26 May 2013

Freddie Hampton

I caught up with Freddie Hampton on Friday/Saturday. 
I used to compete against Freddie from age 12 to about 16y.o. 
Freddie ran for Hillingdon whilst I ran for London Irish and then Shaftesbury Harriers.
Freddie moved to Australia in about 1982 and worked as a fireman in Sydney at first but gradually retreated to the more sedate (?) Central Coast of NSW where he now lives.
He always kept fit (part of the job) but a week after his daughters wedding 8 months ago he had a heart attack! 
He'd experienced pain for few weeks prior and had been to the doctors and had a stress test but nothing showed up, but in actual  fact he had a 95% blocked artery and required a triple bypass!. 
He's made a text book recovery and running and cycling at full effort again. We sunk way too many beers Friday evening (perhaps not wise) and got out for a 40km ride in the morning. I tried my best to drop the bastard but couldn't in fact I was hanging on for dear life at the end, on a Beaut of a Brisbane morning. 
Fred is now retired from the service on medical grounds and enjoying retirement (!!!) presently spending time travelling up to meet two of his three adult daughters in Townsville. He is married to a gorgeous Aussie lass - Robin.

Proof that Fred and me had a competitive rivalry

Freddie gave me a NSW Fire Brigade tee shirt that I wore all day Saturday with pride.

Fred is the one wearing grey singlet and shorts!