28 August 2013


Mon 19th Aug 2.30pm 10.6km 43;34 4m07 K's - was travelling back from Gladstone (thankfully by plane this time) got out for a spin around Roo+Lake in the afternoon.
Tues 20th Aug 5.30am 11.11km Cadel Loop 47;21 4m16 K's
Wed 21st Aug 6.30pm 11.92km Cadel loop+ 46;41 3m55K's with a very fast last 1500 in 4m48 
Thurs 22nd Aug 12.56pm 14.77km 58;19 3m57 K's
Fri 23rd Aug 12.55pm 12.42km 51;26 4m09 K's
Sat 24th Aug  7.00am 5K Sandgate parkrun 16m12 3m16 K's
Sun 25th Aug Nudgee 10 X 400m 65sec recovery. Warm conditions (mid 20's C) windy first bend. I love all the stats the Garmin churns out and enjoy the peaks and troughs of all that effort and recovery. 
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Monday Recovery day
Tuesday 27th Aug 5.26am 11.17km 47m56 4m18 K's Cadel Loop
Wednesday 28th Aug 12.00 15km Brisbane River loop not timed. It got to 28 O C today and it is still officially Winter ; 
Queenlsand Winter = Running Paradise.
Photo from my epic 30K Beach run at Bribie a fortnight ago

25 August 2013

Sandgate parkrun 16;12 Déjà vu

Perfect day for racing and it would be hard to beat the location Sandgate esplanade overlooking Bramble Bay, no wind and with the sun beating down but a cool 11 O C temperature.
After a short warm up (1.5K) and a few strides I positioned myself at the front on the start line with a field of 250 runners making this one of the biggest parkruns. The course runs straight down the beach side pathway, do a 180 degree turn and run back. A  fast start was necessary to get clear but perhaps a little too fast as 3m03 was followed by 3m21 my slowest K, even when you take into account the slowdown to run 180 O around a flagpole my 3rd K was 3m16.  
You can see the turnaround point at 8;01 and the pace dips

Upon turning you start running back into the hordes of runners and at one point in taking evasive action I banged my hip/waist against a metal bollard but only suffered temporary pain. I was looking up hoping to spot the finish area 2KM ahead in order to give myself incentive to stray strong. It didn't work I couldn't see the finish and started slowing 3m20 for the 4th K.
Eventually the finish area came into view and I was able to lift again finishing off with a 5th K in about 3m10 (the Garmin had the course at 4.96km). 

I got my heart rate up to 180bpm which is about my maximum.

The organisers told me my official time was 16;11.52 but that gets rounded up to 16;12, so same time as North Lakes and I am happy with that as I still cant believe how fast I'm at with just 8 weeks running training behind me. I had no real aims for the run but it was nice to set a course record and Age graded record as well. Warmed down with old buddy Geoff Holmes and had Iced Coffee following which could become regular at this venue.
Thinking about running Bridge to Brisbane 5K as I don't think I have the speed endurance to cope with 10K just yet and I hate the palaver of a very early start (for 10K) and waiting around to get a bus back to the start.

22 August 2013

Botanic to Bridge 2013 Gladstone

Botanic to Bridge 8KM  6th - 1st Master 26m53 (3m21K's)
Botanic to Bridge 3KM 2nd 9m58 

I travelled up to Gladstone Saturday afternoon on the ponderous 'Spirit of the Outback' train - 8 hours from Brisbane. All the cheap air tickets had gone by the time I booked up and I never want to drive there and back again (13 hours).
I stayed at the Gladstone Backpackers and had an 'OK' nights sleep in my twin share room. Race day morning was really mild and I drank plenty of pre race water. 
The race starts up an 18% gradient hill for about 400m and then runs undulating in a near straight line for 8KM with the occasional further steep hill to traverse. After the initial starting gun exertions I tucked in behind a lead group of 5 including usual protagonists in this race Jackson Elliott, Drew Williams, Neil Labinsky, Paul Tucker and newcomer Christopher Bracken from Ireland by way of the mines at Emerald.
I  got stuck in 'No Mans land' with the group ahead pulling away to eventually gap me by a minute 10 secs (to 5th) with the gap behind me 2minutes 30 to 7th place and first female Margie Athow. 
I ran hard but did not push to the absolute limit. 
This year the course added a loop before the bridge to increase the distance over the two times I had raced here before, 7.94KM according to my Garmin though others with Adidas (tomtoms?) told me they read it spot on 8KM.
Jackson Elliott won this race for the 3rd time running 3m03sec KM's which is pretty good going on this course.
I jogged back to the conveniently situated backpackers and got changed into dry kit and jogged up to the start of the 3KM race. Typical fast start with kids and youthful exuberance blasting out and it was not till the second uphill KM that I managed to pull myself up into 2nd place. The leader was coming back the whole way but I didn't have the distance to catch him and at the finish I was 10 secs behind him. The Garmin read this course as 3.1KM

Drew Williams Neil Labinski(hidden) Paul Tucker and Christopher Bracken if you look real close you can see me falling back a minute on these guys

Typically seeking to suck in the big ones

Start of the 3K with the kids and I am running with race Tee Shirt in hand and Masters award winner Terry Hill bare chested beside me. Winner is Red Tee Shirt and 3rd place is #1006

Finishing the 3KM

The results are here

This photo does not quite give justice to the 18% gradient at the start line of the 8KM

20 August 2013

Story Bridge Loop

Thursday Lunchtime Run from work 14.8KM 61mins 4m10sec K's
Friday Lunchtime Run from work about 8KM in 33mins

My body tends to cope better with late afternoon or evening runs. The heel feels better later in the day with no pain whereas mornings it can sometimes feel sore. 
Like I said I will manage my workload (training) as appropriate. Today (Friday) I had intended to run when I got home from work but forgot I was working (Beers at Suncorp) this evening. I had shoes at work but no kit so a trip to Rebel Sport for kit cost $82. 
I got out and ran the old Story Bridge loop back through the hordes in the restaurant quarter and back into the Botanic Gardens for 33mins (no Garmin and the phone would not pick up GPS signal).

