30 April 2008

Don Wallace

Wednesday 5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 45m40

Slightly quicker than last couple of days - felt OK!.

Still very cold, I went to work with a Tee Shirt under my shirt for the first time this year.

I've been wondering what sort of time I could run a Half Mara in.

When I made a comeback to running aged 29/30 I ran two half's with no appropriate training and only the goal of completing and competing! I won both these events in around 71min.

Today what could I do? I think 35min ten K's plus 3m30 is the slowest time I'd consider OK = 73m30,
34min ten K's for a 71m30 would be a very good return.
70m17 would be Australian M45 Record!

The beauty of taking on a 'new' event is, I've really got know idea!, I can talk about aiming for the moon but as far as reality is concerned I may as well be talking to the Man In the Moon!!

I'm convinced that my speed endurance is pretty good and perhaps given the right conditions, race wise, I might surprise some people.

29 April 2008

Greg Webster

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 46m37

Extremely cold this morning! when I got back the temp was 12.2 O C, I wore winter headband (covers ears) and two long sleeved tops! I pulled through the under garment arms to wear as gloves. Didn't warm up my hand till maybe the last K! Felt OK though time for run must reflect stiffness in getting going.
Cold early morning due to high pressure system over Queensland and very dry air. The water content of our air specially seems to keep us warm and I had noticed the complete lack of due on the ground over the last couple of weeks compared to the more normal morning saturation.
Yesterday was a fabulously warm morning for my run and the daytime temperatures into the high twenties is one of the great attractions to living in Queensland.

Caught the second half of Arsenal's 6 - 2 away demolition of Derby County. Great to hear the Gooners singing out the songs of former Arsenal Greats (Veira, Bergkamp,Wright, Henry).
Ade scored his second Hat trick of the season against Derby and did some wonderful dance celebrations.

28 April 2008

Dan Wilson

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m37

Oh the pain!
A combination of yesterdays 22K and also playing some football with Maxey left me in the traditional stiff as a board state. I felt I got going after two or three K and really am surprised how I managed to get around two laps of this in yesterdays searing heat in just under 42min each!

27 April 2008

David Scroope

Saturday 6.00pm Mooloolaba Beach 3KM FunRun 2nd

1Mile 2nd (1st 40 - 49yo) 5M20

This meet has the potential to be a big event as it has tremendous sponsorship,
great venue, good crowds. However, organisation still needs to be improved. My entry mysteriously did not appear on the pre registered athletes!. The start of the Fun Run was delayed by half an hour for an ANZAC tribute (no problem with the tribute but if they weren't ready they should have let the fun run go rather than keep us waiting around on the start line for half an hour), then in the Mile's, they ran the Elites before the last of the Age Groupers rather than the timetabled schedule. To cap it all the results were cocked up with me getting placed in the M50 Age Group!! Do I look FIFTY??!!.
The 3K was held up so long by the time we got going I felt a slight strain in my left leg - it felt like a pulled muscle!! After a while it managed to ease off and I was able to remove it from my mind as an impediment. I wanted to take it as easy as I could hoping to not have to extend myself too much with the mile coming up after wards. As it transpired a group of about 4 of us got to the turnaround point on the beach together.Having ran a comfortable pace. That's were comfort left us and Chris Howley put the hammer down!! I chased very hard and was flat out.
I'd say We were running close to 3mins K's. He was just too fast for me. A small gap widened to a couple of seconds and I just couldn't close it. Really quite pleased at hard I ran back that 1.5K. Didn't get an official time (event was untimed!) but did hear the announcer say 9m30 as we approached the finish line ( maybe 9m40/50?).
The Mile was on a tight course that included five hairpin turns and some of the softer sand. Brendan Whelan (M35) went shooting off like a Whippet at the start - he is a different class so I wasn't ever going to be racing him! I was left in 'no mans land' running pretty much by myself. Brendan ran 5m03 , I ran 5m20 (on last years one turn course I ran 4m50 something).
Natalie came along with Max Oli and Lily which was nice but I knew presentations were going to take forever so I sent them home rather than waiting around with me.

