06 June 2012

Queens Silver Jubilee

Back in 1977 to celebrate The Queens Silver Jubilee I ran a 3000m , must dig out the result but I know I finished 2nd as I won this Thomas Fattorini medal! I ran 8:59 , I was 15years old and had run 8:44 earlier in the summer. It was 7th August,I raced 29 times April through end Sept.


Easy Tiger said...

Wonder if he is related to Tony Fattorini, former 6ft track winner and record holder http://fattorun.wordpress.com/

kevin f forde said...


Tim said...

Nice work Master, although we'll all be celebrating the Queens 'Platinum' Jubilee before anymore races and comebacks from you at this stage:)
Hope you are on the right track and over the worst,

Fred said...

Dave, how are you mate ?...wow you bring back some memories for me... I've got a silver from that meet too in the 1500m....I hope you get better real soon from that awful cycling accident, lucky you are still alive !...I'm going back to your blog...which is a beauty..all the very best to you and your family...cheers mate...Fred H
p.s. i've just had a 3x bypass...going heaps good....hoping to get back to peak fitness sometime in the near future

David said...

Hey Freddie!
Great to hear from you though shocked to hear your news!
Wishing you all the best back on the road to recovery. It puts things in perspective and realize what a gift your health and family are.
Take care mate and stay in touch!