28 September 2013

16;12, 16;12, 16;12 - Déjà vu

parkrun North Lakes 16;12

There is something beautiful about leaving your house 20mins before a race and getting back home 20 mins after. That is the wonder of parkrun nice and local. 
Warm up 2km jog to the start from home. 
Conditions about 21 O C (70 O F) 80% humidity. We had cloud cover which was a blessing but just before the off, the wind picked up which might have affected the first KM. 

I started hard but was surprised to only go through the first KM in 3m15, I thought maybe the cloud cover had interfered with satellite reception because I was expecting faster. Unperturbed (no actually I was perturbed!) I continued the effort going through the first lap and completed the 2nd KM in 3;12 - which was more like it. Into the second half of the second lap I am lapping people and dancing around the path to pass and run the best tangent through to the end of the race. Occasionally runners ahead moved aside and let me through without me having to deviate ;-).
The 3rd KM was 3;22 - whats happening? ( I was really perturbed!) I know that the second lap is where you have to concentrate and hold your effort, so why did I let it slip so much? It gave me the kick up the backside to push on, I went through the second lap in 10;48 which I worked out meant that if I could do the third and final lap at the same average pace as the first two, it would give me a time of 16;12 by running 5;24. 
I worked really hard giving it everything to run through the funnel and stop my watch at 16;13.1 = "F@ck! Expletive Deleted  escaped my lips again when I looked at my watch! 
I  have to stop these  Tourette's like outbursts post race !
My hope is that the time might be taken from the front of the funnel and I could get rounded down to 16;12 which would make it an incredible  record of 3 parkruns at 16;12 on two different courses!! 
Update Official time 16;12 !!! 92.49% Age Graded
Though I am hoping for  Déjà vu in some respects I have outperformed my two other runs regardless of the end time as today I turned 52 and my age grade performance should increase to 92%.
I cant say I am totally happy to be stuck in a rut - we all want to run faster dont we? So I have to shake things up, do things a little differently if I am going to improve. The heat and humidity wont help times at parkrun through the Summer. I can pick up the workload in training and I can drop a little weight if I give up the beers for Summer ;-(
I warmed down with Dave Spence a classy M55. He was telling me about his ongoing series with Mountain Man Ian McKee (also Caboolture Road Runners) at the Bridge to Brisbane 10KM. They have raced each other 8 times and each have 4 victories over the other. I love those rivalries.
(Ian lives on Mount Mee hence 'Mountain Man').

Results here 

Where are you supposed to wear a headband?

Dave Spence insisted on praying at the start

The Global face of Garmin?


27 September 2013

Running as good as ever?

Just a steady week coping with the aches and pains of old age. 
Will give the 5km a burl at  parkrun North Lakes in the morning as a birthday celebration #52 for me!
Scary numbers - but it got me thinking about my running and goals on the track this year and wondering what I can achieve.
There is a calculator on the running for fitness website that tracks back and forward your times based on Age Grade % and VO2 Max (calculated from performance rather than in the lab). A good starting point is plugging in your PB then you can see if your currently running as good as you used to and what you might be running in 20 years time!! The calculator is here
As a 17 year old running 5000m in 14;31 is worth 93% age graded and 72.3ml/kg/min and the equivalent performances for are; Click on to enlarge.

The table seems to reflect my Masters career quite closely, I ran 15;29 age 46,15;50 age 49 and 15;55 age 50. The slightly galling aspect is that for me to now run 15;50'ish I am going to have to put in an age graded time well above my PB actually 94.6% Age Grade for a 52 year old (though the predicted VO2 Max is down to 64ml/kg/min?). Of course the table assumes a linear decline year on year and for some lucky people that is not the case. But is is a fun table not only to be used for nostalgia but also to look ahead. Plug in your current times and have fun seeing what times you could have run or what times you might run in the future!
Here is the table worked out on my PB 3000 8;23 age 17; which is 91.6% age graded / 71.8ml/kg/min. It suggests I'll be running as good as I ever ran if I can run 9;18 from tomorrow onwards!

