05 June 2018

Christleton 5K 17;12

It's been a while!
No racing just steady running waiting to see if my back/hammie/foot issues would resolve themselves. My hammie pain seems to have become chronic with it lasting over a year now.
Still, I ran an 8 week block of 90km a week, so as I have been saying to anyone who asked, I am fit but not race fit. It was a long haul after recommencing training Dec 2017 having taken a break during Oct/Nov 2017. The Summer saw me running some all time slow runs in the dreadfully humid Brisbane conditions. The cooler months seem to have rejuvenated me and I am back running reasonably quickly (4;20km steady pace).
My Niece was getting married in Chester UK May 19th 2018 (same day as another wedding). Due to other family commitments I flew over by myself but was able to meet up with our daughter Kate who has been living in London for the last year.
In the week prior I met up with Andy Green at our old University @ Loughborough to reminisce over old times and sink a few beers. We went for a run around our old training haunts at The Outwoods (Bluebell Woods) and The Beacon. I had absolutely no memory of which paths to take but fortunately, as Andy had been a reasonably frequent visitor whilst his son did an engineering degree, he was able to guide us around. We also had a tour of the sporting facilities at Loughborough which are now world class including track, swimming pools and indoor training facilities.
Bill Foster ( a former 2;12 Marathon man) one of the ladies athletics coaches proved an amiable guide, with him and Andy recounting many past battle stories.
Andy has been is outstanding form recently, as a 55 year old he ran a certified 5KM road in 16;00, the 4th best World All-Time. He was gutted about missing the sub 16 specially as his watch was 15;58. He has subsequently suffered a set back with his Achilles and calf causing him to back right off the training.
As luck would have it, Andy told me about a 5KM Road race, the night before the Wedding in one of the neighboring villages to where I was staying in Cheshire. I couldn't miss the opportunity to race in the UK for the first time in 20+ years.
The Christleton 5km was limited to only 500 runners and was well oversubscribed - I got in on a waiting list entry).
I warmed up with Andy and took a starting position about 6 to 8 rows back (my chip time was 4 seconds different from my gun time). I had semi resolved to run around with Andy, who said he'd run around 18mins. I had no idea what I was capable of because the few times I had tried to run quickly in recent weeks doing odd KM long bursts at speed (3;30K pace) to try and crack a few Strava segments had left me completely smashed! How could I put 5 K's together for a 17;30, I felt 19/20 minutes was likely more realistic for me. Andy also introduced me on the line to his club mate Stephen Watmough who was ranked 3rd M55 currently in the UK with a 16;50 time to his credit.
At the start as the swarms of youngsters and not so young cleared out and found space to run in. I ran briefly following Stephen before dropping back, finding a comfortable pace to run at.
It was unusual for me to run in such crowded conditions practically through out the race.
The course was a lap and three quarters around country lanes and the village of Christleton. I was not at 100% but I did push myself specially as I tried to my best to un-chick myself towards the end.
I was surprised to finish with 17;12 chip time, much better than I had expected.
Stephen Watmough beat me in the age cat with 16;47 - thankfully a pretty rare loss for me.
Andy cruised in with 17;39 and his younger brother Graham Green dropped out with a KM to go (running at sub 16 pace with a 2;36 M50 Cat win at the London Marathon still in his legs)
so I didn't get completely mullered by the Green Machine.

Results from Christleton here https://chestertri.niftyentries.com/Results/Christleton-5K

Andy's 16;00 5km result ; http://www.ukresults.net/2018/podapra.html

M55 All-Time Rankings. Andy 4th!; https://arrs.run/Veterans/VR4_R5K.htm

I had three weeks away but managed around 70km each week. Now trying to get race fit for the Gold Coast 10km in 3 weeks!!

Father and daughter Kate
Andy Green #242 with Peaky Blinders haircut 

Stephen Watmough #393 getting the better of a Queenslander

First race in 8 months, got chicked twice!
Andrew Green M55 5KM 16;00 this year 4th All-time
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Andrew's younger brother Graham winning the London Marathon M50 Cat in 2;36 - not your typical runners build!!
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TokyoRacer said...

Hi David. Glad to see you're back at it! 17:12 as a last minute entry is very good. I ran a 17:21 as a 55-year-old, six days after a hard 10K, so not too shabby. Not in Andrew's league, however - you know you're doing well when you're above Nick Rose on an all-time list.
All you guys need to keep an eye out for Mike Trees, however - he's getting back into shape.

TokyoRacer said...

Oh, and I would have won the M70s by 2 or 3 minutes. Running about 21:00 now but plan to be faster in the fall.

David said...

Hi Bob, Treesey is here in 3 weeks for the Gold Coast Half, he is keeping me informed hourly on his progress - please make sure he has a few beers tonight!

Secret Blog for Killing Track PBs said...

Welcome back to racing again David. Good luck in Gold Coast 10km