30 November 2008

Pergola Satisfaction

Sun 1.00pm 30 O C 11KM Roo+Lake  44m43

After about four weeks of stripping and sanding the first of two pergolas at the front of my house I finally finished one! After canvassing many opinions about how best to treat exterior wood I finally decided not to paint, not to re varnish, not to stain but to treat with decking oil! It went on a treat, real easy , two coats and looks great!
Decking oil is cheap compared to stain and does about the same job and will be easy to maintain.

The photo is me at The Palace aged about 13 , Gola Hornet, oldest brothers (Peter) baggy shorts, London Irish singlet. I look kinda relaxed, never see me blowing out my cheeks like that these days! Looks like I'm carrying a flag but thats on the infield!

29 November 2008

Jet or is it "Geoff" ?

Sat. 6.30am Shornecliffe 5 KM 17m35 1st (No Cat)
On the verge of taking another sojourn from training in order to get my knee right I wildly decided that a race was in order! Well I just fancied the company of other runners and doing something different so rocked up to Shornecliffe and did the monthly 5K time trial!
Conditions were always going to be tough, warmed up (!!?) with Geoff H and realised how humid it was!! Turned around and found out how windy it was!! Of course I had no race plan but as ever wanted to run as hard as I was capable. Went through 1K in 3m06 (and I still had company), 1500m in 4m48 and turnaround (2.5K) in 8m40. The 1.5K mark was the point where the humidity really started to bite, it felt like there was no air and the body combusted into sweat. No sign of a helping breeze!
At 2.5K turnaround it felt like running into a wall of wind (uncanny!),. I found it difficult going because 1)I'm unfit. 2) The push ups on Thurs were still in my arms and they ached to buggery.
So the homeward journey was a survival course , knowing that I was clear of the field didn't help, as of course I had the normal tendency to believe that I would get caught! Considering the conditions and my lack of training, I was happy enough with the effort, probably worth a minute quicker without the wind. 
Thanks to Phil Hungerford of The Run Inn for putting on the race and brecky after. = Last Sat of every Month.
Performance of the month goes to Errol Holmes.
He ran a KM interval (after 3 warm up K's) in 3m48 on an undulating course here at North Lakes.
He is 68 y.o!
The photo is me and my mates Paul & Linda (McCartney) in Barbados in about 1982 or 1983, those with a keen eye will note I'm wearing a AAA 6 Stage Road Relay Tee Shirt and sporting sun bleached hair !! (well I was in Barbados for 3 weeks!!) Click on photo for larger view - yes that really is Paul & Linda! Photo by Jet Kaye.

28 November 2008

Keep on Training Dilemma?

Friday  5.00am  11km Roo+Lake  46m30

I struggled with today's run! I rested yesterday - had been feeling pain. I'm wondering if I need to give myself more recovery from this injury.
This morning the  knee was painful for the first few K's(!!). 
It was warm, humid and sunny and I found myself running for the shade (at between 5 and 6 in the morning!).

Yesterday I managed the following push up session;
30, 35, 30, 30, 40 
A real struggle but I enjoy the challenge and my triceps are one part of my body that appears to be functioning normally
I would like to work more on my abs and biceps, maybe when I've hit the 100Push Ups Goal! 

26 November 2008

Captain Fantastic

Wed. 5.00am  11KM Roo+Lake 

Not timed again! Today my watch malfunctioned! 

Arsenal 1 Dynamo Kiev 0

25 November 2008

Max did 40 Push Ups! 8 Years Old!

12.00 Noon 10.5Km Bridges (untimed)

Maxey is just 8 years old. I asked him to do the maximum number of push ups he could manage and this is the result. No training ,no coaching, just a kid with a smile on his face!

Last night my push up session went 25,30,25,25,50 - pleased with the 50 maximum effort!

Decided I'd try a lunch time run today in order to loosen up before I run!
Got out for 10KM Bridges but forgot my stopwatch! Bloody hot out there so I was grateful when I re entered the Botanical Gardens a nice young lady was handing free bottles of  ice cold 'Sugar Free' Powerade ! 

24 November 2008

"Tough enough is fast enough hey? !"

Mon.  5.00am   11KM Roo+Lake  46m54

Traditional morning sluggishness plus payback from yesterdays run.
A young woman pushing a toddler in a stroller called out to me
"Tough enough is fast enough hey? !" - What does that mean?
I was so flummoxed all I could do in response was say  "Hey! Yeah!" !!

23 November 2008

Kiwis Win Kiwis Lose

Sun  2.00pm  26 O C  11KM  Roo+Lake 42m17

Really pushed it today!! Temp quite cool but very windy, Hard work when running into the wind and then I kept up the effort when I had the benefit of the wind. I'm pleased with the effort and feel perhaps I'm getting some form back.

Last night's results showed what a funny old world sport can be, the greatest team in the World, without doubt - The Australian Rugby League Team get beaten by the Kiwis at SunCorp and Arsenal get beat 3 -0 at Man City!!
At least business was restored to normal at the Gabba ( Australia beat NZ Black Caps by 149 runs ).