21 September 2013

3000m 9;36.81

Phil Peter Anne Paul Ronnie Me

Barry Peter Anne Paul Ronnie Me

In disguise

Sat 8.00am SAF 3000 9;36.81 (3;12 K's) 1st

The last time I stepped onto the track competitively was 12th February 2012 when I ran 9;13.52 for a Qld M50 Record. Today I was not expecting to be anywhere near that but was hoping to run around 9;30.
Conditions were typical Queensland, warm and sunny 20.1 O C (68 O F) but low 38 % humidity and little to no wind.
It was great to be back at Queensland Masters and to see all the 'old' faces. The funniest thing was shaking the hand of Peter Reeves (The Robot) without recognizing him! He had grown a full on mountain goat beard that would not have gone a miss in Deliverance. It was not until he spoke that I cottoned on it was the Queensland legend.
Not Peter Reeves (The Robot)
Among others competing today, Australian legend Ronnie Peters, Chris Bell, Barry Broe, Paul Shard with Phil Davies officiating.
I warmed up with three laps (3Km) of the stadium, did a few strides and we were off, about 12 runners and 8 walkers. I ran through 200m in 35 and that was about the only time I looked at the clock. With the Garmins inability to record correct 1K splits I interpolated my K times to be about 3;07, 3;14 and 3;13. My heart rate got to 177bpm.
I hit the bell lap in 8;20 and was disappointed  that I could only manage a 76 last lap. 
I have always started my track campaigns slowly and built but I have a long way to go to get close to what I running in 2011/12.
I will race some of the evening meets later in the year with the kids (QA) in order to seek out better racing conditions and for competition.
My thoughts go out to Ronnie who has had major health issues over the last year (even though setting Australian Half Mara M60 records!), and has further battles ahead. 
You are a Champion. 
Today Ronnie was second in 10;28.17 - unbelievable.

Results are here

For a warm down the boys and I ran the Sweeney Circuit - named in my honour in my absence over the last 20 months, but this is Ronnies Circuit.

Wed 5.7km Roo 22;10 3;53 K's
Thurs 10.55km Roo+Lake 41;05 3;54 K's
Fri 10.55 Roo+Lake 43;59 4;10 K's

17 September 2013

Hotch potch

Monday 10.6km roo+lake 43:45  4:08Ks
Tuesday 5km hotch potch 15:35 (recovery paused)
Yesterday just a steady run, today down to Graham 'Boy' Cogill oval for what was going to be 5 x 1000 on the grass oval. As it turned out the wind was gusting to such an extent (30kmph gusting 39kmph) on this exposed oval that after fighting it for two I decided to adopt a different 'circuit' around the sports field which didn't really help and the distance was all wrong but I still managed to run for 5km with about 5 intervals plus 2km WU 1600m WD. 

16 September 2013


Sat 15 X 400m - 100m jog recovery (paused) 18;07
Sun 21.3KM 1;29;59  4;13 K's

Saturday headed to Nudgee late afternoon for 15 X 400m 100m jog recovery. Early on it was pretty windy but later the wind died down and I only had to cope with the warmth. Wasn't feeling great but worked hard at getting this session done. Trying to get used to running on the track again. Will step up to two track sessions when it gets light enough to complete a session before work in the mornings which will probably be another month or two.
My pace was low 70's about 3min K pace. My heart rate steadily climbing to max at 174bpm on the last interval.
The Garmin clocked me at 18;07 for the 6000m (with the recovery paused).
On Sunday I went out on a very warm afternoon for a lazy long run 21.3KM (2 X roo+lake). The legs were feeling the track work but coped OK.
Shouldn't be too long before the track season is with us and I will hope to run 1500/3000 and 50000 and maybe a 10000 if the body keeps it together - I have a number of niggles.
I am taking this week off work, here is our weather forecast.
Showers increasing, late storm.
Max 22
Max 22
UV Alert from 8:30 am to 2:50 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 8 [Very High]
Showers easing, gusty storm.
Min 17
Max 28
Fine, mostly sunny.
Min 14
Max 29
Fine, partly cloudy.
Min 14
Max 31
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 17
Max 30
Fine, partly cloudy.
Min 16
Max 28
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 13
Max 25

12 September 2013


Monday Rest
Tuesday 5.39am 10.55km Roo+Lake 45;02 4;16 K's
Wednesday 5.43am 10.51km Roo+Lake 44;35 4;14 K's
Thursday 12;16pm 14.76km River Run 60;12 4;05 K's

I call it 'Summer' when we have our first 30 O C (86 O F) day and even though we are just into official Spring in Brisbane, we've had two consecutive 30+ O C days. As I ran at lunchtime today I was desperately searching out shaded water gurglers to placate my mighty thirst. I think the humidity this afternoon was pretty low @ 24% where as yesterday mornings run was in cool 15 O C (59 O F) temperature but 95% humidity - that is typical Brisbane.