14 August 2013


Sunday 11.15km  47;15 4m14 K's
Monday Recovery
Tuesday 11.09  47;10 4m15 K's
Wednesday Back to Nudgee 10 X 400m with 65 secs recovery. I ran this session programmed into the Garmin and set the distance at 420m as Garmin always measures long on the track. 420m turned out to be just right for an actual 400m. Averaged about 70secs see detail below. 
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11 August 2013

North Lakes parkrun 16;12

Thurs 30km along the beach at Bribie Island 2;11;03 = 4m22 K's 137 BPM 
Fri 5.34km Lake 23;06 = 4m20 K's
Sat North Lakes parkrun 5km 16;12 = 3m14 K's results here

I had to go to Bribie on Thursday so I thought I'd take along my running kit and run up the beach towards Caloundra. Steady going on the way up into a headwind running high 4m20 K's. Turned at 15km and had the benefit of the tail wind. Which picked the pace up to sub 4m20 K's.
An absolute pearler of a day, not a cloud in site. Firm sand and nothing but crashing waves for company.

I thought the 30K would stay in my legs a lot longer but Fridays jog was OK.
Yesterday I raced for the first time since Oct 20th 2012 when I did the first ever North Lakes parkrun off no training at all (17m18) but it has been 18months since I last raced seriously at the state 3000m Champs in Feb 2012. I have had about 6 weeks running and been going OK but was not expecting anything in particular but to just go out hard and give it a crack.
I made the rooky mistake of getting to the start line without turning on my Garmin so I didn't actually have a watch on it myself. 3 laps around the lake on a quite a zigzagging pathway by lap one and half I was having to overtake what turned out to be half the field , adding seconds to my time. I tried to relax but felt my heart-rate was right up there which is always uncomfortable. Also it was cold and I was typically holding my arms very high and they went numb.
I wanted to see if it was going to be worthwhile making the long trip to Gladstone next week for an 8KM race. When I finished I was told I'd run a new course record (come on I own this course the amount of times I have run Roo+Lake!!) with 16;12, I simply said "f#ck!" by way of astonishment.
I had no idea what I'd run would have been happy with the 17m18 I'd run last time. To run 3m14Ks by myself on that course was beyond any expectation. Now of course I want to run it sub 16mins!
91.77% age graded is right up there with some of my best ever performances. I hold hope that with some solid months ahead and some track work I might still run sub 15:50 on the track. I need to keep my body together and look after my heel which can still be uncomfortable.

07 August 2013

Breaking Bad

Late night watching Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix so when the 5.00am alarm sounded I rolled over and decided to run at lunchtime. The difference was running in double long sleeves tights gloves and beaney in the dark at 8/10 O C or strolling along the Brisbane river in 25 O C in shorts and singlet , not a cloud in the sky and enjoying being out there with the large numbers of lunchtime running aficionados.
It is hard to believe it is Winter, back in the UK people would often fly to Portugal or the Canarie Islands in Winter for 'warm weather training' but you'd be very lucky if you ever the saw the temp get close to the low 20's even though the Caray Islands are off the North African coast.
14.89km 60;44 = 4.05 KM's
Yesterday I got out in the early morning - near froze my bollocks off  (10 O C) and managed
11.16km 48;07 = 4.19 KM's
(first two KM were 4;48 and 4;30 - so I must have been very cold).

05 August 2013

running on empty

Monday Rest day
Sunday long 22.3km run
Saturday fast 10.6km run
Friday 11km recovery run

I didn't have much spare time on Saturday and smashed out my 3rd fastest ever Roo+Lake - even with a deliberate warm up during the first 2K's. 
I really should have done a warm down after Saturday's run but didn't and expected to pay on Sunday. Remarkably I felt OK Sunday , running in the late arvo. In fact I started with my sunnies on but the sun set shortly after. To give you an indication how quick the sun goes down here (there is no twilight), I was running the last part of my run in total darkness along unlit paths with no moonlight and plenty of trees - it certainly slowed my pace down which wasn't a bad thing.

Click on to enlarge;

Saturdays run if I substitute the first KM for the pace of the last KM I ran about 36mins for 10KM which exceeds any expectations I have in my fitness/comeback.

Click to enlarge;

Sunday's run combined parts of my early morning road course with Roo+Lake, running circuits around North Lakes.

01 August 2013

BBT Riverside 1km East

Thurs 12.40pm Sunny and 22 O C 59% Relative Humidity
I ran along the river as a warm up and tried using the Garmin workout feature,I programmed; 
warm up + 6 X 1000m +2mins rest + warm down.
My first K rep got incorporated into my 'warm up' 5.4km 22m50 4m14 K's
(will get the first interval KM breakdown from Strava later). 
I then reprogrammed the Garmin session to be 5 X 1KM with 2mins recovery.
1st KM
2nd KM  3m13
3rd KM 3m24
4th KM 3m16
5th KM 3m19
6th KM 3m14
The session knocked the stuffing out of me and I crawled back to the office 3.53km 16;35 (4;43 K's). I didn't like the KM road section I'd chosen for the session, too many cars, too many cyclist and road speed humps but it is a well used Strava segment so I thought it would be good running.