Man City 3 Arsenal 0

22 November 2008

Gotta Move Your Feet...- Turbofunk

Sat. 9.00am 28 O C!! 11KM Roo+Lake 43m51

Because I'm unfit this heat and humidity is killing me!

Tonight thankfully the humidity has dropped away and its quite pleasant should make conditions ideal for the Rugby League World Cup V's The Kiwis from SunCorp Stadium Brissey.
The photo is one I took on Friday from the Goodwill Bridge. Right in the centre of the photo is a relatively low rise building that gaps a road beneath. My office desk looks out from left hand side of that gap! Aint Brissey beautiful?

21 November 2008

Relative Humidity 90%

5.00am  20 o C/90%Relative humidity 11KM Roo+Lake  44m15

As the time suggests I pushed it a little at times through this mornings humid run.

20 November 2008

Disco Fever or lightning over North Lakes?

Thurs 5.00am 18.5 O C Officially the coldest time of day! 11KM Roo+Lake 45m56

I spoke too soon about the rain stopping! we had yet another storm last night ! third on the trot!
We got off lightly only 35mm in my gauge but parts of Brissey got 200mm in one night !! Some areas are officially declared 'Disaster Areas' following Sunday's storms and last nights rain effects were much more widely felt! Really really humid today and yet another massive storm occurring right now, anyone would think this was Darwin!
I believe its the anti inflams that are allowing me to run relatively freely at the moment, I take half of one in the evening before bed and half in the morning. I might be on the road again ! - but for how long!!??

I'm off to empty the rain gauge before it overflows!! In the meantime here is 10seconds of lightning over North Lakes or Disco Fever?

19 November 2008

Dave is On the Road Again

Wed 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m21

It actually stopped raining long enough to get out for a run in the sun!
Humid conditions were to be expected when you consider 107mm of rain has fallen at our place since Sunday eve!
I felt OK with normal morning sluggishness and knee 'lingering'!

Last night I got up to 55 Push Ups in one set!

18 November 2008

More Whiskey in the Jar

It's been raining for two days straight in the Sunshine State!
No running, so here is a photo of my mate Jeff and his boys from earlier this year.
Leo is now taller then his dad! Jeff ran 800m in 1m49s and 1500m in 3m48s.
One day I regretfully  paced him to a quicker 3000m time than me 8m20s !
These days he keeps fit by coaching his kids football team and running maybe once a week.
If he set his mind to it, he is one 'EX' ATHLETE that could make a MEGA splash in Masters competition. 
The 2007 M45 World Masters Championship in Italy was won in 2m02 , I believe Jeff could STILL run sub 2Mins! This years M45 World Rankings are led by the incomparable Tony (forever) Young  [USA] at 1m56.9, 2nd place is 1m58.73 (John Hinton [USA] and third Mark Kirk (GBR) 1m58.8.
Jeff is 48 years old, so he'd be giving some years away to the recently turned M45's.
I've tried all the cajoling I can think of but to date cant get him back into it! 

I was listening to the many different versions today and I'd rank No.1 Thin Lizzy, No.2 The Dubliners, = No.3 U2  & Metallica!

The lyrics give me a sense of Waltzing Matilda!

16 November 2008

Whiskey in the Jar

Sun 9.00am  27 O C (Humid) 11KM Roo+Lake 45m33

Tried my best just to run easy. Difficult conditions!

I was looking for the Boys are Back in Town but happened across Whiskey in the Jar! Hadn't heard it for 20 years (!-?), sent shivers down my back and brought tears to my eyes = Memories of childhood, and my heritage. Loved Phil Lynott!
Arsenal 0 Aston Villa 2 (!)

As I was goin over the cork and kerry mountains
I saw captain farrell and his money he was countin
I first produced my pistol and then produced my rapier
I said stand and deliver or the devil he may take ya

Musha ring dum a doo dum a da
Whack for my daddy-o
Whack for my daddy-o
Theres whiskey in the jar-o

I took all of his money and it was a pretty penny
I took all of his money and I brought it home to molly
She swore that shed love me, never would she leave me
But the devil take that woman for you know she tricked me easy

Being drunk and weary I went to mollys chamber
Takin my money with me and I never knew the danger
For about six or maybe seven in walked captain farrell
I jumped up, fired off my pistols and I shot him with both barrels

Now some men like the fishin and some men like the fowlin
And some men like ta hear a cannon ball a roarin
Me I like sleepin specially in my mollys chamber
But here I am in prison, here I am with a ball and chain yeah

Thin_Lizzy_-_Whiskey_In_The_Jar -

15 November 2008

Hot & Humid

Sat  3.00pm (30 O C)  11KM Roo+Lake 44m50

Surprisingly quick time considering it was so tough going! Had spent 4 hours this morning on the ongoing saga that is me up a ladder rubbing down/ sanding/burning off varnish from the first of two (!) pergolas out the front of my house. Standing on the ladder never seems to do the knee much good as I suppose it is in a continual state of stress. Still showered then hit the road felt OK though knee was lingering, it was hard going, with lack of fitness and weight gain over last three months. Contributing was the heat and humidity. I got back and iced up my knees, my son Max said my head was red!! I was tempted with jumping straight in the pool but the application of the ice pack took priority and after 15mins I was cool and no longer desirous of a swim.
At the moment I'm about 68KG !(66KG after run today) this is in stark contrast to earlier in the year when I'd managed to get down to 62KG. The lack of training and continuance of a diet that would satisfy someone deep into marathon training has stacked at least 4KG on my waist!
I'm still attempting the 100 Push Up challenge though my 'training' has stalled on week three ! I did the equivalent of a time trial to see where I've got to i.e. I did a set of maximum 'good form' Push Ups = 45 which is a small improvement from my starting position (no training, which was 35). 
My current session consists of ; 

X 22, 2 mins rest , 
X 30, 2 mins rest, 
X 20 2mins rest, 
X 20 2 mins rest,
X Max - I did 33!