09 September 2013

incongruous activities

Saturday 1;52pm  32.28km 2;15;28 4m12K's
Sunday 3;19pm 5 X 1000 with 200 jog recovery Nudgee

  1. 3;11,
  2. 3;17,
  3. 3;15,
  4. 3;15,
  5. 3;15

I went long on Saturday. I hadn't really planned to but I'd accepted a STRAVA challenge to run 20 miles in the next 10 days and decided 'on the hoof' to make it there and then. I had half an idea about the course to run from taking my daughter out on driving lessons and where I'd cycled. It was a warm sunny day and I'd put plenty of sunscreen on, which initially made me sweat profusely. I felt pretty good just taking it steady stopping for water 3 times. Only when I got back into North Lakes did I start to feel it in my legs but the pace had also quickened (4min K's for last 5km). 32K's is my furthest ever training run (well I cant remember running longer when I was younger but I suppose it is possible), though I did run (Race)  the Glasshouse Mountains 50km Trail Runs when I first got to Australia (2004 off no training and absolutely smashed myself!).
On Sunday I was keen to get to the track knowing I would not find time during the week, though appreciating Saturdays run would have a major bearing on how I would perform. Conditions were sunny warm and windy, not ideal for long intervals.
2KM warm up and into it. 
I ran conservatively averaging about 3m14/15 for 5 X 1000m with 200m jog recovery in my road shoes. The wind and Saturday took its toll.

Strava Marathon Training Series

Saturdays Monster Run

Sundays Heart rate Ave 162bpm  Max 177bpm

06 September 2013


Jollification by the Lightning Seeds has been playing on my car CD for the last few days. It is the quintessential POP CD, not a duff track on it and uplifting with great beat, if you've never heard of it or them, do yourself a favour!

The Monday following the Bridge I woke up with a sore throat! Suffering a heavy cold.
Lucky to have made it to race day feeling OK. 
I have been taking things really quite easy since, here is my running recap.

Thurs 29th 5.42am 11.16km Cadel 45;08         - 4;03 K's
Fri 30th 5.40am 10.62km Lake+Roo 43;33       - 4;06 K's
Sat 31st 3.25pm 10.55km Roo+Lake 43;37       - 4;08 K's
Sun 1st Sept Bridge to Brisbane - 11km
Mon 2nd 5.43am 10.52km Roo+Lake 44;56      - 4;16 K's
Tue 3rd 12.23pm 14.71km River 59;48                 - 4;04 K's
Wed 4th 5.37am 10.58km Roo+Lake 43;04       - 4;04 K's
Thurs 5th 5.42am 10.55km Roo+Lake 44;46     - 4;15 K's
Fri - REST

Still suffering from this cold.

03 September 2013

Bridge to Brisbane 5km 15;31 10th

For convenience and fitness I chose to race the 5KM at the Bridge to Brisbane this year. A much more reasonable  start to Fathers Day! 
A 'sleep in' and then the kids presents (a hammock!!!). 
A leisurely drive down the Nudgee Road and no need to pay the toll both ways. Lots of space to warm up and only 9,500 runners taking part.(24,600 in the 10KM)

The race was going to have some positives and some negatives.
The late start meant the temperature was up in the mid 20's C, there are some nasty climbs coming out of the inner city bi-pass tunnel. The positives were the competition and we had a following wind.This distance attracts a high proportion of the good younger track 1500/3000/5000 guys who consider 10KM too far.

The start was 9.40am from a side road off Kingsford Smith which was not good planning turning left within 30 meters of the start. 
I flew off bumping and barrelling my way to the lead! I wondered why the kids weren't flying past and seemingly taking things rather sedately as I went full pelt down the road. Eventually I came to my senses and tried to tuck in behind a big group of youngsters who all appeared to be sponsored by 'FiTnance' or a Podiatrist. 
My first KM was 3m03 and I was falling off the back of the group.

I worked hard on the incline and started to get back into others who'd been spat out the back of the large group. I finished off pretty well and stopped my watch at 15;31.
I was by no means alone representing the over 50's as Gary Mayor was pretty close and has been running really  well again recently. 

The font of all Brisbane running knowledge Robbie Lofthouse tells me Gary was a 2h20 Mara man back in the day.
I was the first guy over 35 years old, Gary was second.
Results are Here