Sunday 12.00Noon 22KM 2 X Roo+Lake 84m04

I was probably running out some of my frustration with last nights event and before I knew it I was going through halfway in a quick 42m20. It was bloody hot today 28 O C and no shade! I stopped twice for water, and felt strong into the second lap bringing it back in what seems to be a customary negative split for me.
84m04 is the fastest I've run this two lap course in.

25 April 2008

Danny Russell

Friday 3.00pm 11km Roo+Lake 41m13

Pretty quick run always feel better later in the day - I've had a chance to loosen up and limber up. Warm and windy conditions.
I have spent the afternoon watching Randy Pausch Lecture on You Tube - Achieving your childhood dreams. This guy is fabulous, watch it......

24 April 2008

Sam Betten

Thursday 12.00Noon 10.5KM Bridges 41m40

Went flat out from the Storey Bridge dicing with danger swerving in and out of the heavey pedestrian traffic along the River Restuarant area to the Botanical Gardens.
Very pleasant temperature 25 0 C and Sunny.
Have entered the Mooloolabah Mile and 3K Fun Run on Sat Arvo!

23 April 2008

Cliff Young

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m11

I felt like Cliffey Young as I shuffled off this morning! It feels like my poor aching body never gets an opportunity to recover from the continous demands I place upon it! After two K's I felt OK.
Saw Helen Stanton on the hill, it was dark and she was upon me before I even knew she was there (going in opposite direction) so didn't manage my regulation"Morning!" mumble to anyone I pass on my travels.

22 April 2008

Craig Buster Mottram

5.00am Tuesday 11km Roo+lake 44m59

6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 300m , 100m jog recovery Ave 51 Secs

Ran the session in flats. About 50 Rugby League guys working out on the infield,
about 10 other athletes there all seemed to be sprinters!

Happy with my session, worked hard at trying to relax my neck/ upper body whilst concentrating on speed through the legs. I will be sore tomorrow!

21 April 2008

Ryan Hall

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45mins (est)

Compound fatigue in the legs! Struggled to get moving but after 3K was OK and able to run without pain. The battery in the pod for my iPod Nano expired after about 6K and I also forgot to restart my stopwatch so only able to estimate my time.

20 April 2008

Jordan Pearce

Sunday 8.00am Mooloolah Sunshine Coast CC Race Day 2.

12KM 3rd Overall (1st M40 -49) 44m50

3KM 2nd Overall (1st M40 - 49) ??

As I warmed up I could feel my Quads were very much feeling yesterdays 22K and Thursday's Hill Session. However, as I was regarding this CC as conditioning work I didn't mind too much, just the physical discomfort is not pleasant when you toe the line!
Yesterdays rain and this mornings showers did not create the Muddy Quagmire I had expected.
At the start, the normal youthful exuberance led off but this course quickly went uphill and the old hands came to the fore. Ben Holland went straight into the lead followed by a Maroochy Tri type runner , then Peter Bock and Neil Labinski, with me next.
The course was true cross country with multi terrain styles, open grassland , grass banked Dam walls, very tight twisting technical woodland paths and also more traditional woodland trails. There was even a causeway (flooded) between dams that had to be waded/leaped steeple chase waterjump style!
As things settled down, I overtook Peter and went after Neil who I'd managed to beat a fortnight ago ,however today he was on fire and there was no catching him! In fact he took the Tri guy and was chasing down the run away leader! I managed to catch Tri guy into the second lap and pushed on to prevent him from sticking with me. This course had a couple of switchbacks so you can monitor exactly how far behind and in front you are. The second time around the series of three hills really hurt! I was happy to finish third but again I was way behind Ben Holland and Neil Labinski.
20 mins later with rain falling persistently I lined up for the 3KM. This time the Open Men and Masters were all off together. Again the youthful exuberance led off and again the hills sorted out the Men from the Boys. Brendan Whelan and Jordan Pearce took the lead. Brendan cannot run down hill! Something he will readily admit and so it was easy for me to take him on a downhill section just before the tight twisty wood section.
A slight difficulty though was the fact that we now encountering earlier groups that had started five minutes in front. Overtaking on these sections was very difficult and I resorted to the old "TRACK!" shout or "RUNNER COMING THROUGH!". As I emerged out of the wooded section, the spectating Bockster shouted " Your not going to let the Young Feller Beat you ? !" I didn't even know for sure that I was running second till that point. But I put my head down caught young Jordan Pearce and tried to push immediately past but he stuck to me! I pushed again but he was resisting my attempts to shake him. The finish was to the right, just a short way off the Dam wall bank track , we were going flat out for the line!.
Unfortunately he had the inside line to the right and therefore the advantage and beat me across the line by inches!! I was happy enough with the result. A good days training!

