20 December 2017

Injuries update

As you might have guessed, that limping I mentioned in my last post following the BRRC 15KM Champs did not bode well.
I limped for the rest of the week and decided to take time out as I had a number of other niggles that I thought could do with the rest.
The idea was to come back fitter and stronger after a few weeks off. The M55 BRRC 5km Champs came and went and the foot didn't feel any better. Maybe I should have got it property diagnosed but it just wasn't that  important to me.I had  no massive goals or targets on the horizon. I was happy to wait it out.
I thought maybe I would cycle in the interim but after just one ride I decided it wasn't enjoyable (everything still hurt). So I sat back for 8 weeks and did nothing. Well I might have walked the dog and drank beer to drown my sorrows. Very quickly the weight piled on, 8kg in fact!
Enough was enough and so a couple of weeks ago I started back out on the road. The first two runs were a pathetic 2.6km loop I used to do with my dog Sascha = a very reluctant runner (whom I named the Strava segment after). Boy did my hammies hurt like I'd been kicked by a scalded mule.
Determined to actually build, I increased the distance to my Roo 5.6km course.  My hammies seemed to have shortened 3" during my sabbatical - really painful.
The right foot is still not 100% either.
The weekend before last I did my back in again whilst gardening (probably whilst unsuccessfully trying to crank a Whipper Snipper into life) . I managed to run the following day but had to take the next day off. I have since been able to resume my 5.6km shuffle jog. The pace has been so slow that I have not taken my Garmin out to record the ignominy of it all.
I thought during today's run that the hammies were marginally improved and with the major limiting issue being my back.
I have been trying to stretch the hamstrings before runs (air strides) and after (stretching on my back).
When the back allows me, I will try and improve the distance maybe as far as the old faithful Roo+Lake 10.6km) and pick up the pace.
I have given up beer 😞 and started to be watch my diet 😢. I may even start wearing the Garmin again and start looking at Strava to see what  everyone else is up to 😇
I have no targets other than to get back to the fittest I can be and 60kg by May 2018 (attending my nieces wedding in U.K.).


coach dion said...

Planning on grabbing a couple of UK Strava segments in May!

I've been 6 weeks on crutches,, and while still using them I have started walking properly and putting weight on my leg. I only start running in Feb (knee surgery)

Ronnie said...

Thanks for the update David. One thing I have learnt from the ultra types is you just gotta keep moving. So great to see on the move again.

I imagine it would be very frustrating knowing that you are so talented and can be so competitive and then have injury bugger things up. It must be so discouraging.

I think it a good idea to just let the fitness come without forcing it and just to do what you can without any expectations until healed and strong again.
May in UK. Surely a road race is on the cards. Best wishes, David.

SBx said...

Welcome back David and happy Christmas. No doubt 2018 will be another great running year for you. A talent like yours doesn't stay dormant for too long. Best wishes. BG

Robert Krogh said...

Amazing how you fight through injuries. In Sydney Feb 24 - March 12 and would like to sub 34:30 a 10k or 1:15 half. Any races or club runs you would recommend? Just raced a slightly muggy 25 Celsius half marathon in Thailand ( Robert - http://my6.raceresult.com/87514/?lang=th#2_5147DC ).

Not sure my friend is going to be cool with me interrupting the 2 weeks his wife gave him to travel but maybe it will work out.

David said...

Hi Robert that 75min Half was amazing specially considering the weather!

Try registering your email with the HuRTS Squad
for training sessions in Sydney CBD

and have a look at Sydney Striders for Races http://www.sydneystriders.org.au/striders/index.php

As it is summer there wont be much on.
Good Luck