18 September 2017

BRRC 10Mile Championship 5th 58;41

I have raced 10 miles twice previously 52min when I was 18 in the Shaftesbury 10 (PB) and I also ran  the Reading 10 back in the 80's (as well as the Greenwich 11- see result below).
When I first started running '10 miles' in training was measured by running for 60 minutes! Ahh the good old days pre GPS watches!

At the BRRC 10 Mile Championships I had hoped to run around  56 minutes. My time at the Gold Coast as I ran through 10 miles (16.1km) in the Half was 55;10.
Since then I have had to deal with ever worsening hamstring pain. This is causing my stride to shorten and consequently I am racing slower and slower.
The BRRC 10 Miler = 1x1.1km lap+3x5km laps = 8 X 180 O turnarounds.
I had company to chase but wasn't capable of holding onto anyone.
I finished 5th overall with 58;41. 
My time was still good enough to rank me the 11th quickest M55 in the ARRS Vets rankings. 
I will take every entry into these rankings I can get.
As a M45 and M50 I thought I ran a few good times but never quick enough for a single entry into these ranking lists.

It was Strava World Half Marathon Challenge Day so I completed another lap (at just over 4;00 min km pace) for a 79 Half.

All -time World M55 10 Mile Rankings Website link here

Clay disappeared off to 54 minute win

Wayne in flouro Orange,Dan and Dan (by the van!) also came through to beat me.

Start/finish line, chip timing, Newton Distance shoes Queenslander vest

Results here; with splits.

Overall results here

Check out my stride length at the GC here;

Now compare to BRRC 10 Mile Championship here;
(not withstanding the last 5km warm down had an effect on the overall average length)

52;25 10mile aged 18 in 1980

Here is my 58;01, 11 mile, not sure of date but probably 18/19 years old.The race winner was 2 minutes behind me in the Shaftesbury 10 above!

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