06 January 2014

40 O Celsius!

Have just been taking things easy since Christmas (slight knee issues), if body allows I hope to reintroduce intervals and long trail runs soon and perhaps start racing again.
The weather has been horrendous for running, Saturday it got up to 40 O C. 
I have been waiting for the sun to set before venturing out - taking time off work so no early mornings for a while. 

Photo of my shorts post run - saturated!


Bay Side News said...

Dave McSweeney , the extroverted media dubbed Mr.Garmin, and self styled man of adventure , has once again stirred controversy with an audacious attempt to cross a crocodile and malaria invested mangrove swamp with no support team and no provisions . Apparently he relied on nothing more than his controversial satelite tracking implants with neural interface to guide him through the treacherous tidal wastes known to locals simply as the Graveyard . Admired world wide by his league of followers ,the G Train , as he is popularly known drew the ire of law enforcement and emergency services tasked with attempting to deter such risky and foolhardy adventures . " McSweeney has to realise he puts a lot of lives at risk when he attempts such foolhardy publicity generating stunts like this ," commented local law enforcement officials ." "Last week a fisherman lost his dog to a five metre Saltie in there . McSweeney needs to have the book thrown at him over this . Who does he think he is , Bear Grylls ?"
McSweeney was unavailable for comment last night but has tweeted that his injuries are not life threatening and that at no time did he need rescuing , nor was it ever his intent to put innocent lives at risk .

Bear Grylls said...

Nice one Dave !

Vatican Times said...

The Vatican announced today that it was putting forward the name of David McSweeney , alias the GTrain and the global face of Garmin , to be considered for nomination to the congregation of Saints . While normal convention dictates that a person be both dead for two centuries (minimum) and have been a catholic , conditions which the Scotsman has not met to anyone's knowledge , he has had miracles attributed to him. Apparently a controversial high profile government apparatchik gave a Mr.Garmin doll to his beautiful new Russian bride whereupon various athletic pains and niggles immediately evaporated . That was for the apparatchik not his ravishingly beautiful bride . Doctors have confirmed it as a miracle . A second miracle was attributed to the robot when he broke a long standing Alan Bradford 3k record wearing the newly released Go GTrain running jocks available on line this month at half price if purchased with the new GTrain swamp master athletic shoe with built in navigational receiver . This deal was in fact considered so good it has been put forward as the all important third miracle . The Pope has said that the Church needs to move forward with the times and embrace the Garmin age but others see it as a cynical ploy to cash in on the GTrain's undoubted world wide celebrity and immense twitter following . The GTrain has kept a low profile of late training at his forest wilderness retreat but already there is speculation the Roo plus lake will become a pilgrimage destination to rival Mecca as there are claims emerging on Utube that to walk the course backwards will cure plantar fasciitis , myopia and runners knee .