Made no difference to my triceps/biceps - they are still skinny as!

13 November 2008

There She Goes - The La's

Thurs 5.00am 6KM Roo 25m07

Yes I know ! Really pushing the boat out = two days on the trot! - Cant hold myself back.

Tom H. Well done last night, great performance 5.6KM 17m23  5th !

12 November 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Wed 5.00am 6KM Roo 25m46s

After Sunday's "comeback" my recovery was the expected resumption soreness! Painful quads but Knee and Achilles felt OK!! Grounds for optimism.
Needed to recover a few days and got out this morning. The Achilles was fine the knee was inconvenient - still lingering in the background! Not exactly painful but there. I guess I should not expect it (tendinitis) to disappear overnight (well I've had it since June/July). My plan is to continue a very light training program and see what the reaction in the knee is.

Photo shows Robert Spilling breaking my unbeaten streak! It's me in long sleeve black top in background! I love the effort the guy puts in = great determination to beat off the youngster on his shoulder and race all the way to the line! (wish I knew he was there!)

Aresnal(Youth) 3 Wigan 0 with 15 mins to go!

09 November 2008

Grant Hackett

6KM Roo 24m05

I attended a Property Conference at Conrad Jupiters on Friday/ Saturday.
Guest 'Motivational' speaker on Sat Morning was Grant. I'd been looking forward to hear what he'd got to say for weeks. I wasn't disappointed. In front of 700 he was relaxed , funny, incisive, motivational and a fantastic ambassador for Sport , for Australia, for swimming. He talked about how he got started in the sport, his early rivalry with Kieran Perkins , his three Olympics, Bejing in some detail, his diet, his training and some of the 'stuff' about Olympics like japes on the plane on the way home, the Dining Hall experience. What a smart guy Grant is, totally unscripted and talked for 45mins.

I couldn't sit around any longer so today I got out for a steady 6KM to see how my body would react!
I didn't even think about the Achilles so touch wood that is OK now. With the knee I was aware of the area that has been a problem but I wasn't in any pain. Got back and iced it and really it will be about the reaction to the run more than the run itself. Though I was very rusty I moved through the first K in about 4mins which surprised me.
Finished off 6KM Roo in 24m05.

David S. - good to hear from you! Thanks for your comments - hope to see you around the SSCCC next year!

Arsenal 2 Man U 1

03 November 2008

I like to move it!

ahh I can be so silly.
We had a great night on Saturday/Halloween Party. We didn't dress up and that made us look the odd ones out as all the blokes seemed to get kitted up in their wives gear and all the girls - well they just looked scary!
An Eighties compilation CD was playing and we had a 'pop quiz' contest to name the artist and the track. My voice was very sore Sunday from screaming out the answers. I trounced Ian Laslett [score was 28 - 12] however to be fair Ian was a little bit tipsy!!
Not the sort of be behaviour you'd expect from a guy wanting to get the most out of whatever peak physical fitness his body will give him, but fair enough to let your hair down on an enforced break.
Just for the record this song was originally by Real to Real and released in about 1994. There are a hundred covers of it and I just chose this one.
Lily fell and broke her arm! Second time! She's only five but she is such a tough kid!

Photos; Natalie & Jane, Lily, Max, Kate, - & Cathy & Nadine spotted when we were out walking the dog!

Stoke 2 Arsenal 1 (!) doesnt hurt me anymore!

01 November 2008

I Want to Run

When Oliver was about three years old I used to pick him up and hold him as if he were a guitar and I'd play air guitar with him and dance around the room to this song.
Lots or running going on around the World today, Sydney Striders 10K at hilly Lane Cove Park in Sydney
Tommy H running 33m42 David K 35m40 . I'll also add to the congrats deserved to David C (Uncle Dave) in taking out the series and running 32m30.

The Pan Pacific Games on the Gold Coast - Hot and windy for a 5000m ; results Brendan Whelan M30 16m4x, Ronnie Peters M55 16m 58 (for an age graded 88%!!) Shawn Claydon M40 17m30 Andy Clowes M45 18m.

This Arvo the Noosa Bolt 5K should be a competitive afair. Tomorrow NY Marathon Tommy Bedford has given it a good write up on his blog. Big Up Paula!

With the body feeling close to OK, I'm doing my best not to get out and run, in an effort to just give it a few days pain free before resuming. I should start with some cross training - cycling and rowing before I start running again.