19 April 2008

Scott Brittain

Saturday 6.00am 22KM 2 X Roo+Lake 1h26m43

Went through halfway in 44mins so speeded up! Still feeling the Hill session in my thighs! I should be nicely stuffed for 12K CC on a tough twisty muddy course at Mooloolah tomorrow!! Lots of rain showers today so mud could be quite good! Very much looking forward to it.
The Photo is my mate Paul Simons now living in Manchester. He ran the London Marathon in this Scooby Doo outfit!!(for Charity) Said he was on for a sub 3H after 15K's but it rained and the outfit got heavy and he suffered. Still finished it in 3H16M !!

18 April 2008

Christian Cobbold

1.00pm 11KM City/QueenE2/Storey Bridge run 10.5K 43m00

Well I said I'd like to spice things up! Lunchtime run from work, got caught up in the middle of a big shower. Got back showered and was momentarily reminded of the daily grind in the UK where you'd run and shower and wash all the mud and crap off and the shower would warm you up and make you feel good again. I felt last night s hills in my legs which was a good sign that I worked very hard.
Hoping for a long run tomorrow and Sunshine Coast CC on Sunday.

17 April 2008

Nigel Stops

Thursday 5.00am 11KM ROO+ Lake 44m33

6.00pm 10 X 400m HILLS Beams Road Carseldine Jog back down recovery

Ave 79secs , 83, 81, 80, 81, 79, 80, 79, 78, ??, 76

A very good session, tough to keep on hammering myself at full pace up the hill.
Had to concentrate on making my legs and arms do the work and not tie up my neck which when I'm applying real effort I'm prone to do!
Hill wasn't as tough as I thought and I was able to sprint it without too much impedance. It was good to feel and do something different. May stick with this hill which is beside a fairly main road (Lots of traffic - some fumes), set on new cement footpath with only one private driveway to negotiate ,no pedestrians during my whole session! and is very well lit (lampposts). Alternatively, may look for a tougher hill but unlikely to get the other benefits (lighting,surface,lack of junctions etc).

16 April 2008

Owaine Lewis

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo + Lake 44m09

A minute quicker than yesterday. Found it tough getting up ! Too much of the same old thing but it is convenient and doesn't impose upon family time. But will look at spicing it up a little more say with lunchtime runs from work during the Winter, and track and or K intervals.

Was really pleased to hear that the Bridge to Brisbane is changing this year to Sept as I'm contemplating running in Townsville during early August (Masters Oceania Champs) and would have missed it! Also happy to hear they are making it a 10K because my attitude is 12K meant nothing to me other than previous B2B performances and I achieved my goal last year of running a sub 40min (actual 39m07) but question marks over course length over the years make any records invalid. An accurate 10K is a good idea. Hopefully it will be a super fast one even though it starts up the Bridge! Have to agree with other comment on CoolRunning it would have been better to avoid Fathers Day.

15 April 2008

John Hinton

Tuesday 5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 45m09

Of course it was tough going this morning, my body was aching all over! Still, pleased I could still manage close to 4min K's.

14 April 2008


Monday 1.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 38m55********

I've run Roo+Lake probably some 700 times so equaling my course record after a tough weekend training wise on a hot blustery day was quite some effort. Pretty much Race Pace in training by yourself.
Must have been all the great performances I saw from this weekend at Canberra and London, as well as watching a Ryan Hall video, that motivated me.
(Cant talk about Arsenal!).

I jumped in the pool after the run, haven't done that much this year but as Summer is over I wont get many more chances, also I saw the USA Marathon squad doing the 'ice water' thing after their sessions (on the Ryan Hall Vid) so I did my Queensland style 'ice water' = 25 O C - which really is ice water for a Queenslander!!!

Happy 48th Birthday Geoff, the first music track is for you!

