26 May 2012

Ryder Hesjedal

Not much blogging recently! 
Probably because I'm pi$$ed at being injured.
I have just finished my 4th and last course of lithotripsy and have been advised not to run for 10 weeks!
Can you imagine it, 10 more weeks! 
At this stage I am seeing no improvement in the heel but I am hoping that the agitation caused by the lithotripsy is stirring things up and now the bodies natural healing processes come into play and slowly turn things around. I shall give it 4 to 6 weeks and see where I'm at. Might make a call then if no improvement to seek out an alternative remedy. If I'd had known at the outset that I'd be required to not run for 10 weeks after the treatment I might have sought an alternative.
In the meantime I have been continuing to cycle nearly every day. 
Like my running I am into routine and cycle a safe 28km each morning. The course has some elevations which I work very hard on. My morning cycles average about 24kph and my weekend afternoon spins are about 27kph. 
I challenged myself to get around the course in bottom gear the whole way which required some Herculean effort on the up hills, but managed it OK. 
I have not been chicked for a long while but maybe getting up at 4.30am I'm managing to avoid the serious competition.
I feel I am really getting into my cycling,I have just bought 3 new cycling tops, new lights and serviced my bike. Have been enjoying watching the Giro when I can and hoping to see Ryder Hesjedal make some more moves in the closing couple of stages.
Ryder could not have a better name for cyclist!

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TravelLark said...

Hang in there and I feel your pain. Never have met you but follow your blog because we both are going through the same PF crap. I fought through my left PF for all of 2011 and finally got rid of it. No idea how because I tried everything and not sure what finally worked.

About 2 months ago my rt PF became an issue and now I can't run through the pain. If it is any consolation, I would bet the 10 additional weeks will give it time to heal. Funny thing is, if you took 20 weeks off running without all the expensive treatments, you would probably have got rid of the PF injury.

Time heals but obsessed runners like myself just don't abide to this reality.

Good luck