt sick with envy! I hadn't planned on going for a run but I did have my Peal Izumis so I thought I'd go for a run and confirm to myself if I do have a major issue with the pelvis or was I just being a wuss?
It was a glorious first few K's as I ambled past what could have been Australia's Next Top Model contestants running in the other direction. As the pathway started to climb past Burleigh Heads into the National Park that winds its way up the side of Tallebudra Creek the ache got worse. I slowed down. In fact I was about to get overtaken by a young dude in surfer board shorts when I turned around and ran back. Well I didn't run very much further and was reduced to taking a long slow walk back with a limp! I answered my own question , I wasn't being a wuss I do have a problem and I'll get an appointment to see the Consultant on Monday.
My guess is I have a stress fracture on the right side of my pelvis! ( I had a left side pelvic stress fracture last year) . I had a recent bone density scan which was fine so why (IF it is confirmed) I have suddenly become susceptible is absolutely beyond me!

I had seen ALAIN MIMOUN's name in the record books for M45 and M50 WORLD HOUR run distance records;


I always wondered about some of these guys, who were they, had they run in their youth, what were they doing now?
Pat Butchers blog Globe Runner did a great story on him here.
I never knew he was a three time Olympian and Gold Medalist at Melbourne who had battled it out over the years with Zata!!
It would be really good to see the documentary on him
La Légende d’Alain Mimoun.

05 March 2010

World Indoor Champs Kamloops Canada

The World Indoor T & F Champs are taking place at Kamloops Canada.
A good web site with lots of details including all the results here
Of interest to the distance runners the 3000m were held last night;

Winner of the M45 Francis Burdett of the USA;

Event 271 M45 3000 Meter Run
WMA: R 8:34.58
Name Year Team Finals
1 Francis Burdett M45 United States 9:07.41
2 Simon R. Anderson M46 Great Britain 9:15.57
3 Richard Brewster M45 Canada 9:45.48
4 Alberto Llata Sanchez M49 Spain 9:51.15
5 Bill Newsham M45 United States 9:55.11
6 Peter Cruttenden M49 Canada 9:58.47
7 James Fullarton M45 Canada 10:02.26
8 Eric Wozny M45 Belgium 10:05.66
9 J Phillip Sigalet M49 Canada 10:10.38
10 Alan Roberts M45 Great Britain 11:20.39
-- Kelvin Mark M49 Canada DNF
-- Markus Reifinger M49 Austria DNS
-- Paul O'Callaghan M46 Ireland SCR
-- Mark F Reeves M48 Hong Kong SCR

One day I'd like to race in either these outdoor or indoor Champs.

The indoor has the benefit of a Cross Country Race and a Half Marathon Championship !!!
Sacremeto sounds really nice other than the fact that I will be 49.9 years old when they take place!!! : (

Paul Osland was one one of the stars the Lahti World Champs in Finland last year (Spectacular fall across the line for Silver in M45 1500m.
Slightly surprised to see him beaten on home turf over 800m

Event 248 M45 800 Meter Run
WMA: R 1:56.29
Name Year Team Finals
1 Giuseppe Romeo M47 Italy 2:03.89
2 Paul Osland M46 Canada 2:04.17
3 Shawn Muldrew M45 Canada 2:04.62
4 David Beardsell M47 Canada 2:07.68
5 Jhonny Rodriguez M45 Venezuela 2:10.91
6 Andy w. Gannaway M47 Great Britain 2:11.97
7 Alessandro Tifi M46 Italy 2:12.02
8 Mark Pinckard M49 Canada 2:14.54
9 Mark Hodder M49 Canada 2:30.03
10 Alan Roberts M45 Great Britain 2:38.70
-- Kelvin Mark M49 Canada DNS
-- Kevin Paulk M49 United States SCR
-- Mark F Reeves M48 Hong Kong SCR
-- Andrew Wynne M46 Canada SCR
-- Alain Boucher M46 Canada SCR
-- Jeannot Jean-Etienne M47 France SCR
-- Marc Blanchot M47 France SCR

Here are some of the Cross Country results from the first Day;