13 April 2008

Steve Cram

Sunday 11.00am Nudgee 14 X 400m 120m Jog recovery Ave 72s finished 68.99

Tough Tough Tough, HOT (28 O C) ,blustery, and in flats.
Seemed to have dropped off a sec in pace since the Summer (!!) but happy enough with the result.
Oli has been pestering for a new lap top or PC. I set him a tough goal to qualify (as he had a new but second hand laptop for Xmas) which was to match my times over 3000m as a 13 y.o 9m53 or 9m04 once he turns 14. He bangs on about what he needs to do training wise in order to get there and I say simple train every day and throw in two interval sessions a week and have the determination of mountain goat or an ox and then he might get close. He comes along today for an initial time trial but when we get there he decides his training will start Monday and so he doesn't run a step.................... He did Win the School CC Championship for the 4th year on the bounce and I'm proud of him for doing that.
In her School CC race Kate apparently ran backwards to run with her school friends!!!!........She has previously finished top three at school and top three at Districts but bombed out out Regionals. Max has yet to have a proper competitive race (they have to do obstacles at his age) and Lily also is too young. Looks like I'm going to have to pin my hopes on Max and Lily for having serious training partners ten years down the track!

12 April 2008

Graham Williamson

Saturday 5.00am 22KM (2 X Roo+Lake) 1h28m31

Ran 45m18 for the first half. The great thing about today's run was that I was able to go into 'daydream mode' and sleep through half the run!! Again tried to keep it conservative for the first half and just run how I felt for the second, with daydreams it was over before I knew it. Took on water at half way something I didn't do three weeks ago on the 29K run which was another reason why I suffered so horribly for days afterwards!(dehydration). So much for a B.Sc (Hons) Physical Education Sports Science and Recreation Management = Dummy!

11 April 2008

Nick Rose

I couldnt believe it when I saw this recent photo of Nick Rose! I gues he remained in my mind forever as this long haired maverick who wore his vest outside his shorts and wore a beaded necklace! The Farrah Fawcett Majors of Distance Runners!!

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 42m40

I'd set my ipod to measure miles for a change and was seeing if I could break 6min mile pace = not quite - but a good hard run!

Yesterday Natalie asked me to remove a big spider from our hallway,I got the container and piece of cardboard ready and attempted to capture the big 'hairy' monster, as I scooped it up a thousand tiny baby spiders ran from its back in all directions!! = Living in Australia! - This would be hailed as a freak of nature in UK but in Oz, it's just what happens.

I was reminded of living in the UK by my brother who sent these photos from his back yard this week!!

Last night I watched a DVD I'd recommend, 'Into the Wild' ,it is sort of about running and has some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see in a movie and leaves a quite haunting impression.

10 April 2008

George Gandy

5.00am Thursday 11KM Roo+Lake 43m50

Slight niggle on the calf so didn't step up to a track session yesterday afternoon.

Comfortable enough run this morning.

Tom - I find it hard to talk about the football I cant talk about it, I'm gutted.

However, it would be great to see you in the Half! A challenge to get me motivated and keep the training going!

09 April 2008

Ben Holland

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m15

Felt quite strong, I guess a days rest does you good! I still have the remnants of that throat cold I got on the way down to Sydney! just cant seem to shake it, coughing and catarrh. I'm off work today so might get in another session later.

Ben Holland was the gut who won the Sunshine Coast CC on Sunday , beat me by two minutes! I think he also beat me at Mooloolaba.

07 April 2008

Neil Labinsky

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 44m59

Off to Townsville early tomorrow and back late so might not get a run in.

06 April 2008

Peter Bock

Sunday 8.00am Budrim Sunshine Coast CC Series
12KM 2nd (1st Master) 43m56

and 3KM 1stMaster 10m39

Last night I was at a party and drank 10 bottles of Pure Blonde!!! Not good preparation for a race but as this is CC and low key felt that the run might help blow off the cob webs as I couldn't feel much worse. Started the race conservatively and by the end of fist 3K lap was in about 5th position and feeling it! The course had one main climb and was mainly over long grass but did have sections on tarmac and stone path. I had decided to wear spikes and the surface wasn't good for spikes and feet hurt. I was pleased that my 22K yesterday didn't give me anything like as much pain as the previous weeks 29K. I started to move past some of the guys in front of me. I passed Peter Bock (more of a track 1500m speed merchant than CC runner) and he encouraged me by informing that he felt I'd run the hill very well and up in front Neil Labinsky wasn't that strong on the hill. I replied that I was taking it easy but sure enough third time up the hill I caught Neil and went passed him before we started the last lap. Don't know who the winner was but he was out of sight - a really strong performer whoever!.
My time was about 30 secs off the Masters course record I'd set the year before.

