20 November 2012

Afternoon delight

Here is the training block from 6th Nov to 18th November.
Saw the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy over the weekend. 2004 ! 
I heard Will Ferrell may be revisiting the role again soon. Check out the Mo's

A funny bit in the parkrun newsletter this week, all I can say is what a plonker this chap must be!

As many of you know last Saturday was also the inaugural International Day of Running Naked in which we urged you to leave your iPod, GPS and watch at home and try the ‘naked’ experience. Unfortunately however it seems one of you may have taken this all a bit too literally as I received the below email from one of our Event Directors on Sunday afternoon:
“Hi Tim. Unfortunately one of the male runners at parkrun today was running in very short shorts with no underwear and as a result his male anatomy was hanging out for all to see as he came into the finish line. The worst part was the parkrun photographer, who was oblivious to it took a photo which showed it all hanging out which was then posted on Facebook this morning. I was sent a text message from one of the volunteers informing me of the photo late this afternoon so I immediately removed the photos from the Facebook page. I have no idea who he was because he was a first time runner and I have no idea how many people saw the photo or him running like that today. I think it was unintentional and he finished near the top so not too many people were back yet.”
Just when I thought I had heard it all…

18 November 2012

Giorgio Moroder

Running and cycling this past fortnight. Cycling 30K's in the morning and running 5.6k in the evening.
This weekend it was two runs, 10.6k roo+lake yesterday and today 11.7k ventured to the other side of the golf course but hated it and though I will perhaps look at an alteration to the 'lake' section of my run so that I don't have to double back on myself, I will do some scouting work on the bike first.
I am taking things very easy as the right Achilles's and the left pf heel are not 100%.
At least I am running some!

It has been hard maintaining this ridiculous Mo but I suppose only two weeks to go. At the end of the month we are having a Giorgio Moroder Appreciation Day so another reason to stick with it!

06 November 2012

Grecian 2000

I got out last night for a 5kRoo with the Achilles still a little sore so back on the bike this morning for 30k at 29kph.

02 November 2012

Josh Jones

With 19 runs and a 140km under my belt running since 1st April I thought I'd give the inaugural North Lakes parkrun a bash. parkrun is a magnificent running movement that is spreading across the World and encouraging people to run in a timed event every Saturday morning and it is free. It makes the best use of the digital era getting results up with in hours rather than days and gives mature runners an age percentage score to allow them to compete with the youngsters. 
Till now my local event was New Farm in the city (about an hour away) and with a 7.00am start, that event requires an early departure. So I was  my excited to read that some local enthusiasts had committed to organising this event on MY running course!
In the preceding weeks I'd found it hard going getting much under 4m30 K's so thought the stimulation of race conditions would be interesting to see just how much I have lost and far I have to go to get back on track and into shape. 
A 2km jog from home to the start line!!
At the start I fell behind a triathlete (shaved legs and wearing nicks), and felt my heart rate soaring up to where it has not been for 6 months. 
I covered the first KM in a way too fast for my level of fitness 3m12. And the young triathlete Josh Jones had not broken clear but I was hanging on by a rapidly thinning thread of elastic.
The course was 3 laps around my lake (Eden) - when I run Roo+Lake which I must have run around at least a 1000 times (8years I've been running that course). It felt mighty uncomfortable with the heart rate pushing the max though we had slowed to mid 3m 20's. About midway I felt my left Achilles starting to hurt. On the last lap Josh came back to me (I think he was playing cat and mouse) I took the lead briefly and then he charged past me and I thought that was that as far as the race was concerned but again I came back to him in the last 400m and again he let me lead out. Knowing the course I took full advantage and decided if he was going to beat me he'd have to work for it as I went for home. I managed to hold him off and ran through the funnel for Victory and of course a course record! I'm not sure if the running community will count these as 'races' but I will ;-)
17m18 was far faster than I was expecting - I couldn't see how I was going to break 20m during the preceding training runs. Only about 38secs slower than my New Farm parkrun where I was just winding down (with the heel injury). So even though I am 6kg heavier than I was at the start of the year (now 71kg) I was pleased that I have not got too far to go to get back.
My Achilles seized up after the run and I have spent the last two weeks on the bike, getting swooped daily even though I have changed my course to stay away from the real ba$tard birds that guard their patch like Sentinels and SHRIEK like Banshees in your ear! You gotta understand this is wild country.

 I am hanging on (just) to Young Josh Jones with 2 laps to go!

Victory is mine!
Here is my last fortnights 'training' click on image for larger readable view.

01 November 2012