Event 436 M35 8000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals Points
Results - Men 35
1 Jose Ramon Arredondo Per M39 Spain 24:45.90
2 Alex Florez Studen M38 Spain 25:37.90
3 Jason Ladyman M38 Canada 27:38.50
4 Sylvester Coons M36 United States 29:39.40
-- Rakeshkumar B. Patel M35 India DNS
Event 436 M40 8000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals Points
Results - Men 40
1 Elarbi Khattabi M42 Morocco 24:09.00
2 Hartwig Fuchs M42 Austria 28:38.20
3 Anders Ganstal M43 Canada 30:21.40
4 Gordon Cumming M43 Canada 32:02.50
5 Franz Kropik M42 Austria 33:36.60
6 Paolo Marcucci M43 Italy 33:52.50
7 Sean Finucane M40 Canada 34:33.40
-- Tyler Ginther M44 Canada DNS
-- Peter J. Barker M42 Great Britain DNS
-- Scott Stevens M40 Canada DNS
-- Randy Lund M44 Canada DNS
-- Stefano Sbrana M42 Italy DNS
Event 436 M45 8000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals Points
Results - Men 45
1 Simon R. Anderson M46 Great Britain 25:03.50
2 Richard Brewster M45 Canada 25:43.80
3 Milan Eror M46 Croatia 26:46.90
4 J Phillip Sigalet M49 Canada 27:12.00
5 Markus Reifinger M49 Austria 29:06.00
6 Serge Grenier M49 Canada 30:11.50
7 Alan Roberts M45 Great Britain 32:25.60
8 Malcolm J. Bryson M46 Canada 32:48.10
9 David Barnum M48 Canada 33:03.60
-- Peter Cruttenden M49 Canada DNS
-- Ahcen Alem M49 Algeria DNS
Event 436 M50 8000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals Points
Results - Men 50
1 David Cannon M53 United States 24:55.50
2 Jose Navarro M51 Spain 26:05.90
3 Andreas Soffker M50 Germany 26:50.50
4 Doug Alward M52 Canada 27:22.80
5 Brian Pilcher M53 United States 28:00.00
6 Colin Oxlade M51 Great Britain 28:30.20
7 Perry Grunenberg M52 Canada 29:09.70
8 Brian Martinson M51 Canada 29:19.80
9 Manuel Cerdeira M52 Spain 29:35.00
10 David Olsen M54 Canada 31:13.70
11 Mark Cleary M51 United States 32:35.30
12 Roger C. Pilkington M51 Australia 34:13.80
13 James Vigna M54 Canada 36:40.20
-- Robert Lonergan M50 Canada DNS
-- Ed Bickley M51 Canada DNS
-- Paolo Chericoni M53 Italy DNS
-- Francisco Dominguez Reye M54 Mexico DNS
-- Flavio Campos M51 Brazil DNS

03 March 2010

The National

Last weekend was the highlight of the English Cross Country Season "The National Cross Country Championships", this year held at Roundhay Park Leeds.
Yet another superb run by my Shaftesbury Harrier Richard Goodman! He won the U17 Mens by a clear 30secs! He is on his way to doing a Julian Goater!.
The Shaftesbury U17's finished 3rd team. I think my team from 33 years ago came 4th. Must check the results as the memory fades!!!
Above is a photo I nicked off my old club website, looks like mud glorious mud probably the U15's race! Shaftesbury's Matt McClaughlin was runner up (Tall lad!).

Back Pain merry go round

Barely able to believe it!
I'd had a few days off because I was feeling that ache in the pelvis.
On Saturday I'm bending over putting up a tent in the back garden for the kids and I felt a twang on my spinal cord. Immediately realized I'd done something but didn't appreciate exactly what.

I took a few painkillers and mowed the lawn, strimmed the edges and blew the loose cuttings = about two hours worth.
The back got worse and then things seemed to concentrate into my lower right side back/pelvis/hip (where I'd been feeling the ache). The guys at work diagnose slipped disk as they've all had one!
I'm on the anti inflams and painkillers.
Tues was really bad, barely able to walk. I'm going to wait a few days see if it settles down before seeking medical advice. I really don't fancy the 'Back Pain merry go round' of Doctor's Physio's and Chiropractors and the inevitable pathway to the surgeon!

Must say something about the weather!
It has been raining for what seems like a week!
The 4th Monsoonal Low of the wet season has dumped incessant rain. It's nearly like being back in the UK accept it is still warm!!