After the race finished I quickly swapped shoes and top, put on Sunnies and a headband and lined up for the 9.05 am start of the 3K Race. Huge numbers required the race to be split up into 2 minute waves with the last wave being us Masters!
Over the first 500m I was feeling the 12K in my legs and unable to match a guy who must have been 50+ . However, as we hit the long hill section I took the lead and worked hard up the hill. By this point of course I was going past runners who had gone off in the previous waves. The finish was around a cricket oval an excellent running surface and I was pleased with the pace I managed to finish with. Certainly no hangover left in my body after I finished up today.

05 April 2008

Duncan Black

Saturday 8.00am 22KM (Double Roo+Lake) 1H28m00s

It was a pleasant 19 O C as I set off, a little bit windy. I decided to run without music just for a change.
Ran the first half in about 44mins nearly tripping over myself trying to keep the pace 'slower' in order to see if I could survive this without a reaction like I had last week. The second half was a little easier to keep the pace off = quite simply I was feeling it!!
Still very happy with a weeks mileage up to about 110KM - 40K's above average!!
Of course it was rather silly last Sunday to go from running no longer than 11K's to think that I could run 29K's at reasonable pace without damaging myself. Will try and get used to 22K's aas a distance first before increasing to 30 in the future.

Duncan Black ran for GEC Marconi in Kent, went to Loughborough the year before me and I did the same degree as him - Recreation Management, Physical Education and Sports Science.

04 April 2008

Greta Truscott

I was looking up the photos from the Nationals and thought these looked good.

Greta Truscott won the Ladies 30 - 35 by a comfortable mile. She brightened up the whole morning and if there were more like her running Masters would be seriously enticing! She looked absolutely amazing!

Other photos include DrJH and me.

George Michael

Friday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 42m59

A little known fact to all but members of Shaftesbury Harriers,

George Michael (who was then Georgios Panayiotou B.25/6/1963) a chubby 12 year old was a member of our Running Club!

He very probably used to idolise me as one of the Clubs Superstars!!

03 April 2008

Jesus Alonso

Thursday 5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 43m15

Only now 4 days after Sundays run do I feel as if my legs are beginning to shake the destruction of the 29K's !Good hard effort today felt capable of more comfortably cruising under 4min K pace.

Some photos of my mates above.
Danny Felsenstien ran a Mara in 2H21M18 (1982) and
James Espir (- must be injured at the moment as he appears to have a paunch!!)
To identify them Danny is the runner and James eats ice cream all day!

Jimbo ran a MILE in 3m56.7sec and 1500m in 3m38.2!!!!!!!! (1981)

02 April 2008

Rossano Altini

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 44m56

Still suffering from Sunday! Maybe some of last nights work out was also still in my legs! Back to perfect morning running conditions around 17/18 O C.
70 odd K's since Sunday!

01 April 2008

Jesus Borrego

Tuesday 5.ooam Roo+Lake 11KM 44m55

Tuesday 6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 400m 120m jog recovery (Ave low 70's)

Not wishing to get caught 'short' again this morning I ran in the long sleeved top for the fist time this Autumn/ Winter - the temperature was actually a quite mild 17 O C ,however, it felt good to be warm again. Yesterday the temp in the morning was 14 O C at 5.00am but warmed up to a hot 29 O C by the afternoon.

I was still stiff and aching from Sunday's run, and had to work hard to keep it at 4min. @ KM pace.
Might get a track session in this arvo!!
I did manage to get out to Nudgee and force my still aching body around the track!
Great running conditions, dark, warmly humid, no wind! Have realised now that I must only wear spikes rarely to save my calf muscles so ran in racing flats. Quads were the main problem with the hangover from Sunday's run. After a couple of intervals I felt OK and was surprised at being able to complete this session.